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Review #1, by caomoyl Forever living in his shadow.

18th July 2012:
Can I go give Sirius a hug now? I try to never think about this because I don't like to think that parents could do this to a child, even though I know it does happen. Pushing him out and always having Regulus always seem better is something I hate, but you did it so well! I never really thought that Sirius started pulling pranks because of his parents, but you made it seem so believable that it just seems to true and canon now!
Seeing everything you wrote about all the sacrifices Sirius had to make because of being considered a traitor made me want to cry and run and hug him forever. Everything we know and love him for was all because they hated him and cast him out.
I loved this so much, despite hating what it was about! Great job!!

Author's Response: Go give Sirius a hug Amy :D It seems sad but thats just how I imaging Sirius being pushed aside for Regulus.

Don't think its canon because canon is so much better! I just want to give him a huge hug too!

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Forever living in his shadow.

18th June 2012:
Wow, what a different take in Sirius! I like that you stepped out I the box, I noticed it was for a 'in your shadow' challenge, and I think it's very cool that you did Sirius regulus instead of vice versa

I don't know what I thought about not mentioning the other friends. Remus has always been portrayed to be the most understand, but again it was a one shot and you can't get everything it!

This was a very good and interesting look into a new side of Sirius, I love the originality and the details you used make it realistic!

Author's Response: Hey :) Gosh I have a lot of reviews I haven't answered from you! Sorry about that I'm getting round to it now!

I LOVE Sirius but hardly ever write him because people already have their traditional view of Sirius and how Sirius should seem and react and I didn't write him like this before because everyone has seemed to see him as someone who doesn't care for his family and I simply don't believe that's true. There is no-way a child, no matter what his hatred for his parents views were, would not love the people who nurtured and fed him.

I really liked doing the challenge with it being reversed because other people did it the other way round but I loved it this way.

Mentioning the marauders in this was not my main aim and I really wanted to get them away from the story as to not overshadow sirius as the main character. I really did want to focus on Regulus and Sirius which is why I didn't really mention James either although James and Sirius were virtually brothers.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by Akussa Forever living in his shadow.

4th April 2012:
Hi! You're tagged!

This is quite a different and original view of Sirius Black and I loved it. Somehow, this felt closer to the "true" Sirius I imagine; there is no way going through what he did would have been easy and he could have accepted it with a wave of the hand.

I have to admit that there were a couple things that seemed off to me though (and that is probably because I'm such a canon freak). First, Sirius's position at quidditch (wasn't he a beater?); second, the fact that he was one of the most clever boy at school (I find it hard to imagine that Regulus was so much cleverer that it would put Sirius to shame). Finally, the idea of the Slug Club. It might just be my perception but I can't really imagine Sirius willingly being part of the club and leaving solely because of Regulus's presence.

I reapeat myself but I want it clear that these are my perceptions and are in no way a judgement on your story and your choices. I really enjoyed this gripping story and loved how différent - and even more human - you made Sirius come to life. Great work!

Oh and I spotted one little mistake near the end; you write "where as he did" ; shouldn't it be 'whereas' in one word? Oh and in the previous sentence, there is a space in front of a coma; it's nothing big, just a good reason to update and put this story back in the recently updated story so new people can enjoy it as well!!!

Author's Response: Hey :D Thank you for the review.

I'm glad you liked this original view! I really wanted to show him and to show how he had turned out because of the way he had been brought up!

I thought you might mention the canon things! First of all the quidditch position is very negotiable because it doesn't say on the lexicon! It only says that James was a chaser so whilst people might assume he was a beater because of his build it was never confirmed. The idea wasn't that Regulus was cleverer than Sirius it was more the fact that Sirius didn't show it in the lessons!

I'm still glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by marlita1311 Forever living in his shadow.

4th April 2012:
hello there!!:)
so sorry for the late review but better late than never? :P
okay i have to admit i adore sirius,he is one of my fav characters that's why i find it hard to read a fanfiction of him; rowling's black is simply perfectly written.
But i was intrigued from the title and i'm so glad i did.
It's a prequel to who Sirius is,why he left his family.
If you asked me how was Sirius as a teenager what you wrote is very close to what i imagined:)
it was as if the chapter was being written itself.
i loved two phrases:
(about Regulus)"The perfect specimen of a Slytherin."
and about Sirius:"er every quidditch match, I retreated to the room of requirement, shutting off my tough exterior just for a few minutes, allowing myself to feel despair and to feel neglected and hurt."
Regulus in the end we know that he turned against the Dark Lord. Maybe you could write a story about what made him change his mind...

Author's Response: Hey :) Thankyou for the review!

I'm glad you liked this fanfiction. I agree that Sirius is very well written in the books and it's almost like we know their story but in my opinion there is a lot more substance to him which I'm trying to show!

I'm glad you liked those phrases! They were some of my favourites too!

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Review #5, by SexyDoorFrames Forever living in his shadow.

