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Review #1, by Secret Santa All About Tonight

27th December 2012:
It's me again, your Secret Santa, here to deliver your last present!

Another great chapter. I really do like Alyce, she's such a nice character. And I really liked Alara! It's nice to see Alyce has other friends than the Potters too! But I felt very bad for Alara, because of what those other students said about her. I would've wanted Alyce to go after her when she left, or maybe at least mention a reason why she didn't follow her, like she knew Alara would want to be alone or something like that. I mean, if my best friend stormed out like that, I would be concerned and tried to find her.

Yuch. Not liking this Davies guy at all! I can see some drama coming from that direction. I hope he doesn't come between Alyce and James in anyway. They are so great together.

Not the biggest fan on the Heads dorm room. I mean, I think the idea is very plausible, but it's such a cliche, that I don't really like it that much. So be careful with that one and try to make it different from the rest.

I was a bit hesitant about the party after the last chapter, but I think you handled that well. I'm glad Alyce stayed smart and didn't drink too much, and that she didn't fight with James!

Ooh, is there something going on with Alara and Scottie? Hmm...

Lovely story, I think you should definitely update this soon!

And once again, Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Aww last time Santa's coming :(
Thank you for all the reviews! They've been really nice and helpful!
Thank you dear!
-Julia xx

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Review #2, by Secret Santa Back to School

27th December 2012:
Santa's here again!

I decided to be a very nice Santa and leave you reviews for the last two chapters since they had less reviews than the other two. SO this first one will cover the first three chapters, okay?


I'm liking the story so far. I can easily see Ginny and Harry 'adobting' the twins after their parents abandoned them like that.

Alyce! I love her, she seems like a wonderful protagonist and I can't wait to get to know her better! But you should be careful, some things about her make her sound a bit MarySue-ish. I mean, she's Head Girl, chaser of the Quidditch team AND the smartest witch in Gryffindor since Hermione Granger? That is a bit much.

And then Scotty, boy is he overprotective! But funny too. Although I do think that punch was a bit unnecessary, after all they've been living under the same roof for the whole summer and clearly they've been quite close the whole time.

James is wonderful, as always. Why do I always like him so much? I think I have a problem...

Once again I like your dialogue very much! It's very natural, so you definitely have a talent for that! Well done!

Wonderful story, I'm liking it so far! See you soon with your last review!

Happy Holidays!


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you! Mm, I get what you mean... she does seem abit Mary-sue-ish when you list it all like that :P
Aha! Thank you for the review and help Santa!
-Julia xx

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Review #3, by fayeswonderland Rolling In The Deep

10th December 2012:
When I read the fist two sentences, I thought the story is going to be really mainstream to be honest, mainly because it started with this typical introduction of the protagonist.
But then as the chapter progressed it didn't turn out to be mainstream at all! From her family situation, to the lovely main character and the very delightful switch in point of view, I think it's safe to say that this is a fantastic start to a really interesting story!
Definitely favoriting it ;)
Lots of love,

Author's Response: I know what you mean.. I have a head-desk moment whenever I re-read it... I just didn't know how to start it, which was over a year ago when I posted it...
I'm glad you liked it :)
*Woo! favourited :D* So I'm in a really happy mood now :)
Merry Chrismas/Happy Holidays Sally!
-Julia xx

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Review #4, by I_Fart_Patronuses All About Tonight

15th August 2012:
dude, i love you. seriously. you make me happy.

Author's Response: Thanks Laura :) Your reviews make me happy to :) xx

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Review #5, by I_Fart_Patronuses Back to School

15th August 2012:
dude, you awesome. me love you. a lots.

Author's Response: 'dude' eh? anyway, thanks hun, ily to, I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #6, by I_Fart_Patronuses Mr Medicine

15th August 2012:
man, you're killing me here. i swear, im gunna die. this is AWESOME.

