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Review #1, by Maelody Gone

4th February 2015:
Aaaaw. :( Poor Cissy! *squishes*

It's good to see him be human, even if it was his last few seconds to spare. I'm glad she got to hear those words come from him. It's been a long haul for the two of them, and like she said, the last ten years or so she had gone without hearing those words. I'm just sad he couldn't hear her say them back. :(

Again, you cease to amaze me at how well you write this Malfoy family! Seriously *squishes you because you're so amazingly talented and I wish I could write the Malfoys only have as well as you can!* Seriously! :D

Dean Thomas was a really nice character to see, too. I like how uncomfortable he was telling her everything. But alas, it comes with the job. :( Sorry it had to be him though since he was imprisoned there once several years beforehand.

I really liked Trixy and how everything played out in the beginning. The tired Cissy sitting in front of a fire and looking through her wedding album. That was too sweet. :( It makes me sad that she's all alone, especially since her son left. It's always been all about her son to her, and it's sad to see that he isn't there with her in her biggest time of need. Though I do believe he will forgive his father. He always wanted to please him. I think he was never truly angry with him either. Just a confused young man. *Hugs the entire Malfoy family*

See what you did there? You made me hug the Malfoys! You sly little thing, you. ;)

Great job! (Though I'm sure you already know that you're just so incredibly AWESOME! ;)) I'm off to read more! The next one is Narcissa, too! :D


Author's Response: Thank you once again for such lovely words! You're awesome too!

I am pleased you liked this story and could feel for Cissy. I am so happy you like the way I write the Malfoys. Yeah, I felt Dean would definitely be a good candidate here - the right level of awkwardness and discomfort.

Aha Trixy was a random addition so I'm glad you enjoyed her too. And all those memories, I had a sad time writing this too. *hugs you*

Yay I made you hug the Malfoys xD Thank you!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Gone

1st February 2014:
Review tag :)

Aditi! This was so good!! I really love the way you wrote Narcissa's loneliness and emotions, they were very powerful. The Malfoys are such interesting people with so many layers, and you have written their post war relationship so well. It's so sad, and I could really feel for Narcissa. She seemed very realistic to me - she must have gone through so much and having her family ripped apart like that with her husband in prison and her son wanting nothing to do with them.,, ugh so sad. Her bittersweet reflections on happier times in her life were wonderful too and only added ro the contrast to what her life has been reduced to as all the recent memories are heartbreaking.

And the ending... I was so glad Lucius wanted to see her again, and that they got to speak to each other, despite such sad circumstances. :( :( So many feels in this story. I doubt all my gushing here is even making sense. But I loved this story!!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am pleased you liked the way I wrote Narcissa's emotions and her relationship with Lucius. It's great to know you found her realistic. Indeed, she was at a sad stage in her life here. I am glad you liked the reflections as well.

I liked writing the ending too, and felt quite sad while doing so, and I am happy you liked it too. All your gushing does make sense and I loved your review too, so thank you =)

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Review #3, by theblacksisters Gone

16th October 2013:
It did make a fine read. I nearly cried, partly because the Malfoys are some of my favorite characters.

Author's Response: hi, thanks for reading and reviewing! I am glad it moved you =)

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Review #4, by patronus_charm Gone

20th February 2013:

You really have a love for the Malfoys especially Lucius and Narcissa! I think it's great that even though you've written so many stories about them, you still find new ways of writing about them, and showing a new perspective about their lives.

I think this was a really accurate portrayal of how their relationship may have been after the war. I think the fact that Lucius went slightest mad in Azkaban was great, and that despite treating Narcissa like that, she still came when he was dying.

I thought the flashback was well done, and the idea that it was Dean who delivered the news was good. It showed you how much their positions had changed, and where the power now lay.

I like the idea of Draco being in Paris, but it might have been nice to have more backstory to that. Also I wasn't really sure why prison had a capital p.

Other than that I thought it was a great oneshot, and it showed a really believable portrayal of their relationship.

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing!

Haha yes I love writing the Malfoys! I especially love Narcissa so I try to find new aspects to her life to write upon =)

I am glad you found this to be an accurate portrayal of their post-war relationship. I think Lucius would have definitely gone slightly insane in Azkaban and would have treated Narcissa badly - but her love wouldnt waver.

