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Review #1, by princess_ginny Separations

13th March 2014:
Well i think may be summary is not clear may be thats why readers are not try changing something about world curse or such..hope this will result in the increase of review numbers..all the best..

Author's Response: Thanks. Okay, I've changed the summary. I did think it was a bit of a spoiler but it can't do any harm now, I guess.

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Review #2, by princess_ginny Separations

11th March 2014:
I wonder why just 7 reviews for such a wonderful story..its too too too good..waiting for the sequel..

Author's Response: Thank you so much. No, I don't know why my stories are unpopular - so the likelihood of a sequel is lessened. It is discouraging for writers when they do not receive much support.

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Review #3, by 21stcentuarywriter Separations

16th May 2012:
realy great I truly loved it

Author's Response: Thanks. Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed it and read it to the end.

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Review #4, by Lunar Moony Separations

2nd May 2012:
This was brilliant .I really enjoyed it start to end. You have a real talent for writing.I would pay for your material. Please continue to write on here!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - your feedback is really encouraging. I consider that you have paid in full. :)

Another story is on its way. (and another behind that.)

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Review #5, by homerHarris Separations

3rd April 2012:
well done this was a good story with action and sad bits you should think about writing your own story and making some money and fame for your self

Author's Response: Many thanks for your feedback and encouragement homerHarris. Glad you enjoyed the story. You may be interested to hear that I have some rough ideas for a future Dark Will Linger 2 but that may be some time in the future. I have a couple of other short stories to upload yet! :)

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Review #6, by Oliverwood Regroup

28th March 2012:
The story is fantastic so far, well done! however i thought i would point something out for correction if you ever do a revision. You use the name Worley in a few places when you mean Bingley. Nothing massive but something to keep in mind. Congratulations again on such a fantastic story!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it and thanks for feedback.

I see you're up to Chapter 14. I'll search back from there for the errors. I've been over this story dozens of times pruning errors but still find one or two now and again. I do have a few more to fix but it takes time to get each chapter validated of course and new stuff takes priority. I'm currently playing with ideas for a Dark Will Linger 2.

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Review #7, by LightningScar Reunions and Adjustments; Sorrow and Joy

19th March 2012:
Well I like it to a point. You seem have them going to class at night. They just got there, Had the sorting, ate and then going to class and not bed... Did I miss something???

Author's Response: Don't know how I've missed that after all this time! I'll change it. Thanks for feedback.

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