Author's Response: When you said 'you're killing me here.' I thought you meant it was bad .-. Then I got to 'AWESOME' so I smiled like a Chesire cat ;)

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Review #7, by I_Fart_Patronuses Rolling In The Deep

15th August 2012:
oh. my. godric. this is good. i likes it maaan. WRITE MORE. please? I LOVE YOU! i mean your writing. C:

Author's Response: Aha Laura, nice username ;) Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #8, by Ginny Potter All About Tonight

30th March 2012:
O My Gosh I was checking to see if you had updated when I saw 4 chapters! I had to put my hand over my mouth to muffle the scream. Anyway back to the actual story I loved it especially the part in their quarters, it was brilliant. Too bad for Alara and what they said about her. I think it's great that Lyce has a friend apart from James and the Weasley-Potters. There were a few spelling mistakes but I totally did not mind I was just way too happy. Overall it was magnificent as always.

Author's Response: :D Ahahaha, thats so sweet :) Thanks, I justb wanted to make it funny and a it OTT. Yeah, unfortunaterly Alaraisn't the luckiest person and things will just get worse. I'll correct them when I can, Bless you, Thank you so much... My Meet the Author page is up if you want to discuss anything with me :) Till next time... x

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Review #9, by horseyrosyrb All About Tonight

30th March 2012:
Wonderful as usual my dear! A few typos here and there but the overall awesomeness of this chapter made up for that and the loong update time :) Can't wait for the next installments! Xx

Author's Response: Gracias Darling! Eeep, I haven't actually read through it all yet, what with extreme hurrying to get it in the queue/re-submit it... You know how to make me smile

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Review #10, by Ginny Potter Back to School

25th February 2012:
Please review I've been checking everyday since your last update please I am begging you

Author's Response: I am so incredibly sorry about the wait! I just had this huge writers block, and I've got exams that decide what groups I'm in for GCSE's so yeah, I'll carry on now, it should be up soon :/ x

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Review #11, by potterwife124 Mr Medicine

10th February 2012:
I love your story!!! can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Big Fat smiley face! :D
Thank you, I shall go write now ;)

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Review #12, by Elenia Rolling In The Deep

26th January 2012:
Hi! Elenia here with your review (:

I think this was a very promising start, especially if it is your very first HPFF! Congratulations for that btw! I just posted my first one too, so I know how anxiously you are waiting to hear what people think about your story!

Okay, about plot first. I think you have a great idea going on here. Part of it is a bit cliche, but I don't mind. People love just this kind of stories, that's why they become so popular in the first place! The chapter flowed forwards and was very action-filled as we got to see a near death experience immediately! Good way to keep up interest!

I liked the fact that you changed P.o.V.'s during the chapter. I think you did great job especially on James' part. It was nice that both of their view's were so different, one immediately noticed that we were watching the scene through different eyes and mind, so excellent work on that!

Alyce seemed nice and likeable! We didn't learn that much from her yet, but I bet that will change during the next chapters.

I could picture the Potters welcoming the twins after their parents disowned them. I bet that's something they really would do in a situation like that. I would have wanted to learn a bit more about how that really happened, but again, this is just the first chapter. One cannot put everything in it (:

And James, quite the hottie isn't he? That's just how I see him always. It was adorable how they both realised on the same situation that they liked each other. Let's see how the story evolves from that point on.

Again, I would have wanted to hear a bit more why they suddenly realised they had a crush for each other. But I guess I'm just so cynical that I don't believe one can fall in love so easily, so possibly this is just me talking (x

I noticed only a couple tiny grammar problems but I'm not the best judge on that since it's not my native language!

I hope you found my review to be helpful and didn't get offended by anything! I really think you did a good job overal!

Author's Response: Thamk you! I just want to apologise for how long it took me to respond, I found it the day you left it and had my happy dance and squeeing moments, but, I was on my phone so I couldn't respond and I've been so busy at school lately, I AM SO SORRY!
Pathetic excuse over...
ww thank you, I read yours for the review the person above you in the Gryffie common room and I love it, and favourited it and read the next update etc ;)
Awww Thank you :) Ooops it's probbly because I love cliches :/
Pheww, tht was one of the things i was worried about, so hearing that has made me happy! :)
Yeah, I gave a fair bit of info but I get what you mean ;)
Yeah, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible and that's the complete opposite of everyone else, they've all told me less is more :/
Ummm-Hmmm he is, but he's al mine *evil laugh* (No siriusly, back off ;) ) Yeah I think they make a cute couple :)
Ahah yeah, I know its abit odd, but I suppose when you think your/the person you like is about to die, you would probably realise just how much you actually care
Yeah, I'm better at the creative side of wriing, not the technical side ;) Oh really, I didn't realise, everything you've written makes perfect sense to me :)
Yes thank you, thank you for helping me so muc, Aww thankyou, I'll probably find my way back to your thread so until next time ;)

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Review #13, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Rolling In The Deep

18th January 2012:
Hey! I'm coming from the Gryffie review thread!

