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Review #1, by TheGoldenKneazle Old Secrets

25th September 2012:
EEP THAT ENDING WAS FABULOUS! I do feel sorry for Rose and everyone who didn't know the truth up til now, but you wrote Rose so humourously at the end, that I exploded into a fit of giggles :D

Resuming the natural order for reviewing - I did love the crazy journey to the DOM with Pickwick Hornby, because apart from depicting perfectly what their mission into the afterlife will be like (chaotic), the planning that Hornby did went so very wrong when confronted with the reality of his A Team - we can see more clearly how they will all mesh together as a team. You mentioned that there was a lot of characterisation going on, but I love it! We need it so we can get a feel for who's who and how they will affect the A team :)

Draco and Astoria are here! Eep they're two people I didn't expect to see, but I enjoyed their cameo roles enormously. You've written them so well, I think, especially since you've had to almost work backwards (Scorpius is like this ergo...). Astoria was exactly the mum I'd imagined her to be, caring but seemingly forgetful, and Draco with his fake tan and abrasive attitude - you've made them almost a parody of themselves, and I love it, not least because of Harry's reactions to Draco's questions. The subtlety of him almost calling Draco 'Malfoy' and being curt engaged your brain, and I loved that!

IRMA GOURD, ERMAHGERD. Such a brilliant, brilliant name, and I am very interested to see what happens if/when the Team comes back with unearthly beauty too~ It's a brilliant plot twist, though I do so want to see what Irma will be doing to help the team!

Also, the details about sparkly Cedric? Highly amusing ;) althought Herbert's strange prophecy! Makes me wonder if Percy will fail at his job of making peace... Brilliant start to Book II, in all, and I am very excited for the update :D

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Review #2, by TheGoldenKneazle -intermission-

25th September 2012:
Oooh this was surprisingly exciting for an intermission, and I love it! Everyone was assembling and it's a nice sort of build-up to the next sequence of events - brief respite before the next action picks us up.

It was strangely lovely to see more of Harry in this new environment, since it's been a time since we last saw him in action and a lot has changed in his world. You have him written magnificently in-character, and I love the little snippets of his relationship with the others in the team that we see (alright, largely poor Hugo, the accidental comic on occasion).

I did so love some of Hugo's observations while he made the sort of transformation to his 'true self' - the leader and adventurer, which you portray so subtly that we take it for granted that he is happier in this sort of role.

I'm interested to see how the new Ministry officials will affect the team, too - who will storm out in a temper first? (Probably Cedric, and then accidentally propel himself into the as-yet-nonexistent Second Realm... on a side note, I adore how imagination-stimulating this story is, because at the end of each chapter there are so many possibilities on what could happen next, and I love to spend time imagining what might occur!)

Poor Ron and Harry - I really don't envy them having to tell Hermione about Hugo, but I wonder if she will react like her daughter did in 'Adventure' when the trio returned, or if she will do something totally unexpected :D I'm very excited for Book II to begin officially now!

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Review #3, by TheGoldenKneazle With a Flourish

25th September 2012:
PLAN!! Omigosh with every chapter I see more and more why this won the "Most Convoluted Plot" Diadem, because the plot develops every chapter and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHERE IT IS GOING.

You've brought together all the post-announcement sections brilliantly into this secret group; everyone has a job, and I LOVE how perfect they all are for the jobs! Like Muriel for bringing together the other Heads, and leaving Flitwick to sort out bedrooms? So clever :D And the adventure troupe for travelling to Ghostlandia - it's a massively exciting plot progression and I can't wait to see what happens 8D

Ahha the characterisation too! With every chapter the characterisation of everyone gets even more addictive, such as Hugo's on/off perceptiveness and little comments (preach, sistah!) which really carry the action forward, to Marjie's long-winded explanations. I love seeing more of her and Rose, and how they all bounce off each other and know when to help each other out (like Neville stopping Rose from shouting, Hugo trying to help his Uncle) - they're acting like a team already :D

And yay for using Hugo as Secret Keeper! It's so lovely that he's getting recognition for his previous adventure from some of the people who matter most to him, and now he's going to be in another one with them all - DOM training sounds scary but cool O.O I do wish that Ron acknowledged his kids a bit more, although I guess he's on a big mission thing :) And MORE NEVILLE/SCORPIUS BROMANCE! Shared sheepish looks! I am unbelievably excited about getting the 'Adventure' trio back together 8D

I can't wait to begin reading Book II, because with travelling to Ghostlandia, DOM training, and Muriel's attempts at peace talks, it's all extremely addictive and I just want to read it all so much :3 Fabulous wrap-up for Book I!

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Review #4, by TheGoldenKneazle Despite Complication

25th September 2012:
ALL HAIL THE GATHERING OF COOL AND IMPORTANT PEOPLE FOR SHENANIGANS! It's all so very exciting because all through the chapter, the characterisation and events have been building up until we're desperate to know what's happening - but the ending is so brilliant because it's all cliff-hanger-y now and everything is about to begin all over again!

It's so brilliant to watch all the different jigsaw pieces slot into place for another big scene, but starting out with Percy and Muriel was a stroke of genius, because they're both such accidentally-comic characters. You wrote the reactions of them both to each other so well, with Muriel relishing her evil news and Percy slowly realising this, that I could picture it all so perfectly and sort of wanted to cackle along evilly with Muriel :P

I love seeing more details of slightly-older-Hugo, too, with his unicorn appreciation and need to prove he's had a Shining Moment. You show his thought processes and how he works really nicely - without overstating every move he makes, just having Neville wonder about him a bit and show some less logical thoughts of Hugo's. It makes Hugo seem a lot more real and relatable.

And Rose and Marjie! I love how they're becoming more friendly, it makes a lot of sense but is also squeeably cute and I just want to be both of them :3 Also, I love this line - inevitably, Hugo seemed to be speaking to her even when he wasn't around. It just reminds me that Rose and Hugo ARE still closely related, and think more like each other than impressions might lead us to believe :)

But there's so much excitement now that Rose and Marjie have accidentally helped to call a large meeting (late at night? I love it, with all these shenanigans seeming much more exciting when they're at night, and Amos' observation - You Hogwarts bunch have the worst timing - also adds much humour). I can't wait to find out what the problem is with Madam Maxime and the suspicious article they found!

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Review #5, by TheGoldenKneazle To Its Rightful Place

25th September 2012:
Aah so much excitement already! I loved you showing the after-effects of the excitement-filled night before, because it really helped the message to sink in that the Tournament is going ahead 8D I feel so much as though it's all happening to all of us who read it, you're just describing it all so beautifully!

