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Review #1, by xjamesandlilyx 4. The woman

19th December 2011:
This is amazing.
It's so far from, well, nearly every other story here - it's not about James and Lily, not about Hogwarts - that I didn't click on it at first. But this, this is amazing.
I love how different the characters are. There's no feel-good atmosphere here, it's cold and calculated. I'm really curious as to Saabi's background - I can't love her, since she isn't exactly loveable, but she's amazing. I really can't find another word. I love how she deals with Zabini, and the boy. I love the plot line so far.
I can't wait to see where you're going with this. Please update soon?

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so muc, Im so happy that you like this story. The fact that this is a story about minor characters and so out of the box when it comes to usual settings and such made a bit doubtful about it at first. I mean, i liked writing it, but i didnt think people would go throught with reading it since its a bit unusual.
Im glad that you like the way the character are portrayed. I tried really hard to make them as unlikable as possible, especially Saabi. You're not supposed to like her ;P but i still want her to be understandable when it comes to her reasons and motives for acting like she does.
I love that you think there is no 'feel-good atmosphere' in this story because that was exacly what i was going for! Im so glad that i made it :D. Im trying to write about something bad here, and its not going to have a happy ending. I hope i pull it off.
Thank you for you lovely review and i hope that you like the next chapter as well. This is not going to be very long, just a couple more chapters.

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Review #2, by FWHPObsessed 1. The ghost

15th December 2011:
Wow. So you are an amazing writer are you not? I am immediately jealous, my writing never meets such depth. So this is an interesting chapter. The internalizing and thought rolling in her head was great, but it doesn't tell you much what this story is going to be about and that creates a shadow of doubt in my head. I do like it though, so far. Your writing is really good!

Author's Response: Thanks, im glad that you like the way it was written. This whole thriller genre is new to me, which is why i wanted on opinion on how it sounds. I didnt want to give away much in the first chapter, I just wanted to introduce the reader to the main character and give her something to do in the mean time. I should add some foreshadowing to maybe make things more interesting or something.

Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Serendipity1234 1. The ghost

25th November 2011:
Hi :)

This story seems very interesting. It's also very different from your other stories I've read, since the character is older and she's from somewhere unusual. This was a wonderful introduction! It was very well-written and I loved all the imagery. The flashback was interesting, too, as it juxtaposed her present setting and while giving some information away, it also added a lot more mystery.
I'm also intrigued by the fact that she's a princess and I'm curious to know if the 'order' you mentioned has any relation to the Order of the Phoenix?
My favorite part of this chapter was that it was so eerie and mysterious that I'm now hooked into wanting to know more :)

Hoping you update this soon! And Dreamland of Angels :D

Author's Response: hey there! thank you for reading this story too. dont worry, this one isn't taking much of my time, since its practically already finished - this is my safety-net story (the one i concentrate on when i get stuck on Dreamland of Angels for example) I practically wrote this whole thing between chapters 8-10 of DoA ;P

This is the first time that my main character is so much older than then usual tennage/post teenage years, so Im taking care to make her seem more mature. Dont know how well it will play, but Im still hoping. I loved writing about her as someone with a bacground so different from my own, (or anyone I've written about so far for that matter - never wrote about a beduin princess before) Lots of research involved, but lots of fun too. Im so thrilled that you like the flashback, I hope you like the others that will showa bit of how she grew up.

Nope, the Order she is part of has nothing to do with the Phoenix, but just wait and see. I cant wait to see how you take to it.

Way! You thought it was mysterious and eerie, that's fantastic, its what i was going for. Its gonna get even weirder as it goes on, but hopefully not too much.
Next chapter is already in que. Im updating this as I write the next chapter of DoA :)

Thanks again for the review and sharing a piece of your mind with me. As always, Im grateful for it.

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