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Review #1, by sharzamow Epilogue: Part Two

3rd November 2013:
And, once again, I've been drawn in by the utter fantasticness of one of your fics. I just, eep. I loved Starving Artists so much, and I'm a wee bit wary of sequels so I decided to tread carefully, but then I got to about the third chapter and I was like "oh, stuff it, this is fab" and I kept reading and loved every minute of it. It has a different feeling from Starving Artists - just a bit less crazy(well...aside from the coven...actually, it was still pretty crazy), a wee bit more angsty, etcetera - but it had such a lovely feeling, just as SA did. Like drinking tea. Which I always have to be doing, when I'm reading one of your fics, so it's a double-tea whammy.

I just adore Scorpius and Lucy so much. OTP right there, your Scorpius and Lucy. I've always been so utterly jealous of fanfiction writers who can make people really and seriously hardcore ship the relationships in their stories, because that's honestly the most difficult thing, in my opinion. And they just fit together, poor wimpy Scorpius and Lucy, massacred by lemons. It's so refreshing to see a really original couple in fanfiction - all the best-mates-y-ness and the banter and the weirdness and the clumsiness just make them so perfect. I really amn't fond of being bombarded with the slushy and the gushy and the deeply unrealistic and the bloke with the six-pack and the swooning heroine (much like what Lucy was trying to write) - it's so undeniably cool to come across a wimpy yet utterly fanciable Scorpius Malfoy who falls about the place all the time and dithers a bit and a rebellious and student-y Lucy who generally has a bit more of a cool factor than her boyfriend. Except for when Scorpius had his hero moment and saved them from the Coven. That was hilarious. And fairly impressive.

The tackling of the issue of growing up and leaving student life behind and the difficulties of all of that and juggling jobs and the lack of money and the living in a pokey flat - I loved it. It's pretty tempting, I think, as a writer, to keep your couple all happy-slappy and loved up and financially able but this was so much more true to life, and interesting, and it showed the fact that even though a couple can have issues and hard times that it can still work out, and even though adulthood can involve slogging at three jobs and being frustrated and washing the dishes, it can also be fairly fab.

I loved the return of Rose! Funnily enough, I've found myself very fond of her. She's a fantastic character. Still a bit scary, but I like the fact that she's chilled out a bit, seems to be working towards not being so...excitable. For lack of a stronger word. And I love that Lucy has started to consider her as a mate. Fantastic. I wish there was more Molly in this, though, just because I think Molly's utterly fantastic! But in fairness it would've been difficult to fit her in, and sometimes the sparing use of characters is better. Al's cameo had me grinning like a fool. I do love Al.

And Gwen and Tarquin were brilliant as always. Those two are ingenious and fantastic and hilarious, as per, and I love their antics, and the fact that they just sort of pop around and then send Lettuce on his merry way down to see them, and the fact that they wind Call-Me-Mary-Sue up and...yeah. Scorpius, Lucy, Tarquin and Gwen; ultimate OT4. Can definitely imagine them all in Lucy and Scorpius' house ten years from now bantering and arguing and Scorpius trying to shield his and Lucy's kid's ears from Tarquin's foul mouth. And also try and get him off the topic of all of the antics they pulled, and whatnot. God, I just imagined Scorpius as a father - bless his cotton socks. Adorable. I just know he'll be a waaay better father than Draco ever was and that fills me with happiness and warms me inside.

And so, seeing as I've gotten on to it - Lucy! Preggers! Wow! Actually was not expecting that. But I love it. And I love how cool Scorpius was with it - I half-expected him to panic and flap and poke himself in the eye but maybe that'll happen when the baby's actually born and bawling for no apparent reason. Either way, I'm so glad that Scorpius reacted the way he did, and that he and Lucy have decided that having a vegetable patch and a non-student-y life is a-okay.

And Lucy giving off to the Scary Editor Lady - spot-on. I was glad of that, that Lucy decided not to write something that had no relevance to her, that didn't sit write with her, etc, etc. I do love Lucy's little rants. I just love Lucy to bits - it's such a joy to read from her perspective, I have to commend you so highly on that, because I think writing from first-person perspective is so blimming difficult! Whenever I write it it comes out as clunky and the character as seriously unlikable, but Lucy is adorable and brave and cool and a bit hopeless and pathetic at times but also spunky and knows herself - to an extent - and hilarious and interesting.

