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Review #1, by luna lovegood Constant Vigilance

23rd August 2012:
i really like this, and i like it that its from voldemort's view from when he was a boy! :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for leaving a review, this story rarely gets any views never mind reviews!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it and that you liked that it was written from Voldemort's point of view when he was younger! :)x

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Review #2, by Cassius Alcinder Constant Vigilance

8th December 2011:
Hey, its me from the fourms with your review. Thanks for entering the challenge and being the first one to submit!

I think you did a really good job of coming up with a story that would work with your two characters and the setting. searching for the diadem was definetely a valid and accurate reason to have Voldemort going to the ravenclaw common room, and while we never knew for sure what house Moody was in, I could totally see him being a ravenclaw.

The characterization was very good, and the dialogue between Moody and Tom was great, I could totally picture both of them in that scene. You made great use of foreshadowing as well and giving us a glimpse of what their characters would become. If I may make one suggestion its that i dont think Tom Riddle was being called Voldemort yet at this age, but other than that you captured his cunning and ambition very well.

Great job, and thanks again for participating in the challenge!

Author's Response: Hello!

Yeah I thought it was quite a good idea having Voldemort go in search of the diadem, I thought it was really the only good reason to have him turn up in the Ravenclaw Common Room so thanks for mentioning that!

I'm really glad you thought my characterisation was good, that means loads because I really think it's important to do that if you want to make a convincing fan fic! SO that's great!

Thanks as well for letting me know Voldemort wasn't yet being called Voldemort at that time, I'll definitely go back and edit it when I have time!

Thank you for the great feedback, it means a lot to me and thank you so much for creating such a fantastic challenge, it was a pleasure to do!

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