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Review #1, by Alex Prologue

2nd August 2005:
Oh jeez...UPDATE!

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Review #2, by QueenofAttolia Prologue

10th January 2005:
Great start to the story. Continue soon :D

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Review #3, by rayray Prologue

23rd October 2004:
whoo this fanfics bloody brillient write some more quick please love rachel

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Review #4, by potterbabe Prologue

23rd September 2004:
Maybe it's just me but this story doesn't interest me. In the reviews you preach about sex is a sin but you don't mind putting curse words in. Also the grammer and spelling is way off. A beta reader can help with that if you're having trouble.

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Review #5, by allylou Prologue

11th July 2004:
oooh, this is good! you should definitely continue!

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Review #6, by paige Prologue

30th June 2004:
hurry! write, write, write! what's the punishment? the story's good so far!

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Review #7, by elliece Prologue

15th June 2004:
i like it but it needs more awesome so far

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Review #8, by

4th May 2004:

t'is okay

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Review #9, by devon Prologue

13th April 2004:
there are no sex scenes, sorry but that is what i like, well it was good writing

Author's Response: Good lord, I'm not in to sex scenes. I can't believe that someone would review like that. Some of the best writing has come from fics w/o sex scenes. Did you know that's a sin? To read sex scenes and to actually LIKE them? *shakes head* I can't believe you. No one in their right mind reviews like that. I hope you rot in hell. *sarcastic smile*

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