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Review #1, by bester_jester Tales, Dreams and Nightmares.

20th March 2012:
I want a snitch-shaped clock

Author's Response: Me too!! :D

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Review #2, by bester_jester Actions, Reactions and Fists.

20th March 2012:
Hehe so far, awesome. Nothing sucks me in more than a Scorpius/Rose AND a fake relationship plot.

Combine the two and you get an awesome story!

Love your writing :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you :blush:
I hope the story will be awesome then, as well :D

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Review #3, by amy Tales, Dreams and Nightmares.

7th November 2011:
great story! can't wait to read the next chap!

Author's Response: Thank you (:
The next chapter is almost finished, so it shouldn't take me too long (hopefully) to get it up!

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Review #4, by muggle_power Actions, Reactions and Fists.

26th October 2011:
awesome keep writing! update soon love this chapter, it awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
Another update is coming soon, I promise ;)

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Review #5, by Erherher Actions, Reactions and Fists.

25th October 2011:
I really love this, make it a REALLY, REALLY long story please!
Continue your awesome work !

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! :)
The next chapter is still validating, because my computer had some issues with the spaces and font but I hope the problem is solved by now!
And it will be a long one, I promise ;)

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Review #6, by Actions, Reactions and Fists.

23rd October 2011:
Please continue! realy interested :D

Author's Response: will do ;)

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Review #7, by Jaclyn Actions, Reactions and Fists.

21st October 2011:
Please continue!!

Author's Response: Will do ;)
The next chapter is currently validating :D

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