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Review #1, by alicia and anne Fear and Loathing

6th March 2014:
The second in command made me think of moriarty!

*chuckles* Nicholas can stop who he wants! *snaps fingers sassily*

Oh Riley! Keeping secrets from Harry about Hugo with his smirks and scoffs.

Ooo Hugo wants to bring Dimitri to the party, I hope he goes :D
Oh no, I'm worried about Hugo leaving the school. :S

Oh Hugo! You know how to pick them, motorcycle? *swoons*

Oh Hugo will definitely wear a smile when he hurts them. I'm angry too! I'll protect him as well!

:O *gasps loudly* Digbys daughter?! Ah!!! Major plot twist!!! I love it!!

Author's Response: Ha! Sebastian isn't as cool as Moriarty. And he only has one agenda. But that is a cool comparison. :D

Nicholas is so cool. He can get anything.

Haha! Like Riley would be nice enough to tell Harry Hugo is dating Dimitri? :P

I guess we'll see if Dimitri says yes...

Oh, you've got nothing to worry about with Hugo leaving school... physically anyway.

Hugo has great taste. ;)

Oh, he will!

Yes! Digby's daughter!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne For the Best

9th September 2013:
Awww Nicholas!!! :D

What's his plan? What's he up to?

Aww he's throwing things and losing control! *hugs him*

I do like that Nicholas can go from throwing things to calm very quickly, that's a very good skill :P

Hehe Damian :P

Wow! Go Elijah! Haha that's some great sibling anger right there :P

Oh no, Teddy and Vic are getting a divorce!. although I may have already known :P

Those cheeky vampire councils and those cheeky Vegas's

And speaking of cheeky! Dimitri and Hugo definitely are!

I love Hugo and Dimitri! They're so awesome and cute together! I love them! :D I just want to squish them with hugs.

A wonderful chapter, Sam! I loved all of the information about the vampires that you've given in this chapter. I love learning about your vampires. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Nicholas! We love all Nicks! :P

His plan is... Shhh, I can't tell you that. He'll tell you soon enough. ;)

Aww, give him a hug... after he's calmed down, though. You don't want to be collateral damage.

It is. He's had a lot of practice.

He's very angry with Big Brother.

Haha. You can thank Mike. ;)

Vampire Councils and Vegas, making the world a... weirder place. :P

Yes! Very much so! But we love it! :D

They're amazing, I love them. I'm so glad you do to. *squishes*

For more information, you need only ask. ;)

Thank you so much!


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Review #3, by alicia and anne An Eventful Christmas

5th May 2013:
Yes tired Hugo! You need to tell your family!!
Hehe Hugo wolfed his food down and was called an animal! Brilliant!
Oh Skander, I will protect you from the people that want to kill you :D Aww bless him thinking that Dimitri will be out of their lives, he doesn't seem too happy about that.Uhoh Skander is not happy about this situation at all!
Okay Hugo if you put it like that, I would find it very difficult to tell my family too, that's a lot to take in!
Oh Hugo you intelligent guy you! If only you could use the spells.
Hehe Dimitri is in his garden! :D And Hugo you are definitely the damsel!
Hugo won't be embarassed by being caught in his sleep attire! :D
Yes! Yes they did celebrate Christmas :p
Yay! Hugo is accepting being a werewolf :D
And now he's hiding Dimitri behind the door hehe.
Charlie is such a drinker! :D It's how he's meant to be.
Oh no Louis is curious, I wonder if he'll buy that Hugo was just curious because of what was taught at school.
NO!! Damian's been stolen! And who is this Elijah? Will I love him? There's a high chance I will!
Another wonderful chapter my lovely!! :D

Author's Response: He really should... but not yet.

It was very symbolic. Haha!

Yes, you should protect Skander. Dimitri really doesn't like him. :P He can always dream.

It is.

Hugo would not agree with the damsel part, but he happy to see Dimitri in his garden.

Of course they celebrated Christmas. All night. ;)

Even vampires have to hide behind doors to keep from being seen sometimes.

