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Review #1, by Dave A Taste of Chili Pepper

4th April 2016:
I'm enjoying this story but I'm rather confused about the background to this chapter (12) - there seems to be something missing - should there have been a Chapter 11?

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Review #2, by Shir The Burrow

10th February 2016:
keep writing I have to know now you settle this huge problem

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue!

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Aiming For the Future

7th September 2014:
I've come across your story only recently and read it all in one breath!
Now I'm really curious about what's going to happen... Are they actually getting back? And if yes, what will they find? How much did they change Dumbledore, and consequently the future?
Can't wait to read more! Please, update soon!

Author's Response: Ah! I'm sorry to leave it on such a cliffie for so long! The fic was giving me issues, and then real life got hectic and well... There is a new chapter in the queue and I have three more written and another half finished. If you're still interested in reading it.

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Review #4, by theblacksisters A Letter and a Quarrel

18th June 2014:
Oooh! This does not bode well for out heroes . . . to tell the truth, I never really imagined Albus as the protagonist in this kind of story, and I really like the way you do his character; it makes a lot of sense. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I wouldn't exactly call Albus the protagonist. Though I suppose he is the one that goes through the most character growth in this fic. And I have several more chapters finished and they're going up as soon as I can get them approved if you're still interested in reading more.

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Review #5, by theblacksisters The Waiting

8th June 2014:
Oooh! A letter from Hermione! I wonder what she has to say? One thing from the chapter that does seem a little implausible to me is a fifth-year casting, or starting to cast an Unforgivable on someone else. For one, I'm not sure he'd have the magical power to be able to do it. Two, those are the kind of thing that earns you a life sentence in Azkaban, so I'm not sure that a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old would be willing to risk something like that. Third, who would have taught him that? I'm sure that whatever purists there are at Hogwarts at this time, none of them would teach an Unforgivable to a fifth year . . . but then again, he could have gotten it out of a book. I'd find it more plausible if Sirius was inflicting pain, or maybe humiliation, on a fifth year level, like what James did to Snape. Maybe a spell that inflicts the pain of a punch, or something that leaves him hanging on the ceiling upside down for a long time?

Author's Response: True, but who's to say he didn't learn it at home? And Harry almost casting an unforgivable in fifth year, he just didn't want to kill someone bad enough. Despite what he thought. And Tom killed his family with avada kadavra after his fifth year.

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Review #6, by theblacksisters The Sorting

8th June 2014:
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE BEGINNING! I am totally enamored with the pooosibilitiiess. Okay, sorry about that. Overreaction, but as I said before, I happen to love AU fics. The implications of this are fascinating, and probably in Harry's own time now Grindelwald and Dumbledore's regime is being taken down by Tom Riddle . . . or something like that. I'd love to see a glimpse of the time where they came from after all these alterations in history.

Author's Response: See, time travel led to Harry doing his saving thing and starting a new universe. Go Harry! lol

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Review #7, by theblacksisters Returning to Hogwarts

8th June 2014:
I think Illyria is a relative of Luna or Xenophilious (I think I spelled that right): they have a penchant for bluntness, 'garishly colored clothes' and odd names. I wonder if Hermione is in the future, witnessing the effect of Harry and Neville in the timestream? Maybe she'll fall for Tom Riddle or something.

Author's Response: You really want to see Tom Riddle, don't you? LOL And I like that theory. She would fit right in, wouldn't she?

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Review #8, by theblacksisters Down the Path

8th June 2014:
Hmm . . . changes in time! I wonder if Arianna will grow up to be a dark wizard . . . possibilities, possibilities. I'm still wondering what's happened to Hermione, though.

Author's Response: Anything is possible. But does that really seem to fit her personality?

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Review #9, by theblacksisters Letters to Someone

8th June 2014:
I was right! Now, I wonder what happened to Hermione? I'm guessing she's in some kind of danger. I'm assuming she'd be able to fight of Muggle criminals if she had her wand, but I don't know what kind of particularly evil wizards there were back then . . . is there a Grindelwald or Voldemort figure? Hmmm . . .
I'm really interested to see where the plot goes-I hope there's a few interesting subplots, because there are a lot of time-travel stories only focused on getting home. Also, I'm interested in what kind of pairings there will be (I don't remember what was in the list). Will Harry fall in love with someone? Maybe Hermione and Ron will finally get together . . . but since there isn't any girlfriend/boyfriends yet, the stage is pretty much open!
I wonder if Harry might go to school if he turns eleven soon . . . or maybe he should start jumping forward in time! I'd love to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Tom Riddle react. Maybe if that happens they'll change history too . . ?
Just realized I've been rambling on about nutty speculation . . . sorry about that. I've recently discovered just how much fun it is to try and predict what happens in books or stories.

