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Review #1, by Lana Despair

21st October 2016:
Wow.I was crying my eyes out at this! I came upon your stories and while "He will understand" made me cry at certain points too, this one really crashed me! Poor, poor Harry...whatever Dumbledore did next, I will never forgive him for leaving Harry to grow up like this, without even allowing Remus to visit once in a while.


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Review #2, by lily Hope

2nd January 2014:
tears! this was just absolutely, horribly sad! :(

Author's Response: Thank you - that was exactly what I was going for 'horribly sad' because it is horribly sad, the fact that Harry did have to stay with the Dursleys and be bullied by Dudley. I am so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for the review :)

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Review #3, by Espresso Patronum Hope

1st July 2012:
Great story, I cried so hard, my contact fell out, and that's saying something. I had to put it back in before I could finish reading!!! I love stories that make me cry, you should write a story from Harry's pov about how he grew up with his aunt and uncle. It would be really sad though. I'd like to think this story is true, that someone felt his pain. Thank you :)
Enchanting story

Author's Response: Thanks so much, sorry I made your contact lens fall out though! I'm so glad you found it moving though, because that was what I was going for after all. I just love writing sad stories, I find them easier to do than happy ones, though I have no idea why!

I like to think this story is true too, that someone at least dropped by every now and again to check Harry was ok, or at least as ok as he could be where he was.

I like your idea about writing a story about Harry's early years from his pov. I will definitely consider it, it's just that I'm working on a HP fanfic novel at the minute (Door Into The Dark) and it's drawing all my attention, but when that's finished, I definitely think a story from Harry's pov is on the cards!

Thanks so much for the review, I am so glad you liked this and that you found it moving! :)

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Review #4, by SunnyRae Hope

12th June 2012:
That was beautiful!!!
And poor Harry! I SO wanted you to go against the canon just for that one second so Remus could just hug Harry!! And jeez! The part with James trying to help his son... I cried... so hard... so... very hard...
Thank you for this story! It was brilliant! And lovely! And fantastic! It was brilliant, lovely and fantastic all rolled into one actually, and I think I might just have to read it again...

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am glad you enjoyed it! Believe me, I wanted to defy canon here too, and it took all my will power to supress that near over-powering urge! I even contemplated re-writing it, once it was published, where Remus does hug Harry, but again, I managed to repress that urge, I'm a sucker for canon, everything I write must be canon, but sometimes, as in this case, canon just SUCKS!

I am glad you liked the bit with James, I didn't know if people would really go for that, so I am glad you thought it was good!

Anyway, thanks so much, I am so glad you liked it and thanks for all the nice things you said too! Cheers for reading and reviewing, it is much appreciated! I hope you enjoyed reading it again! :)

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Review #5, by WeasleyTwinMom_staff Despair

21st May 2012:
Totally cried at the James trying to get to Harry scene. *sniffs* You are really good at angst.

Author's Response: Thanks. I really don't know why but writing angst just comes so easily to me, so much more so than writing something happy would. Thanks so much for the reviews, I really appreciate it, especially since you are reviewing my account and you don't have to add reviews, but you went out of your way and left chapter reviews too, so thanks so much for all your kind words here, I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #6, by Ash Hope

11th April 2012:
Beautiful. I shed more than a few tears.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it! :-)

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Review #7, by Leo Hope

24th January 2012:
Wow, this was incredible. Honestly, if I had written this, I'd have no hesitation sending this to Jo the queen herself

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you! Seriously, that's probably the best praise any HP fan-fic writer can ever get! Thank you so much. I am so glad you liked this story!!!

I would love to send it to Jo herself, but I hear she gets about 75,000 letters a year so the odds of her ever seeing it, if I did send it that is, are tiny. Plus, I don't even know her address!

Anyway, thanks a million for the review and for taking the time to read my story. All your kind words are much appreciated! Thank you so much! :)

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Review #8, by Emma Hope

6th January 2012:
No, you misunderstood. I LOVE the story. But it must be awful for Lupin to leave Harry, and for Harry to feel that someone was there by him and cared one moment and then left him. Please continue!!!

Author's Response: Oh! I am so sorry for misunderstanding you! But I am so glad you like the story!!! :-) Unfortunately though, this is the last chapter of this story. I had only ever planned on writing three chapters, and even if I wanted to continue it, I have absolutely no idea what would happen next! Sorry to disappoint but this is the last chapter, of this story anyway, I will be writing other stories though about Lupin's adventures and wanderings, check them out if you like!

Thanks again for all your reviews, they are much appreciated! You really put a smile on my face today! Thank you!!! :)

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Review #9, by Perpetually Anonymous Hope

4th January 2012:
That was amazing. I cried. It was so well written and so emoti e and powerful. Don't stop writing. Ever.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, really, thanks! I am so happy you liked it! Don't worry I literally can't stop writing, even if I wanted to, I couldn't, I just love it too much ;) Thank you so much for all the kind words, so glad you enjoyed my story, and thanks again for the really nice review!

