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Review #1, by Posie Chapter 17 - The Crimson Tears of Fate

18th January 2014:
it has been so good keep it up I'm loving it :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad to hear from you. should be a new chapter soon :)

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Review #2, by Pomfrey1983 Chapter 16 - Blush

30th November 2013:
I just thinking, wouldn't it be cool if someone could write a crossover for Harry Potter and Downton Abbey with Maggie Smith being the central character in both?

Author's Response: not a bad idea! why don't you try it? i would totally read it :)
thanks for dropping a note ! cheers.

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Review #3, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 14 - A Vermillion Rendezvous

21st October 2013:
'Super long' is right - it was both super, and long ;) Loved the addition of the rest of the team :D Cho's reaction was so funny xD

Favourite parts time!

"No, the guy without the phone. Seriously?"

"Mad? She passed mad about five minutes after you left, and she hasn't looked back."

'it was overcast and drizzling, and he was wearing shades, like it was some bad episode of CSI: Miami; she was half expecting him to out a horrible one liner.'

'Not that Jane was the light, of course. He was more like the UV radiation that gave people cancer.'

"See, it's like this...I'm a wizard."

(And the line after it but I wasn't allowed to include it in the review :/)

Can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: well well you are in luck! I just submitted the next chapter on Sunday so hopefully you won't have too long to wait!
Glad you enjoyed this chapter, it was definitely fun to finally include the CBI team. Now the fun at Hogwarts can begin!
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing yet again! Cheers!

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Review #4, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 13 - Firewhisky

18th August 2013:
Hurray for an update! When the next season of The Mentalist starts on TV, I really am going to be so disappointed by the lack of magic, haha :P

Anyways, favourite parts:

'Purposely misinterpreting it, with a grin he corrected himself, "Oh alright. Please bring a couple more?"'

'"It's Saturday, sir..." Hermione said slowly.

"Is it?" he questioned, raising his eyebrows. He counted the days on his fingers. Tuesday he had revisited Dumbledore's memory, and found out about Red John. Wednesday he went for a walk...

"He's smashed," Ron said, half stunned and half in awe, looking from Jane to Hermione and Harry with wide eyes and mouth hanging open.'

"Not that it makes that much of a difference anyways."

Can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: updates yay! We had A LOT of fun with this chapter, as you can probably tell, so it's good to hear that you enjoyed it too (and therefore that we aren't just completely insane ;)
Actually, Jane counting off the days is one of my all-time favourite parts.
Thanks for reading and reviewing yet again! Really appreciate it! See you next chapter, hopefully! (soon-ish, I think...)

ps - I cannot wait for the new season to start...

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Review #5, by BeyoncaQuillerby Chapter 13 - Firewhisky

18th August 2013:
Wow, this is not you usually read... this is jawdropping story I read. Jane was incredible, and you bring it out!! I love how you portray him, I never seriously thought he can be that insane enough but it is one type he willing to avoid McGonagall's wrath.
You made my day writing incredible fic.

Author's Response: aww thanks! So glad to hear you like it! I hope you come back to see the rest of it :)
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by santosh Chapter 12 - Red Jane & John

25th July 2013:
I love it so far please write some more please!

Author's Response: luckily for you, everything is written already! It's all a matter of uploading/posting the chapters now. which I don't have very much time to do and when I do have the time I usually spend it catching up on tv shows ;)
BUT NO SERIOUSLY there will be more soon! I try to post about once a month, depending on school.
Great to hear you like it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, and stay tuned!

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Review #7, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 12 - Red Jane & John

20th July 2013:
Yay more Mentalist/HP!! :D

I loved this line: 'It was at this point Harry coughed a cough that sounded strangely like Lockhart.'

And these two in particular from the brilliant hypnosis scene: "Well aren't you a moron?"

'Eyes fluttering for just a second of protest before they closed, and muscles in his neck more accepting of the suggestion presented to it than of Ron's will, Ron lurched forward, his forehead banging off the table with a resounding thud.'


I need more. So badly xD

Author's Response: ahah the lockhart line - i will admit that i actually had a little chuckle to myself when i threw that line in there :)
...well, it will be. Soon. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading and reviewing yet again!

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Review #8, by LeoLionheart Chapter 12 - Red Jane & John

14th July 2013:
Well this was unexpected, I really liked the scene with Patrick hypnotizing Ron. Finding out that Red John is a wizard just screams to me how different everything is going to happen in both the Wizarding world and The Mentalist's one.

On another note, would you consider uploading this fic to fanfiction(dot)net? You really would get more reviews and certainly favorites if you do. It's just a lot more convenient for people and the website IS more popular. Not that I have anything against this one of course.

