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Review #1, by amazingme The End

3rd April 2014:
Ok, I can't believe I'm doing this but This story is just so amazingly fantastic, I have read it so many times! I feel as though i can really relate to her and I know some authors are touchy with things like this but I just want to tell you my story.

Ok so the first person I ever told I was feeling like I was was my friend, Megan and she played it off as though it was nothing; idk this just kinda made me feel like it wasn't important and it wasn't bad enough to get help for.

I should probably point out that I had been feeling suicidal for a few years and had began self harming by cutting or burning myself. Only a year or so later I had drifted apart from this girl and made friends with eve.

She saw the scars and I told her in a sobbing mess everything about being sexually abused as a child and being neglected by my parents. She made me go and see the student support officer at my school who forced me to tell my parents.

After that it went to three different counsellors all of whom told me to hide it and I think that was the main reason I got anxious all the time and couldn't order a bus ticket without hyperventilating!

To be honest I felt betrayed by the student support officer and blamed her for me getting rubbish help that actually made it all worse.

I know this sound really cheesy but we got a science teacher who found out about everything and he was the one who helped me over come a lot of my problems. He was there for me and although I'm still really messed up, I'm getting better.

This is kind of a message to everyone that it all gets better. Maybe not immediately and with the expected people but eventually and with possibly somebody you never even thought of.

Author's Response: I am so sorry I took so long to respond!
I love hearing the stories of people who relate to what I write.
I am glad to hear that you are getting better, and hope that your recovery continues. I know how difficult it can be and I am so proud of you.
With all the love and support in the world- Hannah

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Review #2, by Wow The End

14th December 2012:
This is genuinely one of the only fanfictions I enjoyed reading. Wow. It just seems so.. Real! Idk, the only thing about it is that the whole way through I as wondering what happened to Thea when she was older because she isn't in the actual hp books, that's just me being weird though. A sequel would be great. You're an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am in the process of writing a sequel, I have everything all planned out, at this point it's just a matter of typing it up. I really do appriciate your review, and I hope to get a sequel up soon.

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Review #3, by JustanotherHarryPotterfan3816 The End

18th November 2012:
Please please please!Write a Sequel!!! PLEASE!! You are the ones of the few people who I admire!! Please write a sequel!! I would do anything! I would buy a new set of Hary Potter books and films!! Please!!!
OK you need some congragulations!
1) You for once got James quidditch postition correct.
2) So original!
3) You only have a MINOR spelling mistake!
Okay..You are soo my Best Friend Forever!

Author's Response: I can now say there is a sequel in the works. It will focus more on Rose in the groups years after Hogwarts, but that in no way means that there won;t be excessive amounts of Thea and Sirius. This story even though I finished it while ago has just stuck with me, so I really think that I will be writing a sequel soon.
Thank you

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Review #4, by JustanotherHarryPotterfan3816 The Aftermath

18th November 2012:
I AM ABSOULOULY DISGUISED WITH YOUR STORY! Jokes...I luv it...But tears are pouring out of my eyes..So sad..I liked this couple. Looking forward as I read!

Author's Response: Thank you, even though you did give me a minor heart attack. This means a lot to me.

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Review #5, by spell check! Back to school

8th November 2012:
uh... LILY EVANS!!!
spell it right!

story is... okay...

Author's Response: wow okay, then

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Review #6, by Lily4Ever The End

3rd August 2012:
Have loved this story!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #7, by Hotmammabellatrix The End

19th July 2012:
Will you write a sequel!?! Please! I'll be your best friend! In case you haven't noticed, I've totally fallen in love with this story, and the characters! Please write a sequel!!!

Author's Response: I'm actually working on that, I promise nothing, but I have the basics set incase I do choose to write it. Thank you so much. :)

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Review #8, by Naomi Good Bye, Sirius Black

11th July 2012:
LOVE it!
Please write the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, and I'm working on it.

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Review #9, by bookworm_hermione Feelings

27th May 2012:
yay! Remus told! Remus told! Mooney told!
glad he finally did.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah :)

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Review #10, by Morganash Complicated

26th May 2012:
Very good plot! And thank you for being one of the few who gets James' quidditch position correct! Only thing i can recommend is to check you spelling on Gryffindor and I think it was quidditch that you misspelled.

