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Review #1, by Mimzio Just My Type

11th December 2011:
That was perfect :D I loved how you portrayed Regulus, it was a wonderful story and i hope you write more like this

Author's Response: Thanks for the Review!
I'll be writing other Regulus/Hermione stories...

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Review #2, by JennaLee1684 Just My Type

6th December 2011:
Enjoyed the first chapter, please continue as I have not read this pairing yet and I have wanted to read one of these pairs.

Author's Response: Thanks! But you outta know that this is a one-shot, although I WILL be writing other Regulus/Hermione stories, thanks again!

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Review #3, by ginerva_molly_weasley Just My Type

1st December 2011:
Wow :D

The original idea of Hermione travelling back in time to be friends with the marauders is really good.

I know this is only a one shot however I think you should possibly put more description into it about how Hermione actually got into the marauder's era in the first instance ao we understand the story a little more.

However I love the idea of the whole Regulus/Hermione relationship and the way she banters with him just like she does with Ron really makes the relationship believeable :D


Author's Response: Thanks for the Review, it was highly appreciated! :D

I'm glad that you like the pairing, there aren't much stories on this certain couple and it's good to know that others like it.

Hahaha, yes...I tried to make the banter simular to how Ron/Hermione would argue. I WAS thinking about writing a story and NOT a one shot, but then again, I wanted to make a Salazar/Hermione story, and therefore wouldn't have enough time to do 2 stories. I also write stories on another site, time always flies. I have school to manage too!

Thanks again!

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