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Review #1, by imadrapple Astoria The Wicked Witch

12th November 2013:

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Review #2, by unicorn_hair Astoria The Wicked Witch

9th June 2012:
This was awesome. A great laugh.
You know what would be hilarious? If you wrote a sequel about Scorpius telling his parents that he loves an orange.
And Astoria freaks out and Draco's like "YEAH". Then they find out that Orange is an actual person or something.
Anyway, this was a brilliant story.
-The Hair of a Unicorn

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Review #3, by CUT_DMalfoy Astoria The Wicked Witch

13th May 2012:
This is just so hilarious. I was LOL-ing when I was reading it on the train and people just started giving me eye rolls and what-has-gotten-into-her-is-she-crazy looks. :P Ah well. Keep up the good work! >.

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Review #4, by Manga_girl Astoria The Wicked Witch

13th May 2012:
Haha, this is so funny. Drapple love forever! This is a really entertaining story!

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Review #5, by Siriusly3 Astoria The Wicked Witch

12th May 2012:

WOW. loved this. love drapple.

I can't even express words for how I loved this. good job!:D

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Review #6, by mrsWeasleyLongbottom Astoria The Wicked Witch

7th April 2012:
Super Funny! Loved it to pieces. Could not stop laughing and now i have a craving for an apple :)

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Review #7, by Skye Weasley Astoria The Wicked Witch

28th January 2012:
Thank you sooo much! I love Drapple!

Author's Response: :) So glad to hear that I'm not the only Drapple fan!

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Review #8, by Iveneverreadthebooks Astoria The Wicked Witch

21st December 2011:
yeah um... not sure i completely got it... but you know well done for being creative and shiz.

Author's Response: I honestly don't know if I got it. This story was the product of my boredom and over-active imagination. Thanks for reviewing and calling me creative! ;)

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Review #9, by Moonyxluna Astoria The Wicked Witch

1st December 2011:
hahaha.. this was fun to read, it made me smile. It's great :D

I think i'm going to be laughing for the next week every time I think of "She's just jealous! She's just jealous of our love! You will never know the Drapple love!"


Author's Response: Thanks! I was laughing myself when I wrote that line! :) But, thanks so much!

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