I agree. Charlie is not complete without a drink.

Louis will not.

You will love Elijah. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Revelations

28th April 2013:
Oh no, Riley is in a mood, he seems so angry :-(
I'm glad that they're teaching the students about werewolves and vampires, they all really need to know more about it all.
I love Skander so much!! He's so great! He's the best thing that could have ever happened to Hugo. *nods* :D
Hugo really needs to tell his family soon, I'm worried that they're going to find out too late before something bad happens :-(
Dimitri's dreaming about Hugo? He definately loves him! No! Dimitri can't kill Skander, I won't let him! :D
I'm glad that he takes the train then so he doesn't, although Dimitri isn't happy about knowing Skanders gift.
Uh-oh Skanders given him an ultimatum.
Aww Hugo's only upset because Dimitri won't age :-(
YAY!!! They kissed!!! I'm so happy right now!!!
Awesome chapter! I can't wait for more chapters with them all loved up and kissing!!! AHHH!! SO much love!! :D

Author's Response: He's very angry. Don't mess with angry, vampire Riley. *hides*

They really do, to try and prevent what happened to Hugo. It's good to be prepared. Hugo wishes they'd done this earlier, not that it would have helped.

Skander is a very good friend to Hugo. :D

They'll know... eventually.

There's more to Dimitri's dreams than just love. Watch out for that... ;) You can keep Skander safe.

Yay, they kissed! Finally! Even with ultimatums and sadness. :D

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Review #5, by alicia and anne Moments of Honesty

3rd April 2013:
Yay! Logan Burns!! :D
Why is he an unregistered werewolf? I wonder who bit him and why he's hiding it from the ministry? Probably because of how people might treat him because of it?
I am loving the hatred between Teddy and Logan, it's so good to read! So entertaining.
Oh so they're his brother and sister? That would explain why he took them in.
I am loving the sassyness in your characters, they really like to annoy each other and see the other's reactions as though it entertains them. It entertains me a lot :D
I love that he's still annoyed by Louis! Haha Louis must have really got under his skin if he's in two stories annoyed by him :D hehe.
And Adam's is in this story! :D I love when things come up and I'm all "Hey that was in this story" and "That was in that story!" :D I love it!
Who is their dad? Is it Greyback? Could it be him? It would be so cool if it was!
Skander has an ability to snoop in peoples heads? That's so cool!
Uh-oh those lessons can't be good, I have a bad feeling that someone is going to notice something about Hugo. :S
But it's good that Teddy and Riley are the ones doing the Ministry talks.
Greyback has a plan? That can't be good at all.
And now there's another plan going on, this really can't be good at all! :-(
I patiently await the next chapter of this amazing story, which will be big so yay! :D

Author's Response: Woo! Logan! :D

Logan's life is one, big secret - only Tim, Bella and Bart know. Because of something more personal than people treating him badly.

It entertains me, too. :D

Maybe Louis is just annoying. ;)

Connections are awesome.

:O ...I'm not saying.

Plans everywhere, it's all very... big. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by alicia and anne Trust

3rd April 2013:
It's so strange that they've been after Hugo for three years, poor him he had no chance really at getting away from either of the sides.
Oh Hugo, he likes Dimitri :D I knew there had to be something else behind that kiss, unless this all developed since then?
Ooo Dimitri had to calm himself down after being around all those humans, ooo that could have ended differently.
Riley is a vampire? What? Did I completely overlook something earlier or is this entirely new information? Wow! I love it!
Aww look at Dimitri and Riley talking about feelings :D They're so cute!
:O Oh my god!! Teddy is going to give him some of his blood! :O That right there is love! He has got to love him!
That was really awesome how you wrote that the curse of the vampire is to not stop if they give in fully when taking a humans blood.
This was such a cool chapter!! :D I love seeing the vampires and now I am shipping Teddy and Riley so much even though they might only ever just be friends! But still I can dream :D

Author's Response: Nope. Never. This was always going to happen to Hugo, they were just waiting for the right time to turn him. Couldn't do it when he was thirteen, not ready.