Poor Percy, for starters - it was nice to round off the night in a new chapter, because it reminded us what was happening to them still, and the comical note was a lovely way to end the night! I did feel sorry for poor Percy, who does like to feel so above Flitwick's merry ideas, but really... isn't. Your characterisation of the weary man is just brilliant, and I can't help thinking that he's spot-on :D

Ooh the reaction in the Great Hall the next morning - you had it all so perfect! I love how you've given Hogwarts a spark of childish merriment that reflects Hugo's attitude to everything, and the food fight was just another fantastic detail which makes me want to join in so much! Your descriptions are always so lovely, too, and Hugo's trek through the corridors smelling badly, debating fangirls, and changing his mind about what he needs to do - it's all very vivid and easy to see in your head :)

YAY for more Neville and Scorpius! eep there is so much excitement going around, but I love how you show that they know to distance themselves from it for self-preservation. It's sad that they can't join in as much, though I do have a feeling that circumstances may arise in which they are needed ;)

I am verrry excited now to find out what will happen in Amos' treaty talks with the Greenlandic Minister, how they will involve herds of elk, and what will happen to Hugo before he gets to Greenhouse Seven :D Eep you write too brilliantly and with too fantastic a plot for me to remain placid!

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Review #6, by TheGoldenKneazle To Restore Tradition

25th September 2012:
EEP SO MUCH ADVENTURE ALREADY! This will really be a huge ramble of a review~

Firstly - Cedric came up with that speech, when he wasn't supposed to, all by himself? :D Ahh he's so Hufflepuff - and it's such a cute detail that he would ruin their plan with a helpful speech, that in the end turned out to be of more use!

And Rose - only she could ever quibble with Percy about a statement-opener. I love Hugo's thoughts on his sister, because they seem very perceptive and he is used to his sister, but still vaguely exasperated. The original plan she had was fantastic, because it was so simple yet still had holes in it (such as, how can you threaten to hurt a ghost?)

Marjie was fabulous, I am rapidly wanting to be Marjie when I grow up ;) The way that she could step in and use all her knowledge and 'thesaurus language' to disguise the fact that she's shamelessly manipulating the Minister to bring back the Tournament is brilliant. I adore how she continues her persuasion with all the input of the others, using their points to back up her own, and generally treating it as a panel debate!

All the little Scorpius/Neville/Hugo bits are so lovely, I keep going back to find them. Like Scorpius calming Rose down, and how he originally saw that manic look of hers when he had to anger her out of realising their secret! And Hugo trying to ask Neville what to do when everyone is arguing, but not getting there in time. It just keeps the 'Adventure' bromance alive, but has let AIF become separate and not just a follow-up :D

AND AMOS AGREED! 8D WOOHOO, TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT HERE WE COME! I am ridiculously excited that it is happening now, and cannot wait to find out what Madam Promfrey will do when she cannot find students sad enough to force-feed chocolate :D

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Review #7, by TheGoldenKneazle To Persuade the Minister

25th September 2012:
YAY, MIDNIGHT ESCAPADES~ This was particularly fabulous, and I love how everyone all came together with different resources for this one purpose. It was all very exciting, and I just wanted to be a part of it so much - you really made me feel like I was in the thick of it with them!

The scene in the cellar was fabulous - I adored Flitwick's mastery of suspense, how even he gasped at the revelation - and how Marjie kept sending Hugo looks that he couldn't quite interpret. It really felt very exciting and made me extra eager to set off in search of an answer to this problem!

Oh, I do feel sorry for Neville and Scorpius - being called out by Hugo in the middle of the night for a random meeting with the Minister for Magic - and eventually being told by Hugo that he just wanted them there. Hee I know exactly what he means, though, when he said it didn't feel like an adventure without them! And Scorpius working as an assistant to Neville is a stroke of genius :D

Poor Cedric, being tied up in a sack and then left in his Dad's office to be ignored and then eventually getting to say his huge speech. The set-up for it all was brilliant, and it was good to see more of Amos Diggory too :D I just can't wait for what will happen next, what the Minister will say to Cedric's request!

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Review #8, by TheGoldenKneazle And Another Plan

25th September 2012:
Ooh so much Ghostly Cedric in this chapter! I loved learning all about what must have happened to him, because I'd never thought that he'd have 'stayed on' to become a ghost. All the details about how little he knows and how Hugo is still trying to work out who he is add to the atmosphere magnificently :D

And Greenland! The Cold War began because of an elk being set on fire?! It's great to learn as Cedric does of what happened to spark off this war, and why the Tournament would have been so good to reduce the frosty relations with them. As I learn more, I can't help getting even more curious as to how it will all fit in together :D

But Marjie! She's back! I do love seeing her again after last seeing her asking Hugo to the Yule Ball in 'Adventure'. Her and Hugo's relationship always seems so real and brilliant because of it. I do look forward to the moment when she helps Hugo realise exactly who Cedric is, though :D

Rose and Percy! I do hope they're here to discuss how to use Cedric to get the Minister to change his mind, with Percy negotiating and Rose reporting. I love them both so much, and I do so hope that through Rose, Scorpius comes back onto the scene at some point!

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Review #9, by TheGoldenKneazle For Malarky

25th September 2012:
Ohh I know you said there was little plot development in this chapter, but I loved it (again! I think I just love every chapter to pieces!) because of all the character development 8D

I love getting to know Cedric again! You write his character in-canon from when we last knew him - habit of abiding curfew and all - but we can still see how ghost land has affected him. I won't lie, I do picture him as spending time in Cliodna's Clock for the ghost town, but I love how he's forging his own new life here, with echoes of his old one - such as Madam Pomfrey and Flitwick appearing!

POPPY POMFREY, SCARY CHOCOLATE HEALER~ I love how she's so desperate to help Hugo and force-feeds him sweets; she's like a strange fusion of the Child Snatcher and the Cookie Monster XD She's a wonderful addition to the story, though I am moste excited about how she will become pertinent to the plot :)

THE ELVES HAVE A MINIATURE MAGICAL KINGDOM! I wonder if the baby unicorns ever go there? Again, you've brought in that special touch of b'aww-SQUEE-type magic that just makes me want to live there so much :3

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Review #10, by TheGoldenKneazle And Potential

25th September 2012:
HUGO. FLITWICK. HAGRID. ADOPTED BABY UNICORNS FROM 'ADVENTURE' ~ So many feels in the first part! I love how you wrote Hogwarts' reaction to the lack of Tournament, the fact that even Flitwick couldn't anticipate this abject depression made it seem all the more profound.

I loved how you wrote the different Houses' and teachers' reactions, too - it made it seem a more personal experience, as well as a disaster on a crowd scale. Although I love how you've characterised Hagrid as degenerating into more of a creature over the years his speech was absolutely perfect! It had such a wonderful combination of wanting to laugh at Hagrid's words, and put on a brave/noble face because of the loss for the students. I just feel very involved with it, the way you write it.

