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Review #1, by JonJon A Minute and A Half of Our Lives

28th March 2017:
Your description of the couple dance with Sirius and Lea succeeded stunningly in falling on the right side of Sensual vs Vulgar.



A near masterpiece of writing.

I hope you continue to share your talents by writing more such excellent stories!
Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

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Review #2, by JonJon The Third Degree

28th March 2017:

You brilliantly captured the heat of doing the Tango with someone you really, really care about!

I'm grinning like an idiot right now - just so you know.

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Review #3, by JonJon Put On Your Dancing Shoes

28th March 2017:
More nitpicking...
While certainly Latin in its origins, the Tango is actually not classified as one of the Latin ballroom dances. Ballroom dance is officially divided into two categories: International Ballroom (aka "Standard") and International Latin (aka "Latin").

International Ballroom (aka Standard) has 5 dances:
Viennese Waltz

LATIN has 5 dances:
Cha-Cha (or Cha-Cha-Cha)
Paso Doble

... so technically when Sirius says "...if we have to do a Latin Dance or whatever, I think the Tango is our best bet." he is misspeaking. Of course we shouldn't be insisting that Sirius be entirely conversant wit that detail since he has only had a few weeks of instruction, so we can excuse him being wrong on that basis.

With that said...
The line where Josie says "The tango, as we've said, is a passionate, fiery dance. It's a sensual dance, about conflicting emotion. You're telling a story, the ageless story about the battle of the sexes and how love changes the dynamics of the story... " is just TOO perfect for this story (i.e. it made me grin broadly because it was so very, very spot on for the situation as described - a metaphor for the relationship between Lea and Sirius).

Well done!

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Review #4, by JonJon Assassins Tango

28th March 2017:
The detailed description of the maneuvering during the in-class dance-off was excellent and made it clear that you have some first-hand knowledge of what it is like to execute it - or at the very least what it looks like when you do. It made me smile as the images came up of the intensity of actually executing the type of moves and dancing described.

One thing I learned though is that there is a lot of hip-to hip contact (not bumping into each other, rather maintaining a light but constant contact) when a really good couple is dancing together seamlessly. I had instruction from a couple who were the US National Amateur Latin Ballroom Dance champions back in the 1980s and that was one of points they made about how you manage to know exactly where each other are moving so that you flow as a unit rather than as two people who happen to be dancing together. I wasn't sure if when you said "their lower half’s swiveling dangerously close" you meant that they were keeping space between them or that their legs were dangerously close. Either way it was brilliantly written.

Just a silly nit pick - to get as good as you describe Sirius and Lea requires a lot more than 3 hours a week for 8 weeks - but if we can suspend disbelief enough to imagine magic and witches and wizards at a Sottish castle, having them learning that level of skill in such a short time is not any more of a stretch (and makes the story flow and adds to the fun).

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Review #5, by JonJon Figgy Pudding and A Friendship Date II

28th March 2017:
Not RoNald Dahl - it's Roald Dahl (it's a Scandinavian name and although he was born and raised in England, his parents were Norwegian)

As far as Lea enjoying the smell of smoke - I never really thought of it as being in any way a "nice" smell or being associated with good memories. I've always associated it with stale, dirty pubs (mingled with old vomit) or a filthy petrol station loo. I know plenty of people who smoke - nice folks - and none of them smoke socially (they are all pitifully addicted and wish they could get rid of the habit). I guess it's kind of like those people I know who will drink alcohol occasionally in a social setting but have never bought beer, wine or liquor to take home for consumption, so I guess in theory people can smoke socially.

Over all, the story is still fun and because I love ballroom dancing having that woven into the story is a lot of fun for me.

Lea waking up with her fingers tightly curled around Sirius' scarf was very cute.

