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Review #1, by I_am_Luna_Lovegood iPod Injuries

26th November 2016:
That was hilarious, actually. (cricketcricket) Will definitely finish it - just wondering why Archibald was not totally thrilled about Goliath KNOWING something.

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Review #2, by Quidditch_kisses iPod Injuries

8th November 2014:
I have honestly been away from HPFF for 4-5 years (aka college)... kinda clicked on your story by happenstance -- I'm hooked :) I like how you've freshened up my memories of fanfic by creating a whole new character who would fit PERFECTLY into the HP world (that is, sticking purely to the canon of the books)

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Review #3, by :) Summery and Summary

17th October 2014:
This was so funny! Ypur story is great, loved ot all!

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Review #4, by Jason is 2 cool 4 scuul iPod Injuries

15th October 2014:
I rrry liked this f=fan-fiction because it showed me how cool harry potter is i'd like to thanks the wrter 4 giving me this chance.
thanks 4 reading thsi my god.

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Review #5, by Leely Summery and Summary

13th October 2014:
Wow, we're at the end of 2014 but I had to say something about this amazing fic.
It's really good. You took the definition of OC to another level. I'm new to HP fanfiction reading (even though I spent half of my life reading JK novels) and I just run away from the whole OC thing. But this fic... This is pure gold.
If you ever read this comment, I just want to thank you for writing about Archie's adventures. I love him.

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Review #6, by Shinicha iPod Injuries

3rd September 2014:
awesome! this is going to be fun :)

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Review #7, by me Summery and Summary

2nd July 2014:
Haha this was really funny and sweet and just a well written whimsical story. Thank you!

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Review #8, by RedHairGinny Summery and Summary

1st May 2014:
Oh, this was pure fun to read!
I totally loved it! So different from everything else on the website - in fact, it's extremely different from everything else in the whole of the fanfiction world...
I loved the characterisation of Archie ('course, you got a dobby for it) and the jokes really cracked me up!!
LOL took on a new meaning while I was reading this story.
What I loved best of all was Archie complete understanding of the devious ways in which the student mind works, closely followed by the hilarious Muggle references throughout!
Amazing work!

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Review #9, by HEG iPod Injuries

21st March 2014:
I love this :) it's really good. Very realistic. Good use of speech, description, thoughts and feelings. A good introduction to your OC. keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by QkStephen Summery and Summary

6th January 2014:
This has honestly been the best thing i've read on Harry potter fanfiction to date. I think you could make this a riotously funny ongoing series. I absolutely loved it

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Review #11, by AlexFan iPod Injuries

1st January 2014:
I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing!

Chapter 1 brings back memories. I remember why I started reading this story and just how much I enjoyed it, in fact, I have the urge to read it again. Archibald manages to make me smile like very few other OCs have.

After reading this story I'm actually beginning to think that some of my teacher's probably have these types of thoughts as well. The thought amuses me but at the same time scares me because what on earth must they think of me?!

By the sounds of it, a class with Dominique and Fred Weasley in it sounds very amusing. That would probably be the only class that I would look forward to because it sounds absolutely hilarious.

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Review #12, by Moony Summery and Summary

20th December 2013:
I'm incredibly surprised that I just spent all this time reading a twelve chapter story about a muggle studies teacher but it was so hilarious. I loved the way you showed wizards views of the muggle world. Archie was so lovable and funny with his sarcasm and nicknames. You have truly become one of my favorite authors on this site and if anyone can make a story on a muggle studies teacher interesting, it's you. Thanks for the laughs :)

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Review #13, by vanityfair Summery and Summary

17th September 2013:
I read this ages ago but only just made an account so I can leave a review. I loved this, Archie was brilliant and I'm sad to see it is over. Congrats on the awards and thanks for writing a really good story! Maia xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Vanityfair! I loved writing this so it's lovely to hear that others enjoyed it too. You're lovely :D

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Review #14, by TearsIMustConceal Summery and Summary

19th August 2013:

(I also can't believe that you completed it ages ago and I never even realised!)

As much as I am sad that Archie's time has come to an end, the last couple of chapters were amazing! (the only good thing about forgetting to check back on this story was to have about 5 chapters to read in succession!)

If I could have voted, I would have voted Archie best teacher (and president and prime minister and whatever other important job there is in the world!). I will miss sarcastic comments, his hilarious puns and absolutely hysterical nicknames, I fear I will miss them a lot.

And now onto your amazing writing skills. I am in awe that you were able to write a story that was entirely humourous from start to finish, that is no mean feat and for that, I bow to you and your greatness! (I believe I would love to steal your writing skills and humour) I think no other funny story will ever compare. And as for your Dobby nominations, they are well deserved.


