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Review #1, by HarryGinnyLove88 George, September 1999

2nd June 2017:
Please please finish this story, i would like to know how it ends.

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Review #2, by MalfoysAngel George, August 1998

12th April 2017:
That pile of mush you see on the floor is what's left of my heart after reading this. Seriously you've done an amazing job with how you portrayed George. Your attention to detail is surreal. The emotions you captured are well emotional for lack of a better word. The way you wrote this was so beautiful, I could feel what George was feeling and sympathize almost as if I knew exactly what he was going through. I only have one brother and thankfully he's still alive, but I don't want to even think about how I would feel if I lost him even though we aren't close, I can't imagine what it would be like if he was my twin on top of it. This first chapter was beautiful and brought a lot of memories back from when I lost my grandma. I won't go into detail here but I had a really hard time moving on when she died.

I can't tell you enough how amazing this is! I just wish I had more time to come back and finish reading it. Real life hasn't given me much time for reading and reviewing lately and this CTF event is the first time in months that I've been able to review anything in months. Hopefully I can come back when this is all over and continue reading what is starting to be a beautiful George/Angelina story.


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Review #3, by adluvshp George, August 1998

12th April 2017:
Aw, this was so sweet. It's a heartbreaking story, writing about a life of George without Fred and so far you've tackled the subject pretty well. It is a great way to build up on the coming plot. I loved how sweet ron was to stop by and find out how his brother was doing. The awkwardness and the discomfort as well as the grief between the two was palpable and realistic. Lee taking George out was also a nice gesture and I felt george's annoyance at everyone asking how he was doing. The way he could not take in everyone's pity and grief made sense and I felt so bad for him when he had to leave the pub after the toast to Fred. Everyone is trying to be supportive but they don't realise that it is affecting george worse at this point of time - a very understandable situation. And then of course, Angelina's entry made it all better. I was glad she did not treat him the way others did, and that she was behaving normally. She is exactly what he needs at this point of time, and the way you wrote that, with snippets of their past relationship as well as current emotions, was perfect. I am glad the chapter ended on a positive note and i hope george's life improves for the better with angelina by his side. Beautiful descriptions and great dialogue too - and i really like the characterisation so far. cheers!

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Review #4, by Sheetal George, September 1999

14th March 2017:
Hey !! Great writing ! The way you have molded the characters is exquisite. Please do continue. I cannot wait for chapter 18. I did read in one of your comments that chapter 18 is posted, but I unfortunately cannot find it.

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Review #5, by Sheetal Angelina, February 1995

14th March 2017:
Please continue writing ! this was amazing !

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Review #6, by Inkwellz George, September 1999

12th November 2016:
Finally a George/Angelina fic! And it's sooo good, too. Your characterization is spot on, I love all the small hurts and joys throughout. Absolutely amazing work, can't wait until the next chapter!

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Review #7, by baletgir George, August 1998

14th October 2016:
You're back?! And better than ever!! You have no idea how often I've
checked back to see if you'd updated this. I know I'm not a big
reviewer, but I followed this religiously. I too disappeared from HPFF
for quite some time, butI usually came back for a week each year and
this was always one of the first fics I checked in on. I cannot wait for
new chapters as I love this fic so much!!

Happy writing!

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Review #8, by celticbard George, August 1998

17th September 2016:
Here I am with your review. I'm sorry it is a few days late—I've been a little under-the-weather lately and I didn't notice that someone had posted in my thread until now. My deepest apologies!

You know, I think it is almost a little serendipitous that you requested a review from me, since we are both in such similar situations with our writing. I too have just returned to the fandom and writing in general after a few years hiatus and I know you mentioned in your request that you are also returning to writing, and this particular story, after a considerable space of time. Therefore, I think I can really understand where you are coming from. It is so difficult to pick up the threads of an old story after so long and I commend you (a million times over) for coming back to this fic after leaving it for a while. And I can certainly understand why you need a fresh pair of eyes to look over your latest edits. I believe that so many things (including time)greatly influence writers, so what you are doing with this story now is entirely new and different from what you might have been doing previously.

