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Review #1, by Erised Prologue.

18th July 2013:
This was a very nice beginning to what I can tell is going to be a very intriguing story! I found the premise very interesting and in this prologue I felt that you set up the story very nicely for the rest of the events to unfold.

Teddy and Victoire were reasonably well fleshed out in this, Teddy more so in my opinion because it focused on him more. He seemed so sweet and like such a gentlemen (apart from the whole six months thing!) and seemed to really care for Victoire which came across very clearly with your writing! I thought Victoire was being a tiny bit overdramatic for rushing out and leaving over something really quite minor, but hey. She had her reasons right? And what did she want to tell him? It's such a cliffhanger and I've been trying to work it out to no avail!

Knowing that Victoire will disappear and reading this chapter was really heartbreaking! Considering he wanted to propose and you made it very clear that he was totally in love with her, it actually makes me a little angry at Victoire for taking it completely the wrong way and overreacting, haha. If anything in terms of description there could have been a little more just so that I could imagine the setting more clearly as a reader, but it didn't really detract from it on the whole.

Nice start!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I've been away for a long time for various reasons, but I'm back now and I'll be updating soon! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'll definitely try and work on descriptions a bit more so thanks for the advice! Once again, thanks for the review and I hope you continue to read and enjoy. :)

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Review #2, by sapphire25 Prologue.

31st March 2013:
Judging by the summary, Victoire isn't going to be turning up for a little while. It's a really nice beginning, and I hope you carry on with it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm getting back onto it now after a LONG time away from writing, so it'll be updated soon. :)

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