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Review #1, by gocnocturna Revision

27th April 2012:
Ok, a few things. I like the idea so far, it could turn into a really interesting story. However, that being said, you need some background for draco's tone and attitude. Being different from cannon is fine, so long as you explain it, like with your other story. Also, why is hermione's putting on makeup and doing her hair just to study? That needs a reason. Maybe she always does that, but if so, why all the staring? I like that she wore green. If that's the only reason for the staring than that's fine, just make that clear. Wonderful start!

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Review #2, by dramione_Lover225 Revision

25th March 2012:
i like it, but i wish it whent on i whant more.
i give you 8/10

Author's Response: Thanks muchly! The next chapter should be up soon... I hope you'll enjoy it!


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Review #3, by NaeNae Revision

29th October 2011:
I love it!!! Are you going to write more..

Author's Response: Definately!

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Review #4, by Dramionedrunadrinny Revision

29th October 2011:
This is really good, is it supposed to be a one-shot because it hasn't gotten to the point about the boggart.

Author's Response: Yh, it's gonna get to that in the next bit... It's a long one shot that I couldn't classify as a short story... Next one should be up soon-ish...

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Review #5, by Tonks101 Revision

29th October 2011:
Love it! You really should consider making this a story! It would be a wonderful start to a draco/Hermione! I will decently keep a look on your cite for new writing!


Author's Response: Thanks! That means a lot! I'm probably going to add the next chapter to Hiding in the Trunk and His Saving Grace either today or tomorrow. Relatively soon anyway...


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