Author's Response: hmm yeah we've thought about ff/net, but i figured that since i'm trying to get my trusted author status back, might as well post on here...
i'll talk to my friend/co-writer and see what she says, perhaps we should reconsider.

anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing! so glad you like it, especially the part with the hypnosis (which was actually kinda hard to write because we have no idea how to hypnotize people lol).
Stay tuned for more, hopefully soon!

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Review #9, by Ava Chapter 12 - Red Jane & John

9th July 2013:
This story is probably the best Mentalist/HP Crossover out there! Now I admit, I havn't read many crossovers, or any really good ones, to be honest, though this most defiantly beats all them. In all the stories I've read, in this one you really capture Patrick Jane, his dark side and habits ESPICALLY. And let me tell you, not many people can do that. I sure as hell can't. Please update as soon as possible, I can not wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: aww thanks so much! it's great to hear from you, especially such lovely things. My friend/co-writer and I actually began to notice that a lot of what we wrote, Jane would say or do something similar in the actual show (on a new episode), and we'd get pretty freaked out because that can't be a good omen of our sanity (or lack there of lol).
Anyways, thanks again for reading and reviewing! The story is finished so basically you just need to wait until an opportune moment comes by for me to upload it - hopefully sooner than later! Hope to see you back!

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Review #10, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 11 - Sins are Scarlet

15th May 2013:
Yay, another chapter so soon! :D I loved Patrick's interaction with Harry in this chapter, especially him figuring out about Harry taking the Prince's advice in his oh-so-Jane way xD You write him so well, it really is as if TV's Patrick Jane has gone to Hogwarts :D

I loved this line: "I didn't intend to show up until this very instant so technically I can't be late." And how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Jane punched Snape, haha xD Most excellent :D

Can't wait for more!!! :D

Author's Response: thanks!!! glad you like it enough to keep coming back! really appreciate all your reviews!
There will be more soon, hopefully!

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Review #11, by fiction fan Chapter 11 - Sins are Scarlet

6th May 2013:
I am loving this story! excellent work

Author's Response: thanks so much!
Great to hear from you ^.^

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Review #12, by fiction fan Chapter 10 - The Hand that Gives the Rose

8th April 2013:
Love it, this story is great... i wonder where it will end up.

Author's Response: well, stick around to find out!
Thanks for reading and reviewing, great to hear you like it. There should be an update soon!

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Review #13, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 10 - The Hand that Gives the Rose

21st March 2013:
Yay! More Mentalist on TV and more Mentalist on HPFF, life is good :D Sometimes I watch episodes now and wonder when Dumbledore's going to turn up and whisk him away to Hogwarts, haha xD

Lots of amusing parts in this chapter, and here are just a few of my favourites:

"What about turning it back, huh? Who would honestly want to drink from something made from a rodent? I wouldn't. It's disgusting."

She just narrowed her eyes challengingly, crossing her arms and staring at him without abandon. "Nobody would even know, if it was done properly."

"To complete your understanding of the subject material, of course."

"The fact that the world would be without me...? That's horrible."

"You're very gullible, did you know?"

Can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: season 5 is almost over :( but luckily it has been renewed for another season yay! and you can count on more of Jane's adventures at Hogwarts in the meantime ^.^
(I too wish Dumbledore would show up in the show... heheh)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, again! Always nice to see you back, and of course, still enjoying the story. Love hearing from you, especially favourite parts (McGonagall v. Jane is one of my favourite subplots lol).

There should be another chapter up soon-ish.

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Review #14, by LeoLionheart Chapter 9 - Red Leader

4th March 2013:
Err... yeah, I have no idea what just happened.
Though the part with Madam Hooch getting annoyed at Jane is pretty funny to imagine.

Author's Response: ahh yeah sorry about that. this chapter was written much before disney bought out star wars, and hence now we had to take it all out. except that we still loved the beginning of the chapter too much to completely delete it.
thanks for reading and reviewing! hope to see you back!
Cheers ^.^

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Review #15, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 9 - Red Leader

11th February 2013:
Loved this chapter, especially the way you wrote the part where Jane was watching Dumbledore's memory of the Triwizard Tournament, it was awesome :D Plus, the flying lesson was hilarious, as was the line "Because I'm lovable." xD Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: back again, huh? THANK YOU!
So glad you are still reading, still enjoying, and still reviewing! Means a lot :)
More to come soon-ish, probably once I'm done exams.

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Review #16, by noname Chapter 8 - Red, Right and Wrong

29th December 2012:
This is awesome! It's... Well, I really like The Mentalist, and I really like Harry Potter. Plus, this sounds like what Jane would do if he went to Hogwarts. Insult everyone, and learn stuff.

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad you like it, and hope you come back to follow the rest of Jane's adventures!
Cheers :)

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Review #17, by LeoLionheart Chapter 8 - Red, Right and Wrong

12th December 2012:
Loving the Jane and Harry interaction.

