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Review #1, by deluminator Her Dark Wings

21st August 2012:
This is an extraordinary one-shot. It is so dark and engrossing, a really fantastic read!

Your writing is incredible and evoked some brilliant imagery. And the metaphors! They are brilliantly used and everything fits together and flows perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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Review #2, by forsakenphoenix Her Dark Wings

15th January 2012:
Holy...swan. That seemed more fitting than crow, though both birds are black (well the swan in Lily's case, at least). I'm completely blown away by this. It's utterly gorgeous, and how you manage to convey so much depth of emotion in so few words is astounding (and quite enviable).

I don't even know what to say. The way your words dance across the page, it's like the fight between Rose and Lily. It's easy to see how you incorporate the light and dark swan in this, with Lily being envious of everything Rose has. I feel quite sad for Lily, that she's fighting so hard to be as bright as Rose, and then she only becomes the darkness that shrouds the light. I'm not sure which is better.

The imagery in this is phenomenal, completely blew me away. Seriously, this whole one-shot is amazing. One of the best things I've ever read. Gorgeous in every way. I'm usually so good at writing decent length reviews and commenting on everything, but there's literally nothing more I can say unless you want me to flail around like an obsessive fan girl, desperate for more of your words.

You should certainly try to challenge yourself more often if the result is something as fantastic as this.

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Review #3, by Snapdragons Her Dark Wings

14th November 2011:
Oh my God. I'm actually a little speechless right now. This was a work of art! You managed to fit so much emotion into such a short piece - it can take many other much more words to do something that isn't quite as elegantly done as this.

Elegant is a good word for this. It's elegant and smooth and haunting. I wasn't positive who it was - I did have a suspicion that it would be Lily, but I like how we didn't find out until the end.

The metaphors of the swans works so, so well. I feel as though it works on multiple levels. I also could see the connection back to Swan Lake and really liked that! :) More so than from Black Swan.

Lily was terrifying. And yet it was sort of a beautiful terrifying, the sort that grabs you and makes you pay attention.

Your language was perfect. Each word really painted a picture. I think one of my favorite lines wasn't necessarily from the story itself but from the summary - "In the end, we are all some kind of monster." So so perfect and summed it up brilliantly. It had such truth to it, too...

I thought this was amazing. It's one of those one shots that I feel you can find something new with each read, which is such a pleasure. It really was a pleasure to read this and I'm so glad I found this - fabulous job! ♥

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Review #4, by Bobby Dazzler Her Dark Wings

10th November 2011:
Wow, what an incredibly intense read! Adding to favourites right now!

I loved how right from the start you captured my interests with this peice - it was different and striking, I didn't know what to think at first and it made me second guess the ending, though I did have a feeling it would end up having Rose dead.

I loved the extensive use of imagery and metaphors throughout this, it was really incredible reading and so engaging. Lily's fight to be seen in then limelight but always standing in her older cousins shadow, never able to outdo her and the resentment she must have felt towards all of Rose's accomplishments and conquests. I totally understand that, and could relate to her feelings in regards to her growing resentment and hatred towards her cousin as they got older and eventually she reached breaking point where she realised nothing she could do by being good would make her be seen by those around her, and the only option left was to destroy the person standing in her way and take/destroy all the things she loved. Never actually showing us directly, but conveying it through beautiful imagery regarding dance and swans, which are such a beautiful creature, really came across lovely on the page.

Obviously, you could see the references to Swan Lake, and I could see Black Swan too, and for some reason Cinderella too - Dunno why, but it's in my head as one that I could see inspiration taken from. However, with all that in mind, it didn't take away from the stunning read that this was.

Enjoyed it very much, well done! :)

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle Her Dark Wings

8th November 2011:
MAYA!!! :D
I wish I could've reviewed this earlier! But I'm glad I'm finally reading it now!! First things first, WOW.

Now that I've got that out, I can continue to squee over many other things. Like.. Your banner. It's so beautiful. I LOVE IT.
THE STORY! It's so unique and different to what you usually read that it really makes an impact! As I was reading this, I thought that there was actually a few similarities in this to Black Swan and to that Ugly Duckling story. I haven't watched Swan Lake before though, so I know nothing about that..
ANYWAY - your writing continues to be so amazing and unique and just gahh! I wish I could write like you and make graphics like you and just BE YOU XD
I definitely liked the theme of jealousy and envy - it was very strong and well portrayed. I think a little bit of the confusion in the story added to building up the image of Lily's jealousy - it was kind of very consuming.

Anyway, i just mostly want to say wow about your writing. Your writing is really fabulous and this is a really creative story! The imagery and descriptions and everything just made it all the more amazing.

Great story Maya! I really enjoyed this one - it actually got me thinking a little as well! PST. Can you do me a favour? Everytime you post something new on your HPFF page, please update me. Thank you :P

Haha, but seriously, an awesome one shot, loved it! :)

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Review #6, by rich_blonde marauder23 Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:


You really are a fabulour writer! I loved that you took the concept of Swan Lake and turned it into this story. The metaphors were dark and mysterious, but we understood them really well and I thought that was great!

IT WAS DRAMATIC. I thought you got that spot on. The drama and the horror. I was so INTO it, and it actually frightened me.

I love the whole of it! Nothing was out of place, nothing was wrong with it. It was literally perfect (in my crazy point of view).