Also the baby unicorns are gorgeous and I love them and please can Hogwarts raise an army of unicorns to welcome the Greenland elks? And maybe feed them all Ghosted Flakes, because that was a brilliant pun?

But I loved Cedric and Hugo's interaction in the bathroom! Cedric was suitably caring, but mysterious and clever (and sad) too. I love how you write Hugo's thought processes, too, because it means that we get to see them both in different lights and why Hugo does things the way he does. Hee I can't wait to see how he'll react when he realises that this ghost is the reason the Minister cancelled the Tournament :D or how Cedric will react to the news! I'm just very excited about what will happen in general; how Hugo will pull everything together to make it work for him.

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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazle A Slight Problem

25th September 2012:
Oh my goodness, this chapter - I didn't know whether to laugh or groan for poor Percy, as Flitwick uncovered the botch of matters he'd made. I absolutely love how you described Percy's shock and realisation at each new revelation, because it really gave us a feel for how much it means, since we're not used to this Greenland-hated, Flitwick-led atmosphere yet (well, perhaps Flitwick being in power is a little less foreign since he was there to awkwardly patch things over in 'Adventure').

You characterise both the characters so well throughout, and I feel so sorry for both of them! You described them so I could picture them so well, and their interaction seemed spot-on. I so love Percy being Head of International Magical Co-Operation :D He's perfect for it, and his reprimanding of Flitwick made me laugh so much, because they were in such a 'naughty child being told off' situation!

I can't wait to find out where you take it from here, too, since all these new problems set out before us and Percy need sorting out - the Triwizard Tournament happening after all when the Minister is so against it, Greenland needing their elk being hired out (which I look forward to - the world needs more Flitwick riding elk). I just hope the man for job appears on the scene soon! :D

I also loved the little mentions of Rose and Percy's family - they were just nice reminders that the Weasleys are all in the background, a part of what is to come whether they like it or not. I hope we see more of her in this, too!

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Review #12, by TheGoldenKneazle Prologue

25th September 2012:
Hee I absolutely love this already! Amos Diggory is just a FABULOUS choice for Minister for Magic, but because you're describing his mirth and he'd never seemed much of an irrational man in the books, we're left wondering exactly why the other four people before him - including PERCY, who I already love your characterisation of, and cannot wait to see more of him - are so bewildered at this.

The little trail of hints you leave us really add to the excitement! Like how they're each head of the schools who were in the past Triwizard Tournament (though I'm not sure I'd have immediately picked that up if it weren't for the HC :D ), and how Amos is finding it so funny they even bothered to ask him something to do with the Tournament, which I now am dying to find out :D

Eep Lily you write the adventurous atmosphere so well! Even if someone didn't know that this was the beginning of the 'Adventure' sequel, the almost tangible excitement and want to know what happens next would be telling enough!

Also - I love the use of 'tom-foolery', since it sums up Hugo's attitude to so many things; even if he isn't here, I suspect that he will be popping up in this problem very soon 8D I can't wait!

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Review #13, by TenthWeasley Old Secrets

19th August 2012:
So, after a prolonged wait that you really didn't deserve, but nonetheless occurred, I am finally dropping by to leave you a well-earned review on this chapter! Although it might suck. It probably will suck. But I am going to try my very hardest. :3

This was, I think, your most Wodehouse-esque chapter yet, which is something I greatly admire, being a fan of his anyway. :3 Hugo is rather like a small version of Bertie, I think, in the very best sense (minus the romance woes and all that). He's so wonderfully /endearing/, with his rear-end missiles and poorly-clasped robes, and ill-timed comments balanced with his moments of lucidity. I adore him so much. ♥ Though I am well aware of how much of my reviews are used to tell you this. BUT HE IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST, NO OTHER HUGO EVEN COMES MARGINALLY CLOSE.

a stern ghost who emits as much rainbow-spectrum light as if he were crusted in diamonds might raise the hackles. -- Squinting at you in this moment. That is all. Except not really, because I have to comment again on how much I adore your ghost!Cedric, too. I giggled so much at his being showed up by a house elf; poor chap, that must have been rather humiliating for him. :3

He finally remembered where hed heard her name from, but it wasnt a name at all! -- OH MY GOSH, MY BRAIN HAS MADE CONNECTIONS. I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER RIGHT NOW HELPPP. ♥

I love your Draco, by the way. He is almost, but not quite, a caricature, and at the same time he is very canon. And I ADORED his interactions with Harry, because those were canon!! So many people write Draco in too sympathetic of a light, I think, in fan fiction -- mostly to pair him with Hermione and cause my gag reflex to kick in, I suspect. But he is rather a prat, and here... we see that. And that's very gratifying. :)

ENDING OF ALL ENDINGS. You always leave off on the nastiest cliffhangers! D: What did Rose mean?! Oh, you MUST post chapter 13 soon so I can find out, and also so I can spend some time with good ol' Percy. Whom I adore. ♥

Cannot wait for your next update -- bravo, bravo, encore!! :)

Author's Response: UMMM here i am after 5EVA sorry :(

none of your reviews could ever--I dare not speak the word!

I did try really hard to maintain this sort of buoyancy typical of our friend Goodhouse, so I thank you for mentioning that you've noticed! It takes such /energy/ to write that way, which is I suppose why updates on this fic are so sporadic and rare.

Hugo /is/ Bertie, rather, a Bertie sans woman troubles and sans a heart of lead coated in gold. I mean, Hugo is nice and everything but he knows when to pull his neck back in ;)

Ghost Cedric is at times an earnest character and /at times/ -cough- an opportunity for me to make fun of contemporary vampire fiction, considering the connection. I like that he can beat up a suit of armor and fail to come out victorious against a house elf, but perhaps it makes sense when you remember that a house elf has magic of its own and a suit of armor is just a heavy outline of a person.

I think he'd be rather more--er--subdued and sad than embarrassed, but you are probably right :P

I THINK I'M QUITE CLEVER FOR THAT NAME. I told my parents who wholly disapprove, complete with eye rolls and blank stares in turns.

Draco--budges up into a caricature, quite right. He's just like a blown-up version of his most smarmy moments as a child mixed in with this capacity to be a mature adult who likes tanning beds a touch too much. Even though I have a Dramione on my page I do not in any way ship them in this fic so there is not a chance that I will portray him in a way so as to make that possible. NEVER FEAR.

UGH WELL when I /do/ get to the update, I think it might jog your memory about the Quidropopots having once turned a batch of ancient egyptian wizards and witches into gods and goddesses. I mentioned it as a quip in adventure but that's what Rose is worried about, because imagine the havoc Hugo could wreak if he'd been turned into a god!