Anyways, yeah. Fantastic. Just a really fantastic, funny, heart-warming, interesting story, with a bunch of characters I want to squoosh. And Lettuce! I almost forgot! He was brillo. Really fantastic. So chuffed he came back, in all his sparkly glory.

Author's Response: ♥ you are so lovely ♥

I'm so glad you liked the sequel! Eh, I agree, sequels are a bit 'eh' and I've often regretted writing this. I rewrote the whole thing last summer because, to borrow a word from a Wes Anderson movie, the first draft was a bit of a clustercuss, and I'm still kinda iffy about this version. So it's uplifting to hear nice things about it! Awh, yeah, Lucy and Scorpius are 1000% my OTP and I got so caught up in their relationship writing this. By the time I started writing this fic, I'd had both of them chilling in my head for a while and I felt like I knew them as characters completely, which I think leant to the angstiness of this. Scorpius has a pretty miserable past especially (I have a one-shot called 'Calling' which isn't explicitly linked to this storyverse, but focuses on his relationship with his parents). Also, I think a lot of the ~angst~ and ~issues~ in this came from the fact that, during the time it took me to write this, I a) got kicked out of home b) worked way too much overtime at a minimum-wage job and lost my soul in the process c) started art school and realised I was haemorrhaging money on tuition and art supplies d) had the police showing up at my art school flat sporadically because my flatmate was fond of hard drugs. So I sort of took it all out on this fic. Angst up to eleven!! Thankfully life has improved tenfold by then and I'm writing, well, slightly happier things.

Eee! A Rose fan :3 I actually really like Rose too. I wrote bits of myself into her, she's definitely an exaggeration of my worst features as a person (hello, neuroticism). I felt I had to atone for mistreating her in the original story somehow, hence her and Lucy making up and becoming friends. I think she'd always stay close friends with Scorpius, though. Like, Lucy is the love of his life and a rock, but Rose would be his closest friend and they'd meet up to natter and whinge about life now and again. I can never decide whether I meant for Rose to end up with Prentice or just be single and lovin' life forever, I guess that's up to you. FYI Gwen and Tarquin are definitely partners in crime for life.

I know, weird ending, right?? I didn't mean it to end like this originally. I sat down a while ago and worked out what I would write about if I wrote a sequel to this, and I figured out that - angst time - they don't actually have a child for another few years, not until their 30s. Also, Scorpius becomes an art teacher and has to go incognito to work in muggle schools (which is okay, because he's crap at magic). Lucy writes pulp horror novels and gets crowned 'Goddess of Gore' in a Daily Prophet poll. Draco nearly has a heart attack when he realises his son has married a girl who earns money by writing about zombie apocalypses. Percy nearly has a heart attack when he realises his daughter is married to a guy who teaches art to muggles. Astoria and Audrey bond by complaining about their husbands.

Oookay that was a long and needless explanation. Anyway! Thank you so, so much for your reviews ♥ ♥ ♥ it's been so nice hearing your thoughts and you've put a massive smile on my face. Thank you!!

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Review #2, by Sam Epilogue: Part Two

31st July 2013:
Hello there, ce sont les petits choses from ff . net here; figured I should leave the review here since you've finished posting the stories here :) anyway...
I am absolutely in love with this pairing, and there really is only a handful of stories out there that are worth all-nighters just so I can finish them. (to summarize: Lucy/Scorpius rules all and I'm sleep deprived because of it.) The characterizations of all characters were awesome and very multi-faceted, not to mention hilarious to laugh at. You did really well highlighting the little moments in their lives and didn't smother the readers with chapters upon chapters of pure fluff, which I am very grateful for (it's the little moments, you know?). Also very glad that each character had grown very gradually thoughout the series (like Scorpius' tea making skills). Anyway, thank you for your humorous storylines, the time you spent writing the fics and lastly, for expanding my knowledge of Scottish/English vocab (had no idea what anoraks were...)! Really well written :)

Author's Response: Hi! Argh, I'm so sorry how slow the updates are over at ff. net - transferring them over there is surprisingly time consuming, and every time I think I've got an evening spare to do it, something comes up! Once my contract at work finishes in September I can hopefully update again, I feel really bad about how neglected my ff. net account is!