I am pleased to know that you liked the flashback and the inclusion of Dean - it was something that I came up with on a whim so its good that its appreciated!

Well, I always thought Draco to be the kind of person who'd want to go away from everything and so he went to Paris, but if I ever do an edit, maybe I'll include a letter/flashback about it.

I am happy you found this believable. Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #5, by Courtney Dark Gone

19th February 2013:
Slytherin review tag!

Yet another amazing story, I see. The emotions in this one-shot were so raw and so real-you really made Narcissa seem like such a believable character in this, that I really felt her sorrow when Lucius died...and I think you wrote his death absolutely perfectly.

I'm quite happy you included Dean in this story, because it's always interesting to find out what the canon characters get up to when they leave school...and I really enjoyed you take on him.

I think you ended this one-shot perfectly, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks s much for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked this story of mine too - it is closest to my heart! I am pleased you found the emotions written well, and found Narcissa believable. I was a little worried about how the death came off, but I am glad you liked it.

The idea of including Dean came to me on a whim so its great you enjoyed his portrayal!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Your reviews have made me so happy!

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Review #6, by alicia and anne Gone

11th February 2013:
Poor Dean seems so nervous, although I would be too If I had to go to the Malfoy manor.
This is another sad one shot :-( You're making me feel so sad with all of your wonderful one shots.
Poor Lucius and Narcissa, you write them very well together, they're very believable, are they your favourite couple to write together?
You are so good at writing wonderful descriptions that really get me imagining it all like some sort of movie. Another brilliant one shot :D

Author's Response: hey! thanks so much once again for reading and reviewing.

Aw I am sorry I making you sad, but I like to write the feels ;)
To answer your question, yes they're one of my favourite couples to write and I try to portray them as nicely as I can!
I am glad you liked my descriptions too. Thanks!

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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16 Gone

1st January 2013:
This was an interesting one-shot. I like how you've transformed Narcissa into this time-worn, tired woman. She's got two men she cares about and both of them have sort of abandoned her; Lucius is in prison and attacked her, and her son moved to Paris.

I really liked the scene between Lucius and Narcissa though after she finds out he's dying, even though it was sad. I thought it was a really sweet gesture for him to ask her to come visit simply so he could apologize and tell her loved her. It was a bittersweet kind of ending.

This was a great one-shot and I really enjoyed it.

Again, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am so glad you were my Secret Santa :)

Its good to know that you liked this one-shot, and Narcissa. And yes that is very correct she is sort of abandoned, and I am glad I got that across :)

I worked hard on the Lucius/Narcissa dying scene so its nice to know you liked it. I love bittersweet endings so I am glad you liked it too!

Thanks again for the review! I shall respond to all your reviews soon!

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Review #8, by Jchrissy Gone

8th November 2012:
Bahhh this was so sad!

I'm always so torn with the Malfoys. There are a so many different things that they could have been before the war. Loving couple, together because of honor, neglectful spouses. Then after the war ended the possibilities become endless. I'm always interested in how the family actually recovered, but this was such a different side to it. Because they didn't actually really recover, and Lucius will never have the opportunity now. Now that I'm saying he completely deserves it, because he did so many terrible things.

I love that he realized that he owed her an apology at the end of this. That he took away so much from is family, and wanted to make sure she knew that he truly was sorry.

I liked your choice to have Draco in Paris. It stops us from having to turn this into something much different with the addition of him, but you still put him somewhere and acknowledged him so we aren't left thinking, "what about Draco?"

You did a really nice job showing what the suffering has done to Narcissa. The once feared, powerful woman seems so much like a ghost just waiting for it all to be over. Her treatment toward the house elf really showed that she just no longer has the strength to waste or even care. I liked that you didn't have her being nice because she's changing, but simply because anger is too exhausting. It was a really great detail.

This was a well written, sad little read :(! I'm happy I chose it!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reading & reviewing!

You're absolutely right. The Malfoys have a lot of dimensions that can be explored, and this is just one of the many that I did. And yeah, Lucius did a lot of terrible things, but I feel he could have been a better man if he wanted to, later on in life.

I thought that even a man like Lucius would ultimately repent his actions, and thus the apology.