Percy percy percy. He is quite the grump, but I've gotten him to write about 2000 words at this point, though that's only about half of what I require.

Thanks so much for your review ♥ They are always a pleasure to receive :)

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Review #14, by justonemorefic -intermission-

9th August 2012:
OOH. INTERMISSION BEGINS WITH SUSPENSE. Hornby is even a bamfy sort of name. I tremble at his trembling.

KIPPERS. DID YOU JUST METAPHOR WITH KIPPERS. (did I just verb metaphor? did I just verb verb? ... ahem). Haaah, homg Hermione's going to keeel you Harry and Ron. I am always reminded with every chapter why I love these Hugo and Co. adventures so much ♥

Eee, randoom appreciation of Neville's room with the wonky burners that seem rather fire-hazardous. But then, what in the wizarding world isn't? I only know this--we could have killed the Acromantulas, and we could have killed the nymphs if we needed to. And that seems now ages ago. When were in the Third Realm, what well encounter, if I understand right, is already dead. omg do you know how to set up an adventure or do you know how to set up an adventure?

OH, RON (definitely the latter, gawd why do you even ask).

she would have noticed with some confusion the leader of this pack, whose curly unkempt hair and sparkling green eyes could be seen even at this distance and correctly interpreted to be full of some preternatural zeal for unknown tasks ahead. But you must understand that to an owl the concerns of human- and hugokind are not concerns shared, OWL POV. CRAZY-EYED HUGO. HUGO KIND.

Omg did you describe something as a dementor's mouth and frozen carrots in the same sentence? YES. THIS IS HOW YOU DESCRIPTION. STONE CARROTS MY BB yes ugh raw carrots kind of feel like a stone texture all snappy and whatnot.

lolol Muriel. Granny comic relief, yess ♥

Oh Hugo, amidst all thus hubbub and right ho-ing and wrong ho-ing. But he didnt have that, and what he did notice was the eyes pointed in his direction for a reason other than another victory in a Quidditch match; his fingers began to itch to pull his jumper over his face, but a look from Ghost Cedric put him at rest. There was no need to provoke unwanted violence. precious bb.

also cannot get over every time they use the term A Team 8D I am totally imagining someone bling'd out like Mr. T.

Cedric looked extremely pleased and buzzed back and forth along the line, a silver blur, and cold, if he happened to pass through you on his way. omg this is also adorable can I have all of your adorable descriptions please please please.



Hornby looks pretty intimidating and thinks he's pretty much a man made of steel but he is, alas, only human. And ofc, kippers are prime metaphor-making material. Obviously!

Hermione is really going to go crazy, I think you're right.

AHAHHA ADVENTURES LOL do those include plot because what is that can i eat

Ron is always a bit daft in my stories, shrewd at all the wrong times. Or never. Sometimes both.

lol I remember skyping with you while you read the owl P.O.V. and tbh that was new for me so I was glad you liked it and am still glad ♥

heheheh I laugh every time I read how incredulous you are at the dementor and carrots as a pair. WHEN WILL IT FINALLY SINK IN THAT THERE IS NEVER AN UN-APT METAPHOR PAIRING. EVERYTHING IS SHIPPABLE, EVERYTHING IS METAPHOR-ABLE.

Wrong-ho, dear lord I still laugh at that myself. Is it so wrong, to write things that make myself laugh? Hugo is sort of like two or three people all jammed into one skinny, overly-tall body. His emotions are all over the map, literally.

EHEHEHEH A TEAM. You know it!

i will share descriptions with you on the condition that you drink a mortality potion and come down from your throne on Olympus, kay?

♥ ♥

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Review #15, by TenthWeasley -intermission-

29th July 2012:
Can I just start out this review by saying HOW HAPPY I AM THAT YOU UPDATED. ♥ I've felt a severe hole in the center of my being that comes from being apart from Hugo and ghost Cedric for too long, and even then, I didn't realize how much I had missed them until reading this. It is the literal best.

I so admire the tone you set for this story -- it's funny and light and engaging and Wodehousian and I envy it with every fiber of my being. Truly, I never feel as though I've read enough when I read this story! 2,500 words say what?! You always, always, always leave me wanting more. Hugo is very quite possibly one of my favorite fan fiction characters of all time -- he's so endearing with his wit and lack of subtlety and social graces. When he pulled his robes up around his face, I had the biggest grin on mine. ♥ And his thoughts on frozen carrots, and his small rhyming monologue, and his need to distract Cedric... I AM IN LOVE. ♥ But honestly, Lily, I cannot ever tell you how much I adore that boy.

And so the team prepares to dive into the Third Realm! I do rather hope Hugo is up for the task. I'm sure he'll pull through, though, if his Quidropopot (I probably butchered that horribly) escapades have any merit to them. Ghost Cedric is prepared, at any rate, with all his buzzing about -- and maybe his temper will subside once they cross back over! Can I just say right now how much I adore him, too? Oh my gosh, he is. I cannot even. He and Hugo are tied in my heart because I cannot choose, but they are both absolutely spectacular. And I will also choose this moment to expound on Harry! You can write Harry SO well, I am so impressed!! He is somehow perfectly in character, and yes, you probably did get your eye-rolls from Hermione, Mr. Potter.

A few lines worthy of note:

He lurched forward, choking on some vagrant spittle. -- Best way to describe spit I've ever seen. And I just sort of curled in on myself with laughter at imagining it anew. :3

When Hugo was a child hed often thought hed gotten his green eyes from Uncle Harry -- I can't even get over how well you seem to know how children think. That's such a Hugo thing to say! Help, I am dying. ♥

but a look from Ghost Cedric put him at rest -- I am just picturing Cedric staring Hugo down with this intensely furious look right now, and I'm sorry, Ced, but it's about the funniest thing a mind can picture. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE HUMOR, THX.

Most of the time, when I say I ramble in reviews, it does actually end up turning less rambly than I thought at the onset. In reviewing this story, you see, all bets are off. ♥ I cannot even begin to expound your praises enough. I am so, so, so happy to have read another chapter of this story! FANTASTIC work!!


the literal best! see, things like that. can't take it! too much!!

to be honest, upkeeping the tone is a darn lot of work, and it's one of the reasons it takes me so long to procure chapters for this monster of a fic. and i'm sorry i can't produce more for you more quickly ;A;

it is crazy that you like hugo so much, although i do try to make him likable :P i need to read back through to see the thing about the carrots--gina mentioned it too and i have no idea what i actually wrote. which is probably a bad sign. HANNAH PROPOSED TO HIM AS WELL, you've got some competition!

you did the quidropopot justice. i honestly have no idea how i came up with that name or why i made it so hard to spell. i will say that cedric's temper /does/ have something to do with the afterlife and the realms and all that, but for humor's sake i can't guarantee that it will disappear :P i always think extra carefully about harry. there's a bit of room to play with him because in the books he ranges from passive to extremely heated to sassy to mild to powerful or in control. i try to read a bit of a book before writing him just to stay in check.

spit isn't worthy of hugo's flair for the dramatic! i have to spice up the little things ;)

bahaha just go over the top with a cherry on top! seriously, you're good enough at that yourself.

