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Review #1, by gingersnape A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

13th December 2012:
This was brilliant! Poor Harry and Hermione... having to deal with Weasleys, especially in the mornings! A caffeine-less Ginny? TERRIFYING. Their support group should be very helpful though, especially as a few decades pass and they're able to expand into their in-laws.

And I would MUCH rather be in the Battle of Hogwarts than a Molly-Ginny fight! Fred sure got that one right! And getting dragged into them? That's pretty rough - definitely deserving of some pranks without the other fun that comes from dealing with your Weasley!

The pranks themselves were also fantastic! I can totally see the twins owning the look and the Rondeer had me clutching at my sides.

Luna's role at the end was perfect, although I can't decide if I like her keen observations of Molly's betting more. I'm going to have to say I think it's a tie because they both put a massive grin on my face!

This was so wonderful and silly! Definitly made me proud to be a Gryffindor with such amazing housemates, both in the story, and writing this collab! I'm going to have to read the other story from the original collab now - you've made me curious!

This was absolutely hilarious and brought me out of a rather sour mood I had been in all day. (I blame you rain that should totally be snow!) I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you have a fantastic holiday! :)

Holiday Review Extravaganza Event Two

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Review #2, by gingersnape A Very Gryffie Holiday: Ghosts of Christmas Past

13th December 2012:
Oh my! This was so wonderful - I don't think I could write a McGonagall in her normal state, let alone in a silly Christmas mood, but this was AMAZING! Her backstory is so wonderful; I've read bits and pieces on Pottermore, but never had time to actually dive into the whole thing. You really brought her to life, however, and now I'm tempted to go back with this in mind and see things fall into place with your beautiful descriptions. You nailed everything about her - the little mannerisms, her justifications to herself, the conversation she had with Harry.

The similarities between the two are quite striking, and the more I thought about it, the more perfect this seemed to be. I adored this and all the Gryffindor spirit in this made me even more excited to read it.

I also really liked the descriptions of all the other teachers at the beginning. I don't read many professor POV stories, so it was interesting to see a perspective that wasn't shaped by how much coursework professors gave their students! Your humorous twists also made their descriptions delightful to read, and all of the characters holiday plans fit them perfectly!

Happy holidays!
Holiday Review Extravaganza Event Two

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Review #3, by Phillip A Very Gryffie Holiday - All I Want for Christmas ...

24th December 2011:
Sadly, that last sentence could never be more true.

Good work!

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Review #4, by _Leo_ A Very Gryffie Holiday: Ghosts of Christmas Past

22nd December 2011:
You had me with the first paragraph, with the description of the winter scene.
I've read McGonagall's backstory on Pottermore, and I've been wanting to see it written out since then. Her reminiscing like this was a good take on it; brilliant thought to tie in the Ghost of Christmas Past like this.
Out of character, but certainly believable that she might let loose on an evening like this; just like Harry's behaviour reminded me of the moment in the Ravenclaw common room where he Crucio-ed a Death Eater for insulting his Head of House.

I love the details and descriptions, it's really a great HP Christmas tale.

Merry Christmas x

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Review #5, by _Leo_ A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

22nd December 2011:
I love this story to bits! Especially the beginning, when Harry and Hermione share their 'woes' about their respective other halves. I couldn't picture them any other way than the brother/sister the other never had, which you pulled off so well here. And the How To Cope With Your Weasley group was brilliant!

I love that both twins are alive in this. Very nice idea for a prank, nothing too forced.

And Molly?! "Arthur, what have we unleashed on the world?" and "I've got five Galleons on Ginny." No doubt where the Weasleys get it from, I can just picture her saying that.

Great chapter, really well done :D
Merry Christmas!