To be honest I would have passed this story if I clicked on it solely because of the first few paragraphs. I actually really liked the idea, I thought the way you wrote from James's POV, well, it was fantastic! You really got into a teenage boy's head and did something that not many other do: you acknowledged his hormones. Not in a way where it's just 'I have these raging hormones and that's it. No, you really delved deep into his urges and I thought it was brilliant. Really funny stuff.

It's the first paragraphs, I would have liked to see you only give us a little bit of information on who your OC's were and their situation. You don't have to tell us everything all at once or even their physical descriptions in one go. Throw it around the chapter(s), sprinkle inside sentences for flow.

Other than that this is shaping up to be a funny story!

Author's Response: Oh dear. Thank you, and Phewww, I was really worried I'd completely failed at writing as a guy, so your words of boostiness/confidence/reviewiness have made me ridiculously happy :D ans thank you, i do my best.
Yeah quite a few people have said about that *mentally slapping myself repeatedly* Ooopsies. :/
Thank you :)

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Review #14, by CambAngst Rolling In The Deep

16th January 2012:
Hi. I'm tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

OK, very interesting concept for a story. It's easy to see Harry and Ginny as the type of parents who'd take in orphans, since Harry was one and Ginny comes from the family that took him in. I like Alyce. She's a very appealing character with her feisty nature and irreverent inner dialog. Her brother doesn't come across really strongly in this chapter, but I assume we'll see a lot more of him as the story moves along.

Your physical descriptions of the characters are great. Lots of details that paint a vivid picture, very easy to visualize. Your descriptiveness in general is very good.

As for suggestions, I think the beginning was a bit stiff. I would have preferred to see you introduce the characters by moving right into the action and then dropping the details as things began to evolve. Still, it matches the overall narrative style, so it's not so bad. It just feels a little like, "OK, well why are you telling us all this?", if you know what I'm saying.

I noticed a few small spelling and grammar problems, but nothing fatal.

I'll keep an eye out for you in this thread, because I'd like to read more. Or maybe I'll just read more. ;-)

Author's Response: Thank You :)
Thank you, yeah Scottie has some DRAMA coming.
Aww Thank you, I try my best.
Yeah I understand what you mean, I'm not good at introductions but I thought, give a loud of info first so you can understand the characters a bit better :/
Yeah i realised that afterwards, so I'll change them when I put in the CIs I made etc.
Thank you!! Go on, READ IT, but make sure you tell me what you think about it ;)

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Review #15, by Fudgemonkey Rolling In The Deep

14th January 2012:
this is such an epic beginning
i absolutely love it one of my favourite stories
in fact it is so epic it almost puts oranges to shame
i said almost

Author's Response: Thank you! Have you read the other 2 chappies? NEVER!!! This is way better than oranges!!

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Review #16, by Ginny Potter Back to School

11th January 2012:
First of all you're welcome.
Second I wouldn't hate you if you changed the rating to mature.
Thirdly Happy Early Birthday!
I kept on checking for if you had updated because you are one of three stories I've been following. So I was ridiculously happy when I saw chapter 3 was up. So cute how they call each other bubba. I can't wait to read chappie 4. I want to see what will happen at the party, I bet some serious things are gonna go down. It was an amazing chapter, thanks for writing so well.