Yeah I hate when it happens in stories that you are left wondering "what happened to this person though, where is he, etc etc" so I try not to leave out small details, and insert them somehow. And Draco seems the type to me who wouldn't want to stay where he endured so much and saw so much, so he went to Paris :)

I am flattered that you think I showed Narcissa and her suffering well - I really worked hard on it - and that you interpreted everything so well and right, and noticed all the little details. It makes me really happy when my readers see things the way I want them to, and you did just that :)

I am glad this made a good read. Thanks!

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Review #9, by AdeleShare Gone

30th August 2012:
Hi, AdeleShare here with your requested review!

So to start off, I'll say I'm not a big Lucius and Narcissa fan.
Just because, well they're bad guys lol. But I did enjoy this one-shot :D you showed a different side of Narcissa than that which we see I'm the books, and one I'm not sure I'd have gleaned from her. I guess at some point these two were just young and in love like so many others. I always thought that maybe they'd only married because of their bloodlines. I likes how the story was written as well. You conveyed a lot of emotion into Narcissa, that again, I wouldn't have guessed she was capable of. Lucius seemed more to character when he was angry with her and ignoring her. That just seems like a Malfoy thing to do. But I also liked how near the end, it shows us that even crusty old Lucius had human emotions as well. I think you did well engaging the readers feelings, and you've even made a Lucius/Narcissa sympathizer out of me a little :D

Again, I am new to this so I hope this is what you were looking for.


Author's Response: Hey. Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I am glad you enjoyed this one shot even though you're not a Lucius and Narcissa fan!
I am glad that you gave this so much thought, and that you liked my writing and emotions I brought into it.
Thank you so much for your sweet review once again!

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Review #10, by Serendipitous_love Gone

29th August 2012:
The use of commas after speech is normal, except in some cases I have been taught not to. I always was told that itís only if it describes what they say, e.g. ďThat will be all,Ē he said, voice dark and dangerous. I hope that makes sense since I see cases where it is done wrong here.

Your image of Narcissa was perfect. You touched on how we know her with the splendour and how she has changed due to all that has happened. Like how you explain all that has changed you have done it in such a way that gives an image across to the reader without being too heavy.

The coupling of Lucius/Narcissa is not one I am keep on. I take them for granted but they arenít anything special to me. You show the other side, the one hidden behind the front that they want everyone to see. In such a way that makes it possible- my favourite kind of piece.

Your characterisation was done well- in all fairness they changed but that was to be expected. I also love how this is set after the battle, which is explained, and so we can imagine it well. I donít know what else to say but I hoped Iíve helped, it was really brilliant!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

Yeah I tend to mess up a little when it comes to punctuation. I am working on it though :)

I am glad you liked my image of Narcissa. I am flattered that this fic of mine was your 'favourite kind of piece' xD

Your comments really made me smile. Thank you!

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Review #11, by starryskies55 Gone

30th July 2012:
*comes bearing your HPPC Supreme Review*

This was such a touching piece, and I am so glad I snagged this to podcast :)

You've done a fantastic job of writing this, it flows beautifully and the emotion seeps out of every word. One of the things I liked most about this, is how canon it seems. Lucius and Narcissa are one of my favourite pairings, and I love seeing them so sad and hopeless.

The characterisation of Narcissa was great, her loneliness and sadness was really well portrayed, and I like how you made both her and Lucius seem mortal and flawed, as sometimes I feel writers make one solely good and the other evil, but you've not fallen into this trap! Awesome ;)

Finally, I just really liked this piece. The emotion and imagery was great, the only CC I could give is to revise your punctuation in dialogues. I hope I do this justice on HPPC!

- Jenny

Author's Response: *loves the HPPC supreme shop of awesome*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so happy that you took up this piece to podcast too xD Thanks!

I am glad you found this touching, and that you found it to have a good flow and full of emotion. I am flattered that you found this canon enough, thank you! Haha I love reading and writing about them being sad and hopeless too (how mean of me)!

Wow, I am so happy to know that you feel both my characters are moral and flawed, and you liked their portrayal :)

Thanks so much for your comments, I will surely look at the punctuation! And I am definitely sure you'll do a great job with the storycast! Thank you!

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Review #12, by Mihali1432 Gone

18th April 2012:
That was different! And it actually made me feel bad for the Malfoys (Well Lucius, Narcissa I never really disliked). But that was... Really awesome! Really sad and interesting as well!