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Review #10, by JamesSiriusPotterLover Hope

3rd January 2012:
Ah I'm almost in tears! So sad and so beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You really made me smile!!! :)

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Review #11, by auror_snape Hope

31st December 2011:
Hi, I just read your story, and I have to say, it was great! Sad, but great. Moody was hilarious in his paranoia, Remus' unwavering belief in Dumbledore's infallibilty was tedious but in keeping with canon, and Harry was the sweetest little boy ever. I'd like to climb in your story and give him the hug Remus couldn't. Then I'd go slap Dumbledore.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am glad you liked it! I know what you mean about how annoying it was having Lupin believing whole-heartedly in Dumbledore's infallibility. I seriously considered throwing canon out the window and letting Lupin take Harry away, but I just couldn't do that, I just can't defy canon. I felt so bad making Lupin leave Harry behind, but it had to be done. I think everyone wanted to slap Dumbledore for making Harry live with the Dursleys, Harry definitely didn't deserve it. But I suppose it was the lesser of two evils really.

Thanks again for the review though, I am glad you liked it and that you found Mad-Eye amusing, I did have a lot of fun writing him. ;)

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Review #12, by KxxDxx Hope

30th December 2011:
Love this story :-)
Its so sweet x

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am so glad you liked it! :)

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Review #13, by RJ Hope

29th December 2011:
Wow. That was one of the best I've read. I teared up in every chapter it was so moving. James' passion and Remus' heartbreak were written perfect. As was everything you wrote about dear little Harry. This story is a credit to you. I love it. x

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you found it moving (I was really trying to make it moving, so it looks like I succeeded! YAY!). Thanks a million for leaving a review, much appreciated, you make me smile :)

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Review #14, by adoranymph Hope

27th December 2011:
aw that was just so sweet! i can't even begin to say how sweet that was! and gosh did harry need something like that when you just know his childhood was just that bad. speaking of which, i like how you portrayed it, how harry struggled with being alone, how he did find ways to cope and have fun on his own even though it was less than what he wanted, and how Remus gave him something special for his birthday when he really needed it, and how Remus felt a sense of empathy towards harry, and that he found a way to let him know that he was one of the people out there, hidden from him, who actually did care about him.

so excellent! and thank you, by the way, and i hope you had a very merry christmas and happy st. stephen's day too! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am again so glad that you liked it! I knew I couldn't let Lupin take Harry away from the Dursleys, because that would completely defy canon (which I refuse to do!!), and I couldn't just let Lupin leave him there in misery, so I figured that Lupin had only one option: to show Harry that there were people out there who cared about him and that one day he would be meet them all, but right now he just had to hold on and survive until that day! :)

Anyway, thanks again for the review, does this mean that there is a new chapter of Moonlight up??? I must go and check now! :)

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Review #15, by adoranymph Despair

27th December 2011:
wow, where do i even begin with this one? it works on so many levels. i guess in the first place i'd like to say that i really liked seeing a kind of relationship between remus and mad-eye, only because we don't really get to know mad-eye as a person much in the books, at least not in a sympathetic way (with tonks it was different because we saw her grow vulnerable with her love for remus etc. after our initial impression of her bubbly curiosity and clumsiness, whereas mad-eye was kind of the same throughout and didn't go through any sort of developmental changes as a character) so it was cool to see another facet of him, that he could be lonely as well as a paranoid.

i also liked the kind of dream that remus has that creates the catalyst for him to go and check on harry, the way he was kind of in the middle, looking at the wall that divided poor harry and the unseen james.

very entertaining read, and i hope that in the next chapter, when remus sees how miserable harry is, there might be some sort of hope that he manages to instill in the boy, as well as the boy instilling hope in him? even if he isn't allowed to be seen and has to go under the invisibility cloak.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review.

I am so glad you liked the friendship between Moody and Lupin. I hadn't originally planned for that to be in the story, but as a wrote, it just came to me and I knew it would fit well so I included it! I am so glad I did, because I really liked that part of the story myself!

I am also glad you liked the dream. I was trying to figure out a reason for Lupin to visit Harry, I mean he could not just go out of the blue... I came up with the dream, it provided the reason for Lupin's visit.

Anyway, thanks again for the review, I am so glad you liked it! :)

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Review #16, by Kas Hope

21st December 2011:
This was bloodly amazing. I'm loving this story, and can't wait to read the next chapter (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much, but I am SO SORRY but this was the last chapter... I just wrote this as a short story, about Lupin's encounter with Harry when he was seven and that encounter has happened so the short story is at an end! I am so sorry, but to be honest, if I was to continue it, I would be at a loss as to what would happen next! I am so sorry, I always envisioned this as a three chapter short story! So I am so sorry to disappoint you! But I am so glad you liked the story, and I am sorry again that there won't be a next chapter... But thank you so much for the review!