Even though I am now sad, I am really happy you enjoyed writing this hilarious story...the names of the students was the one thing that tickled me the most, often making me laugh rather loudly in the library. (being english, Katie Price will always be my favourite name haha).

And so, I say farewell to Archibald Penrose but he will always be my favourite character and if JK ever wrote more books, I would definitely petition for Archie (and RDJ because I see no one else ever being able to play him) to be included because I reckon JK might just be a bit jealous that she never came up with him first.

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Review #15, by nargles Summery and Summary

14th August 2013:
This was hilarious! It didn't really have a plot, but it was still awesome.

Author's Response: Yup, that's like my advert for this story. THERE IS NO PLOT BUT IT MIGHT BE A LITTLE FUNNY MAYBE. Glad you liked it! :D

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Review #16, by justonemorefic Summery and Summary

15th July 2013:
"they’d definitely exceeded his admittedly low expectations." That's all he wanted, I'm sure. I love that it's enough to impress Aurora, knowing how tight her hair bun is.


Oh Archie, your purebloodedness is showing -- fifty pound note. You could buy the blender.

Whoa, whoa whoa, he told her about the fake sim version of them and he wasn't creeped out I'D BE CREEPED OUT (not that I haven't done it the same, hem hem). But dang Archie, you got yourself a gem there, hold on and cast a sticky glue charm on her and never let go. Especially when you go out in Sponge bog Square pants socks, lawd.

“You seem not to have inherited the business gene,” Archibald drawled, glancing at the counter, “I’ll pretend I think you’re of wizarding origin, your class continues to laugh at me behind my back, you get the money and then you split it,” HA. And again, I say I am most approving of your use of bets and deals.

SEE I THINK AFTER THE WAR, THERE WOULD'VE BEEN AN UPSURGE OF STUDENTS NAMED HARRY POTTER, I wanted to make that joke myself, but I never go the chance.

c: Heee, it's been such a fun read, Helen. This is one of the best humor stories I've read, definitely the best 12+ one 8D CONGRATS ON FINISHING THIS, SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO GET HERE. ♥

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Review #17, by justonemorefic Don't stop the partaay

15th July 2013:
"Vicky, I know the concept of deceit is mostly above you, and I’m not expecting a Poker Face here, but you might do better if you stopped showing McDonald your cards." and "And Vicky, do not eat the poker chips." Vicky is seriously on fire (will she be literally on fire? wouldn't doubt it, with this talk of thermodynamics)

Oh my god he's considering teaching actual physics, of all the things, this might be the craziest ARCHIE DON'T DO IT.

“She’s writing her extended project on Twilight,” Archibald grimaced, “and how the supernatural is portrayed in sensationalist young adult novels.” ... Along with the several pages of fanfiction Gina had found on the internet. And the six other books she’d referenced. I AM JUST GOING TO PRETEND IT'S ME :D Oh wait, no can I be dom with her sheep puns, that is actually really impressive. "the shear extent" I am rolling, Helen, rolling. Considering Archie's penchant for punning names, she ought to get full marks.

HAH THEY CHOSE WHITNEY HOUSTON Well, can't fault them for a classic, I guess? Right, I ought to do more than throw your fic back at you - but that paragraph was such a perfect drawl of his thoughts.

“It’s the milkshake, Professor,” -> WHEN I READ THIS I WAS WHISPERING TO THE SCREEN *finish the line finish the line -- yes* And then HE QUIPPED BACK.

AWWW. AWWW HELEN, OMG THAT SPEECH, I'M GETTING TEARY (half from laughing the Professor’s borderline inappropriate love of muggles is still ongoing, She’s blatantly too good for him, oh god the squib thing isn't over yet). On the whole, he wasn’t sure whether or not any of the above had been a compliment or merely a string of insults masquerading as something positive. I'm not sure either, Archie, I'm not sure either.

♥ THIS WAS THE BEST almost conclusion TO THE SCHOOLYEAR :3

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Review #18, by justonemorefic Parashoot-me-now-please

15th July 2013:
“I didn’t tell them to jump off the astronomy tower.” -> Oh dear, this beginning. The things it bodes.

"as Vicky was a little too confused by the whole concept of a cinema to move onto any other electronic entertainment and, as far as Archie knew, most Muggles had stopped leaving the house after the invention of the Wii sport" -> BAHA, oh I love that you use this fic to commentate on Muggle trends; it's so hard to do that in HP fic.