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Review #6, by JonJon Partnered With The Devil

28th March 2017:
Yeah - sounds like you know a thing or two about ballroom dance. I personally find the Jive nad the Quickstep to be incredibly fun. The Tango is a great chance to ham it up once you get good at it (think the old "rose in the teeth" meme if you need a mental picture. The Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz are more formulaic show-off dances to me and while the Salsa is definitely a great dance I don't normally associate it with ballroom dance - YMMV of course.
It is clear that as an author you know at least a bit about ballroom dance - which makes the story more authentic.


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Review #7, by JonJon Prologue: Mandatory Dance Lessons

28th March 2017:
I can say with some authority that REAL Ballroom dance is anything but boring and stuffy. (I spent the better part of a year on the backup team to national championship ballroom dance team when I was in college - not quite good enough to be the very best, but good enough to know intimately what ballroom dance is really about).
I think the attitude displayed here is the rather common misconception that ballroom dance is like the Minuet (which IS kind of stuffy)

The Real thing is incredibly fun and cool and can be every bit as sensual as "dirty dancing" ... perhaps even more if you really know your stuff ;-)

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Review #8, by memoryxlane A Minute and A Half of Our Lives

11th November 2012:
oh my goodness. i loved every minute of reading this entire story. it kept my interest, it was well-paced, and it was very well written. i particularly liked the tension that built up between lea and sirius. overall, i would probably put this in my top ten on this site.

(sidenote: sorry i haven't left any reviews on this story 'til now, my computer likes to throw a fit when i leave reviews.)

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Review #9, by A A Minute and A Half of Our Lives

9th June 2012:
This was a really nice story! I loved the way the characters evolved, the story flowed and especially how the relationships developed. I would have liked another chapter or so to read how their story develops further, but I guess it's got to end at some point :D Great writing, great story!

Constructive criticism: you have some typos and misspellings and some of the idiomatic phrases are used incorrectly, so it would be good to work on those.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to leave a review and give me feedback. Grammar has always been a little issue with me so hopefully I'll get better with it. However, I've had people point out that sometimes my dialogue doesn't come out exactly right, and I do that on purpose, because as people we don't always speak correctly on the first go, stumbling over our words, switching words, placement etc. I find using that method to make the characters more realistic as they're not perfect and neither are we. :) xoxox

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Review #10, by xSkyx The Third Degree

7th June 2012:
I was reading this in the middle of work and found myself turning bright red. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Lmao oh my! Thank you! It took me ages to get it right without making myself turn bright red and even then I felt like hiding underneath my covers. I'm glad I'm not the only one who peruses fics during work! xoxoxo

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Review #11, by Hplover1008 A Minute and A Half of Our Lives

5th June 2012:
A very romantic ending. FIN.

Author's Response: Thank you! As I've stated in other reviews I didn't want to rush up and push them into a relationship right away because that would be highly unrealistic. I'm glad you approved of the ending and enjoyed the story. Moreover, I have to give you my sincerest thanks for taking the time to leave a review for ALL the chapters. Not many readers have done that before and I'm really touched. I hope to hear from you again if you decide to read some my other stories. xoxoxoxox

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Review #12, by Hplover1008 Pressure

5th June 2012:
Oh wow. That'll hype things up for our lovely young dancers. I loved how you said that not all slytherins were death eaters in training. That's my house in pottermore and I always like hearing new stereotypes that I've never heard before. I'm very excited to read about Sirius' and Lea's tango. I'm sure that they'll do fine and if they don't, then someone must've cheated.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've always thought that I'd be in Slytherin as well and I always try to highlight that not all Slytherins are bad, just like not all Gryffindors are good, look at Peter Pettigrew and Cormac McLaggen! Cormac embodied the WORST traits of being a gryffindor so that rule applies to all the houses. xoxoxo

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Review #13, by Hplover1008 The Winter Formal

5th June 2012:
Dresses are very hard to describe. I've found out the hard way and it wasn't fun. But I really liked what you described, I'd love to wear Lea's dress. It sounds like me. I also liked it that you decided to have them to last. Like James said, it's both good and bad. I really do hope that Sirius and Lea win this. Gryffindor needs this really badly and I need those two to become a couple as Remus said. That really made me laugh and I wanted it to happen. So I can't wait to read the next chapter. Let the dancing commence!