Of course, right off the bat, I have to tell you that this is just a gorgeous piece of writing. The overall story itself is wonderfully told. I think George's grief is not only believable, but appropriate. It must be terrible to lose someone who you are so close to, especially someone whose face you see in the mirror every day. In all honesty, I think George is handling things as well as can be expected. His need to leave the Burrow, to shake things up, to look for change comes across as natural and entirely realistic. It almost seems as though he is trying to streamline the grieving process, as if he could somehow get through it just by giving himself time and space. However, I think his independent streak will catch up with him eventually. He does need a support system. And while he may find his family's attention smothering, someone like Angelina could be the ticket to his salvation.

Her no-pressure attitude was so refreshing to read. She's not exactly his other half, but she supports him in a nonverbal way, just by her presence alone. I think that factor alone will make them a good couple down the road, but George seems unready for romance right now Not that I can blame him. Such a tremendous shift in his life has left him unsettled and he desperately needs to find his footing again before he can be open with someone else.

Besides the characters and the main plot-line, there were so many delicious bits of writing in this story. George constantly running his hands through his hair. His mother's “care-ridden” notes. The awkward dinner with Ron. Lee's semi-drunken, yet sentimental speech. All these aspects of your story have intertwined to create an excellent opening chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I really don't think you are lacking anything here at all. This story shows incredible promise and as far as your edits go, they were completely seamless.

It was a real pleasure to read this chapter. Please do feel free to re-request in my thread whenever you would like. I'd be more than happy to read more of this piece. I hope you're well!

Lee Anne

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Review #9, by PaulaTheProkaryote George, August 1998

11th September 2016:

So to start, I have to say I really like your story summary. I think it's very intriguing and hooks the reader. If I had been scrolling through and saw it on the feed I'd be tempted to click.

The opening paragraph immediately hit us in the feels. By the knicker line I was thinking maybe ths wasn't going to be as earth shatteringly heartbreaking as I anticipated but BAM you hit us with the unused bedroom. That's bound to be a downer for the night.

I like your characterization of Ron. The concerned brother is not a version of him I think we get many glimpses of (besides when Ginny tried to date) so it was really refreshing. Even if it was prompted by a concerned mother.

I like the way you're writing this consuming grief and his attempt at coping. I really do. It feels very true to grief. It's hard to move on and cope when every minute someone is reminding you of the grief with those worried looks and "are you okays".

I know a person a lot like Libby McNaulty and he's probably the only person in the world I actually hate. Very good characterization there.

I like the difference between Alicia's eyes versus everyone else's. The pain along with the worry. I'm sure Lee was also suffering a lot with the loss.

Well Lee's speech somehow hurt even worse. It was definitely not the thing that George needed right then.

I think if it hadn't been for Angelina George would be halfway to packing a bag and slipping out somewhere no one knew his name. I wouldn't blame him.

I like Angelina a lot. She's what he needs and she understands him a lot better than anyone else (including his own family and best friend) seems to. Because of this, I'm really rooting for them! I want them both to find the comfort that they deserve.

I also want to say that both your dialogue and George's internal monologue here flow very smoothly and naturally. It's very easy to follow.

I know that because it's an older story you're going to do a major edit and maybe the later chapters will fit better (I'm not sure because I'm not there yet) but I genuinely don't see anything that I would want actively changed. It's well written and it seems to really set up the rest of the story.

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Review #10, by Freya George, August 1998

8th November 2015:
Fantastic I'm captivated.