Yes, Riley is a vampire. It makes him very good at his job. :P

Teddy and Riley... Dream. Mike made it real a while ago. :P Teddy is very trusting to give his blood to Riley, because of the 'curse'. I'm glad you like that.

LOGAN! I'll fangirl with you.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Feelings

3rd April 2013:
The 1001 review! As I totally missed review 1000 :D
I really like that Dimitri is thinking about Hugo and worrying about him, I think he's beginning to care for him more and more.
I love that Hugo is messing with his head and that poor Hugo is being blamed for many things happening to Dimitri :D Hugo is definately on Dimitris mind and I love it!
Zack doesn't like Teddy? I wonder why?
And what's up with Teddy? :-( Why are his eyes red?
So Hugo, Skander and Dimitri are all there, I hope that Dimitri and Skander get on with each other, or as well as Skander can get on with other people :D
And the bickering has started :D
I'm glad the transformation went a bit better for Hugo in that his friends could be there with him.
And now they know that Timothy is a werewolf.
I can't wait to read more of your wonderful story! I love it so much, mainly because it's got Hugo and Skander and werewolves and because you're an amazing writer :D

Author's Response: Woo! Congrats on reviewing so many! :D

He is, but don't tell him - he'll deny it. Maybe lash out. He's bad like that. And Hugo, also bad, always blamed. What's a boy to do? He'll be fine, Dimitri loves him. ;)

Zack doesn't like Teddy because Riley loves him and Teddy is married. Plus he thinks Ted is a bunch of not nice words.

Teddy is sad. You'll find out why in a few chapters.

Dimitri and Skander agree to not kill the other for Hugo. Beyond that, they're pretty much lost. I doubt they'll ever get on, not really.

Always. :P

I know, me too. I had to give Hugo his friends, I've already put him through so much and he will go through more. *Hugs Hugo*

Yep. Yay for werewolves!

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review!


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Review #8, by alicia and anne According to Plan

3rd April 2013:
Haha Lily hugged Skander? I would have loved to see his face!
Skander is definately the best friend for going with him and being there for him.
Mmm are the werewolves going to be the bad side in the war between the two? It must be bad if Skander doesn't want Hugo to go over to them.
I'm glad that Teddy won't say anything to the family until Hugo plucks up the courage to say something, but I don't think it'll be long until one of them works it out or finds out.
There's something with Skander? What could it be? Gah!!! He has a secret that I need to know!! :D
There's a lot going on at the moment and it's all focused on poor Hugo.
I can't wait to read more! and find out more about their plans for everything.
Another wonderful chapter hun! Not long to go until 1000 reviews!! :D

Author's Response: It was priceless. He was so shocked. :P

He really is. He may not have many, but Skander is loyal to his friends... Partly because said friend can extract revenge better than anyone, but that's beside the point. :P

The wolf pack that Timothy is part of is bad, very bad. Things will get very bloody if they meet the vampires.

Hmm... Might still be a while, Hugo is a very smart guy. The first to find out will do so in a very unexpected way... ;)

Oooh, you'll find out soon.

Yep, poor Hugo is right at the center of this... BUT... is he who they really want? ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne The Seer

3rd April 2013:
That's strange that Hugo didn't hear Skander appear, he's very sneaky then.
So he knows? I wonder if he was told or he worked it out? And he was worried about Hugo on the full moon, he must really care for him.
Oh so some guy told Skander? That can't be good, who was it? Timothy? Who is this mysterious Timothy? Mm?

Ahh the mysterious Timothy is a werewolf. I'm worried about everyone trying to take Hugo :-( I hope he's kept safe from harm.
Bella is a Seer? I am loving all of these new characters and their talents! :D

I got all happy to read that Dimitri is still thinking about Hugo kissing him, I hope that there's more soon! Hehe :D
I'm really worried about what could happen to Hugo and Teddy with both sides after them :-S I wonder who will make the first move?

