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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione You & Me

27th July 2012:
Oh, wow! This is a great piece, it really is!
I think you have the characterisation's spot on, especially the part with Ron - "He breathed a sigh of relief; at least she hadnít changed her mind about her feelings for him recently." I could totally imagine him thinking that!
The emotion in this is great and you really feel happy for them, I'm adding to my favourites because (as I said before) this is a great piece! :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! I'm so glad that you liked it!
Thanks for the review!
~cb ")

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Review #2, by Owlpost68 You & Me

30th June 2012:
haha, so the idea was really waiting to be "dawn" upon, rather than "drawn" :P ok, so besides my pathetic joke this was lovely :) I love that Ron was sweet, and still nervous so it didn't make all his planning seem OOC at all. Really, if you're going to propose to Hermione, it makes sense to have it so planned out lol, it's exactly how she'd want it :) really great job, the imagery was there, making it all real, and lovely.

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much! I appreciated your joke, haha. I really should learn to actually read over my author's note... *sighs* I'm too lazy.

Thanks for the lovely review fellow Gryffie!
~cb ")

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Review #3, by JennaWeasley You & Me

27th January 2012:
I love it. It's my favorite

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
~cb ")

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Review #4, by RosieQueen You & Me

26th November 2011:
That was beautiful! So lovely! Lol, "How do you know I didn't make it?"
Beautiful and so romantic! 10/10!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! I really love Ron/Hermione :)

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Review #5, by dreamer13 You & Me

23rd November 2011:
really sweet, nice writing, and i love how romantic ron is! very cute! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by ariellem You & Me

16th November 2011:
We belong together...Hermione. :) I LOVE this song! I LOVE this one-shot! Keep up the good work! :) :)

Author's Response: Awww thanks so much! I love that song, too!

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Review #7, by Cassie You & Me

12th November 2011:
Aw this was cute!
By the end of it, I had the most goofiest grin on my face and my family were looking at me like I was crazy..
But, that's okay. It was all worth it because this was fantastic :)

Author's Response: Well thanks so much! :D I always have goofy grins on my face whenever I read anything Ron-Hermione, haha

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Review #8, by princess052099 You & Me

8th November 2011:
I love the beautiful scene. I am a major fan of sunrises, so you can imagine how I felt about this story. If some dude went through all this trouble to propose to me, I'd say yes too!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. And if someone went through any trouble to propose to me, I'd definitely say yes too, haha

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Review #9, by The Wizard of Potterland You & Me

6th November 2011:
It was a great story :) And the song really went with it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It's one of my favourite songs :)

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Review #10, by peace2lovepotter You & Me

30th October 2011:
Aw, this was so cute! I love Ronmione, their my favourite ship! Please write more on them! :) xxx

Author's Response: Thank so much ") They're my favourite HP couple as well. And if inspiration strikes me, I might just write more

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