"“Art Museums and National Trust houses,” He said pointedly, “but then I am middle class.” -> SNORT. And the commentary continues. And then "Vicky looked like she was about to ask what ‘middle class’ meant" seriously you're on a roll, Helen. I've gleaned a bit about Brit politics from Julia so I can nod along with these attitudes.

Oh god, how did you go from modern art to parachuting Archie, how, how.

The lead up to Kevin was just the best, I could actually sense the dread trickling down his forehead in little trickles.

"They didn't... die" I AM DYING. "And he had to explain how the parachute worked in detail because, otherwise, if they tried it they’d definitely die." AT LEAST HE'S SEMI-RESPONSIBLE? :D

"Not great, but they’d probably have only been one death max. And James might have caught that body. And surely someone would have thought to immobilise the crap out of the falling body." I realize I'm throwing your chapter back at you right now, but I just have to emphasize that this chapter is GOLD. It's ok, Harry fell like a hundred feet. He only lost all his bones.

♥ ♥

Author's Response: GINA.

I was nearly crying writing this chapter, ngl. I had the first line and I was like I LIKE THIS STRUCTURE IMMA DO A THING WITH THE STRUCTURE and than I really liked doing the thing with the structure and basically I'm quite proud of how this chapter turned out so I like the regurgitation of the chapter because it makes me smile and what not.

IT'S NOT HIS FAULT. ahha. they set him up but obviously the connection between modern art and parachuting is a very real occupational hazard.

You're making me miss Archie, damnit. And I am SO VERY GLAD you get the Brit politics bits and pieces because because because I actually have no reason but the first bit remains.



THank you for reviewing :D

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Review #19, by justonemorefic A Good sport

15th July 2013:
"particularly because Neville was a genuine hero" -> aw, he remembers, even in the midst of important professor prank/betting business. I don't know, Neville love just makes me happy. OH NEVILLE YOU ARE SO EAGER, I could pinch your probably-wrinkly cheeks. Fences! Industralising revolution!

Ha, Aurora gets things done, I like her. She also gets Archie into Situations, so. Oh dear, a Muggle Studies brigade of student volunteers, I can see where this is headed. *Here's hoping for exploding basketballs*

“Without blackmail?” -> I like how this is the immediate concern.
“in the name of closing the gap between Wizarding and Muggle culture for the generations to come.” -> YOU GO ARCHIE! even if you are mostly hypnotised by certain womanly wiles.

Can I just say that I am in perpetual appreciation for your use of bets and side dealing and wheedling and scoops. Every student and professor for himself.

“Archie,” Dionne said, lips pursing as she turned towards him, “I hadn’t realised we were married with several children.” Oh dear they went all out.

AND A KISS ON THE CHEEK! From the hottest prof in Hogwarts, according to the school newspaper. Now it's canon!

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Review #20, by justonemorefic Regular Dom-foolery

15th July 2013:

GO RAVENCLAW Archie. I don't recall if you mentioned his house before, alas I forgot then, if you did. Omg Archie and Dionne have so much common. Dang it, I forgot what a space hopper is again *googles*

Ohhh dear, locked in a broom cupboard, we know what that means. professors, yes I am exactly right. I'm still in high belief that pranks are 1000% funnier from Archie because he's cast with RDJ. 'Teaching' and 'treachery' aren't far off lexically, you know.

“You’re coming out of the closet!” Miss Barbie declared. -> SNORT

AW I mean it's kind of sweet that they'd save his job so quickly. "his sixth years seemed to assemble themselves into a legitimate group of protestors and burst out into the corridors yelling things about the freedom to use Space Hoppers and occupy whatever broom cupboard they wished to occupy." oh my god this is the actual best, of all the protests, I would join this one. You know how I'm a fan of large mobs occupying Hogwarts.

"Apparently the idea that Archibald would keep Muggle, and therefore extremely volatile, explosives in his office was a little too believable for Sinistra to dismiss." Explosions are why you're loved, Archie.

“Currently, Miss Skively and Mr Weasley are attempting to convince Aurora that a legendary incident involving a Space Hopper was actually their fault, rather than yours.” SEE THEY'RE ACTUALLY DARLINGS.

Oh I've missed Muggle Studies so ♥ A bunch of eejits, all of them. Must finish the rest!


I think this is the first time his house was mentioned, actually. He has a touch of the Hufflepuff about him, but someone so... nerdy. Well, it had to be done.