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Review #17, by adoranymph Loss

21st December 2011:
hi there! first of all, i want to say, a great start to this story! so sad, and i know how remus feels, because boy have i been there, just not wanting to get up and not wanting to face the daylight. i really can't wait to see where this story goes, and to read the new one that i saw just popped up which looks like it's about how ron got scared of spiders???

which brings me to my next point, i apologize for having disappeared from the face of the earth for like three weeks and not having updated moonlight or read anything except for this one chapter in that same amount of time, i have been BUSY, what with work (we get really swamped at the end of the year apparently), and then there's christmas shopping and other christmas related preparations, plus one other big personal writing project, plus i was set back two days because on sunday i was quite ill which was most inconvenient, but that's life!

anyway, hopefully i will have time to catch up over the four days i have off over the holidays, and then some time over new year's too.

so again, i have to say, an excellent start to this story, i think you've really captured how hopeless remus has become, how lonely, how even his own grieving process is almost routine, that's how grey and bleak his life is. i just wanted to cry! but i hope that harry coming into the picture (pre-azkaban era, right?) might help to brighten his life. don't give up remus! :)

thank you for this terrific opening chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you found it realistic! I think everyone has those days where they just can't get up and face another day. Overall, this is just a short story, very low-key. I just hope you enjoy the two remaining chapters!

Yes, I have written a story on the origin of Ron's fear of spiders, as you can see. It's a bit similar to "The Quiet Before All Bad Things" in that it's again told from the point of view of a small child. I hope you like it!

Don't worry about not being able to update Moonlight or anything. This is a very busy time of year. I've just finished exams myself and I had to write a 5,000word essay on Yeats, and there was all the preparations and stuff for Christmas, so don't worry, I can completely relate! I do hope you are feeling better now though after being sick!

I am so glad you liked this story and thanks again for the review. Yes it's pre-Azkaban, and yes, Harry will feature, mostly in chapter three though, that's where the actual encounter will be told. Harry doesn't brighten Lupin's day as such, I think it's more that he shows that we must not sink beneath our anguish, but battle on!

Thanks again for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and I look forward to reading the next installment of Moonlight whenever it comes (no pressure). ;)

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Review #18, by Emerald_Eyed_Bookworm Hope

18th December 2011:
Again amazing. This is one of my favorite fanfics ever! My only complaint is that there is not another chapter to go to. : (

But I was hanging on every word you typed. I wish this was a novel so I could curl up with it and read it in one go.

Amazing job!


Author's Response: Wow, again, sorry if I'm repeating myself, but wow... I don't know what to say! I feel so honoured (and happy) that you have called this your favourite! I can't believe it. I am still amazed that people actually like what I write... it still blows my mind! I am sorry this wasn't longer. I was just so busy doing school work and essays that I only have time for one-shots and short stories. I've never tried to write a fan-fic novel before, I've 3 novellas, but no novels, I would love to have a stab at it though - next summer hopefully! Again, all I can say is thank you, a million times! Thank you so much for all your kind words and for reading, reviewing and liking my story!!! Thank you so much! :)

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Review #19, by Emerald_Eyed_Bookworm Despair

18th December 2011:
I stand in awe of your writing and your story. Absolutely amazing.

I only found two little problems:

-"He was reaching breathing point.": I think you need an 'a' between reaching and breaking.

-"“When why are you here boy?”": Did you mean then instead of when?

But other than that, just wow. You are an incredible author.


Author's Response: Wow, you've left me speechless. I don't know what to say... I've never been called an 'incredible' anything before... I'm just the kid that's obsessed with Harry Potter... wow, thank you, seriously, you just made my week! :) Thank you so much for the review and I'll fix the typos too, thank you for pointing them out! :)

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Review #20, by Emerald_Eyed_Bookworm Loss

18th December 2011:
Brilliant! I absolutely loved your writing. One of my favorite things was how you deliberately seemed to space your writing. The pauses between sentences were filled with so much overwhelming emotion. Such an amazing technique.

I only noticed a few typos:

-"The usual monotonous agony filled with hunger, a pathetic, invisible existence and that perverse circle of attempt and failure on the finding a job front.": Perhaps 'employment front' might flow a bit better.

- "that place where you and slip in and out of dreams at ease, that wonderful place where reality is what you make it": I believe the 'and' between you and slip is a typo.