ARGH YOUR PRAISE IS TOO MUCH. thanks so much, i love receiving reviews from you :3 ♥

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Review #16, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap With a Flourish

30th April 2012:

Orange? Oh, Hugo! You adorable soul, I want to squish you. Why can't he be my teddy bear? Bah! Muriel cackling = love. Oh, ho!

"I am not old," Percy began, but Ron held out an arm with a knowing look.

^ Percy will never change, will he?

Jeez, jeez, my mind was boggled at the whole ED-however you spell it. You sound like a genius. Are you a genius? I want to pick your little Einstein brain!

Truth moment? I cried a little when they named Hugo Secret Keeper! I don't know why. Just...what a responsibility! And they trust him and I trust him and there's a lot of trust going on in the trust circle over here right now.


Author's Response: Hehe I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was worried that because it's mostly explanation and not a lot of silly action it might be boring/annoying--I was having a hard time getting all the characters involved, and I struggled with this chapter for weeks and weeks (as you may have noticed heh), but I'm fairly pleased with how it is!

Hugo would not be a very comfortable teddy bear as he's mostly bones :P Very lanky/gawky. But yes, he's adorbs, I'll admit :D Muriel is ridiculously fun to write because she's a bit evil.

Percy will always be the same, you are correct. I really like him though. Annoying as he is.

Oh, yes. I literally keyboard smashed for a couple seconds to come up with it ;A; IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENIUS AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE ART OF FINGER FLAILING. Which is a statement that could almost describe all of my writing HAH. Last time I took an IQ test I hit 141, I don't know if that's genius or not and I'm not going to check because...effort.

AWWW. Here is a tissue to wipe your eyes hehe. It does mean a lot of him, and as you've travelled far with him too, you would understand what it means! Trust trusty trusting circle of trust, you mean. Yep. That is happening! I'm a little nervous because Hugo will--WAIT I CAN'T TELL YOU THAT OOPS. (muhahah)

Thanks so much for your review, as ever it's made my day :D

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Review #17, by justonemorefic With a Flourish

30th April 2012:
AHH everyone's here :3 Scorpius describes it best: motley group of ex-war heroes and Aurors, unicorn lovers, political powers and Hogwarts crew

Its probably a bit hard to get people to join your cause if they cant understand the language you use to platform it. True wisdom Marjie, so true. Like the Unicorn Appreciation Guild! Yes Hugo :3 exactly like that. I HAVE A DIRE NEED TO KNOW THOUGH; DID YOU JUST SMASH THE KEYBOARD TO GET THAT NAME?

plant and ghost dancing joined by Hugo (of course) haaa. And then YES, he said loudly, because nobody would say anything. STOP LOOKING AT ME. CAN YOU BE ANY MORE PRECIOUS.

I love wizard rules. The mentors have to all be dead in order to be fair. This is an actual thing. Oh I feel like we're planning a big ol' party! :3 A very dangerous party, but a party none the less. OOH TRAVELLING TO GHOSTLAND OMG I'M EXCITE. Can they have ghostbuster get ups, can they? Okay, not really, but for a second I kind of wanted that. Think of yourself as the tourguide, only its your first time there, too. I love these job descriptions.

AWH HUGO THE SECRET KEEPER :3 Hee I remember the Hugo blend I made now and AWHH FOREVER THE SECRET KEEPER. So perfect *__* awe and open mouths (possibly with slight drool)

Also CONGRATS ON BOOK 1~ Things I really want to see btw, if you are ever to humour me: Hugo on a dragon, Rose & Scorpius cute, ghostbusters get-up (okay not really, but can one of them have like a ghosty-related machine or something), and -quiet- Hugo the Hogwarts Champion.

always ♥

Author's Response: full house tonight :P IN MANY WAYS.

i feel marjie describes how i feel about most political causes, ahem, which is very and completely coincidental. yup.

hugo...hugo does mental keyboard smash probably every moment he ever thinks or comes up with anything. i don't even know. he is special -nods- i feel also that hugo is an adult child, which, when you look at it through german romanticism is lovely but when you look at it through hugo it just looks like a lot of curly brown hair.

wizards...well, i can't describe them. partly because i myself keyboard smash these things out and partially because the books just always felt a little like that to me, though overall made much more sense. and it is really like a party, isn't it?

i am SUPREMELY excited to write the journey to the afterlife. U HAVE NO IDEEE-AH. i have it planned out, with characters, dialogues, etc and i know it will still turn out to be completely different but hopefully better :D AND YES BEING ALIVE IS A CERTAIN ADVANTAGE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

they will have uniforms, don't even worry about it.

your graphic is perf for hugo (h). though hugo doesn't drool AAALLL the time, he does still occasionally, so there will probably be drool hehe.

thank you! i feel pretty accomplished. this is a monster of a book, which only makes sense considering the title. heh. also, your requests are not too out of line, i shall consider them carefully -strokes mustache and adjusts monocle-


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Review #18, by TenthWeasley With a Flourish

29th April 2012:

Sects! This is getting to sound quite--
 -- I GOT THE JOKE, FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Oh, this is so intelligently brilliant. I could never pull something like this off. You are wonderful. :)

At this point, Hugo was sorely tempted to shout out Orange! -- HUGO. I want to squeeze him forever because he is just the best. Seriously one of my favorite fan fiction characters ever. Except I really don't think he'd take well to it, would he? He'd probably hide in his sweater again, I expect. Oh, he is such a HUGO. There is no one like him. ♥

Like the Unicorn Appreciation Guild! Hugo thought happily. -- YES, HUGO. EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Pay no attention to the fact that Herbert is, in fact, Herberta. We appreciate unicorns, no matter their genders ~

Reparo, Rons voice said. Oh, bugger, that pattern doesnt match the stem -- THIS IS SUCH A RON THING TO SAY. Possibly my favorite comment from the whole chapter, and that's a very difficult thing to pick out. You are so good at writing effortless humor, and I will stew in jealousy for a moment. This story is brilliant. Toppermost of the poppermost. ♥ And now, actual review time!

