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Review #1, by Regulus_Black Mermaid Tears and Broken Butts

7th September 2016:
Love this story, random but I had a bruised tailbone so I feel her pain lol

Author's Response: I have had a bruised tailbone too! So the description of the pain was far too accurate ;)

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Review #2, by aisling cotter Valentine's Day

2nd May 2016:
I have read this so many times and it is amazing please write a sequal soon

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed this! The sequel idea kind of got put on the back burner, but I'm thinking of taking it back out and figuring out what to do with it!


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Review #3, by aisling cotter Valentine's Day

21st April 2016:
OMGG THIS WAS AMAZING please do a seque soon I really really really want one

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! The sequel kind of got put on the back-burner since I really wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with it, but I "might" take it up soon ;)


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Review #4, by anon Gryffindor's Insane Girl

22nd March 2016:
I forgot how mean Lenny was :/

Author's Response: Yeah I tend to forget about what Lenny was like at the beginning of the series... but Sirius used to be pretty nasty too!

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Review #5, by JeanSyrotS Crazy L.C.

5th February 2016:
Laughing like crazy at how funny this is. So perfectly awkward !

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed reading! Check out my other stuff if you liked this!

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Review #6, by Shay_Gryff Valentine's Day

4th January 2016:
Hello! Lovely story! It's been so long since I've read a humorous Marauders fic and I'm so happy I stumbled across this one. Great job!

You had a few continuity errors. One of the main ones (at least in my opinion) was that Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday. If there's a way for you to edit that in the future, I would also recommend it. There was also one point where someone called Lenny a chaser, and I believe she is the keeper.

Other than that, great job!
- Shay

Author's Response: This story was definitely written in a time when I didn't pay very close attention to details. I was rather pregnant and on bed rest :D But yes, I definitely stupidly included Thanksgiving in there! I really should go back and re-read this story to fix those details. Thank you for the help!


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Review #7, by Moony Valentine's Day

30th January 2015:
Sorry for barley reviewing! I'm just not very good at writing reviews and I'm always eager to get to the next chapter :P
Anyways, this was an amazing fanfic! Lenora was such a wonderful and amusing character. It was so easy to love her. This story had a great humor to it as well as the amazing romance scenes. Lenny and Sirius truly are the perfect couple. I'm excited yet nervous about the sequel. I trust that it will be great but it would be so sad to see Lenny and Sirius suffer but that somehow seems inevitable (what with the dark lord rising and all). This was one of my favorites and I can't wait to read your other stories :)

Author's Response: I am one to just hit the next button without hesitation as well, so don't you worry. As long as I know you are there and you are reading, it will make my day all that more easier and make my writing all that more enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading it all!


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Review #8, by Moony Mother Nature has a Crush

24th January 2015:
Oh my god, I don't know how you think of this stuff. I absolutely love Lenny. Her mind is such an amusing place. This truly is one of the funniest fanfictions I've read. Great job!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you gave this story a chance! I'm also very very flattered that you are speaking so highly of this story. Thank you so much!!


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Review #9, by Moony Gryffindor's Insane Girl

24th January 2015:
I really love this story and I think Lenny is hilarious. I have just one piece of criticism. The introduction to the story sounds unnatural. More specifically the part where Lenora says to imagine the story in a british accent. It's like if you read a story where the main character asked you to imagine her voice in an American accent. It honestly put me off this fanfiction for a while but once I got past that and started to read the story I realized that you are actually a great writer! I do love this story and I think the idea of an intro is good but I think it would be better if it sounded more natural.

Author's Response: I may be in the process of re-writing a few things. I may have written this story when I was a bit younger and took it and updated bits a pieces. I really should go back in and fix it better. ;)


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Review #10, by NightHunterDeath Valentine's Day

3rd January 2015: happened after Sirius got sent to Azkaban? Like did she die while he was in there? Or did something else happen that broke them up? Did they meet after he got out of prison? What? If you plan to make a sequel, or if you even have an idea, please tell me. I'm a type of person with questions about others wouldn't ask, while others ask the most oblivious questions. Or maybe its the other way around?

Author's Response: I am a question person myself! I never like to leave things hanging. I am actually not writing a sequel to Letters to L.C, but I will be writing a prologue to the series so my readers can know what happened to everyone (warning: it won't be as happy, go-lucky as you have seen in this story). I am in the process of... well... figuring out how to start it ;)


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Review #11, by NightHunterDeath Home not Home

3rd January 2015:
Yes!! You should do it more often!! I love Sirius' point of view!! Even more than sad!Lenny! Please keep Siruis' POV in mind from now on, its great and it paints Lenny in a good light since she always thinks she's not good enough. Please update soon! I really like how you write :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked his POV! Sirius is pretty fun to write, I must admit.