Author's Response: Thanks Mike for reading and reviewing! I am glad you found it different, and it made you feel bad about the Malfoys, and you found it interesting yet sad. Thank you :)

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Review #13, by Eesha Gone

4th February 2012:
WOW! i just cant explain what i felt after reading this story in was..aah!!! I just LoVED the story! tears came to my eyes after i finished reading it! it was awesome!!!

Author's Response: Aww thanks eesha!! It means a lot :D

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Review #14, by ashling586 Gone

10th January 2012:
Oh my.. That was so... words can barely describe how good I though this one shot was. I hope you ended up winning that challenge that you wrote this for. I thought it was very heart felt and sad. Even though a part of me was glad to see Lucius die, part of me still felt for his wife. I am sure that at one time they were very much in love and a good couple. The dark side corrupted their love and it was sad that it took him dying for him to see how much he had changed and the pain he had caused his family.
I truly loved this story. Great job.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for your wonderful review. It's made my day! I am so flattered that you loved my story so much. Winning won't make me as happy as these awesome reviews make me :) I love your insight on Lucius and Narcissa's love, I feel the same. Thanks again for your great review.
*gives cookies*

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Review #15, by CambAngst Gone

8th January 2012:
I felt really terrible for Narcissa, reading this. Lucius... well, he's hard to feel bad for, but I guess I can eke out a bit of sympathy for the old git.

Your writing is really lovely. You painted a very realistic picture, lots of small details and little nuances that really helped to bring out the emotion. It's a sad, sad scene at the end, and you leave the reader with a strong sense of how even Lucius's stubbornness and sense of entitlement failed to completely destroy the love that he once had with his wife. I also think you ended the story at just the right moment, with the questions of what Narcissa will do next hanging poignantly in the air.

I couldn't find any sort of spelling or grammar problems, and the story is so short and covers the subject matter so nicely that there really isn't anything to suggest. Well done!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your valuable review :)

I am glad you think I captured it all well. Lucius was a bit hard to write but good to know it worked out well. I am flattered you liked the ending too, and couldn't find any mistakes. Thank you so much for your sweet review! :)

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Review #16, by Secret Santa! Gone

30th December 2011:

Oh, my word, this was an absolutely stunning piece of writing. The emotions were so real, so vivid, I did feel my eyes start to well up the more I read.

Lucius and Narcissa are some of my favourite characters to read about, I find it so interesting to read other's ideas about how they lived. Especially about them when it's after the war, to see how they continued on after all the fighting and loss. You write Narcissa brilliantly, and a frail Lucius was so heart-breaking. I really loved how you mentioned their wedding, dancing. It was adorable, a lovely bit of light in this dark story.

Amazing work here, AD!

-Secret Santa

Author's Response: Thank you once again for the sweet review SS!!

I'm flattered that you find this stunning!! It is great to know that you find the emotions real and liked my portrayal of Lucius and Narcissa! Glad to know it all came across nicely for you!

Thanks a lot for the awesome review! :)

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Review #17, by accioHPFF Gone

15th December 2011:

This was really fantastic!

You did an excellent job writing this! Everything flowed very well and it was generally brilliant. I didn't see any mistakes, which was fantastic.

You seem to be able to just select the right word to use, and your choices just slot into the story. I wish that I was able to do the same! :P

You built up Narcissa's character brilliantly, I can imagine that is exactly how she would be.

Also, I'm glad you used Dean and not Harry or Ron. I think most people would try to, but I can't imagine her being so willing to talk to Harry- even though he saved her from Azkaban.

This review is most probably useless because I can't fault you! Honestly, this story is pretty much flawless!

Great job :)

-accioHPFF! :)

Author's Response: Nah, the review is certainly not useless! I love reviews that don't point out any faults (makes me proud :P) though of course that doesn't mean I don't welcome Constructive Criticism. However, sometimes I do like reviews that tell me the stuff they liked rather the faults, so I loved your review :) thank you!!

I am glad to know it all flowed well for you, and that you found my word-choices as well as Narcissa's character good.

I also thought along the same lines, that she'd not be so willing to talk to Harry or Ron, but she hardly knew Dean so I thought it would fit, I didn't want to put in some nameless or not known OC either, because I think the person delivering the information of the death also had a role in the story.

