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Review #1, by HPPC Staff Fix You

14th November 2012:
Hey there! Iím here to leave you one of the reviews you won for placing in the HPPC writing challenge.

Thumbs up on the song choice again. One of my favorites!!

Wow this story is a very different take on Post-War Ron. Out of everyone in Harryís world, I see Ron as the one coming out of battle with a sad little smile on his face, battered but not broken. But when I read thisÖI donít know. I didnít expect this, and the unexpected stories are always the best.

That being said, his friends and family would of course band together to help him. But the fact that in the end Hermione is the one to fix him is so sweet and such a wonderful way to end the sadness.

Itís a believable story and thatís why I think I like it so much. Itís one of those moments that we donít get to see but that I think could actually have happened.

Bittersweet endings are my favorite.
HPPC Staff

Author's Response: Right! I absolutely love this song-one of my favorites as well.
Yes, it was different, I tried to make it a little different, take a little different perspective that most people do.
I agree, I think that Hermione helping him is very sweet, and sad. And she really had to be the one to help him.
I am glad that you found how I took it believable, I want to make people take new looks on how things could have been!

Thanks for the nice review!


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Review #2, by dreamer13 Fix You

29th January 2012:
This was a really interesting fic. It was heartbreaking to see the whole family so sad but I like how they rallied together to help Ron. You did the Ron/Hermione relationship quite well and I like Ron's empathy towards Harry at the end. All in all, well done. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I imagine that in the real book everyone would try to help out their family.
Thank you, I am glad you thought the Ron/Hermione was good.
And yeah, with Ron's empathy, it was like he realized how he wasn't the only one who was having a hard time.
Thank you so much for the review(:


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Review #3, by Mihali1432 Fix You

30th October 2011:
Ok XD Sorry I took a little on this review! I got held up.

Anyways, I would never be able to write a song fic, and you do this so AWESOMELY!

I liked it :D A lot.

Like a lot a lot. Ron/Hermione win!

I felt the sadness too! :D It was great!

Author's Response: That's fine(:
You never know, I didn't think I could write one either, but I gave it a try, and I love writing them!
Thank you so much(:
I'm glad you liked it :O


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