Author's Response: Thank you! I found that describing looks and clothes is annoying, hard, and to some extent, superficial. I often have people asking me to put more descriptions of the characters in stories...but with the marauders, the thing is, we already KNOW what they look like and I honestly find it very off putting when I read a very long description of a female protagonist, which is why I give rough outlines and leave the rest to the reader's to amuse themselves and their imagination. xoxoxo

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Review #14, by Hplover1008 Push and Pull

5th June 2012:
I love your dedication to this story. I don't even know what I would do if I wanted to write a story like this one. I'd probably have an awesome excuse to watch a lot of RENT footage and write about it. But I like the style that you wrote in. The conversation the girls had was a really serious conversation and not some type of generic conversation people think girls have. It's real and raw instead of plastic and fake. So I applaud you.

Author's Response: Yeah this was my FIRST fanfic I actually worked up the guts to post online and the feedback I got was amazing so I've decided to continue scribbling away, hopefully improving as I go on! xoxoxo

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Review #15, by Hplover1008 In Too Deep

4th June 2012:
Oh okay. Now I'm totally focused on the dance competition. My brain is now hardwired for dancing and I will hope that our couple (if you'd call them that) will surely win! They better! They've been training their butts off with all of their banter going on between them. Oh how I love banter between them. You do such a good job writing their quick wit and their comedic ways. I am too sorry that the story is drawing to an end.

Author's Response: You shall find out soon enough dear reader. I credit the banter to years of watching Friends, Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I love those shows. xoxoxo

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Review #16, by Hplover1008 The Power of Music

4th June 2012:
Angry that lea doesn't like the Beatles. That's my band! But I'm very happy about the runaways shout out. That was awesome. Oh I love that song by the stooges! This was probably the best chapter so far! I loved the music shout outs and it fit Lea's personality so much, I just hadnt realised that. I love how you just transitioned the music to the dancing, kind of like the 70's. This was such a good chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, that's just a personal jab on my part because I'm not too fond of the Beatles myself, they're just not my cup of tea. This was probably my favourite chapter to write out of the entire story because it was also really personal, something I don't usually do often. I decided to name music that would be in heard in the 70's in England and the US since that's when they were attending school. xoxoxo

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Review #17, by Hplover1008 Us and Them

4th June 2012:
Sirius needs a kick in the bum sometimes. I'm excited for Lea to go dress shopping if that's in there somewhere. It's always fun to visualise people's imagination as it's being written on a page. I also loved how Sirius was telling all his mates about he ALMOST kissed Lea but he really didn't. It's sad because I want them together.

Author's Response: Yeah it would be too soon though since the timeline of this story is roughly about 8 weeks, and they haven't known each other all that long so I don't want to rush things between them. xoxoxo

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Review #18, by Hplover1008 Last Friday Evening

3rd June 2012:
Oh wow. That's definitely odd. I'm gonna make this short so I can go onto reading the next chapter, but this was so awesome. It was sweet how they all got to be with the person they like, except for Peter. He's forever alone. I love this strong do much as it is in my favourites. So I await for what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Yeah it's hard to pair Peter off with someone. He's always been a struggle for me to pen down and I'm already working with such a large cast of characters so one them inevitably get's the short end of the stick unfortunately. Happy reading for the rest of the chapters. :) xoxox

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Review #19, by Hplover1008 The Death Of Lea's Integrity

3rd June 2012:
My favourite line was, Only if I can call you dumbass. That was hysterical. I was laughing really hard and I tipped my hat to you again. Making me laugh like that is not an easy thing to do and you've done it multiple times. You said that I'm helping you become a better writer, but you're a magnificent writer already. And I hope my reviews help make you see that you are very good. I can never usually wrote comedic things like that. So it's nice to read a story with a lot of humour.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was my first time writing a humour story as I prefer to write drama's or tragedies but I got inspired by Dancing With the Stars and thought it'd be a fun thing to try involving the marauder's. I'm glad everyone has given me such great feedback so that I can continue to become a better writer for my other stories. xoxo

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Review #20, by Hplover1008 The Third Degree

3rd June 2012:
I definitely thought you did well writing this particular scene. I do believe it is kinda hard writing a scene like this one. There are a lot of questions involved. How far should they go? Should they kiss for real? Will lea or Sirius lose to their own temptation? But you did a mighty fine job writing this scene without being too graphic or too inappropriate. It was nice and made me happy that they were getting closer.