Author's Response: ^.^
thanks a lot! great to hear from you.

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Review #18, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 8 - Red, Right and Wrong

12th November 2012:
So happy to see a new chapter up! And in perfect timing with season 5 of the Mentalist starting on TV - life is good :D

Couple of favourite parts for you:

"Confident, are we, Jane?"

"Well," Jane hid a snort of derision, "my mind is brilliant..."

"Sorry. I wasn't listening. You kinda have a monotone..."

And of course, the Bedhead thing is still amusing me just as much as the first time I read it xD

Can't wait for more - especially Jane learning to fly! That shall be awesome :D

Author's Response: thanks so much! of course Jane has to learn to fly, its wizardry 101 ;)
shall try to post it up soon.

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Review #19, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 7 - Sparks and Fire

3rd October 2012:
Another great chapter! Only got time to leave a quick review, so here are a few of my favourite quotes:

"Seriously, this is moving on to stalker territory."

"Thorough, but wrong," Jane said, though pleased that he had found out what it was. "An owl is a bird."

"No. They're too busy hitting our mailman."

"It's been more than ten minutes, huh?"

Can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: hello again, thank you so so much for reading and reviewing yet another chapter! I'm glad the story still amuses you, and hopefully it will continue to do so ;)
Next chapter coming soon!

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Review #20, by Fiction Fan Chapter 7 - Sparks and Fire

28th September 2012:
Keep on writing, this is my current favorite story!

Author's Response: thanks so much, its really great to hear from you! I will try to update soon!

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Review #21, by Fiction fan Chapter 6 - Redefine the Mind

2nd September 2012:
Wow, one of the best cross over fics I've read ever!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! More coming soon-ish.
Cheers :)

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Review #22, by poor_old_snuffles Chapter 6 - Redefine the Mind

21st August 2012:
Really enjoyed this update - definitely one of my favourite chapters yet!! :D

Just a few of my favourite parts:
'Picking on each student one by one, he had asked them anything from explaining how to place a phone call to demonstrating the proper way of waiting in line for the bus. The bell had rung just as the next two students were about to demonstrate muggle dancing.'

Harry 'Bedhead' Potter = genius, haha xD

'Damn Jane.'

'"She misses him."

Rigsby snorted again, "She totally misses him."'

"Speaking of which, should I get one of those? Only I saw some kids brandishing stick-like objects at each other and yelling all sorts of things, and I really want in on all that fun." - The best part of the whole chapter xD

Ooh, and I can't wait for more Legilimency/Occlumency, I'm loving those parts :D

Author's Response: yay you're back reading and reviewing yet another chapter, I'm glad you are still enjoying the story! The parts you listed are definitely some of my own favourites (and now I got into the habit of always calling him Harry 'Bedhead' Potter haha)
Lots of *fun* legilimency/occlumency parts coming up soon-ish!
Thanks so much! Cheers!

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Review #23, by Georgie X Chapter 6 - Redefine the Mind

19th August 2012:
Yaay! Well this was worth the wait, I particularly liked all the detail from the past episodes of the Mentalist in Jane's memories and I'm so glad you put him in Ravenclaw. 'til the next chappie then, Georgie X

Author's Response: ^.^
Thanks for always coming back to read and review, I hope you will continue to do so!
Next chappie should be soon-ish.

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Review #24, by Remus Chapter 4 - Red, Gold and Green

22nd July 2012:
ohmigosh. his doomsday will knock four times? i love you guys xD

Author's Response: that was all my partner in crime. I hadn't watched DW at that point yet. I was still in the land of the igloos, slaving away at a lab bench...
Then I came here and all of the sudden (somehow) I had so much time on my hands and I finally got to watching it and the DW references increase exponentially all the way up to the last chapter - which, as you may have learned, we wrote DIRECTLY after 'A good man goes to war.'

(though, when I went back to re-read/edit earlier chapters, my reaction was exactly like yours every time I stumbled upon a reference. This is one of my favourites, possibly because its Trelawney.)


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Review #25, by Georgie X Chapter 5 - Of Manicy and Rooibos Tea

10th July 2012:
I wish Jane would come and teach at my school, politics perhaps? I can imagine him snorting at everything in the news today. That was awesome, I'm glad you remembered Jane's love of tea!

Author's Response: Totally with you on that one, my life would be so much more interesting if Patrick Jane taught Health and Nutrition, or Medical Sociology, or ooohh Ethics! hmm *ideas*.
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, again. There should be an update soon-ish.

ps - theres no way we could have forgot his love of tea...especially being obsessed with tea myself ^.^ But it was strangely difficult and funny trying to find the RIGHT tea to give him, seeing as we decided to be 'creative' and go with the Mentalist trend of naming episodes/chapters with Red-ish things. End result - South African Redbush hahaha.

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