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Review #1, by random netizen - In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

19th July 2012:
I came across this after googling "I'm the most rational person on earth". Congrats! You're the only person on the internet who's ever said that, according to Google. :)

Author's Response: lol Nice!^^ haha really? Totally googling it just to check xD


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Review #2, by little_rebels In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

22nd February 2012:
This made me laugh, a lot XD the thing with the pygmy puffs is so different! And her being in Slytherin...which I like coz I'm in Slytherin on Pottermore XD and I love how hyperactive she is!

So so funny XD Please update soon!!!


Author's Response: I'm glad you found it funny!! xD And I LOVE slytherins (I'm one on the forums... but sadly was placed in Gryffindor on Pottermore...) Thanks for reviewing!^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it, as for the update well, no promises but I'll see what I can do!!^^

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Review #3, by EverMalfoy(EverDiggory) In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

19th February 2012:
I'm not going to bother telling you because I dont give a pygmy puff what you think(;

I actually do,but that really made me laugh.

I love your humor,some in which is so obvious in the dialogue,but more subtle sense of humor in descriptions,thoughts,and whatnot. You have done beautifully

I also love you because Alyssa is in Slytherin! Hooray! A lovely character for the best house!

I love how she's best friends with James,I think that's wonderful.

Your flow and characterization is absolutely brilliant.

Update soon,I'll be anxiously anticipating it:D



Author's Response: You have no idea how many "Laugh Out Loud" moments writing this gave me xD So much fun! I'm glad you like it too!! :D

Yay Slytherin!! :D My favorite house as well^^

Thanks!! :D

I'll do my best to update soon-ish but no promises!! (I'm a horrible updater)

Thanks for reviewing! (I love my computer skills ;) )

-June :)

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Review #4, by BlameItOnTheNargles  In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

3rd February 2012:
Oh Alyssa is literally just like me...its so creepy! And that is exactly how I argue with my best friend.
So I don't think you mentioned pygmy puffs enough in it ;) I kind of agree...but I think its the fact there pink and I font really like a turquiose one would be awesome! =D
Right to the story...away from my babble! I love your story so far! I picked this one to review for the first one XD
I love the humour and JAMES! I just love James no matter what! =D
I really want you to write another chapter to this story so I can find out what happens in it! =D Update it soon! :}


Author's Response: I love that you love my story... cus I love yours!! Plus it's so weird that you find Alyssa to be like you because I was thinking the same thing for Alisson. And you what's even creepier? Our characters have the same name (or almost) in any case it's the same roots and that's awesome!! O.O PLus I'm so glad you like James!! He's my favorite^^ So awesome.

I totally agree with you on the Turquoise pygmy puff thing!!^^ Turquoise and purple are my favorite colors. Not a fan of pink either :P

You made me want to go write the next chapter right away!! (Which I might as well do!)

-June :D

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Review #5, by angie123 In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

21st November 2011:
Hi there! It's me Angie here. Here to give you your review on the chapter so far:

Okay so you have a few mistakes. The story is lovely, but not really my style of literature. The character is too hyperactive and it just seems a bit cliche. I know some writers hate to be cliche and it does get annoying. I do love your character, though. It's humorous, which is a good trait for a story. I don't like how there's so much dialogue, but then again, it's your story, not mine.

I give it a 7/10. I'm sorry if I was cruel or anything. Just giving my opinions. :/

Author's Response: Hum. I'm a little shocked that you find my character cliche since she's inspired from myself. Does that make ME a cliche? :/

Other than that, well, I'll review and edit my mistakes, but dialogue is what I enjoy most so, I probably won't change that, I might just add a bit more description in between to even it out. :)

And it's okay if you don't like my story! I'm a big girl I can take critism xD CC is good because it makes you a better writer. It at least helps you improve and gives you more meat to work on then praise-reviews! So... thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by Mihali1432 In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

12th November 2011:
Oh yeah! This is that one you let me "Beta" before!

I have to say this made me keep a solid chuckle the whole time. XD I was biting my finger so I would LOL all through my house...

That's a good thing! NOOOW... I dunno what to say... I have nothing to say at all...

This is why I shouldn't open a review thread, but you were going to read something of mine and guilt tripped me... You evil evil person ;)


Author's Response: I'll take that as a compliment!! :D

Ahem. Yes, that was some INTENSE beta-ing! :D

YAY!! It's FUNY!! :P (Yes, i'm still uncertain about my humor)

(Yeah I opened one, and I've still got three requested reviews that never got done. I just really don't feel like it)

Thanks for reviewing! (Even if it was only thanks to my evilness that you did! :P)


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Review #7, by Bluestreakspirit In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

6th November 2011:
Well. This should be interesting :) For a first chapter, it was a bit short, though. I'll keep a lookout for updates!

Author's Response: Thanks loads for taking the tiome to review!! I,m really glad you thought it was interesting and I know it was short but i promise the rest will be longer!! :D

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Review #8, by slytherinchica08 In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

6th November 2011:
I thought this to be a very well done first chapter. It's interesting and gives us a look into the characters who will be starring in your story! I thought your summary was really cute with the different descriptions of people, great job. Your description in the chapter was well done too, i really liked where you describe James and his love for Canadian food. It was a great first chapter and different from anything I have read so props on that. Also your conversations flowed really well and well the whole chapter did. I liked how you opened up the story as well with their history of how they became friends, it was cute! I really enjoyed it! Great Job!


Author's Response: THANK YOU!! I'm in a super happpy mood right now and this review makes me even happier!! :D I'm so happy you liked it!! I had a lot of fun writting it so I'm glad not to be shunned :P

So thank you so much for taking the time to review this!! :D

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Review #9, by Goldemort In which you learn not to mention pygmy puffs in my presence

31st October 2011:
HELLO! LOOK AT ME READING AND REVIEWING YOUR FIRST CHAPTER! I'm really scared, 'cause NaNo starts in half an hour, but I'm still reviewing, because I'm lovely like that =)

THIS WAS AWESOME! Seriously, like, funny and that, and the hatred of pygmy puffs really amused me. I don't know why though, 'cause I love pygmy puffs... Anywaaay I don't know why (actually, I explained why...) but Alyssa reminded me of me a bit, 'cause in the summary you said she loves chocolate and evil, and she got excited by the prospect of killing something... Not that that ever happens of course...

So yeah, awesome chapter introduction thing... Amy likes... And Amy wants chocolate... Omnomnomnom... DO I GET SOME FOR REVIEWING? PLEAAASSSE?




Thanks so much for reviewing!! I'm happy you like it!! Oh and Alyssa doesn't like evil. she likes E.V.I.L.

(It stands for something. You'll see what in a few chapters! ;) )



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