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Review #1, by alicia and anne Scares and Maybes

6th March 2014:
Yay! I'm back to reading about Hugo! :D I'm so happy! I've missed reading about him.

I agree with Hugo, his mother doesn't deserve to be punished. But I don't want Hugo to totally remove himself from the picure. :(

Awww! Everyone's talking about Hugo and Connor, although I totally would as well, but I'd be a stalker so.

Hugo totally likes Connor, he's not lying at all.

Awww! look at them having reasons why they should and shouldn't be dating, I could just squish them into such a tight hug.

Hugo is worried about him! He can't deny that his feelings are real for Connor!

YES! They're going on a date!!! I'm so happy right now! Connor has to turn up, or not only will Hugo be sad, but I'd be sad as well and I can't be sad. I'm currently dancing in happiness!


Ahhh! I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: Yay! Hugo has missed you talking about how much you love him. :P

Hugo sees no other way. If he can go through with it is another matter...

They're trying to figure out Hugo's intentions.

He totally does.

They might do. It's all up to Connor now!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by just jennifer Scares and Maybes

1st November 2013:
I don't really know what to say in this except WOW, I love this and keep writing!

Author's Response: Aww, wow! Thank you so much! I will. I have big plans for this story. :D


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Review #3, by alicia and anne Background Checks

25th July 2013:
Oh Connor, if only you knew what Hugo was up to!

Aww Michaels trying to warn Connor about Hugo! That's a great friendship. I wonder if Hugo is going to try and hug Connor and make him uncomfortable? Mmmm, maybe Hugo can make him not hate it as much?

A lot of people dislike poor Hugo! *hugs him* Don't worry we love you! Although Michael may be onto something! :P

AHHH SKANDER! So excited!! *hugs Skander* Awww he hates helping people! He's so awesome!!

Awww poor Albus being broken by James's sneeze! I would hug him but he wouldn't like it. Whereas Skander has no choice!

Oh yeah, Hugo is definitely the angel of the family! :P

:O Connor knows that Hugo wants to be in advertising! Could he know?! He does know!

Awww Hugo! :D Saying those things! Haha he was busy that year wasn't he?

Oh how I love Hugo stories! I loved this so much! Brilliantly written! I love Connor and Hugo! I can't wait to see more of them together.

Author's Response: If only. It might have helped in the future. ;)

Michael Cross is a very good friend to Connor. Much better than Mickey Finnegan is to Hugo. No, no hugs from Hugo. Not yet anyway. ;)

Lots of people have good reason to dislike Hugo, he is not a nice person. Michael is definitely into something.

SKANDER! How awesome is Skander?! :D

I know, poor Albus. I'd say bad James, but he didn't mean to.

Haha... A fallen angel maybe? ;)

:O Connor is so close and yet so far from the truth, it's infuriating!

Oh, he's always busy. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #4, by HufflePuff_Blitz Background Checks

18th July 2013:
Such a Fantastimagical chapter! I love that word and i never get to use it much but I think this story deserves the awesomeness of that word. I know something happens between them but I just don't know what gah. Hugo's amazing but my heart is already breaking if Connor is upset :'( Keep it up!

Author's Response: Okay, so fantastimagical is now my new favorite word. :D

Yeah, something happens between them. I know what it is and yet I won't be able to take the sadness. It won't be revealed for a while, not properly, but you can guess from the clues if you want - present day, already broken up Hugo will be the next chapter, the beginning. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Weaknesses and Non Dates

28th April 2013:
Yay Hugo!! :D
I love that Hugo's basically turned into a stalker :p and how he's been told off for following Connor haha.
Aww he admitted that he liked him and Connors finally talking back to him!! *jumps around happily* I keep forgetting that Hugo has a secret agenda.
Hugo's going to get a tattoo? Totally awesome! He's so cool!
And Connor knows about Hugo's love of accents, I hope he talks a lot around him now :p
Haha Hugo had a fling with a model? Awesome! I am not surprised in the slightest about that one :p
Aww yay!! It's totally going to be a date!
I love this chapter! I love how they're talking to each other now! :D Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Who said he wasn't always just a stalker? ;) Connor is rightly telling him off. :P

Finally! Yes! Connor is letting his guard down a little! Uh oh! Don't worry, sometimes Hugo forgets, too. ;)

He is.

No one is surprised by the model, I don't think. Haha!

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by alicia and anne Winning and Losing

18th March 2013:
I love Connor's reaction to Hugo at the moment, he's defiantely wary of him and his intentions. I think he's defiantely suspicious about Hugo and the reason he's talking to him.
Although it's cute that Connor keeps looking at Hugo :D
I am loving Lily and Hugo together, they seem really close, with her sitting on him and him not caring.
I do love that there is a jealous ex on the scene :D That adds some lovely drama and I think he'll try to ruin Hugo's plans :D
Hahaha maybe Connor will use Hugo to get Shane Jordan away from him.
I can't wait to see how this develops! I am loving Hugo already and Connor :D

Author's Response: You should always be suspicious of Hugo. Unfortunately, Connor is one of the only people who actually is (even in headcanon, where they're just friends).