Author's Response: Thanks! And sorry about the spelling errors, I will fix those as soon as I can.
Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by ginnyluvsharry The Aftermath

24th May 2012:
it was amazing! can you write more? what happens to Thea? You are an amazing writer and i love the fact that you could come up with a storyline this complex. It was amazing. Kepp up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And Of course, I can :) I have a chapter in the queue I only sumbmitted it a day or two ago so it might be a few more days, but soon enough I hope. As for Thea just keep reading (as soon as it's posted of course). Thank you so much really I love hearing that people like my writing it means so much to me.
Thanks for the review

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Review #12, by CloakAuror9 Back to school

21st May 2012:
Hey there! :) I told you I'd have a go at this, didn't I? :P

Anywho, I thought the chapter is good, very entertaining to read. I think the idea of a character doing actions such as self-harm is a bit of a touchy topic and I'd like to see how you'd go about this one. :D

The story has a really great potential especially with the characters. But you could really work on a lot of simple things that with no doubt will make a big difference.

First would be your spelling, I saw quite a few as I started the story and I'll just point those ones out to you. Lily Evens = Lily EVANS, Muraders = Marauders.

Also, I think you can develop your characterisation a bit more. I think you could give Lily some flaws since she really seems super-perfect to me right now.

Another thing would be a little bit more description, perhaps? There's a lot of dialogue, and I'm not saying its a bad thing, but just try to even out the scale.

Anywho, I thought the story was really good and I really like your characterisation of Thea. And I'm sorry if I hurt you in anyway at all with my CC, I didn't really mean to hurt you. :|

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Yes, I know my spelling in the first few chapters is off. I have fixed it in my newer ones but I forgot some of the first few. Thank you for reminding me.

With Lily, it is the first chapter and I hope I have devolped her better later on in the story.

I know dialogue is a huge problem I have, and I'm really trying with being more descriptive.

Don't worry about hurting me, I think I take criticism pretty well. Thank you for the review I really am glad that you thought it was good, thank you for the tips and I promise I will try to work on all of that.


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Review #13, by marauders forever xx Truth Be Told

19th May 2012:
so he finally knows...all because sirius got drunk.that would suck so badly

Author's Response: Yeah, well I think it works this way. It's one of the worst ways to find out, yes, but also since none of the characters would tell James on purpose I thought this fit. But yeah it's messed up. Poor Thea... and James...

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Review #14, by marauders forever xx Breaking

19th May 2012:
gah, this is getting more messed up by the moment.

Author's Response: Yeah kinda...

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Review #15, by LyrisLovegood The Party

15th May 2012:
Hi :)

First off I don't know if you realised but I don't think words such as 'douche' would have been used in the Marauder Era. Plus I don't think the girls or anyone one other than the four boys themselves would referred to them by their nicknames.

I also noticed that you use 'said' a little too much in this chapter. Maybe have a look on the forum at 'alternative words for said' to make the story flow better?

I mean other than that I love this. I like the fact that Snape is being included in the story as often he gets left out and has no friends to call his own. So a nice touch making Rose friends with him. I also like how you've portrayed Lily's resentment towards Snape. It makes the story more realistic and canon.

Also nice touch with explaining how the boys could get into the girl's dorm. I would love to go on that sliding staircase ha.

Anyway I hoped I didn't come off too harsh.

Happy writing :)

Author's Response: No, I love getting critcism, so thank you.

Thanks for all of that, I will definatly look at all the things you pointed out, and fix it.

Thanks for the review I really appreciate it

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Review #16, by siren song Breaking

30th April 2012:
just a quick question, did you have any trouble getting your chapters with selfharming scenes through validation?
~siren song
ps. love the story, btw. keep it up :)

Author's Response: No, actually I didn't. I read all the rules on it before submiting any chapters with selfharming. All you have to do is put a warning for violence and make sure it's not to graphic just enough to get your message across.
-Luvshunforever, Thanks for the review :)

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Review #17, by Anonymous Breaking

16th April 2012:
Really Good, Is there going to be more though?

Author's Response: Yes, of course :)

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Review #18, by bookworm_hermione Changed

6th April 2012:
continue on the story please!
it's truly great
made me cry a couple of times actually

Author's Response: Wow Thank you, that means a lot to me.

I will try to get a chapter in the queue very soon.

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Review #19, by weaselredhair Back to school

1st April 2012:
james has hazel eyes keep that in mind next time.