Author's Response: Skander can be very sneaky. It helps when Hugo is distracted.

Skander is a very good friend to Hugo; he'll always care even when he doesn't who it. Yeah, he was told by Timothy. Timothy is quite important.

Yay, I'm glad you like Bella and her ability!

Haha! There will be.

Big things will happen to them both. :O

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #10, by alicia and anne Knowing Friends

3rd April 2013:
Uh-oh Riley has figured out that Hugo was bitten :-( I hope that's not bad for him. Although it might be if the vampires will be after him too.
Zack could be scary, well he is scary thinking about what he could do? I wouldn't want to make him angry.
Who could be following Riley? I'm worried that it'll be a new vampire?
Yay! Skander! :D But he's avoiding Hugo, that can't be good :-( especially if Hugo is worried about it, Skander has got to know about Hugo being a werewolf.
Ooo new characters in the next chapter! I love new characters :D and I'm really intrigued by werewolf plans so can't wait to read them :D

Author's Response: Yeah, Riley knows. And everything is only going to get bigger and badder. Especially with vampires after him, too.

Haha, no, don't make Zack angry.

Who's following Riley will come up eventually.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #11, by alicia and anne Attacks on Both Sides

3rd April 2013:
I just feel more sorry for Hugo after every chapter, He's been through so much and to do it practically alone is amazing. I'm still so glad that Dimitri is there as wsa Teddy, they're great people.
I love that you have him having symptoms before and after the full moon and have some traits of the werewolf present in him such as his temper.
I really want him to tell Lily! :( He's had perfect opportunities to :-( Oh Hugo, you need lots and lots of hugs!
Riley is very into his job, does he quite often get that sucked in?
So there are new vampires attacking? That's not good at all :-S
I hope that Teddy can get through to Hugo and make him talk to someone. I don't want him being so afraid anymore.

Author's Response: Hugo is strong, and even though he needs to tell his family (he has an even bigger reason not to now), it's good that he has Dimitri and Ted. Especially Dimitri.

The symptoms and traits will always be there, so it would be weird not to add them, I think. :)

Ah, can't tell Lily.

His job is very important.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #12, by alicia and anne The Full Moon

3rd April 2013:
Aww poor terrified Hugo, you've written his annoyance and terror at the prospect of a full moon very well, very well described. I liked how he was messing up his hair and rubbing his hands together as though for something to do.
He's so scared and I just want to hug him :-( *hugs Hugo* but I'm so glad that Teddy is helping him out and telling him what to do and where to go to be safe.

Oh Hugo :-( I really liked that Dimitri was there keeping an eye on Hugo.
I'm glad that it's comfortable around them now and that Dimitri will be there next time. I can't wait to see what happens between them now, especially after that kiss! :p
I hope that there's more kissing soon :D

Author's Response: I know, poor Hugo. Thank you, it was weird trying to write scared Hugo. Things rarely scare him. He'll be fine, though.

Ah, more kissing... Eventually. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #13, by alicia and anne A Stranger's Help

3rd April 2013:
Reading this story makes me want to write a werewolf story myself!
I really want Hugo to say something to his mum and dad, they can help him. I know he's worried but I don't want him to be alone through this :-(
Hugo can't not get smart with someone, he's a smart guy! But yay he found Dimitri I hope that he helps him.
I'm so glad that Hugo won't have to go through a full moon on his own now and that Dimitri will be around.
Poor Hugo.
I thought I was imagining Theo appearing in stories because I want to see him in every story but yay!! Theo!! :D What are they up to? Cheeky people!
I can't wait to see how Hugo manages his first full moon, it's going to be painful for sure.

Author's Response: Oh, my God, you should totally write a werewolf story. :D

He's not completely alone, but the family can't know yet.

He's very, very smart. It's both good and bad.