HA YES ALL THE MOBS GINA. And broom cupboards. I'd forgotten how much fun I had writing this and now I'm sad that it's over all over again.

there's something special about closet jokes and explosions and space hoppers and such and THANK YOU FOR RETURNING YOUR REVIEW IS GREATLY APPRECIATED (as are you)


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Review #21, by MarauderLover7 Summery and Summary

11th June 2013:
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard through a story! :P
I loved Archie - he was funny and sarcastic and just a little bit mean (though his heart's in the right place). I imagine that's why you picked Robert Downey Jnr for the banner...? :P
I loved the nicknames - it's nice to see the students from a teacher's perspective - and I particularly liked that - while they featured - the Potter/Weasley clan weren't the main focus of a story set in their era. That said, I was a huge fan of the way you presented Freddie and Dom and also Hugo, the endearing little oddball. :P The other students were great too - even the annoying ones like Kevin and Elliot grew on me. :)
I also liked Sinistra as Headmistress - I'd never considered that possibility - and I loved Boot and Corner's bromance. :P
Well done on a well-written, hilariously funny story! :D

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Review #22, by Hope's Mom Summery and Summary

9th June 2013:
I will miss Archie, his students and all his friends! Thank you for writing a most entertaining story!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! I'm glad I was able to entertain you :)

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Review #23, by Cirque Du Freak Don't stop the partaay

5th June 2013:
which is a bit weird (hilariously weird), but lets not comment on that.

I really enjoyed this particular chapter with the whole Muggle party and THE GAMES MUGGLE GAMES andpoor Hugo just keeps getting picked on by Archie (mind-picked but ukno same thing basically) and it makes me feel sorry for him HES JUST A SENSITIVE 13 YEAR OLD BOY. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Also enjoyed all the extended Muggle Studies projects but still hate Cooper because thermodynamics wut and TWILIGHT AND SHEEP AND really Dom. Sheep. On the feminist movement. Pahahaha

Ronald has barely said anything in his life so that was weird.

And I want to know the story of how Barbie and Squeaky got together. Sounds fabulous really.

WAH ITS OVER AND IM SAD. But this was good and aw yeah fun crack times :D

It was weird but I did really enjoy it. I had to just shove it in so that was fun. yaayy.
MUGGLE PARTAY. I kind of which I'd had time to write about the pass the parcel but I just didn't so yeah.

Ahhha, Hugo. I love Hugo. He's like Archie's pet dog. Bless. TWILIGHT. That had to be done too.

I'll tell you the story at some point maybe. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME and I love you lots sorry about it being over and what not.

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Review #24, by Cirque Du Freak Parashoot-me-now-please

5th June 2013:

No, seriously, it was hilarious and I liked the whole ITS A PRANK AND WE DONT WANT YOU TO GET FIRED.AGAIN. And aw yeah I liked that.

Bedsheets being used was fantastic and James just randomly circling the bottom as if he was going to catch anyone or do anything and it was just an excuse to get back on the broom HAH

i LIKE THIS WHY IS IT OVER. okay im done being sad over the happiness of this as a whole thing yeah.

Why are the muggleborns in this so smart they know the difference between taekwondo, jujitsu and karate NOT EVEN I KNOW THAT. These are strangely knowledgable muggleborns. THIS IS SUSPICIOUS.

okay one more review to go. sadness.

Author's Response: I read this back the other day and I really appreciated the structure too so I'm really glad you said tht so yay let's all PARTY and everything because partying is good for the soul nd i have no idea what I started this sentence with...

i love you you love me, everybody loves archie and a JUMP OFF THE ASTRONOMY TOWER, throw Hugo a bone, guess who's taking Dionne home?

i legit don't know what happened there I'm sorry.

AHAHAH, it's just Elliot being superior on purpose. He doesn't even know what the differences are, he just knows there are differences...


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Review #25, by Cirque Du Freak A Good sport

4th June 2013:

Terry says impaling on ANOTHER electric whisk like its happened before... WHAT OTHER AMAZING MISSING MOMENTS ARE WE MISSING OUT ON? Gosh, you're so oppressive whats wrong with you. (*COUGH*Iwantasequel*COUGH*)

THE BRILLIANT HUNGER GAMES BIT!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THIS WHERE YOU DESCRIBED IT IN DETAIL. I loved that bit especially. I can't wait for it to come up again. asiohfdsaifsa


And yeah altogether enjoyed this chapter because it was the best and drama is fantastic and I love that they have a newsletter that rates Professors with a professor overseeing the rating and all such things and OH THE WOE OF DARCHIE'S (Archionne?) NONEXISTANT CHILDREN.

I'm stopping here for not, because I have an early day and its going to be rubbish and tiring and all that so WILL CONTINUE THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS TOMORROW LOVELY


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