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Review #11, by emia23 George, August 1998

14th January 2014:
I just found this site and have been searching stories about Greorge and Angelina, but there isn't that many and of those that I've seen before I found yours just one is really nice, but unfortunatly it's not finished yet. Then I found this wonderful story that I absolutly love! They are so sweet and I like how you switch both in time and between them, and I love your writing. I'm kind of obsessed with it right now!! I will treasure this story forever, it will for sure be added to my real Harry Potter libary. Thank you SO much.

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Review #12, by LoopyMoony George, August 1998

19th August 2013:
Well...thank you for filling the void of Georgelina! George just breaks my heart every time, I can't stand to see someone so full of laughter to suddenly lack it! Excellent first chapter too, really set up how he feels and thinks. I also think it works better as a third person view. It just personally works for me here! Can't wait to read on!

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Review #13, by teh tarik George, August 1998

18th July 2013:
Hello there! I've heard so much about this story, but never had the chance to read until now. George/Angelina is one of my favourite canon pairings, and I've come across many which are angsty or fluffy. Yours begins perfectly. It has a lovely balance of fluff and angst and drama, and I'm very happy to see that you didn't go overboard with the angst bit. Your writing was very light and easy to read, and your attention to detail was lovely.

The opening paragraph showing the dishevelled state of George's room really made me sad; it must've been a terrible thing to get used to for George, after sharing his whole life - including his bedroom - with his brother. The Weasleys are extraordinarily insulated from loneliness and solitude because of their closeness and their inseparability.

I love the bit with Ron as well. It's a lovely sibling moment there; of course, it's different from the sibling relationship between Fred and George, but it's still possibly a moment of comfort for George. There's a good dose of awkwardness from Ron, as he tries to tread carefully around George, but it ends nicely and casually.

And Angelina! That was a great beginning to their meeting! I can't wait to see how you'll further develop Angelina's character. Great work. This is a very lovely start. Your narrative is incredibly smooth and I was so engaged throughout the whole chapter.


Author's Response: It's always such a pleasant surprise to see a review from a new reader!! I've heard wonderful things about your reviews from other HPFF members, and I'm tickled pink by this one!

I'm very glad that you found the quality of my narrative to be smooth. I myself feel like I have a tendency to be a bit wordy and cumbersome at times, so this was a greatly appreciated bit of reassurance. Character crafting is one of the aspects of fiction that I love the most -- people and their relationships with each other is why I fall in love with stories, and so I try very hard to craft believable, three dimensional characters in my stories.

It was hard to get into George's head in this first chapter -- I too love George and Angelina and have read a number of stories about them, and I really wanted to avoid over-doing the angst since I'd seen that done time and time again. Of course he's bereaved by his twin's death, but he's still George and so thrives on life and living.

I certainly hope you continue reading and enjoying this story! I'd love to hear what you think of it, especially some of the later chapters.

Thank you so, so much!

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Review #14, by DracoFerret11 George, September 1999

15th July 2013:
Hello there! It's me again. :) So, let's go over things:

Plot: Another lovely chapter! I can't even mention how fond I am of George and Angelina. Everything you write just makes so much sense. I feel like I'm reading canon. :) Are you secretly J.K. Rowling? Anyhow, I adored the birthday celebration. I'm so happy that George fit in so well. He's really getting better at being able to talk about the war without getting upset. And I LOVED that he's becoming closer with Percy! That made my life. :) I don't think Percy gets enough love, so thanks for that.

Great Line: "Don't do anything Eunice wouldn't do." It made me laugh out loud. :) I just thought I should mention that. What a weird lady!

Characterization: AHHH! I have no words for how spectacular your characterization is. Percy was perfect and I absolutely love that you mentioned Audrey. And George is so...George. He's just amazing. I love that everything that happens seems believable to me. Angelina and her family were so charming. Reminds me of my own crazy family! But better. :) And's all perfect. Everything is perfect. Man, I'm useless at CC with this story!

Descriptions: I think maybe I could have used more details about how places and people looked, sounded, etc. (Look, I'm attempting CC!) What you have works wonderfully, but I'd like to be "in" this chapter more.