Haha, you definitely weren't imagining him.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #14, by MirandaTraveler He Knows

7th March 2013:
I am loving this story to bits! Very dark, an intriguing stranger, a werewolf bite and Teddy Lupin! I have a feeling this isn't the last of Dimitri we're gonna see, which is good cuz he's the most interesting character so far.

Author's Response: Nope, it's definitely not the last of Dimitri. I'm glad you like him. He's one of my favorites. :D

Thank you for reviewing.


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Review #15, by MirandaTraveler Man and Beast

7th March 2013:
Oh my gosh, I love it! A next gen werewolf story! This story is off to a REALLY great start, and I will definitely be reading more chapters! I loved your ending, I feel like Hugo and this other character (a vampire, I'm guessing from the red eyes?) are gonna complement each other nicely.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I. So glad that you like it. It's one of my absolute favorites to write! :D

Thank you for leaving a review.


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Review #16, by alicia and anne The Boy. The Wolf. The Trouble

27th February 2013:
So we know more about each side now. The werewolves are a little angry, that must be the wolf inside them :D
I wonder how they are all connected and if there's going to be a big fight between them all? I hope so :D

Author's Response: Yep, we more about a couple of sides. But not all sides. More to come. ;)

It's definitely the wolf's influence, that aggression, but there's more to it as well.

Oh, I can't for you to find out how everything will come together. :D

Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #17, by alicia and anne Promises

27th February 2013:
I love your chapter image! I use Hayden Christensen as one of my characters called Damian :D
Is Dimitri a vampire? This is so cool! A vampire and a werewolf!
I'm glad that Hugo finally told Teddy, that's better then noone knowing.
Wo is Hugo sensing? Is it Dimitri?
I'm really liking Hugo as a werewolf.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Hayden for Dimitri. He just so has that look that says he's a hot vampire. ;)

And, yep, he's a vampire. Two species coming together - it's so cool. :D

Hugo had to, but he feels better about doing so. Yeah, he senses Dimitri. Hugo is an awesome werewolf. I kinda want him to be on in all of my stories. Like Logan... I could make that happen. :P

Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #18, by alicia and anne He Knows

27th February 2013:
I really like the chapter images :D
Anyway, woo Hugo is okay, or as okay as he can be.
I wonder what the werewolfs are planning that involved Hugo and Teddy? And how Dimitri is involved?
No Teddy got hurt :-( Hugo really needs to tell someone about the bite :-(

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the chapter images.

He'll be fine, get stronger, more accepting. For now he's freaking out. We should give him a hug.

They're planning so etching big, both sides are, that's all I can say.

Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #19, by alicia and anne Man and Beast

27th February 2013:
Now that is a good opening chapter, I have so many question! Who is the other boy? I assume Dimitri? How did he kill the beast/werewolf? What will happen now?! Will Hugo be ok?
:D I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: So many questions. All I've either answered somewhere, or will be answered in the story at some point. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #20, by Roots in Water Man and Beast

7th December 2012:
Hello! Let me just say, before I begin this review, that even with your shortened list on your thread I still had a hard time choosing one story to read. They all sounded so good!

But I've chosen this one and I'm really glad that I did. You've created such a mysterious and intense atmosphere in very few words. I could easily picture Hugo's walk home like something out of a horror movie and the beast's arrival was sudden enough to make me jump.

The second part of the chapter was very intriguing as well. Who is this mysterious stranger who drove away the beast? Is he a werewolf? And just how serious are Hugo's wounds? Will they cause him to experience characteristics of the beast, just like a werewolf's bite turns a person into a werewolf?

I was a little confused, though, as to when Albus obtained the wound on his arm. Did it happen when the beast pushed him? I know he hit his head then but I wasn't sure if the impact of the beast on him would be enough to open a wound on his arm...

I also noticed a small typo: "lisence" should be spelt "license".

Your description for this chapter was fantastic and the amount of detail you managed to fit in about Hugo's life was great! It's interesting that he has muggle friends- that's something that I haven't seen very often with wizards/witches. And, from the small mention of Hugo's parents, it seems like they're acting just like I pictured they would as parents: stern yet comfortable with their children.