Anyways, glad to know you liked my story. Your review made me smile. Thank you so much!!

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Review #18, by CloakAuror9 Gone

13th December 2011:
Hey there, So sorry for taking a bit long.

I think the story was very emotional and romantic. Every bit of the story fitted together like pieces of a puzzle.

In my opinion I think your flawless word choice gave a big impact on the story and how a reader would play the scene/s on their minds.

This line: "She was dancing with Lucius with her head on his chest. They moved together gracefully and slowly; they fit together perfectly. Lucius then, ever so slightly, kissed her hair." I found very sweet and a line I would probably never forget.

The way you described how Narcissa had power before Voldemort's death was really fantastic. It matched on what the readers would've expected from the books. Draco's character and him fleeing to Paris seemed a bit right since he is Draco after all.

I think you could've improved by filling the '10-month-gap' between Lucius and Narcissa by explaining how she or he felt during that time. Yes, it would be hard but as I said its just a suggestion feel free to ignore it :)

Overall, you did such an amazing work and the story was very mesmerizing.

10,10 for this one,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much for such a sweet and flattering review :) I am glad you found this emotional and romantic, and you think it all fit. It's nice to hear that! I am positively thrilled that you find my word-choice "flawless", thanks a lot!!
I actually added that particular line/part later after an edit, and I'm glad it touched you!!
Good to know that the characterizations fitted as well.
As for filling the 10-month gap, I'm not too sure about it, but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks a lot for your kind review! I cherish the 10/10 and your comments :)

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Review #19, by EverDiggory Gone

11th December 2011:
Reviewing as promised!
Give me a moment to stop crying...*an hour later*
Now,first off,this is one of my all time favorite pairings ever! Second,this was so beautifully written. The way your words flow,and create such a picture is absolutely hypnotizing. The way you told the story was spellbinding. I'm desperately trying to find anything you could improve on,but I'm coming up short. Maybe a bit on Dean appearance, or the describe the emptiness of the Manor. Amazing job! This was very easily an 11/10!!! AMAZING MAGINIFICENT JOB!

Author's Response: OMG thank you so much for the extremely flattering review! I am so glad you were so into my story! Thanks a lot!! Especially for the 11/10! That totally made my day :) Thank you!

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Review #20, by Katelyn Isabell November Gone

4th December 2011:
God! This was so sad! And I don't even like the guy xD

Author's Response: Aw thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #21, by SilentConfession Gone

3rd December 2011:
Hi! I'm SO sorry for how long this has taken but these last few weeks have been so mental here with finals and final projects. I felt bad though so i wanted to get at least one review done for you!

Okay, so, i really liked this story, i think it was an interesting take on this couple. I honestly have never read them before in fanfiction so it was refreshing and a nice introduction to them. I liked how they seemed to have real feeling for each other once. I liked how she felt so special at being Mrs. Malfoy when they were married, it was a nice detail and touch. It gave a us a good idea that there was once love between the two. I've never really thought of them in love but more brought together by their parents. So it was a new perspective for me.

I also liked the post-war Narcissa. She seemed so drawn and unlike the regal woman we know. But i think it fit with how the war affects people and i think you really described it well.

I think Draco running off for a while fit his character as well, i think he would like to get away from it all for a while to think and forget.

I was wondering about why Lucius was so cruel to her, i know prisons can change people but i was hoping for some explanation. Plus, the Dementors weren't there after the war, were they? It just seemed like a dramatic difference between the loving man to this one who yells and is very callous with his wife. Also, her devotion came on a little too quickly, 10 months of not bothering to see him and suddenly she's yelping her i love you's and being the perfect doting woman. I think i would have really liked to see some of the feelings she felt during those moments where she felt perhaps betrayed or angered of his past aggressiveness. I think that would have really made this one-shot stand out and make us feel even more.

About Lucius himself, i feel that you have parts that are brilliantly characterized, he was a fallen man and i think you captured his coldness fairly well. I also feel though that you were trying to make us feel sorry for him? Or sad by his death? and their lost love? But i didn't really feel it. I felt like there needed to be more explanation on his part of why he acted like he did so that i, as a reader, would be happy about his conversion at the end. But i wasn't, and maybe it's because i have a different perception of Lucius, but i'm willing to be convinced otherwise but i felt like that was missing. I think that would make me feel like her devotion to him at the end was more real.