Emotions: I could really feel the happiness at the end of this chapter. I hope she agrees to move in with him! They're so perfect and sweet together. It just makes me smile like an idiot.

Interactions: Let's see...I've already mentioned it, but I loved the Percy/George scene. LOVED George with the Johnsons, especially Mr. Johnson. I like the idea of them getting along. George fits in so well to chaos. I don't even think he could handle something calm. :)

You are perfect. And amazing. And this story rocks! I'll read the next chapter ASAP!


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Review #15, by DracoFerret11 Angelina, April 1996

15th July 2013:
Hello there! You know me. :) It's just taken me a while to get back to reading this story. But here I am now! :D So, let's go over things:

Plot: AHHH! Angelina-chapter! This was so wonderful (as every single chapter of this story is). I loved being "back at Hogwarts" with them. I still feel so sad that they didn't talk before Christmas, and now this? :( Even though I know that they figure it out and end up together, I'm still sad because it hurts and wah...But I did adore the scene in the shop and I wish so much that they could have figured themselves out then. Also, I loved the scene by the lake. It was just one of those moments that anyone who has experienced can recognize. It made me feel nostalgic and I really think you did a wonderful job with it.

Great Lines: I have to mention several because you're so clever and I love it--
~"stepped off a curb and been hit by the Knight bus" NICE.
~"automated Page-Turning Charm" I WANT ONE. So clever. :)
~"There was no use in wallowing over spilt potions--though she was certain whoever came up with that phrase had never had never been taught by Professor Snape" Yes, I'm sure they hadn't. ;)
~"caused Flutterby bushes to sprout up in her stomach" Clever again. :)
~ "feeling of squeezing through the laws of nature as if they were a jelly mould" What a great way to describe that!
~"She had called the shot--she didn't deserve to cry." This moved me. So amazing. I just...ahh... :(

Characterization: As absolutely always, I adore your Angelina. She's lovely. And George is perfect as well. I felt so terrible for him in this chapter, even though I know they fall in love eventually. You just make me connect with these people. :)

Descriptions: I could totally see the scene by the lake and the scene in the shop. Wonderful imagery!

Emotions: SADNESS! That's an emotion for you! That's all I feel after this. :( It was so splendid, but I'm so upset!

Interactions: The scene in the shop was beautiful. I loved the moment between them when George had his heart broken and Angelina hated herself for doing it. That was so poignant. I love watching these characters grow.

Style: Lovely. You know that. :) I think you're an amazing writer and I can't wait to read the next chapter. So, off I go! :D


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Review #16, by Fahima George, September 1999

7th June 2013:
PLEASE UPDATE :D I absolutely love this fanfic

Author's Response: Updated! Thank you so much for your review. :)

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Review #17, by Fahima George, September 1999

22nd April 2013:
I LOVE this story but please please please update soon (y) :)

Author's Response: Thanks! This story is now updated.

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Review #18, by Red_headed_juliet George, September 1999

3rd April 2013:
This is my favorite so far of all the fics I've seen. I hope that you have time to write more. +] I've been waiting months for the next installment.

Author's Response: I'm so thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed this. Chapter 18 is now posted. :)

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Review #19, by Gina George, September 1999

16th February 2013:
I'm hoping this story keeps going! I really enjoy reading it! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I actually recently updated it and hope to maintain some semblance of punctuality to my updating in the near future.

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Review #20, by ValWitch21 Angelina, December 1994

13th February 2013:
Hehe, Frollis!
Hehe, George dancing with Angelina, and again, not knowing where to put his hands!
Hehe, Lora & Alicia & Angelina!
Hehe, such a great chapter!

(This is one of the stupidest reviews I've ever left).

Author's Response: Hello!! There is no such thing as a stupid review, so you can just stop with that nonsense. You, my dear, are fabulous. I'm glad you liked this chapter and are enjoying the story so far. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review.