24th March 2012:
Hey :) Wow. This was a really different take on Sirius, I found it really interesting. I liked the idea of Orion and Walburga trying to get Dumbledore to move Sirius to Slytherin was very quite interesting and different. I've never read anything like that before, but it felt quite realistic. I thought it was interesting reading about the love/hate relationship with Regulus, it's also realistic again. And the ending line was perfect, it really summed up the one shot for me. In all, this was an excellent one shot, I loved reading this!

Author's Response: Hey :)

Thank you for the review!

I tend to write Sirius in a very different way to most other authors as I sympathise a lot with his childhood and can imagine he was abused quite a lot and I try to show this.

I imaginged them not wanting the 'family shame' of having their son in Gryffindor. I'm glad you think it is very realistic and thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by CambAngst Forever living in his shadow.

8th March 2012:
Wow. This was just a radically different take on a character that I've always felt like I understand pretty well. Obviously no person is completely devoid of emotion and Sirius showed some moments of genuine warmth towards Harry, but he was always portrayed as a man who had made his peace with his family's disapproval and was above caring about what they thought, at least publicly. His private turmoil is an interesting topic.

I thought the idea of Orion and Walburga trying to bribe Dumbledore to move Sirius to Slytherin was very interesting, and it really set the tone for everything that follows.

The love/hate relationship that Sirius has with his brother is sad. It's hard to be the one who isn't "the favorite". Even harder, I imagine, when you're also the elder brother.

I noticed one line where you talk about Sirius regretting that his parents never came to see him play Seeker. I'm not sure whether you were deliberately stepping outside canon for that one (James was the Gryffindor seeker, per the books), or just making a general comparison between how Regulus and Sirius were treated differently, but it read a bit odd.

The idea of Sirius sneaking off to the Room of Requirement to occasionally wallow in his fate did seem to fit well with his canon characterization. If Sirius Black was ever going to cry, he certainly would make sure that nobody saw him.

And I thought the ending was strong. It helps to frame him as a person who's determined to show the world that he's more than his parents believe.

Author's Response: Hey :) Thank you for the review :)

To me Sirius has always been a little boy crying out for affection as I've read a lot of fan fics involving him and I have always thought here was just something 'missing' which is why he didn't have his own family and showed emotion towards Harry.

Throughout Hogwarts I think he would have been struggling with his families disapproval however by the time we meet him in the books you're right and he does seem at peace with it because he'd had time for reflection and realised that his families beliefs weren't right and that he should have been treated much better as a child.

I had always thought that Orion and Walburga would have done anything to avoid the 'family shame' of having their son in Gryffindor including attempting to bribe Dumbledore.

I agree that the relationship he had with his brother was sad but in a way it seemed to fit well because obviously his brother was almost the 'perfect Black son' which is why I felt I needed to include their battles within this.

Actually per canon James Potter was actually a chaser (HarryPotterLexicon) and Sirius was a beater but I felt putting more emphasis on him being a seeker as they're almost the 'star' of a quidditch match!

Sirius made me laugh whilst I was writing this as I almost considered him sharing his feelings with the marauders however realised that this obviously wasn't canon because he wouldn't have wanted anyone to know his weakness.

Thank you again for the review!

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Review #7, by alicia and anne Forever living in his shadow.

29th February 2012:
I loved reading this! It was such a nice insight into the world of Sirius and how he craved his parents approval. I felt so sad for him :-( you wrote him incredibly well!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

Sirius to me is quite an underloved character especially before he went to Hogwarts and his life with his family isn't really mentioned too much throughout stories so I wanted to give a different take on him. He didn't always hate his parents and of course he craved their affection, what little boy wouldn't!

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Review #8, by Secret Santa Forever living in his shadow.

8th January 2012:
Hi, secret Santa here, sorry for neglecting my duties, some things came up...
Anyway, I thought it was a great idea to do a bit about how Sirius really felt about his family. I do think putting more in about how his friends helped him through it would be good. I mean the 4 of them were their own little family. The conflict he had about trying not to care, and really hurting inside was great.
Very good idea.
(gives Sirius a stuffed hippogriff)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. Don't worry about RL. I completely get it.

I'm glad you thought it was a good idea. I love Sirius as a character and I've always felt sorry for him when writing about him or trying to get inside his head.

I tried not to put too much of his friends in it as the original idea was for a challenge which told me mainly to focus on Sirius/Regulus which I hope I've done.

I'm glad you gelt the internal; conflict was good!

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Review #9, by The_seeker12 Forever living in his shadow.

13th November 2011:
That was really good. Most people pose Sirius as someone who really doesn't care about his family, so this was different and I like it.
Poor Sirius. I mean, you never really think much about what it would be like to be pushed away from your family like that, and it's sad. :(
This a great story, thanks for entering it. :)

Author's Response: Thankyou :D

I very much loved writing this story

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Review #10, by PBJ Forever living in his shadow.

6th November 2011:
Great one-shot! The story seems very realistic about how Sirius could have felt that way.

Author's Response: Thankyou I love your review

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Review #11, by PurpleMonkey Forever living in his shadow.

6th November 2011:
really good, realy long!
super good, super strong!

keep updating, i'm on the end of my seat!!

Author's Response: Thankyou I really liked writing this and am contemplating making it longer than a one-shot!

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