Okay, so the part that had me crying from laughter was when Cedric was petting the plant, and Amos was trying to dodge his arm, and then Hugo mirrored him. I could see that perfectly in my head and it was so hilarious! We probably reference him more than the legal amount in these reviews, but I am of the opinion that it was a very Wodehousian tactic. You downplay your humor to the point that if you didn't actually read with half a brain, you'd probably miss it -- which sounds a bit insulting, reading that over, but I ADORE it. I think it's such a genius way of writing, and it really just shows how well this story is written. Normally lengthy chapters take me a while to read, or I visibly notice that they are /long/, but yours is the first fic I've ever, ever read where it never seems like I've read as much as I have. True story.

I am so excited to see these missions you've got planned, because I did not see this coming! Oh my goodness, this plot. ♥ Secret societies, Department of Mystery research, afterlife treks -- do you know how excited I am for all this?! And I have a little heart attack of joy when Scorpius and Neville and Hugo got put on the same team. THE BROMANCE RETURNS ~ This is a flawless cast of characters, and you write them all so distinctively and with such passion that it makes me even more excited, and just... gah. This is a fabulous story. Fabulous doesn't even cover it, actually, but unfortunately I only have a set number of words in my vocabulary to convey emotions.

You need to update as soon as possible (without slaying your brain, ofc), because I am absolutely on edge to see where you're taking all this. :D This plot is just. And your characters are so. And you are. I AM HAVING TROUBLE FINISHING SENTENCES. Lily, this is legitimately fantastic. I am forever jealous of you as a writer. And shall read your stories forever.

Author's Response: I am not surprised that you have intercepted my humor on its somewhat cracky!plane. I like puns. And yes, I'm sure you could! I feel that this story is mostly the product of my being strange every day of my life and reading our illegally-over-mentioned Wodehouse. Also, surprisingly, a lot of poets are funny. I pick up some stuff from them, too.

SEE. ANOTHER PUN. Just your basic word association, which is so instinctual, and most people's brains are running on some kind of separate track, but Hugo, alas, does not have other things to do with his mental capacity. So he responds to things that we normally skim over. Which makes him both fantastic and annoying. But mostly fab :P

Hugo is also strange, I can't really say whether or not he'd bask in the glory or not. I personally think that when he's in familiar situations he'd be really happy about it, like when he gets attention for being superb at Quidditch, but he would probably retreat if you said he was your favorite because aside from his family nobody really outwardly expresses appreciation for him. I think that's part of the reason he got so flustered here, because people were paying attention to his particular talents. Aside from Quidditch, not that he's down on himself, but he'd not used to being appreciated in his other skills. It's sort of funny because to me his plaque signals that he really does want other people to pay attention to him and appreciate these things, yet when people do, he's like DON'T LOOK AT ME. LEAVE ME IN PEAAACCCEE. | Yes, it is the appreciation that counts.

I felt rather clever about that! Mostly that I thought of something he could do that would get him to need help. Because he would obviously need help. My hopes is that this story will help explain why he ends up going to help George with his shop, actually, which requires that I am a bit mean to him :P


I do think that I write humor out of sort of an organic place, where it's more of real-people-gone-"hugo-fic" than this cast that I know I need to have look a certain way that is crazy, if that makes sense. I think because everything humor stems out of what these characters are really like, even though it's fantastic and couldn't probably ever happen except once in an alignment-of-planets, it feels real. It could be that I've just made characters who do inexplicably stupid or funny things and you're so used to it by now, and me, too, that we're like THIS IS SO GOOD and everyone else is like WHAT IS THIS SORCERY UGH.

I have stumbled upon a few fics like that, where they feel much shorter than they are compared to other stories the same length. I couldn't tell yah what quality that speaks to, I just know what that feels like :P

Remember when I took a picture of the notes I had planned? THIS STORY IS NOTHING LIKE THOSE NOTES. The only part about them that is the same is the relative place in plot I am right now and the fact that I have divided the novel into books. I've decided I'm going to dedicate about five whole chapters to afterlife exploration, probably more, because this task is crazy. I feel like it's a pre-task task for the Triwizard tournament. I'm also having some doubts now as to who I'm placing as Hogwarts champion, but let's not talk about that.

OF COURSE, the bromance returns! In my opinion it's the only thing that will really make this a true sequel, besides the fact that this story happens chronologically later in time, as the tournament and its happenings have nothing to do with the moonstone trio's escapade into the forest two years ago.

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Review #19, by justonemorefic Despite Complication

9th April 2012:
Right, Greenland ministers are not the elk. Right. -must perpetually remind self-

LOL MURIEL AND MATHS. Percy is being abused by a 150-to-200-year-old granny. Also you used the word malarkey ♥ Oh dear Percy, mixing Muriel and politics. Bad combo there.

And all is well when Herbert the unicorn and Hugo arrive :3 LUMPY. AHH. Oh my god I want to be part of this guild. I love that' it's a guild and not a mere club. Clubs are for mortals. Guilds are for Hugos. WHO BRINGS SUGAR LUMPS IN HIS HAIR.

Eep, girlbonding time :3 I do love these sort of scenes. Especially since Marjie and Rose are so clever with all the screws in the right place. Well, unless the top's blown off Rose's kettle.

DISCOVERER OF SOMETHING REALY SECRET OMG HE HAS A PLAQUE . Knowing Hugo, it was really almost unbelievably thoughtful of him to have remembered that he shared the quarters with other boys at all. B/C THEY ARE CLEARLY LESSER BEINGS WITHOUT SUGAR IN THEIR HAIR.


lolol fountain of youth joke ♥ ♥

EVERYONE IS HERE. I DEMAND A PARTY. Or you know, plotty things. ♥ ♥ ♥ cannae wait.

Author's Response: I LOVE THAT STATE OF MIND. I'm jealous of that though. It should have been the elk. SHOULD HAVE BEEN, I SAY.

Percy is a Gryffindor but I have never quite pictured him as the type to stand up to authority. He has quite visibly valued that throughout the series; while that made him treacherous in OotP, I see it here as an easy way to make him a kind of doormat of the comical variety.

I really love the unicorns and cannot wait to write more of them! Eventually, as was the fate of Hugo et al. in Adventure, they will find their voices. Perhaps, well, no, I won't say whether or not I mean that in a literal way :3 And, of course, we're talking about UNICORNS!~*~*~* so there must be shiny things, and guilds, ofc, are shiny. Hugo is pretty much a master inventor of ways to transport things. And his hair is basically the thirty-first member of the Weasley-Potter family, so why not put it to use?

Rose is a bit of a nutter. But Marjie, though also nutty, is more normal. She is the butter to Rose's toast. I mean to say, they're actually good friends. While they were both worrying about Scorpius and Hugo ~that fateful week!~ back in Hugo's fifth year, they figured out they could get on quite well together, and have been close since then. A lot of the time they're on the same wavelength. But as I haven't explained the reality of their friendship, I am trying to build it up in this story as a self-contained story.