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Review #12, by lolnaina Gryffindor's Insane Girl

29th September 2014:
So relatable! I laughed real hard causing my sister to think I was demented. :(
Love it!

loony goony (actual nickname)

Author's Response: My sisters thought I was a little strange as well. We all can relate to Lenny in some way or another ;)


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Review #13, by K Valentine's Day

16th August 2014:
I'm sorry I never review! I just read your stories so fast. In a binge read. I love your writing so much!! I read the Falcons story (I'm currently waiting to start the sequel since I'm bad at keeping up with them) and obviously just finished this one. I loved it. I get so connected to the characters. You do a great job of making them all relatable. Even the characters I didn't like I recognized from my own life (Ludo I'm looking at you). I'm going to go read another one of your stories so TTFN!!


Author's Response: I am a chronic binge reader myself, so I definitely understand what its like to just keeping hitting the next button! Ludo is an arrogant jerk and I'm glad I got to give him some beatings from Sirius ;)


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Review #14, by gigi Protego

26th July 2014:
He really had no clue! I was really hoping he was pretending all along. And Lenny is supposed to be the nutter here?

Author's Response: Sirius is a little different in his own way as well ;). In the sequel (which I swear I will post eventually), Sirius tells us why he never thought it was Lenny.


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Review #15, by gigi The Hospital Wing

26th July 2014:
Sirius has got to be thick, if he still hasn't figured out who LC is even after Lily spelled it out. There's not more than 35 girls in Gryffindor and as smart as he is, he knows. At this point, I think he's just pretending not to know or he wouldn't be drawing circles in Lenny's hand. I think he's just testing the waters to find out if they have any chemistry and letting the bonds form naturally rather than believing the results of a silly Astronomy assignment to determine if they are meant for each other.

Author's Response: Well, I never said Sirius was the brightest crayon in the box... haha. That was kind of my whole point with this story. I didn't want people to think that the Astronomy assignment is where they got their chemistry from or from some silly letters. They needed to form their bond on their own.

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Review #16, by gigi Eat your Toe

25th July 2014:
Hilarious! Quite original so far. Cant wait to read it all, even though I rolled my eyes at the Astronomy homework.

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it! I had to roll my eyes a bit at the homework as well. ;)


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Review #17, by Ms Longbottom Valentine's Day

20th July 2014:
Ermigursh. That was so good! I absolutley loved this book! I know, it sounds so cliche, but I am literally Lenny. When you were descibing Lenny, I felt weird because you were describing me. I'm in more love with this book than Lenny is with Sirius! (And that's saying something!) It was very well writen, had a great story line, and was just overall amazing. You finished quite recently, so I'm looking forward to that sequel! Such a wonderful book, I was hooked from beginning to end.

~Ms Longbottom~

PS did I mention that I loved it? Cuz I did :)

Author's Response: I'm super flattered that you liked it so much!! I'm also super pumped that you could relate to Lenny. She's an odd one, but she's got passion and drive that I don't think you can find in a lot of people. She's very very original (which means you are too!). The sequel may be a ways away, but I'm hoping to get a move on it sooner rather than later ;)


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Review #18, by Pretense Of Perfection Valentine's Day

2nd July 2014:
Aw, so so fluffy. I think it was a good ending for the two of them.

I definitely look forward to reading the sequel. I really think you did a great job, and took your characters to new depths.

Great job, and keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking on my story! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)


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Review #19, by Pretense Of Perfection McGonagall's Office

2nd July 2014:
I really do like this story a lot. Lenny is a very interesting character, and it's been a joy to go on this adventure with her and watch her grow and learn.

With that being said, I wasn't a big fan of this chapter. I think McGonagall was slightly out of character, and some of her words/thoughts perhaps a bit too modern/youthful, for lack of a better term.

I'm not sure if you did it intentionally or not, but I'm pretty sure that James was left out of the meetings.

And unless I'm mistaken, I don't think that we, as the readers, have ever heard mention of Lenny being particularly good at any of these just seemed sort of out of the blue. I'm also not entirely sure it makes sense that a Healer would come from St. Mungo's to watch her quidditch games?

I honestly, 100% thought that she was going to be offered a position as a medi-witch, you know, the ones that tend to minor quidditch injuries and stuff like that at professional games? I can honestly see Lenny doing that, since she would still get to be involved in quidditch, help people, and I believe it doesn't involve as much extensive training as a healer. I don't think her being a healer is necessarily a bad thing, it honestly just didn't cross my mind.

I'm sorry if this was a bit harsh, it obviously wasn't my favorite chapter, but I also have this thing about not sugar coating things.

With that being said, I do LOVE how Sirius and Lily interact with McGonagall. Sirius makes me crack up, because I can actually see him doing these things in my head. I also see Lily and Minerva as being friends, or at least as close of friends as a student/professor relationship permits. I can imagine Minerva probably sees a lot of herself in Lily.

I also think Lupin's portion was very well written, and I pretty much imagine this career meeting with him to go exactly as it did, with him gracefully accepting that he doesn't have the same shot as his friends, even though his grades could be arguably better.

Come to think of it, I liked pretty much all of the students in this chapter.

The story was good, as was your writing. I really have grown so fond of Lenny over the past week or two I've been reading this, and I'm literally sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens.

Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response: Lenny really took me on an adventure of a lifetime with this story. It was really the first story that I put up on HPFF.