Overalll, i think you have a nice piece but don't be afraid to explore some of the darker feelings. I like the ending though and how she closed his eyes and giving him her last kiss, that was really effective and very vivid. You have a really great tone too, i don't know if i've ever mentioned that in my reviews, but you do, writing is clearly something you're called to do :D

Author's Response: Hey there!

I know it took me ages to respond to this, but thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave such a nice long thoughtful review on my story!

I am glad that it was a new perspective for you, how they were in love and such, and that you liked it :)

Also relieved to know that the post-war Narcissa didn't come off as OOC and that you think I portrayed the war effects for her nicely, and for Draco as well. That makes me feel nice.

About Lucius being cruel, I think the war, the defeat, and the prison would do that to him. Also Narcissa didn't go from being totally indifferent to suddenly loving, remember she wrote to him sincerely for all the months she didn't visit. In my mind, she didn't visit him anymore because after all she was a pure-blood woman and she had some dignity about herself. Yet she loved her husband a lot so she made sure to write to him even though he didn't reply. Her writing to him continuously shows her love, concern and devotion to him. I will work on editing the fic and getting my point across more clearly.

Thanks for all your comments, I will work on them when I improve the fic, about both Lucius and Narcissa, and the feelings as well :)

I am flattered to know that I have a great tone, and my scenes were vivid, and that writing is something I'm "called to do"! That totally makes my week!

Thank you so much for your generous, helpful and amazing review!!


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Review #22, by Jakumo1 Gone

1st December 2011:
Aw so sweet but so sad! :"-(

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #23, by Jen Gone

1st December 2011:
Oh, this is beautiful. So very sad. I always thought that they must have loved each other very deeply once, but purebloods don't ever talk of such things.

Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. I'm glad you found this beautiful; that makes my day. Thank You for reading & reviewing!

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Review #24, by Timechild Gone

1st December 2011:
An interesting fic you did here.

Th emotions were nicely done. Narcissa's grief was completely believable. Especially there at the end.

Nice Job

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks a lot for your read and kind review :) I am glad you think so! Thank you!

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Review #25, by academica Gone

27th November 2011:
Hi :)

This was pretty touching, particularly the ending. The situation is a devastating one, and you can see the pain in both Lucius' and Narcissa's "I love you"s. It was a nice touch to include Dean as well, and I liked his interaction with her.

Lucius/Narcissa is one of my favorite ships, and I know you love them too, so it was great for you to ask me to review a L/N piece. That said, I know we differ on our perception of the ship. Your writing of the emotion seemed a little black-and-white here; you really didn't give us much of an explanation as to why Lucius treated her that way (from her perspective, obviously), why he changed over time, and why she still loved him. She seemed to go quite suddenly from not speaking much to him to being incredibly devoted to him, and while I understand that death can bring out strange things in people, I also feel like you might have missed out on a good chance to explore the intricacies of some deep, dark feelings. You obviously don't have a lot of time to change this piece, but if you wrote more of them in the future, I think it would really impress the reader if you looked at them holistically.

I really loved how you portrayed Narcissa as a post-war character here, though. You can definitely tell that she's feeling her age and years beyond it, and that she's very lonely and lost in the big house she once shared with Lucius and Draco. I also found it fitting for Draco to want to run away; I can imagine that he would want to forget it all.

Nice job! I noticed a few typos that you're going to want to look over, but that's all. Good luck with the challenge :)


Author's Response: Hi :)

Thank you so much first off for reading and reviewing :)

I am glad you think that it was a nice job over all. I'll give this a once-over and edit whatever typos I come across. Thanks for that.

Hmm, I thought it was pretty obvious that it was because of the Azkaban stay that he was behaving that way. And I also assumed that readers would understand that even though she stopped visiting him, she still loved him a lot (as she kept sending letters to him dutifully - as I had mentioned in the story) so she would be devastated with his death. Now I know I shouldn't assume things :P ...thanks a lot for your valuable comments, I'll try and see what I can do, perhaps add in something more about Lucius; if the edited version gets validated well in time, good-o, otherwise It will anyway make the story better for future readers,

I really appreciate that you took the time to review this, and thank you so much for your comments. I'll look into it.

Thanks a lot! :)

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