All in all I think that you're off to a great start with this story. I'm very interested in what will happen next- will the mysterious stranger take Hugo away, to help and heal him himself? Great work! :D

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you decided to pick this one. It's slow to finish, but actually one of my favorites to write.

A horror movie is definitely what I was imagining when I wrote this scene.

Ah, the mysterious stranger. He won't be mysterious for long, I promise. You will also find out about Hugo's bite soon.

Albus? I think you mean Hugo. He was knocked over because the wolf slammed into him as it got to his arm and bit him.

Well, since Hermione has Muggle grandparents and I assume they get to see their grandkids, it just made sense in my head that Hugo might have made Muggle friends while he was with them. Yes, that's how I see Ron and Hermione, too.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #21, by Remus The Boy. The Wolf. The Trouble

15th October 2012:
Mwahaha! I'm back for more! All day yesterday I was wondering about this story so now that I have time, I'm going to review a few more chapters. XD

The first thing I noticed about this chapter is the narrative feels a lot better. More description about what is going on, emotions. I can easily picture Dimitri chilling out in his bedroom while listening to Hugo's ipod. Haha! Great, great improvement!

I really liked the werewolf part! Donovan I'm guessing is the Alpha here.

Wha! Is Grayback alive here? Things just got interesting. For some odd reason I thought he would be dead or in Azkaban for being part of Voldemort's army. However, it just adds another layer to this mystery!

The only 'concern' I have is that you use semi-colons way too much. Haha, it almost feels like a semi-colon abuse. But other than that, grammar wise, everything is great.

Now for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Donovan is the second in commend. Their Alpha is not there yet, but most of them still consider him to be the Alpha.

I always think that Greyback ended up in Azkaban, and that's where he is now. Don goes to see him and tell him about the pack and what's going on. More on that soon enough... ;)

Thank you so much for your reviews and your CCs.


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Review #22, by Remus Promises

13th October 2012:
Woo! Back once more! :D

So, this Zack he like the Master of the vampire family? Is it a family? Hahaha Sorry I'm always full of questions. XD

He didn't know if it was his fears talking or if the urge for violence was a wolf thing. Aww, poor Hugo! I honestly think that it has got to be both, you know. the uncertainty he must feel and the werewolf part slowly taking over.

Just so you know, making Teddy a bit character in this story makes me happy! Hahaha, just for being Remus' kid he is one of my favorite Next Gen kids. Woah, is Teddy a werewolf or is he like Bill who has some werewolf trait but is not?

Aww, I hope Hugo tells Ron and Hermione and the rest of the family! Kinda sad for him to go through it alone. :(

Alright, now for a bit of CC:

You have a couple of grammar/spelling issues that I'm sure if you would read over the chapter you would see them. A couple of read throughs help a lot, trust me. XD My Beta kept finding silly mistakes that once I saw them I would feel bad. So now I read, re-read and read some more until I almost memorize the chapter before sending it to be Beta read. If you were to do that, you'll catch the small mistakes you have. For example:

werewolf devison of Control and Regulation--I'm pretty sure you meant 'division'


Sophia was stood waiting for him--it reads weird. If you were to take the 'was' out, it'll read so much better.

I really like how the second part with Hugo and Teddy the description you gave us. It gives the reader more of a setting than a blank slate and two characters talking. Description builds the scene. If you don't have a scene, you'll bore the reader. I would've liked to see that sort of description in the first part with Dimitri and Zack.

Time to read chapter 4 now! :D

Author's Response: Most vampires call themselves covens. Zack's is small and they don't consider themselves a coven, but a family. He kind of adopted Dimitri when he was turned, and Dimitri considers him a father.

Yeah, I'd definitely agree that it's both. And, yay, I love Teddy and I love when others love Teddy. He is awesome. Teddy is not a werewolf, he is like Bill only instead of being attacked, he was born with the traits.

Thank you so much. I really love and appreciate your CC. :)


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Review #23, by Remus He Knows

13th October 2012:
Back once more!