We can't all love them, right? :). You will totally see why I chose healing for Lenny in the near future, I promise. It'll all make sense once it is all said and done. I knew a lot of people would have troubles seeing Lenny as a healer since she is absolutely horrible at potions... but it'll make sense, I promise :).

I love constructive criticism, so don't worrya bout hurting my feelings. As a writer, we need that.


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Review #20, by Pretense Of Perfection The Masquerade Ball

2nd July 2014:
I know I haven't reviewed in a while, sorry, I've been super busy. Still reading though!!

Wow, so much has happened I'm honestly not sure where to begin.

If Sirius hasn't figured out who she is by now, then he is just way too dense. Poor guy, doesn't even know why he just got beat up.

And Lenny? Oh Lenny. What's there to say about her? I really like her newfound friendships, especially with Marlene. I'd like to see her and Teddy make up, as I can't really see them staying mad at each other for long over something so petty.

I've come to find the masque balls are a little cliche, especially in Marauder fics, but I think you did a pretty good job with it.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: masked balls can be a little interesting, if given the right details in it. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that you came back to read more!!

Sirius is pretty dense... I wouldn't put it past him ;)


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Review #21, by Pretense Of Perfection Hang Overs

25th June 2014:
So I'm definitely enjoying this so far!

The plot is pretty good, and moves along fairly quickly. Lenny is super interesting, if not insane of course. I think you've balanced her pretty well so far, not going overboard on her character, but still keeping her in character.

My one suggestion at this point, and this could just be a personal preference, but I honestly think having a bunch of thoughts in parenthesis detracts from the overall quality of the writing. Look at most novels, and you rarely see any. I think there may be better ways to incorporate the thoughts you are trying to get across with sentence structure, rather than parenthesis.

Like I said, this could just be my personal opinion. It's not horrible, and you don't have them after every single thought, but I think it will makes things flow much more smoothly.

I also like how Lenny sort of "talks" to her readers, explaining certain things and reminding everyone that she is sarcastic.

Great job overall, keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Lenny is nuts, but we love her anyways.

My parenthesis are more of a side thought, rather than interacting fully with Lenny thoughts. I appreciate your thoughts for that, though!


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Review #22, by Pretense Of Perfection Crazy L.C.

24th June 2014:
At one point, when Lenny and James are fighting about Quidditch, she says that it would make sense for him to be a metamorphmagus because he is a pure-blood, but we know from canon that doesn't really matter. Ted Tonks was muggle-born, and his daughter was obviously a metamorphmagus.

Just thought I'd point that out in case someone hasn't already. It's your story of course, but it seems like you're sticking with mostly canon stuff so far.

I also wanted to point out that Alica having boring hair but described as beautiful doesn't really seem to fit. I have two completely different pictures in my head, and can't decide which one Lenny sees.

But an overall great job! Lenny is funny and nuts. I almost feel bad for Sirius, if he wasn't such a jerk. And James is quite a jerk too. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever read a story where Lily isn't the nicest person in the entire world...good job changing that up!!

Author's Response: Lenny has weird thoughts. We have to take her thoughts with a grain of salt. Lenny doesn't necessarily mean that because he is a pure-blood, he is a metamorphmagus, she just mean that he changes so easily that he could be.

Alicia may have boring hair, but she is definitely beautiful. Just because someone has flaws does not mean that they are not beautiful. That was sort of my point with this whole story. People can be weird and people can be not 'picture perfect' and still be loved.

Lily isn't a Gryffindor for nothing. She's got her own spice ;)


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Review #23, by Pretense Of Perfection Eat your Toe

24th June 2014:
I'm enjoying this so far.

Lenny is definitely not your average character. At times she truly does seem insane. I think its something you may have to be careful with, and not go overboard on, but you've done a pretty good job so far.

Very funny though! I found myself laughing at a few different points.

Author's Response: Thank you for starting up the story! I'm very flattered. Lenny really is a little strange, but not unbelievably strange. You have to still keep her under control.


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Review #24, by SusanBones Valentine's Day

8th June 2014:
UGH THIS ENDING! I like it yet hate it yet like it more! Now its 2:30 in the morning and I'm going to need to read the sequel... (the ugh at the beginning was because of how well it's written.) Dude the seafood killed me, figuratively of course but I, being the Hufflepuff I am, am giving you kudos. Kudos for TEARING AT MY HEART WITH LENNY'S SLOWNESS! I wanted to yell at my laptop yet it twas midnight. All in all I loved this fic and am debating on starting the sequel if its up or sleeping... or food...
* Thanks for sharing your literary GENIOUS! *
~ SusanBones ;D

Author's Response: I wish I could say that I had the sequel up! I'm waiting until I get through it more so I know the direction I plan on going with it before I post it. But you will LOVE IT. And I'm so happy that you loved it so. Hufflepuffs don't usually like Lenny all too much ;).

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Review #25, by Fawkes's Pencil Hang Overs

4th June 2014:
You've Got Mail is literally one of my favorite movies, I grew up on it, so I'm loving this.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks so much for the review!!

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