Wow, that's so flattering to hear! I mean, well, you should be getting your sleep, but I'm glad you thought this fic good enough to stay up all night for! I have to admit that it was a little hard to /not/ make this wall-to-wall fluff...I try...

Thank you so, so much for this lovely review, and for coming all the way to HPFF to leave it! :) ♥

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Review #3, by KitKat An Abundance of Tartan

24th July 2013:
I love thistle do nicely! Although it has closed down :(
Anyways this story is fabby!

Author's Response: Whit?!? It shut down? I never even realised! I weep one thousand tears for the loss of one of the capital's finest puns.

Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #4, by Rilla the Reader Escapism, Miss Weasley

18th May 2013:
This is a fabby story! Squee! I love all your stories and read them sporadically and randomly and out of order. Oh well ;)
Lucy is my heroine and Scorpy is a doll. Seriously, if he was real I would kidnap him and keep him in my basement. Not to be Rose-like in any way of course.
Al is a mental health doctor?! Of course. He has Rose and Lucy for cousins, the doily loving duo of Percy and Audrey for an aunt and uncle, and Scorpius for a friend.
I only caught one typo in the whole thing, and that was because I thought it was an amusing one:
"All she did was turn up and wave her wand at our suitcase and, viola, in a short matter of days, wed managed to fit the contents of our entire flat into it"
I'm pretty sure that "viola" should be "voila" but knowing you, the word choice there could have some deep, existential, Brooding-Nameless-Barry-esque meaning that is unknown to an ignorant reader like myself.
Ciao and love muffins to you *squish*

Author's Response: Awh, thank you so much!

Yes! Al is loosely based on my own cousin, who recently qualified as a mental health nurse, so the job seemed fitting! I really wish I had more time to write about Albus' character and the job itself, but this story's probably long enough already...I'm rewriting it at the moment, so I'll see what I can do!

Baha, trust me to make a typo like that. Like I said, I'm in the process of rewriting (I'm about 3/4 through!), but even my edits aren't proofread right. I'll do another basic proofread after I've rewritten to catch all the silly mistakes like that. Thank you for pointing it out!

Anyhow. Thank you for the lovely review, and I hope you like the rest of this story, even if it is still half-finished! ♥

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Review #5, by anneka Epilogue: Part Two

8th May 2013:
I love this so so so much. You're a fantastic writer and so versatile - you can write humour and angst with equal flair and skill. Very impressed by the whole story; it's wonderfully entertaining and engaging.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's such a kind thing to say :3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for leaving such a lovely review! ♥

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Review #6, by ohmymerlin A Bad Feeling About This

29th April 2013:
I saw this chapter didn't have any reviews so I thought I'd give it one. :D

I just wanted to let you know that as soon as I finished Starving Artists, I rushed (well, 'rushed' is used loosely; my Internet sucks) to get this open.

I really like your Lucy and Scorpius, and I LOVE your style of writing. It's just so nice and lovely.

I loved the cupboard gremlin, and the lady's name. I can't remember it, Euphemeria Flitting or something? Very original. :p

Lucy and Scorpius are just so adorable omg, I can't wait to read more about them! :D

10/10! :D

Author's Response: I'm so so happy you're reading this but STTOOOP THERE I'M STIIILL REWRITING THIIIS AAAH PANIIC

Regardless, glad you like it, haha! Once gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to continue reading (and by 'once gotham is in ashes', I mean, 'once I have finished rewriting')

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #7, by iatevoldysnose Epilogue: Part Two

20th April 2013:
ACK! This is such an AMAZAYN story! Love it so so much! Thank you for writing it and I have really enjoyed it. It's so original and wonderful. :)

Hope to read more of your writing:)


Author's Response: Awh, I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you so, so much for all your reviews - it's been a real pleasure to hear your thoughts on the stories. Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by iatevoldysnose Hangovers and Hypotheticals

20th April 2013:
Aww...Scorp doesn't want to get married...this is awkward... Haha

Anyway, nice chapter and love Tarks and Gwen:) I missed them :) they sort of brighten up my day you know?