But overall I blown away with the sadness and despair. Absolutely loved it! :D

Author's Response: oh wow!!! Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you liked my technique, to be honest with you, I didn't even know I had a technique... I just write!!! But thank you none the less! Don't worry I'll fix the typos pronto, I am so sorry, but it seems that no matter what we do, me and my dad can't find them all!!! I am glad though you found this chapter sad, because that was what I was going for! Again, thanks so much!!! I really appreciate how you took my request and read and reviewed my story! :)

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Review #21, by Jakumo1 Hope

18th December 2011:
Aw *Sniff Sniff* I love it! Even if it is sad :-3

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it! I wanted Lupin to take Harry away myself, but at the same time, I had to follow canon!! But thank you so much for the review, I am so glad you liked, even if you did find it sad! :)

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Review #22, by Emma Hope

13th December 2011:
What! He can't just leave him there!!! That's awful!!

Author's Response: I know... but Lupin couldn't take him away either... because he had no means to support Harry and because Dumbledore said Harry had to stay where he was. But I do imagine that Lupin checked in on Harry an awful lot from that time on, preventing Dudley from punching him and things... Unfortunately, I had to stay with canon on this one... Lupin couldn't take Harry away (as much as he wanted to), he had to leave him there, but he left him there with the knowledge that there are people in the world that care about him, and Lupin hoped that would be enough to get Harry through... I am so sorry you thought it was awful... I wanted Lupin to take Harry away too, but it just couldn't be done, because Lupin wouldn't be able to support Harry, because Dumbledore explicitly stated that he had to stay in Privet Drive, and because it would completely defy canon if Lupin did. Again, I am so sorry you thought it was awful. I don't know what else to say... maybe I'll switch it to an alternate universe and then have Lupin take Harry away..? Let me think about it for a bit and I'll see. Again, I am so so SO sorry you were disappointed and thought it was awful...

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Review #23, by Emma Despair

10th December 2011:
Love the story!!! Remus have to do something!! And how could James see him??

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad that you liked it! Don't worry, Remus will do something in the next chapter ;)

James could see him because it was a dream and all rules of the world can be broken in dreams. It was a dream and, at the same time, a sort of 'vision' of reality magically transported to Lupin while he was asleep. So, the vision and the dream collided and what you got was Harry alone, locked up in the cupboard and Lupin and James outside unable to get in. Neither James nor Lupin are part of Harry's reality and therefore Harry could not see them, but James and Lupin could see eachother, if that makes sense. That's my rationale anyway, feel free to come up with your own one if you want though! The simplest explanation I can give is that it was a dream, and in dreams mad things happen. I hope that explained things a little better for you!

Thanks again for the review, chapter 3 should be validated tomorrow (I hope) so keep an eye out ;)

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Review #24, by parashar_harry Despair

9th December 2011:
well written after a very long time i am studying lupin character of such type means which showcase his poverty and lowliness .
it was a long back when i have studied an amzing novel based on his life and poverty .
i liked it and feeling sad for lupin. u have developed a very good relationship between moody and him. generally people don't write over moody.
the scene of cupboard was very touching ,it make me sad.
i am eager to see the remus reaction when he will find that dream is real.
i am curious for next chapter . hope it will be soon
thank you for this one
PS- its just a suggestion. why not u try the other character also it will help u to develop ur skill of writing . as u have mastered remus character . i am sure u can do justice with other characters also which have not get more space in novel, like flitwick, longbottom etc.

i am going to add u in my fav author list now ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad you liked this chapter, and that you felt I captured Lupin's character well! ;)

I am also so glad that you liked the relationship between Mad-Eye and Lupin, and you're right, Moody isn't written about an awful lot, maybe I'll change this!!! He is a very interesting character afterall, well, we'll see what ideas find me! ;)

Don't worry, the third chapter is in the queue, and it has been in the queue for 4 days, and it says that the length of the queue is currently 5 days, so I am hoping that it will be validated either tomorrow or very early on Sunday morning, so hopefully you will be able to read it then! :)

With regard to your suggestion; yes, you're right, Lupin completely dominates my fan-fiction, basically because he is my favourite character EVER! But you are right, in order to develop as a writer, I need to explore other characters too! I agree with you! I have done non-Lupin fics in the past, remember about Snape and Filch and the Mirror of Erised? Then "I Hope He Will Understand" was about Harry and Teddy (but I suppose Lupin's memory dominates that a lot so maybe it doesn't count...). I also did "How Hogwarts Recieved its Name" which is all about Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin founding the school. But you are 100% right, I do over-write Lupin. I'll try and come up with some new non-Lupin related stories for you! I have actually written a one-shot from the point of view of Ron Weasley, entitled "Why I am Afraid of Spiders". I intend to submit it to the queue once chapter three of this story is validated, so keep a look out for that! But I'll see if I can come up with some different non-Lupin fics for you over Christmas!!

Also, I feel so honoured that you have added me to your favourite author list! Thank you so much!!! :-)

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Review #25, by Kas Despair

5th December 2011:
Completely loving this! Can not wait to read more (: 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I am so glad you like it! Chapter three will be going into the queue tonight! So keep an eye out!

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