Author's Response: There's no Ron in the past, so him and Hermione getting together is a little difficult. And it's fine, predictions are fun. Sorry I'm so late (over a year!) to respond and update. Life's been a little insane the last few years.

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Review #10, by theblacksisters Harry's Landing

8th June 2014:
I'm going to guess that it was . . . Arianna Dumbledore, maybe? It seems to fit the situation, but something could've slipped past me. But the summary said that it was an alternate universe, not time travel, so I'm a bit puzzled. (Which is a good thing, because authors should always keep their readers guessing.)

Author's Response: Alternate universe fits better than time travel, though time travel is what causes the alternate universe...

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Review #11, by theblacksisters A Cabinet Breaks

8th June 2014:
This is great! I loved 'The Real Memory'--you do seem to be fond of alternate universes, don't you? They're some of my favorite kind: it's fascinating to image what could have happened if . . . changed. My personal favorite AUs are the apocalyptic scenarios-Voldemort won the war.
I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Yes, I rather like AUs, mainly because I actually like the way the canon story ended, I don't want to change it. If you like the apocalyptic scenarios check out Reign of the Serpent on ff. Not one of mine, I'm currently reading it and it's amazing.

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Review #12, by Ohpl A Letter and a Quarrel

6th March 2014:
So glad you updated.I think this story is very interesting and unique.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #13, by Ohpl A Letter and a Quarrel

6th March 2014:
So glad you updated.I think this story is very interesting and unique.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

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Review #14, by Ohpl A Step to the Side

20th December 2013:
Loving the story so far.Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! A new chapter is coming!

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Review #15, by MsErrol A Step to the Side

28th September 2013:
this is reallly great!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by Loveofharrypotter The Waiting

3rd April 2013:
Love the story so far! Can't wait for you to update :)

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Just submitted the next chapter for review.

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Review #17, by Kirk Harry's Landing

31st January 2012:
OMG you just changed everything! Holy crap I'm so excited.

Author's Response: Yes, and new chapters are up, sorry it took so long.

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Review #18, by Lilli Down the Path

11th December 2011:
New chapter! Albus needs to learn his lesson and become the wise wizard we all love. How will he do that if Arriana doesn't die? Update soon, I can't wait to see what happens to everyone. I hope we see Hermione soon!

Author's Response: Oh, he might manage...or he might not...

New chapters are up, I'm sorry it took so long. Getting used to living in Korea took awhile.

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Review #19, by Lilli Letters to Someone

28th November 2011:
Yay! I love this chapter. Great job remember Albus was an arogent brat when he was yonger. I had a hard time imagining him that way, but, you know, he had to spring up somewhere. Neville went to his family, Harry went to his father figure (He never knew his family!) So go looking for Grangers! That's probably where you'll find Hermione! Update soon! This is amazingly intense!

Author's Response: I'm sorry it took so long to update, life's been crazy here in Korea, new chapters are up though and more are on the way! :)

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Review #20, by Lilli Harry's Landing

21st November 2011:
Arriana Dumbledore! Oh my goodness! Where are Hermione and Neville? And Albus? Update soon! This is great so far! (Poor Harry . . .)

Author's Response: Updates are up! Sorry it took so long... :(

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Review #21, by Lilli A Cabinet Breaks

18th November 2011:
Yeah! Okay, I'm back. This is a good start--BANG! I can't wait for an update. Do hurry! I'm excited to read this new story!

Author's Response: I'll be more regular now, I promise!

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Review #22, by Beauxbatonsgirl A Cabinet Breaks

16th November 2011:
A really original idea and really well written. It's interesting and compelling, I can't wait for more :)
xoxo Beauxbatonsgirl

Author's Response: Thanks for being the first reviewer! I'm glad you like it so far!

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