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 A Very Gryffie Holiday: Ghosts of Christmas Past

22nd December 2011:
This was so well written, it kept me wondering what had happened til the very end. I'd always wondered what her story was, and this was so sweet how Harry helped her back to her room like that. Everything was great, sad, but great :)

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Review #7, by theelderwand A Very Gryffie Holiday: Ghosts of Christmas Past

21st December 2011:
Georgia, its always such a pleasure to read your work. And I can't think of a more difficult character to write out-of-character in this fashion than Minerva. Believably writing her as unrestrainedly sentimental and inebriated is a tall order. You did it brilliantly believably, primarily due to this line and the theme it carried:

"We're quite a pair, aren't we, Potter? Both of us would rather be alone than put anyone out; put anyone in danger...we give up a lot, don't we? You and I both, here with no family. Yes, we're quite a pair."

I've heard rumors about the McG back-story from Pottermore and assume you've latched onto that here and wonderfully so.

Excellent work.

Happy Christmas!


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Review #8, by Owlpost68 A Very Gryffie Holiday - All I Want for Christmas ...

21st December 2011:
aw very cute :) I love the idea of the snowball fight in the common room :)
You did a good job balancing the cute and fun with the reality of the situation their families were in.
Great job!

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Review #9, by Owlpost68 A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

21st December 2011:
Well, it's very hard to follow all the great reviews you've had, but I had to write one all the same. You really did nail everything, the way you described how family centered it all was, and also including the relationships between couples, all that was perfectly balanced. Of course the comedy was insanely good :D I loved the support group for spouses married to weasley's idea :D also describing Hermione's evil grin and how much it made Harry a bit nervous was great too lol :)
All in all, a perfect story, told my boyfriend about it too, and he laughed pretty hard, all I really said was the plot and the ending not all the details :)
I'm so psyched now to do my own story, mine's going to be epic too I've been thinking about it since October, but I've been at school and little time to write for much else.
Great job!!

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Review #10, by Georgia Weasley A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

21st December 2011:
Gotta love those Weasleys! This was brilliant, especially the part about having both twins make it through the war. I love my boys. Well done!

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Review #11, by weaselredhair A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

20th December 2011:
thanks for keeping it Potter love the banner

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Review #12, by theelderwand A Very Gryffie Holiday - All I Want for Christmas ...

19th December 2011:
Lily out of character was an absolutely brilliant idea! Loved how you hint at her starting to get attracted to James, altho she doesn't want to. And her transfiguration of the Common Room for a snow ball fight was pure genius! Especially since she made sure the first shot hit James. that was great!

And McG's reaction? Priceless. A really great story!


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Review #13, by accioHPFF A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

18th December 2011:
I've read this before! I read it when I first read the post in the Common Room, and I loved it! Then tonight on the podcast, I thought "OMG! I didn't review it!" but on a less exaggerated scale.

So here I am.

Like I said: I loved it.

The whole story is just brilliantly written. The plot is great, and it brings out the characters' playful, mischievous side that we know they have, but isn't really explored very much (well, obvious Fred and George's is).

The last line is so great in tying the story up! We'd expect Molly to give the stern look and the lecture, but we wouldn't think of her having that bet. But then, upon reflection, it makes sense!

Anyway, I'm going to stop now as I'm just going on and on a bit, and I don't even know what I'm talking about now!

Great entry, I loved it. :) Brilliant entry to our (hopefully) brilliant collab!


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Review #14, by ginerva_molly_weasley A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

10th December 2011:
Haha well I thought I'd have to use my 100th review on the Gryffindor Collab!

I think you've wrote this story really well with all the characters being believable and almost in character. Although Harry and Hermione decide to come up with pranking Ron, Ginny, Fred and George, I think you've made it believable that they could actually do that because of the situation they were in.

I love the fact that they double crossed each pair because I really didn't see it coming, I thought they were only going to prank Ron and Ginny! The actual pranks were awesome too. I loved the ideas.

And the last sentence with Molly made me laugh. I've always imagined her whilst yelling at her boys, to secretly laugh it off and not actually be as angry as she makes out, which is why I love her betting on her daughter so much!

