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Review #1, by reverie A broken man

18th July 2012:
I think this one-shot is filled with potential! You have a flair for writing. I thought the description was beautifully orchestrated. It was a lovely piece :)

I only had two little hiccups. Firstly, there were too many line spaces between paragraphs, and in some there were none. Also when Lily says, "You might wear that Quidditch badge and those damn smirks around like your the world's gift to mankind and have funny little comments that keep you at the centre of attention but take those away and what are you? Answer me that" , you can afford to rephrase it to something like "You might wear that Quidditch badge and those damn smirks - like you're the world's gift to mankind - and have witty comments up your sleeve that keep you in the centre of attention, but take those away, and what are you? Answer that."

Sorry for being so nitpicky, other than that, it was very nice to read!

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Review #2, by <3 A broken man

3rd July 2012:
this is very beautiful. i love your portrayal of james.

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Review #3, by ThePerson2011 A broken man

15th December 2011:
Some really good writing, and you really expressed what I also feel about James and Lily. The fact that you didn't continue the plot to see how James resolved his issues is a shame, because I think it could be an exemplary story!
~ ThePerson

Author's Response: Hello (:
Thank you; I always like finding people who think the way I do about those two! I wanted to continue writing it but I have several unfinished novellas and one more in the works that I wouldn't have time to do the story justice. I may continue with it later.

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Review #4, by SnapShot A broken man

6th December 2011:
I have to say this is an interesting piece. It does take an alternative perspective but that is why I like it so much. I totally love your idea of revealing what James thought and how he came to the realisation that he was a 'broken man' behind the facade. You never really come across this perspective in other fan fiction works so it was good to read a piece that explores that idea.
You write so well, it's exceptional. Your style is coherent and strong. I also really liked the inclusive language with the constant use of 'you'; it really helps the reader get into his frame of mind.
This definitely has to be one of the best I've read in terms of style and construction. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review- I am such a James/Lily shipper, it's unreal. So many people in this fandom hate him but he's my favourite character (:
Thanks again,

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