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Reading Reviews for Love Story
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by PickMe A not so happy seventeen

17th November 2011:
Please continue, i like it! Hope the next chap will be better.

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Review #2, by ginerva_molly_weasley A not so happy seventeen

13th November 2011:
Hey this is me reviewing your entry for the challenge.

First of all I love the fact youre making this into more of a one shot as I feel it gives more insight into the characters which I think is even better because its in first person so you can actually get to know Albus as a person and watch as his character develops, as well as how his feelings for the OC character develops.

My only critisism really is that although you do say that the epilogue in DH has been disregarded its a little confusing to determine who is married to who and who each child's parents are, maybe you could make it clearer within the text or possibly state that before reading the passage

Overall though I really liked it and thought it was very good for your first attempt at next gen and I can't wait to see how everything develops


Author's Response: Oh thanks..about that well, I wanted it to be a suspense-I'll leave people guessing who married who.Lol:) But thanx for the wonderful review:D You made my day.Hopefully next chap will be even more better:)

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Review #3, by SnorkackRidgeback A not so happy seventeen

12th November 2011:
Wonderful! And you who said this is a trashy pairing, I'll hex you with furnunculus!

Author's Response: Oh! I'm glad you like it..thank you so much! I absolutely adore Harry/Luna so..yeah thanks for the review:)

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Review #4, by Demara YA A not so happy seventeen

12th November 2011:
Update soon! Please. I'm sick of waiting the new chap come!

Author's Response: Ah! Next chapter will be on the way, thanks:) I'm planning to update this soon.Lol:)

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Review #5, by NarglesLovers A not so happy seventeen

5th November 2011:
AMAZING!! WRITE SOON!! Love it off course.

Author's Response: Aww...thank you so much:) You made my day:D
Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by TheresiaT_P A not so happy seventeen

5th November 2011:
What a big difference! It might be a good story but, Harry and Luna? What a trashy pairing!

Author's Response: Ah now! It isn't that bad really.This is a next gen fic, so not much will be Harry/Luna.Who do you like with Harry? Is it Gin? No offense, I love her too! Hope you won't ditch the story because of that! lol:)

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Review #7, by AnitaPrakash A not so happy seventeen

5th November 2011:
Love it! But who's Ron's wife?

Author's Response: I'll have to leave you guessing! That will be cleared in the next chapter.You just need to wait for a while.I'm glad you love it, thank you:D

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Review #8, by Sissy Brooke A not so happy seventeen

5th November 2011:
Wow! Great story! Hope you write the next chap soon. XD

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm so so happy people are loving this! Thanks for the review:)

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Review #9, by Nadirika Sarazlia A not so happy seventeen

5th November 2011:
Great! I hope you'll update the next chapter soon. Never expect that any other people who like Harry-Luna better than Harry-Ginny. :)

Author's Response: I absolutely adore Harry/Luna! Thank you so much for the review:D Next chapter will be out soon, thanks:)

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