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me, I'm going to go fix that. :)

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Review #20, by marauders forever xx Changed

29th March 2012:
omg, thea is going to end up killing her parents -.-
and sirius better hurry up and tell thea that her likes her!
update soon :D

Author's Response: Well... Girl Power? Lol, It's Thea's big moment with them I guess. As for Sirius, I have it all planned out...
I will try my hardest to get one submitted soon, but my finals are coming up, so please excuse any serious delays.
Thanks for the review

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Review #21, by hpfanno1 Misunderstandings

29th March 2012:
looks like old remus is starting to like rosy...
and i love the way he protects thea.. he is a perfect older brother figure...:D
and i can see that sirius has a thing for thea and that she is on the way to realizing it as well...
reading on.
begining to feel loyal,

Author's Response: Thanks, once again, I really love getting reviews like yours.
Remus is actually one of my favorite characters to write about, so I love it when I get reviews mentioning him.

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Review #22, by hpfanno1 Back to school

29th March 2012:
woah, massive start!
although, for future reference, i'll give you a teen bit of advice... cut those intro's short. i love them, because they clear things up but majority readers like to find thing out about the characters as the story progresses...
anyway, this was quite a catchy start...
peter confessed to thea? that's hilarious!
and the end? what is is? is she a masochist or something?
reading on,
definately interested,

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the advice. As for the questions, just keep reading.

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Review #23, by Someone like Thea Confessions

27th March 2012:
Ok, so this is kind of crazy and im not sure you'll actually care or perhaps you'll just freak out and never want a review from me ever again (just say the word and i won't review if you don't want me to) but i had to tell someone. anyone.

a few days ago my friend dragged me to the councillor because she said things were getting too bad and i needed to talk to someone who could help me properly. we went and the councillor said she wanted to tell my parents that i was too stressed and i needed some time too myself and i said i needed time to think about it but i would come and tell her the next day.

the next day i went to her and told her that i didn't want her speaking to my parents at all but she said that she had emailed the society of councillors or some other professional body that she belonged to and they said she had to tell my parents that i was hurting myself because if one say i went too far, my parents could sue the school.

i was freaked out because my parents think im like their 'perfect' daughter or some crap like that and i didn't want to hurt them but the councillor said she had to tell them. and then when i left, i sort of had a break down and i got really angry because the councillor had told me when i first went to her that anything and everything i said to her would be confidential and she wouldnt tell anybody else. except that if she told my parents then she wouldn't be keeping to that promise, would she?

she told my parents that afternoon and i had no idea she was going to tell them so soon. my mum cried four times in 2 hours. she has never cried because of me before. my dad was on the verge of tears. my dad doesn't cry. ever.

but you know what? for the first time in a year, i feel like everything is going to be ok. i feel like i dont have to keep hiding everything from everyone and i feel like i can just be happy without worrying about stuff. and i am just so happy. around my friends, im not so crabby anymore and i just feel so HAPPY.

anyway, i don't know if you just read all that and if you did whether you care or not, but i just had to tell someone.

please update soon because i want Thea to have a happy ending: she deserves one anyway. Everyone deserves a happy ending.

love always,

Author's Response: I love getting reviews from you, so don't stop. I'm glad that you shared that with me, and I'm glad that you're doing okay.

As I'm sure you have figured out by now; Thea is based loosely on me. Although her ending will be different from mine.

I never had the courage to tell anyone about my self harming, if anyone found out they did it on their own. I don't think that I could ever tell my parents either, unlike with you, my parents think I'm the problem child, they probably know more than they let on and just won't say anything. I don't blame them really, the last time they tried to help me was five years ago, and I did not react well, screaming, throwing things, it was bad.

As for Thea, I keep hearing that people want a happy ending, and honestly I wouldn't give her anything else, I'm the worst when it comes to sad enddings, so I refuse to write one(for now anyway).
You should find me on the forums, same name and everything, and then we can talk. (is that creepy? I don't think so)

Luvshunforever (Hannah)

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Review #24, by marauders forever xx Forgiven

5th March 2012:
gsjkdh gjsdhgj sfjg h,
they made up!!! yayayayay!! XD
and he bought her jewelery which ihope she actually likes and when is she going to realise that rose isn't messing with her and sirius does like her!! arrggghhh
and omg, snape better not have a crush on rose or something

Author's Response: Wow, okay let me get this all.
Yes, they did, a big FINALLY moment. Yes, he did, and she will, so don't worry about that. As for when she will understand Rose is right, it is going to take a Sirius (hint hint) force of nature for that to happen. As for Snape... well you have to wait and see.

This review just made me smile, so thanks for that, and for reviewing in general.

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Review #25, by . Forgiven

5th March 2012:
I'm not very gd at reviews, but this story is amazing! I'm so glad her and Lily are friends again! :)

Author's Response: It's fine, I love all reviews. Thanks, I know it took a long time for that to happen.

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