They are close. They grew up together, it's why she can put up with his plans, even if she can only go so far.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by alicia and anne It Wouldn't Be Fun if it Were Easy

18th March 2013:
Oh Hugo, going to use someone to get high up in a company he wants to work for in September, naughty naughty!
Lily is right, he can't use someone like that, but I know that he's going to ignore her and go for it. Oh Hugo! :D
I love him! The way he looked at Connor's ex and then gave a wink, he's great isn't he? Haha and then saying that he'd like to see the ex try and stop him :D

"Be careful, Hugo Weasley. I know all about you and your reputation. You may be able to charm even the straightest man to you bed, but it won't work on me." - You go Connor!
I can see this being fun seeing Hugo trying to get him on the date.
I'm off to read more of this wonderful story :D

Author's Response: He's very naughty. I don't know how people, don't see it. :P

He's definitely going to ignore her. If he didn't, there'd be no story. ;)

Go Connor! He won't go down without a fight. Hugo will have to work really hard.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by alicia and anne Nightmares and Memories

18th March 2013:
Ooo I'm on jar of hearts! I'm so excited to begin reading this one :D
That opening scene was hooking, I actually thought for a moment that someone had stabbed him. That was a great line and then Hugo having his hands covered in blood. That was great! I thought it was real until I read it was a dream.
What did you do Hugo? How did you ruin things?
I need to know more!! Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ooh, good. It's good when people think that, then realize it's a dream. Adds to the drama a little bit.

You'll find out soon enough.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by Sweets-Caandy It Wouldn't Be Fun if it Were Easy

1st February 2012:
this chapter was really nice!
I liked the last scene when they were in the classroom together and Connor first doesn't talk and the rejects him without saying much more than that he knows his reputation.
But I think Connor likes Hugo too since he started to laugh too...
Well or at least I hope that he likes him...and I really liked it that he is Irish, it gives him much more personality, imagining him talking with this accent :)
I am really looking foreward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey,

I liked this chapter too, so thank you.

Well, to quote my own story, it wouldn't be fun if it were easy, would it? Whether Connor grows to like him or not, he just has to reject him now. :P

I love that he's Irish... Damn my weakness! I share that with Hugo! LOL.

The next chapter sill be finished and up soon enough (it's next on my list on my Author's Page).

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by noname It Wouldn't Be Fun if it Were Easy

26th January 2012:
Wow! It's better than I expected. I don't usually like romance, but this has to be an exception. Write more please!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've already started the next chapter. :D

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Review #11, by Beeezie Nightmares and Memories

3rd January 2012:
Here with the third of five reviews!

This was a great first chapter. I feel like you did an excellent job at walking the line between giving the reader enough of a grounding of what the story is about to get them interested while still holding back enough information to keep them intrigued. I really love this kind of story, because it leaves me with two questions: what happened, and what's going to happen? That's not such an uncommon theme for the first chapter, but what's special about this is that you executed it so well. The opening sequence started out so romantic and sweet, and I was not at all expecting it to turn into something so dark so quickly.

And what I really liked was that you had Connor made an appearance. This wasn't just a "Hugo has unresolved feelings about some guy." It was, "Hugo has unresolved feelings about some guy that he works with" and "Connor has been ignoring him" and I feel like I'm not being very eloquent, but the point is that this is much, much more interesting!

I did find that with this, as with Lights in Heart and Sky, I couldn't always tell which "he" you were referring to. If I tried hard enough, I could generally figure it out, but it jerked me out of the flow of the story a little. I also felt like a couple things were a bit too exaggerated - Hugo hadn't looked at the photograph in three years? He had the same nightmare every single night? It just seemed a little unrealistic to me. The story as a whole wasn't, but there were a few details that just gave me pause.

On the whole, though, this was a great start to the story, and I'm really interested to see what you do with it. :)

Author's Response: I seem to be good at mystery (all different types of mystery apparently); people keep telling me. :D LOL. Everything seems to end up dark when I write, I'm good at dark. Thank you, I wasn't sure that came off well when I wrote it.

Yes, Connor is here straight away; you know who it is Hugo has hurt. There's a whole big connection between the boys, work and everything in between. In the next chapter you find out what it is; how it all starts.

Yes, as I said in the last review, I'm still working on it, I'll fix it. The reason he hasn't looked at the picture in three years is because he refused to, he hates what he misses, which he has to see every day when he sees Connor; that's why it's stuffed in the bottom drawer of his desk at work and not at home. Connor reminds him too much to be tempted to look at the picture. But he had to look at it today; he has a plan. ;)

Hopefully, it won't seem as unrealistic as the story continues; where they are the nightmare changes, though, what stays the same every night is the "back-stabbing", the blood. Which will make sense. :)

Thank you for the review!


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Review #12, by Sweets-Caandy Nightmares and Memories

10th December 2011:
Hei, aww, the end is really sad! What did happen to them?
I hope to get an answer to this question soon!

Author's Response: You'll find out.
Thank you. :)

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Review #13, by Free_Rhapsody Nightmares and Memories

27th November 2011:
Wow, that last paragraph or so in the first scene was very shocking, loved that line "When are you going to pull the knife from my back?". I literally gasped there. And the imagery of the blood still staining his hand reminded me of the treachery of Macbeth's wife, so that description was tremendously effective and really enhanced the shock evoked from reading that line I previously quoted.
I also liked the feeling of anticipation created in the second scene, as Hugo prepares himself for his day at work and the inevitable interactions with Connor.
The internal conflict within Hugo was very pronounced and effective in the last scene, as he talks to himself in his office and remembers happier times. I did like that, it kept me guessing and I'm very intrigued as to what is the reason behind all this conflict and confusion. Well done, this was a fantastic first chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! love for dream metaphors! LOL. I totally didn't think of Macbeth, but I get that!
Ah. Connor. It's so hard for Hugo when his ex is his boss... But does he deserve it?
The next chapter is on its way. Conflict and confusion will be lifted in time.

Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by cupcakesness Nightmares and Memories

24th November 2011:
I usally dont read same sex story its not that i have anything against it i just dont usally read i, but this was really good and I love that song jar of hearts, and i did'nt see the knife in the back nighmare coming which made it really good start, I really liked this chapter and I really want to know whats there story and how it ened so bad
10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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