I'm not sure what to think of this Dimitri guy! Haha, is he one of the good guys, bad guys or does he have his own agenda of sorts? I really like how you made Hugo be confused as to what happened. Otherwise it would feel too Mary-Stu in my eyes. Its natural for someone to forget things right after the accident and slowly recollect the memories so the reaction felt very real to me.

Now the plot is starting to open up a little bit. And I still have questions! Haha! Which is good! I love it when authors slowly reveal the plot instead of giving it to us right off the bat. Takes the mystery behind things.

"Weasley?" he asked. Hugo nodded, confirming. "As in Harry Potter's nephew, Hugo Weasley. Ron Weasley's son." --How did he know that he was Ron's son? There are many Weasley children who are nephews to Harry.

Couple of things:
He found Ted sat on the couch--Sat to 'Sitting'

Higo remembered what Dimitri had told him-- Higo to Hugo. Small typo, happens to everyone.

Other than that, this was a great chapter! Now I want to know if he's going to tell Teddy!


Author's Response: Dimitri is complicated. He doesn't know what to do right now. He's the type to look after himself first, you could say, but who knows what'll happen? ;)

Dimitri knew he was Ron's son because off all the whispers he told Hugo he heard about him; he knows. More on those whispers soon enough. He heard that he was the Auror, Ron Weasley's, son and then knew that made him Harry Potter's nephew. It's not about Harry this time. :)

I've changed those mistakes.

Thank you so much for reviewing.


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Review #24, by Remus Man and Beast

13th October 2012:
Hey! Perelandra here from the forums! :D

This was definitely interesting. I've never really read a fic that centers around Vampires and Werewolves due to my dislike of Twilight but I figured I need to get over it due to the fact that not every Vampire/Werewolf story is like that. :)

Anyway! You definitely managed to build a bit of suspense. I know that this is just the first chapter but it would've been more suspenseful if you had added more details about the night. More to the creepiness factor. Does that make sense? O.o However, the narrative is great. You managed to pull me right into the story making me want to know what was going to happen to Hugo.

What I really like about this chapter is the switch of the POV! I wasn't expecting it and it added an extra layer of what was going on. And man, he just kills the werewolf, doesn't he? I'm guessing that he's a vampire, correct?

And poor Hugo! He doesn't think of anything. Doesn't panic and doesn't ask for help. It feels like he knew what happened to him and there's nothing to change his fate. Now I have lots of questions! Haha, better keep reading then!

Interesting start! On to chapter 2 :D

Author's Response: Hey. Finally able to answer your reviews. So sorry it's taken so long.

I understand that. My dislike of Twilight is why I was unsure about writing this, but I love vampires and werewolves and, thanks to my OF, I have my own versions of them. So I went for it anyway. :)

I'm glad you like the change in POV, I was unsure about that, but there are quite a few changes from a few characters, so it's needed. Yeah, he's a vampire and he just killed the werewolf. He had to, kill or be killed and all. :_

Hugo was losing blood and consciousness; I don't think he could ask if he wanted to. But, yay, questions. I love when people have questions.

Thank you for reviewing.


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Review #25, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Knowing Friends

9th June 2012:
Hugo! ARGH! How he is irritating me right now. I just want him to tell everyone, you know? But I feel like he won't because this might be bigger than what we really know, what he knows, what Dimitiri knows or Teddy knows. I know how the Potter-Weasley family is going to react, you know? They don't be happy but then you kind of threw that curveball in there about his friends.

What if his friends find out and everyone turns against him?! Poor Hugo!

Author's Response: Yeah, Hugo's secrecy can be irritating, it's one of those things he shouldn't do alone. But, from what Dimitri was able to tell him in the beginning, there are things that he can't even begin to explain. Also, he feels it's his life and his secret, until he has to he's kind of thinking it should be his choice to decide when people know.

But, yes, poor Hugo if people turn against him. :(

Thank you for reviewing.


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