I really enjoyed how you used intricate words to describe Lily's actions and how Rose was always the one in the light, so Lily decided to join the dark side :D




PS: For some reason, I thought the Black Swan was Dominique! But maybe that's just because Dom always tries to steal Scorpius away from Rose in fics? I was pretty surprised when it was written LILY. This was me: ?

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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:
So many adjectives are flying through my head right now as I try to describe this story and what I think of it. Brilliant comes to mind pretty quickly, but so do disturbing and insane and chilling. Whatever it is, though, it's definitely incredible.

The way that you develop the metaphor is excellent in its intricacy and depth - I pictured it simultaneously as two swans battling for dominance and the two girls fighting for, in reality, much the same reason, though it seems more of a one-sided fight - Lily's fight, rather than Rose's (because Rose has to defend herself against Lily's attack). Reading the story both literally and metaphorically made it really interesting, and I think more chilling, too. This was especially so at the end when you mention the red hair and compare its colour to the blood on Lily's hands. Then her victory song... whoa, very creepy stuff. Excellent horror/dark writing!

There was one little typo I noticed, and I didn't see it mentioned in the other reviews yet. In the line "what should have been her by birth" - it should be "hers by birth". Otherwise, perfect writing, perfect creativity, all perfect! ^_^

Author's Response: *paging Dr. House. Maya has had a heart attack!* Eeeek! Susan, I didn't actually know you were going to come read this story! Otherwise, I'd told you not to touch it with a ten-foot pole!

And you think it's incredible?! *cue a lot of flailing of limbs* Oh, Susan, you know, you are kind of one of my heroes - you write, you do graphics, you manage us crazy lot at tda and you do all of it so brilliantly! So you know, you saying that you like my writing is kind of like early Christmas and birthday combined. *okay, enough flailing limbs for today*

I am really glad you like the metaphor. Swans are such a rich subject to use that I just couldn't resist! And you are right - the battle for dominance is very one-sided, since it's Lily herself that has put Rose on such a high pedestal. In fact, the way I imagine it, the last black feather that she tore at the end suggests that Rose herself was in reality not a perfect white swan, but a black one just like Lily (an idea which I tried to amplify by using ambiguous descriptions for Rose - how she is "blinding" to the others, and how she had a heart of "scorching" light, none of which make her sound particularly good) Of course, there is the more straightforward interpretation, that in the end, Lily descends that far in her jealousy that she destroys herself completely. That's actually the reason why she's not named explicitly until the very last paragraph. I've always liked the idea that names are such a big part of our selves, and that's why Lily, in her raging jeaousy, is stripped of it, since she has lost a great deal of what makes her human. Sadly, the way I wrote it, it's only in her death (literal or metaphorical) that she regains it. Oh, and I'm very glad you liked the victory song! As I already said, swans are such a gold mine for symbolism and I just couldn't pass on the "swan song" thing. xD

Anyway, sorry for the long reply, but your review moved me so much that I think it deserved an adequate response (though it is debatable how adequate this response really is)! And thank you so much for pointing out this typo (they are the bane of my existence)! I'll definitely edit it after the end of my work week (work -_-').

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Review #8, by SpringSinger19 Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:
Lovely job! I adored your fluency, vocabulary and concept. you translated your metaphors to your audience well! some need to be a little rethinked - the second paragraph is a bit confusing with the photograph remarks and the run-on sentence. the first sentence is also a bit jumbled. that's my only critique however! great job :) I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review! And you know - you're very right about that sentence. I normally write in much clearer short sentences and putting such a jumble in the beginning of the story was a bit risky (since it could put off the reader). But I kind of at the same time like it like this because it "fits" with the whole jumbled up mess that is Lily's mind. I'll rethink it again when I do an edit though. ;) Thanks again lovely!

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Review #9, by Twofighter Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:
This is brilliant! First, I thought of just leaving you a review on how beautiful your banner is, but that would have been a bit rude, not even reading the story! :P
I'm so glad I did, though, cause it is so good. I love how it flows, how you don't seem to understand what is happening but at the same time so do (:D), getting wrapped up in its emotions and story! It's truly the first time I've read anything like it, and it is my absolute favourite one-shot so far!
I don't know if anything I've written makes sense, but I just wanted to let you know that it is beautiful. ;)

Author's Response: Woah, thank you for the wonderful review!

Wanna know a secret? I actually did the banner first, for a challenge at tda and then somehow a story about it started slowly forming in my mind. And I am really happy you like it! You are right, it's very ambiguous but at the same time it tells a really simple and clear story.

Thank you again for this wonderful review!

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Review #10, by WeasleyGirl03 Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:
Wow. This is incredible! It's very detailed and dark, well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I am really happy you liked it!


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Review #11, by firefly910 Her Dark Wings

25th October 2011:

Maya, I am seriously speechless.
That was hypnotizing.
The talent in those words is just incredible.


One of THE best things I have ever read, not just on here, but anywhere.

It was just so haunting. The way it flowed, it gave me chills.
Such an interesting take on everything.

I am so in awe of this right now, you have no idea.

Author's Response: Callie! I don't even know how to respond to this wonderful review! I am so really glad that you like it, considering this is such a dark crazy experimental story!

One of the best things you've ever read? Lol, I doubt it, but nonetheless I am incredibly and utterly flattered. I totally enjoyed writing this story since it's as far from my comfort zone as possible. So once again, thanks, a million thanks!

And yeah, you and I are kind of very slow updaters, aren't we? I am really hope I get more writing done during NaNo (and I hope you do too!)


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