Yes, you understand EVERYTHINGGG. Only those lucky ones whose patron saints are Bacchus are skilled enough to carry sugar in their hair, and thus worthy enough to have a plaque. A self-made plaque, nonetheless.

I mean, I couldn't help but think that Hugo would have most often been around his family at Christmas, Easter and his birthday. For whatever reason he knows it's not Christmas or Easter so by logical deduction it is obviously his birthday. No matter that a few days before this, no, maybe even the night before he'd been with all of them...

I just read this chapter again and I actually LOL'd at the fountain of youth. It's super random but also sagely. Only Hugo can merge wisdom with absolute nonsense, I believe.

There will be a party, of sorts, I think. I'm not sure yet, as I'm not done writing the chapter in which it all happens. BUT I can guarantee plotty things!! ♥ ♥ ♥ MANY HEARTS 4 U (h) (h)

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Review #20, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Despite Complication

3rd April 2012:




AND Aunt Muriel! :D AH! SHE'S SO BATTY! SHE'S...OH SHE'S AWESOME! TWO-HUNDRED...Hahaha! Poor Percy! Poor Ron! Poor Weasley's having to deal with her. Bird nose! Oh Percy!

What did they find that puts Harry and Ron in this? I'm glad that they're in the story. I love some good ol' Harry/Ron bromance! Why is Cedric so angry?


Author's Response: Haha the plaque. I'm surprised I underestimated the plaque's humor while I was writing, as everyone's (or rather, three people who have reviewed this chapter so far haha) mentioning it. I suppose, it is pretty silly, and knowing Hugo, who is a natural magnifier, it gets pretty comic :)

Aunt Muriel is amazingly fun to write. She's like...all the little evil things I want to say about people ever but don't because I'm decently trained in social values--she can say them, and definitely does. It's funny because she was technically born in a time of extreme reservation. I guess age, especially extreme age (though wizards and witches live longer than Muggles anyway, from my understanding), can get to one that way. I wonder sometimes if Hugo hasn't inherited as much of Muriel's tactlessness as Ron's.

I promise the answer to your question about why Ron and Harry are involved will be quite explicitly explained (...redundant?) in the next chapter! But, for now, think about the fact that, at this point in their lives, they're both Aurors. That will have something to do with it. But nothing too dark, because this is a crazy adventure story, and everything makes no sense; or nothing makes any sense. Hmmm.

I am writing chapter ten as we speak--or, well I was, before I started answering reviews :3 I hope to see it up by the end of this week.

Thanks so much, again, for your reviews!! I really appreciate you letting me know your thoughts :)

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Review #21, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap To Its Rightful Place

3rd April 2012:
I love Professor Neville...GAH! I can't decide who I enjoy reading about more in this story. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN.AGAIN! Oh, oh, ho! Using Myrtle as a messenger! She's Hugo's very own Owl, imagine her eating Ghosted Flakes? All the other ghost would probably want to leave Ghostland if she came along. She's a bit awful, her screechy voice is giving me a headache.

ONWARD! To the next chapter!

Author's Response: Feel free to have lurve for all of them :P Yes, there will be /quite/ an amount of adventure in this story, and a bit more action in this one, too. I hope I can get there soonish.

Myrtle. To be honest, I have, at this point in my writing, completely underestimated her as a character of that exact potential. But, alas, I may have to make Hugo take her up on this particular ability...or some crazy variation of that theme. I'm sure everyone would love to leave Ghostland if she came :) I will explain more about what Ghostland actually /is/ in chapter 10 or 11, so that it will eventually make more sense to you that I'm saying that Myrtle would not be allowed there, or have an opportunity to stop by!

Thank you for your reviews! I'd been having a rubbish day and it made me smile / feel much better to see you'd left them for me :)

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Review #22, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap To Restore Tradition

3rd April 2012:
"Elk?" Hugo piped.

"No," Uncle Percy said. "Dear Merlin, no."

^ LOVE THAT. And how you incorporated the chocolate from the previous chapters and how you incorporated Cedric in the story for the future and how angry Rose got and in the previous chapter with Scorpius and the hat and...I LOVED EVERYTHING IN THIS CHAPTER!

Let the games begin!

Author's Response: I consider it a great feat, and something that is coming more easily to me, to "tap" into details more than once. This chapter, well, honestly, I don't quite remember what happened in it particularly at the moment--I tried to describe this story out loud to a friend and realized how crazy it is--but, anyway, I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks again!

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Review #23, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap To Persuade the Minister

3rd April 2012:
OH WOW. I CRIED AT THE END. It wasn't even very emotional but Amos's reaction! I'm such a sap!

I loved the repitition of 'Dad' and this line:

Hugo let out a loud gasp. "You're old!" he said, pointing an accusing finger in Cedric's direction.

OH HUGO! My love for him is so strong! :D

Author's Response: Aw. Sap or not, it's a bit of a moment, there! As far as I see it, you're fully justified in shedding the odd tear.

To be completely, devastatingly honest, I was laughing sooo-ooo hard while I kept repeating "Dad" that I had tears on my face. Because I really love my own wit, and all that :P

I also am very fond of Hugo. I think of him as a kind of child of mine, though one I look at much more leniently than if he were actually my child. I would probably have to sit him down and talk about tact, but, I don't know, I might also have figured out that was a bit hopeless by this time.

Thanks so much for your review!! x

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Review #24, by TenthWeasley Despite Complication

28th March 2012:
Oh my goodness, Lily. Ohhh my goodness. I don't even know how to begin to write you a review for this. Your chapters are always so lovely, and I suspect -- nay, know! -- that you could write chapters five times longer than this and they would fly by just as quickly. This story is absolute crack in the way that is not crack at all, but is just as addicting and fun and I just really appreciate you. A ton. ♥♥

THIS CHAPTER WAS SO EXCELLENT AND WORTH THE WAIT AND MOAR. I absolutely loved all the little flickering-back-and-forth-between viewpoints -- it kept me on my toes and you wrote everyone SO WELL, too! I was reading about Muriel, I confess, in the library stacks earlier this evening, and I could not smother my giggles. She's so fantastic and batty. And HUGO, of course. /The/ best Hugo this site has ever seen, and ever will see. And Ron! And Percy! (I'm really, really sorry for the pointlessness of this review. You're probably like SHE DIDN'T EVEN READ IT but it's so hard for me to be coherent now, I gobbled this down so quickly with my eyeballs. I am going to take a brief moment.)