Author's Response: He shares my views on the matter...he's just as cynical as I am ;D

Awh! That's really sweet :3 Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #9, by iatevoldysnose Burns Night

20th April 2013:
Hahaha the Burns Dinner was funny :)
So much drinking for Lu and Call-Me Mary-Sue:))
Nice chapter


Author's Response: Being Scottish, I can testify that we do a lot of drinking in this country - Lucy is sticking by the 'when in New New Elgin, do as the New New Elginers' policy ;D

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #10, by iatevoldysnose The Coven (reprise)

20th April 2013:
Wow. I siriusly did NOT expect that...the coven wow.
That was an intense chappie and really enjoyed it... :)

And I'm glad they have a cat now...I'm a dog person but I'm glad ;) Andrew socks now has a home:)


Author's Response: Personally, I'm a cat /and/ dog person. I think I just like cuddling things.

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #11, by iatevoldysnose The Tripwire of Reality

20th April 2013:
Aghh! Omg what happened?! That was such a good chapter...I don't mind angst makes a story interesting but cliffhangers are just a no-no. :) love the chapter though...
I have a feeling that Mary-Sue has something to do with this...idk but its just all happening so fast(not that that's a bad thing).

Just want to let you know that I really love this story! It's so awesome:))


Author's Response: Hehe, you'll find out! Ooh, love me a cliffhanger. Especially an angsty cliffhanger!

Thank you so much! Your reviews are really appreciated, they've put a smile on my face ♥

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Review #12, by iatevoldysnose Post-Apocalyptic Romance

20th April 2013:
That meeting went...quite well haha:) Thank god Murdoch was there...otherwise Lu might have been bored out of her mind...


Author's Response: Hehe, yes! Ahh, unfortunately, Murdoch is getting written out of this chapter in the current rewrite because I ended up deleting the prequel where his character was so important :P

Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #13, by iatevoldysnose Living In Sin

10th April 2013:
Naww! That was such a cute chapter...
Christmas is always such a moce time of the year:)
I'm so glad that Molly has a good bf...I mean fiance
DOES THIS MEAN LU WILL BE GETTIN MARRIED SOON? exciting and I can't wait for Gwen and Tarks:)


Author's Response: My lips are sealed!

Thanks for reviewing :) ♥

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Review #14, by iatevoldysnose An Abundance of Tartan

9th April 2013:
I loved this chapter;) so much happening! Idk whether its just me, but I have a feeling that Scorp isn't spending that much time at home with Lu...or mb that's because I just wat drama...I'm a drama lover ahaha...but yeh I think they aren't that many times when they actually are talking properly...
Like its just my opinion, but I think Scorp and Lu are sort of drifting apart...well not really idk how to explain what I mean so sorry but I sort of mean that everything is so hectic and that there's nothing really happening between them, you get me?

I always knew Mary-Sue was hiding something...hehe

Well anyway I loved this chapter and can't wait until I read the next one:)


Author's Response: Awh! I am also a drama lover, hee~ I'm working on this aspect a bit more in my current rewrite, but, yeah, you'd be slightly correct in your estimations about them drifting apart a bit.

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #15, by iatevoldysnose Anoraks and Fluttery Eyelashes

9th April 2013:
AHAHAHAHA! When Scorp got the page wrong, and said he wanted to try omg hilarious
Then he actually reads what Lu meant and his reaction...omg epicness
Hahaha im glad that Scorp is happy:) Puns are obv his thing punny:)

Naw haha Gwen and Tark are so funny haha and Lu and Scorp are so cute:) Scorp is all flirty and stuff its adorable. Its just weird that they are always early the prequel to this, they were always late haha times change:)

Omg and the idea for the book...epic! Scorp is so oblivious sometimes...Does Mary-Sue have something wrong with her eyes? haha and yes, I think Scorp would be a very good Bernice and Lu would be a very good Ivan.

And loved the part about the pouting like a duck:)


OH NO SHE DIDNT! *clicking in Z formation*

And I dont think this chapter was lame at all dont worry...

YES! Scopr gets to be the hero! HURRAH HURRAH! Hope that comes soon...and I wish Gwen and Tark would come already!

Author's Response: Poor Scorpius, all he wants is to do DIY!