Author's Response: EEe thank you! To be very honest this scene was very difficult for me to write because I don't feel comfortable writing such graphic scenes or smut or anything of that kind of nature. This chapter took me FOREVER to get right without making me want to crawl under the covers from sheer mortification. xoxxo

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Review #21, by Hplover1008 An Internal Monologue

3rd June 2012:
I loved how you explained why her feelings for Sirius have been questioned and I relate to that. Lea is just trying to explain to herself before she even tells anybody else. She's curious as to why she feels this way and that's how I think when I think about the guy I like. Why in the world would I like a guy like him? That's what she's thinking probably. She's confused because she has always felt hatred and rage toward him, but now she feels love or somewhat. Very nice.

Author's Response: Yeah I was inspired by Henry Miller when it came to that part, I always have conversations in my head with myself about everything and anything. I think better that way. Anyway, I think Lea is probably thinking through all of this because she honestly did not think much of Sirius to begin with, she was never friends with him, but she didn't hate him, he was just never in her circles of orbit and now she's spending all this time with him and it's a bit jarring you know? xoxoxo

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Review #22, by Hplover1008 Put On Your Dancing Shoes

3rd June 2012:
Oh I definitely want them to do insanely well. I hope they win. But that's later. I love how you explained the tango as being a firey sensual dance because it is but it also questions lea about her feelings toward Sirius. Since we obviously know how Sirius feels toward her, even if he thinks it's just a small crush, the readers know that he's wrong. I feel like the next chapters are going to be really well.

Author's Response: I LOVE the tango. Out of all the ballroom dances there are, the tango is my favourite one by fair. It's carefully controlled, tight passion and when danced well, it can make time stop I think. xoxoxo

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Review #23, by Hplover1008 The Naughty Samaritan

3rd June 2012:
I like it slow and burnt. It makes it very interesting and very excited to read the next chapter. It gives me anticipation and makes me want to know what happens next. It's a nice but slow process to see what happens between Sirius and lea. Sirius and lea are so going to be a good couple, when it happens. I can't wait to read all about the winter formal dance and then what happens inbetween.

Author's Response: I'm so glad! I'm trying out different techniques as to hook the readers in and so far I've gotten varied responses. Cliffhangers, a necessary evil, work the best but I also think putting down subtle hints of what's to come works really well too. xoxoxo

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Review #24, by Hplover1008 Kisses and Antlers

3rd June 2012:
I absolutely love the tit for tat situation you had between them. It seems so natural for the two of them to argue but in this way is so cute and adorable. It makes these two so much softer than their exteriors makes them out to be. They seem so much more looser when I read this chapter. It made me laugh and I appreciate that in a story like this. So I thank you for such a lovely story.

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you enoyed this chappie, it was really fun for me to write as I just wanted some good old fashioned silliness to be in the story here and there. Thanks for taking the time to review! xoxxo

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Review #25, by Hplover1008 Assassins Tango

30th May 2012:
Aw this is so cute. Sirius is pretty good at the tango (my favourite dance). I'd love to learn at my school but no. We have special talents and we stick to it. So I think that this couple will do very well in the dance competition. With each other is another thing. I'm predicting that Sirius is going to try to get out of the friends zone and do something to just screw up the whole relationship he has built. We'll see. Ah a RENT reference. And a tango!

Author's Response: Yes, double win for the tango and the Rent reference! I thought some of you lot would appreciate that. ;) xoxoxo

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