I think one of the best things is that suspenseful attitude you kept up as the chapter went along -- telling things while leaving others out so I was over here all eager to continue reading. I've never, not once, read a story so easily on this site. Normally I'm not a huge fan of reading things online (insert ironic face here as everything I write is posted online) but this is the absolute tip-top exception. Normally I have to take breaks; I couldn't be dragged away from this story by Hugo's Venomous Tentacula. (Am I repeating myself? It's a very bad review-leaving habit.)

AND THE BIT THAT HAD ME CRYING OF LAUGHTER. That plaque on the dormitory, OH. MY. ROWLING. I literally spit out a bit of my coffee, I was laughing so hard, and I /never/ get tears in my eyes from laughing (I find things funny often, but for some reason it's difficult to make me laugh more than a chuckle or so). That is so HUGO and it was absolutely brilliant, one of my favorite things in this story to date. No lie!

Now what, pray tell, did Marjie and Rose find that merited Ron and Harry's presence?! (TAKING A MOMENT HERE TO SQUEE THAT YOU'RE WRITING RON AND HARRY, OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES.) And what's Muriel's involvement in all of this, precisely? I know I'll just have to read more to find out but I am just on the edge of my chair (and, am fact, really on the edge) to read all of this. Lily, I wish I could tell you so that you could understand how much I adore this. You are a next generation inspiration and your writing makes me want to be a better writer, and that is a true statement from the very bottom of my beating cardiovascular muscles. ♥

THIS CHAPTER. Lily, it was so /good/, you've got such talent!! I absolutely cannot, cannot, cannot wait for the next one, because you keep setting these bars and then topping them and setting new ones, and this is just the best fic. The best. Please update just as quickly as school and work and life in general allows, and I will be a faithful reader forevermore! I LOVE THIS STORY IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ABOVE, BUT I REALLY DO LOVE IT. IT'S MAH FAVE.

Author's Response: FORGIVE ME for taking so long to respond to this monstrous, but lovely, review! I know you always talk about how you ramble, but I love it. You know this, but it's extremely satisfying to continue a dialogue with readers and, well, as you're so good at keeping up with these updates, you're always right on point no matter what you're saying.

To me, fan fiction is this CRAZY AND WEIRD opportunity to write like life is a musical--we understand that it's cray, but it makes sense within the context. I think this may make sense, and might be another way of saying "crack but not."

This was an /extremely/ difficult chapter to me. You've read adventure, you know that large casts are a new thing for me. In one way it's exhilirating because it's a kind of flying between characters, the dialogue is this rapid fire writing session where I sit transfixed, slumped over my laptop, muttering to myself in a British accent, being five hundred people at once. I like the balance, the challenge of giving everyone a voice. In a way these stories are about giving people voices who are generally overlooked. Hugo, the underdog who makes awkward gestures at this broader humanity but who, because of his specialness, is still largely alone amongst his peers...who is best friends with a professor, a graduated student and a unicorn. (I mean, let's get real.) Neville, who relives a rebirth, though in a less tragic, sad way than he did in the war. Scorpius is quieter, but he affirms his worth as a good person, separate from his family. In THIS story, though, it's less about proving things and more about just actually voicing things. I tend to focus a lot as a writer on internal space, because I think I'm naturally a stream-of-consciousness writer, though I hate to say it like that because phrases and names are gross. But yes. This is a challenge, and so it means a lot to me to see that you feel it's working. I will just trust you on that :P

The suspense mostly, aha, happened because I just felt like NO WAIT I NEED TO GET THIS SCENE IN HERE TOO OH WAIT, I WONDER WHAT MARJIE IS DOING AND WHAT ABOUT NEVILLE, IS HE HAVING TEA LIKE I IMAGINE OR IS HE STARGAZING WITH THE GIANT SQUID AT MIDNIGHT AGAIN? It's the big cast, the needing to get everything in, but the miracle of still having a /general/ idea of how their stories all connect. Suspense is lovely, but I feel it's a side effect. Useful, but not wholly intentional :D

Yes, the plaque. I have had three scenes entirely written since I /named/ this fic--which, by the way, I think you were there when it was still called "A Round, Unvarnished Tale" :P--and the plaque made it in there. It was not in this scene, but it was just time while I was writing this. I added a couple things and subtracted one and ended up with what you see now. I'm super glad it made you larf. I chuckle myself thinking of it...but in a way, it is also a bit sad to me. Because Hugo's so lonely and he feels he wants people to know about him. BUt it stems more from an awkward confidence and pride than it does from loneliness. Still, it's there.

Harry is turning out to be hard for me to write. I had this idea of him and I'm finding it impossible to translate :( However, I keep chugging along in hopes that things will play out as they should, or that I can fix whatever damage I do, in time.

YOU STOP THAT WITH YOUR COMPLIMENTS, OR I'LL START TO BELIEVE YOU!! I really love your love for this fic and, though I am very bad at updating in a timely manner, your excitement and encouragement is really what keeps me writing. It's an amazing thing, to think that out there in the world just one person is enjoying my writing as much as you are. I am very grateful to have the few of you who read regularly! And, to be honest, if anything about my writing is as exciting as a "next generation inspiration," it may be because I stay close to my writing, and it is important to me, more than talent or determination.


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Review #25, by justonemorefic To Its Rightful Place

27th February 2012:
Oh same ol' Percy. It's okay. I still love you, especially because you are the most ~proper~ Weasley. Proper's pretty hot.

YES JOYYY. THE TOURNEY'S BACK. FOLLOW THE HUGO PARADE. Oh Trelawney, you are as cray as ever. It's a wonder you've stayed on the payroll this long. Also Herbert the unicorn :3

Creeper!Myrtle coming out your faucets. AHA her spunk. I can hear her voice. It is whiny and terrible.

Bawww ;_; Scorpius' aversion to daggers. Creeey. I am feels-y all over again. Also I don't know why, because Scorpius hasn't done anything in particular, but just him being so smart about all these herbology things... mmm.



but in the form of the next chapters ♥

Author's Response: Percy's the one that you love despite yourself. He's like the awk-but-sexy nerd who puts together the mixes for dance-a-thons and wedding receptions.

That was too much, I'm almost sorry.

Plus Percy would never be that nice.

Anyway. DON'T GET TOO EXCITED YET because there will obvs be drama! Nothing is easy in magic-landia! But yes, I imagine there will be a Hugo parade and in that case people should be scrabbling to join.

I never thought of that, why haven't they sacked her yet? I guess because she's amusing occasionally despite herself...

Myrtle is always creepy and always whiny and terrible. Poor Hugo has not seen the last of her, alas.

Scorpius is growing up! It's natural to get feels-y.

Next chapters will be coming your way, on silver platters; though if Hugo'll have anything to do with them they'll either be dirty or a bit dinged. I hope that's alright.

(h) thanks for the review LOFF

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