Writing flirty Scorpius is a wee bit fun. And I had to justify him being sorted into Slytherin /somehow/...even if it's just giving him minor devious flirt tendencies, hehee.

Despite that, he's also a bit naive. Hence 'is there something up with her eyes...?'

HA ♥ snapping your fingers in a z form-a-tion. Sassy!

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #16, by iatevoldysnose The Keeper and the Seeker

9th April 2013:
OMG midget wildebeasts:) i cracked up at that!
I suspect Mary-Sue! Maybe im unknowingly or secretly a person from New New Elgin...YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT MWAHAHAHAH!
haha sorry about that...but I actually do think that there's something weird going on...I mean 3 new people in two weeks? If thats not suspicious, then idk what is. And I know all the Jeans and Kevin and the rest will agree with me:)

Scorpius is just so cute and adorable and just just just oh idk how to describe.anyway i think you get the point

ACK! They want her to write smut? I sort of thought that would happen, but I really didnt know haha...but still ACK!


Author's Response: You may be on to something! Or you may not be. I'm not giving anything away ;D

Hee. I think writing smut is a rite of passage for most writers, but especially those of us who write fanfiction - have you ever /seen/ fanfiction .net?

Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #17, by iatevoldysnose A Duck in the Pint

9th April 2013:
OMG haha they joined a band...I was just wondering whether this band will turn out better than the one Scorp was in last time (omg I cant remember the name of it:()...I guess im just gonna have to read the next chappie oh no! (haha just kidding i love this)
Love this story so much! Its so unique and crazy and weird and fab and funny and hilarious and just so asdfghjkl!

Cant wait to read the next one...


Author's Response: I think any band is going to be better than Screaming Bloodthirsty Disco :P

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Your reviews are fantastic :3 ♥

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Review #18, by iatevoldysnose The Coven

9th April 2013:
Gwendiferous and Tarks are awesome as nicknames:) so are Tarkatron and Lucille and Gwendatron haha
I had wanted Gwendolyn/Raven and Tarquin to get together in Starving Artists, and im glad they are now:)Nice Chapter!


Author's Response: Hee, I did sense that theirs was a fairly popular ship. Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #19, by iatevoldysnose Elgin Regrets

9th April 2013:
Gremlin-free at last!
The Drookit Duck is a nice name for a pub haha. Its so weird that there are 5 Jeans (or Jeanies)...and it would be so weird if the top was actually meant to say Elgin Regrets haha
Everyone in the town seems a bit weird...they are all oddballs hehe

I like this story because even though there isnt much drama etc right now, the story isnt boring at all...there is just so much retardedness (dont mean to dis your writing if your offended...I like retardedness) and so much of what i love about Lucy and Scorp:)

Going to read the next chapter now:)


Author's Response: Sadly, I can't claim to have come up with the pub name by myself - I based it on a pub I know called The Drookit Dug~

Seriously, if you think having five Jeans is weird, you should meet my family. Four Jeans, five Marys, three Roberts, two Hughs, about seven Maries...the perks of having a massive Scottish family.

Ah, glad you're enjoying it! Thank you so much for reviewing ♥

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Review #20, by iatevoldysnose Escapism, Miss Weasley

9th April 2013:
Omg haha...I blame London:)
Euphemia Flitter seems like an odd character haha...naw! I want a cuddly lochness monster plushie...New New Elgin is such a weird name...does it actually exist? It seems like just the place for Lucy and Scorp:)
I just find it a bit weird that the lady would ask randoms to watch her shop hehe

Next chapter here i come


Author's Response: I've finally started to rewrite this story, so I've just realised that some of your comments in reviews might make little sense now XD I've taken out the 'I blame London' line, but in retrospect, maybe I should have kept it in!

New New Elgin itself doesn't exist, but Elgin does! When I was researching the area (I always planned for them to live in a separate magical community, but I still did my research, haha) I found out there's an area of Elgin called 'New Elgin' so...New New Elgin it is.