Author's Response: Awww Thank you!! You put a smile on my face with every single review of yours! Phewww, I'll see if i can keep it at 15 but i might have to crank it up to Mature :/
Awww Thank you!! :D
Ikr so was I, i kept checking and the queue was only an hour long so i literally jumped up and down with joy.
Yeah I think they make a really cute couple :)
Ahaha yeah I have to give you guys some serious drama! Awww Thank you, your so good to me. Your officially my favourite :D

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Review #17, by horseyrosyrb Back to School

5th January 2012:
I've already told you this, but this chappie was seriously WAMFAM (Wonderful AMazing FAbulous Magnificent). Are you going to tell us about how they got together? Cos I wanna know (oh yes, I wanna know. What's the name of the game?)
Sorry, ignore the Abba reference, I'm far too hyper.
Could you possibly wrap up James and give him to me for my birthday? I will love you (and him) forever :D
Love, Peace and Ponies, your number one electric-fan-that-blows-annoying-freezing-cold-breeze-in-your-face-whenever-you-try-to-get-warm (aka Rosie Schmosey) x ♥

Author's Response: Gracias darling! And remember the kiss back in chappie 2 and the decloration of love? Well that was them getting together ;) And maybe, i still need to find you something :/ But i think I love him too much to give him away! #Love, Peace and Ponies; your super-duper-power-heater-that-will-hug-you-so-much-you-die-of-heat. (aka Mulia ;) ) xxx

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Review #18, by Lillylunapotter Rolling In The Deep

10th December 2011:
Hi juicy m
your story so far is really good!
I just wanted to ask who is the guy in your banner
Lilly luna Potter

Author's Response: Hey, Aw Thank you, glad you like it :) And Gaspard Ulliel, but a young one of him ;)

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Review #19, by horseyrosyrb Mr Medicine

4th December 2011:
Hey there beautiful ♥ You're my favourite person in the whole world now. Do you know why? Because you write bloody good stuff. I was grinning sooo much when I read this (both now and when you sent it to me over Facebook) that if you had harnessed my smile you could have lit up the Eiffel Tower with it. Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea. Anyway, love, peace and ponies xxx

Author's Response: Hola Gorgeous, ahahaaa, YAY!!! Awww thanks hunn, Awww bless you!! Maybe we should try that one day, you know lighting up the Eiffel tower with our smiles! ;) Ahahaa, loving this new ending btw, sooo, Love, Peace and Ponies! xxx

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Review #20, by Ginny Potter Mr Medicine

3rd December 2011:
That was bloody amazing. I was so happy when I saw 2 chappies. Scottie is so protective it's crazy. I think that maybe in the next chapter you should put a POV, just a suggestion. Anyway it was bloody brilliant.

Author's Response: Aw Thanks! So was I, i favourited it so i could see really quickly whther or not it had been updated!I know, but i wanted to show how close they are after everything they've been through and who? Scotties? Might be abit hard as its in present day now, and its basically the first day of term, but don't worry I have BIG plans for Scottie! And thanks for the suggestion :)

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Review #21, by Lolz! Mr Medicine

3rd December 2011:
I think i love you...

kidding ... well , not like love love you but i sure as hell love ur story...i want moorree!

Author's Response: Ahahahaaa, Thank you!! about 1/3 to 1/2 way through writing Chappie 3, I'll try to update soon!

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Review #22, by Ginny Potter Rolling In The Deep

27th November 2011:
need next chapter. i mean awesome so far but need next chapter !

Author's Response: Ahahaha, thank you, i know, i know, it's written, just need to finish typing and upload, I'll try and have it done by the weekend :)

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Review #23, by IFightDragons Rolling In The Deep

19th November 2011:
Nice, loving this story so far.

Author's Response: Thank you! written chappie 2 but need to type it up and upload it, so hopefully it'll be updated soon

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Review #24, by SugarQuillz Rolling In The Deep

18th November 2011:
Great story!! I really love the stories where James is best friends with the brother of the girl he loves!!! So far, so good! Keep it up and update soon!

Author's Response: Awww Thank you!! Sameage, Thank you, literally jumped up and down when I saw there were more reviews! ;) Will do, written chappie 2 but need to type it up and upload it, so hopefully it'll be soon

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Review #25, by cometolive21 Rolling In The Deep

4th November 2011:
Please write more! I just adore JamesII/OC pairings.

Author's Response: I'll try, I'm about half-way through writing chappie 2, but alas, i have so much school work at the moment, so it might be a while

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