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Review #21, by ValWitch21 George, September 1998

13th February 2013:
Fizzing Whizbee, what an awesome name for a bar!

I also really like George's owl -- I think he's one of my favourite OCs so far, as stupid as that sounds.

The interaction between George and Angelina is lovely -- they keep running into each other but in a really fluid, logical away, not something that you just throw onto the reader...

Great chapter again!

Author's Response: Hee! I thought it was a catchy name. Sometimes I have little moments of creativity like that. George's owl is one of my favorite characters as well! I just finished writing the epilogue for this story and had a chance to work Oddie into it. Thanks for your kind review!

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Review #22, by ValWitch21 Angelina, December 1994

13th February 2013:
Hello again!

I like Angelina's analysis of Alicia, it fits very well with my vision of the latter.

Hmm, Fred and George were arguing, were they? About Angelina maybe? *nods knowingly*

Anyway. This isn't much of review, but it's still a review, right?

Oh, and before I forget: I'm so happy you chose to alternate scenes! It's not an easy thing to do, but, from what I've read so far, you do it really well! And I love the fact that we're seeing things through Angelina's eyes -- I've never read anything like this before, and I'm really glad I did!

Author's Response: Val is wise! :)

Angelina is a great character -- she's a strong, independent woman, so I thought it'd be fun to give her equal parts in the story telling. Afterall, a relationship is a two sided thing. Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by ValWitch21 George, August 1998

13th February 2013:
I have not been giving this story nearly enough love.

YOUR RON &hearts He's so perfect, not knowing how to bring up Fred when talking to George, but trying all the same, and bringing food. All these little details that make your story beautifully fit with cannon.

Lee was also perfect in this chapter.

Already some George/Angelina interaction, hooray! I'm going to move to the next chapter now, because I can't remember what happens...

Author's Response: Hey!! Ron. That freckly ginger holds a very special place in my heart, so it's good to hear that I did a good job with him. Lee is a fun character to write, and one who I think is under utilized in fan fiction. Thanks so much for reading this story and leaving such a lovely review.

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Review #24, by DracoFerret11 George, July 1999

10th January 2013:
Hi again!

Characterization: I'm in love with your George. I think I've said that a million times, but I really am. He's perfection on paper (or website, if you'd like to get technical). I adore him. Also, great job with his buddies and his employees. I love how different and believable they all are. As always, fantastic job with Angelina. I love that her relationship with George evolved behind the scenes, but doesn't feel forced or sudden. Great job. And Mr. Zonko was great. Really original!

Descriptions: Love how you described poker night and the shop when it was busy. I really can feel the different atmospheres throughout the chapter.

Emotions: George and Angelina! :D I have no words for how much I adore them. I wonder what they'll decide about expanding WWW. They're so sweet together. :]

Plot: So! This was a cool turn of events. I wonder how George will handle it. I don't FEEL like there's something in the small print that will mess things up...hopefully not! And I hope he and Angie settle down together soon! They're too adorable, really.

Interactions: Really cute moments between George and Angelina. I'm so fond of how you write them together.

As always, you're doing wonderfully. I'll read more ASAP. Keep up the amazing work!


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Review #25, by Gobsmacked George, September 1999

2nd January 2013:
I love this story.
George is perfect. His struggle with raw emotion and the need to move on. I like how it's not over done, there's no huge, long depressing period of crying. But everytime George choked up, I was barely holding my tears. And the Weasley Familys' support was what really made me cry, you captured the unity amazingly. Their ability to make people feel loved when they need it most was so heartwarming.

Ang + George's relationship was so breathtakingly perfect. And I find a lot of friends turned lovers stories are cliche but this was just right in the balance of a long, comfortable friendship and attraction. I think the back and forth of Hogwart years to present was what gets the credit for that, allowing us to see the love that was always there hidden behind friendship.

"Bloody hell, that was brilliant, woman!?"

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