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Review #15, by Aurorofthelight A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

6th December 2011:
*Halleluah Chorus playing in background* All Hail the return of the Rachmaninoff of Reads himself, The wise and wonderful Elderwand! *thunderous applause* I can't tell you how overjoyed and excited my lady was to see another jewel in a crown of them from you! We laughed so hard our knees buckled, and, after we both struggled up from the floor, my lady grabbed my arm and dragged me into the..(the rest of this sentence has been deleted due to adult content)! Er, lets just say that we both have big silly grins on our faces as I write this review(in the States we call that afterglow)! And all thanks to you, mate! The story is absolute genius! And so was Harry and Hermoine's planning and execution! Your little sister must be beaming over her gift! A 4 way gotcha in one magnificent stroke! My sides are still aching from laughing so hard at this! This story had more concentrated brilliance than a Mensa convention! And I've got 5 galleons on Ginny, too! Thanks for yet another soon-to-be classic from the Master himself! And you and yours have a Happy Christmas, Mate!! :):):):):):):):):):):):) (12 smiles of Christmas) ;)

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Review #16, by 1917farmgirl A Very Gryffie Holiday: The Communicable Nature of Weasleyishness

6th December 2011:
Bro - I've been trying to write a review to this fic for hours, but I just can't! First I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn't see the screen, and now, after reading it for like the fourth time I just can't write a review that does this story justice! I...I don't know what to say, but I guess I'll try to do my best.

First of all, I am beyond delighted with my present! This story...I haven't laughed this hard at a Harry Potter story since reading the books themselves! This is, hands down, my favorite HP fic ever!! It was perfect! So, so, so many things I loved to pieces! I want to mention them all, but there's just too many! I don't even know where to start! (another reason I've been trying to write this review all night - how do you sum up a masterpiece like this in one little bitsy review? Everytime I try to read it again to get my review ready, I just end up laughing my head off, not writing a review!)

It's totally and completely your fault if I have to call in to work sick tomorrow because I laughed so hard I made myself sick!

Eldy, you AMAZE me! Completely! I always knew you could write humor - everything you write has humor in it, but this was something else. I think it's just the way you did it, so natural. They were just a family, acting like families do, and that's why it worked - why it was so funny. You didn't try too hard. And I loved it, absolutly loved it.

Wow, this review is very rambly.sorry! But I can't help it! I can't focus - to much to say before I forget it, or start laughing again.

Can you forget this Crusadeverse business and write Sillyverse stuff all the time? *bats eyes* Okay, so I don't really mean that, because I love Crusadeverse...but can't you find a way to meld the two? You write the twins better than anyone! They are so natural and real and I love reading them, so you've got to do it more often! PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Harry and Hermione were incredible. I love the brother/sister relationship you have going between the too, and I always KNEW that Hermione had the brain and skills to one-up the twins if she could just get over that rule-keeping stage. And Harry's no slouch at rebellion himself.

Dragon-tipping - YOU HAVE TO WRITE THAT STORY!!! Yes, that was in caps on purpose, to emphaze my strong feelings on the matter. It will be epic! Dragonsized, if I dare say so!

I love how you keep referenceing all these little things that make them perfectly in character and seem real - last year's lights and Hermione finally telling Harry exactly who fixed them, Molly and Ginny's battles (LOL), Fred trying to trick Hermione with which twin he is, SPEW (and HTCWYW is brilliant)...

And the Mini Quidditch Pitch - INSANELY BRILLANT!

And MMM instead of WWW, with the evening gowns. I think that's about the time that I had to stop reading for a bit because of eminient danger of choking and no one around to do the heimlich if I needed it! Puce - PUCE! Such a George thing to say. Again, you do know your twins!

Carol of the Bells IS a freaky song. Especially when played by 5th graders on string instruments. Poor Ron - but the antlers - CLASSIC! (Rondeer - ROFLOL!)

My favorite moment, though? Bill, Charlie, and Percy with the bet and Percy scribling furiously, with Molly putting five on Ginny to the accompainment of squeals from overhead.

Eldy, I don't know how you do it, top the story from the year before, but you ALWAYS do it! I loved it! And I hope this review made even an inkling of sense and told you how much I loved it!

And now, I'm gonna go read it again! WHE!


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