Ah, sorry you find it odd! It's just that it's a small community - if she can see the shop from the phone box, it'd be ok~

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #21, by iatevoldysnose The Dartboard of Destiny

9th April 2013:

WOOHOO! This sequel seems to be really good:) I really like this chapter and its so crazy and I can sort of relate to them (not in how they throw darts to determine where they are gonna live though haha).
They are so hilarious!
"We have to move"
He took a cautious step to the side.
"Well..." he said. "I moved"
"Not like that you dolt"

Omg that has to be my favourite part of the chapter:)

I really like the title of the story...Weather for Ducks...It suits it and just reminds me of the whole "We Are Ducks, Not Frogs" conversation from Starving Artists :)

I absolutely love this pairing and I just wanted to let you know that it was because of your wonderful writing skills:)

Well...Im going to keep reading:)

Peace out


Author's Response: :3 writing Lucy/Scorp fluff is rather fun, I'll admit.

Weather for Ducks is actually my favourite title out of everything I've written - I think someone said 'it's nice weather for ducks' to me in a conversation once and I felt like my head had exploded as I realised it was the perfect title for my sequel.

Awh, thank you so much for saying that! You're really very kind ♥

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Review #22, by heartjily4ever Epilogue: Part Two

10th February 2013:
AH I love this seriously, it's the best. You're an awesome writer.
Just wanna, you captured the spirit of Scotland really well. I actually live in Scotland as well.
Dundee actually, and I also used to live in Manchester.
It was nice to read a story set up here in Scotland. You don't get many of those, probably because of all the rain.
People quite like to write about sunnyness.
So yeah, awesome story, got to read more of your work :D
Sad it's over
I'm gonna go now :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Eep, haha, hope you don't mind my casual jibe at Dundee in chapter one :L I have a bit of a vendetta against Dundee ever since the DJCAD fouled up my art school application and rejected me without even having seen my portfolio~

But, yep, it was dead good fun writing a story set in my homeland! I don't live there anymore, but I'm from the North East and I'd wanted to write a story set in that vague area for ages.

Conversely, I hate writing about sunnyness. I love the rain.

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #23, by justonemorefic The Keeper and the Seeker

2nd January 2013:
baww Scorpius, a workaholic. You are a bad artist. You need more cat poetry days.
hehehehe. That is such an artist way of looking at jobs, it is like the most arteesty way, srsly.

Scorpius's insistence as he's all You know I like puns ♥

ACCIO LOVE IS MY FAVORITE. I also read that as Indecents at the Apothecary and squinted.

Always judge a book by its cover, Lucy. Always. If it's got muscley torsos Photoshopped on, that is not a book you want to read.

I still remember the last time Scorpius had an encounter with small children. Scorpius did not come out as the winner.

OMG LOL THE SRSNESS. "WE HAVE TO GO THERE. NOW." Now that they're in on it I expect this to be 10x lulzier. TO THE DUCK. My dreams are a getting wee bit closer with every exclamation.

lolol scorpo and lucy's thought are like my own rambly ones. I approve.


also the last line just about killed me even though I knew it was coming. haaa.

Author's Response: but 100% crack!

waaa, this is why I had an epiphany midway through writing the prequel that made me want to throw said prequel in the bin and change all my canon. Lucy's the Hufflepuff and he's the Slytherin, but she's the mildly cunning one and he's the loyal, hardworking one. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SWAPPED.

Indecents at the Apothecary would actually work in this context.

idk I just /midget wildebeest/ but, yes. Scorpius and children. one big prancing octopus 'nope nope nope' there.

to the duckmobile!

triple rainbow! all the way across the sky!

heee. thank you for reposting dear ♥

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Review #24, by Fawkes394 Epilogue: Part Two

27th December 2012:
Loved every bit of both stories. Really. I will miss all the weirdness (in the good way) of this story, Lucy's metaphors about life, Gwen and Tarquin, Scorpius and his ability to be awkward all the time and even Lettuce's sequins. And I loved the end, it wasn't the usual mixture of corniness and unrealitiness, it was perfect : )

Author's Response: thank you so much! heee, I did worry that the ending was a little corny, so I'm glad to hear you liked it ♥

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Review #25, by Hedwig_Pie The Keeper and the Seeker

21st December 2012:
oh god, this is hilarious. lucy and scorpius are so cute ! im really glad you decided to write a sequel to starving artists, and this story definetly lives up to it's prequel :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

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