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Review #1, by starryskies55 I Know Him So Well

15th July 2013:
I have only recently started shipping Albus and Scorpius, and this is so cuute! the mirroring of the rain at the beginning was very clever, immediately linking the two characters together, and all the verbs you used to describe the way that Albus and Scorpius were feeling was very poetic and effective, especially the patterning of them.

Your characters were quite well developed for a one shot- and not only in terms of their relationship with each other- we learnt about both their families, plus some tidbits about Albus and Scorpius' immaturity :P

I'm so glad they got a happy ending (so far.. who knows with you, right? but I suppose there is the threat of James) because you wrote two characters so in love it would have been horrific to end it any other way.

I really enjoyed this story too! You wonder writer, you! :D

Author's Response: Albus/Scorpius is awesome. Everyone should ship them. (Even though I love Albus/Lexi and Scorpius/Lily.)

Aww, I'm so glad you liked it. It was my first time writing them when I started this.

Haha, knowing me, I could. But don't worry, this is a stand alone story. Nothing will change.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne I Know Him So Well

17th March 2013:
That was a very nice touch having them both looking at the rain at the same time and thinking of each other. I loved that Albus loved the rain and Scorpius hated it, even though he would still look out of it.
It was so cute when Scorpius was telling Rose about what he knew about Albus, all of the little things that he clearly loved about him.
I'm so glad that they got back together in the end, and that Scorpius is now ready for a commitment.
Such a lovely one shot, I love the idea of Albus and Scorpius :D

Author's Response: Thanks. I liked the idea of it, because it showed the things they have in common but also their differences (in that they both watch it to think of the other, but one lives it and one hates it).

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by Lillylover22 I Know Him So Well

24th April 2012:
That was very beautiful and well written 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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Review #4, by academica I Know Him So Well

12th February 2012:
Hey Sam :) Here from Slytherin Review Tag!

I think if I had to choose one slash ship, the most feasible (for me) would be Sirius/Remus and Albus/Scorpius. For some reason, I'm really interested in the idea of Albus and Scorpius being so close, and I had almost forgotten about this story, so I'm very glad that you were above me in the thread!

I really, really love the rain theme here, especially there in the beginning when you switched from Albus loving the rain to Scorpius hating it. It's sweet how they could be brought together by the same thing despite having differing attitudes toward it. I also love the scene with Rose -- it puts a nice spin on the fact that they're usually paired together but appear here as only friends. You've made the cliche new again!

I especially love this line: "Taking a deep breath and hoping for every ounce of courage a Slytherin could have, Scorpius stood up." I know it's simple, but I think it's really telling of the depth and complexity of his character as you wrote him.

The end of this was really poignant. I love the line about how the reality of Scorpius returning was nothing like Albus had dreamed of so many times. I'm glad that Albus and Scorpius found a happy ending after all of the heartache in this piece.

You're a really talented writer, and I should try to spend more time on your (very pretty) author's page in the future! :)

Wonderful job!


Author's Response: I love Albus/Scorpius. Their relationship intrigues me. :)

Thank you so much for this review, for the amazing compliments.


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Review #5, by forsakenphoenix I Know Him So Well

5th January 2012:
Okay, so I'm a horrible person for begging you to write this and not having the chance to review. But I'm here now, so I hope you can forgive the atrocious wait.

I love the idea of Albus/Scorpius, especially if Albus is a Slytherin so I really liked how this all started off as a friendship, one that wasn't necessarily accepted by their parents (moreso Scorpius's, based on his comments), and then it grew into a relationship. I think with his parents disapproval, it would make sense for him to be afraid of commitment too. It breaks my heart that, despite loving him, Albus had to walk away, but it shows that he knows Scorpius, really knows him, and he knew that he wasn't ready for the kind of commitment Albus wanted. It's like that line, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be."

I liked the contrast between the two boys - one loving the rain because of the comfort it brings, the other hating it because of its reminders of the one he lost. Of course it's raining on the day they reunite, but then the rain stops. So precious.

I also enjoyed Rose's little cameo, how she felt the need to meddle in Albus's life because he was miserable and wanted Scorpius back. She's a good cousin, and James is a great older brother - accepting of Albus's relationship but still willing to kick ass.

This was a lovely one-shot and I'm glad it had a happy ending. Thank you so much for writing one of my new favorite ships and I'm really sorry about how long I took to get around to reviewing it.

Author's Response: No, don't think you're a horrible person! I forgive you! :D

Albus is cool as a Slytherin. And Albus/Scorpius are amazing. I have different ways the families take their friendships/relationships in different stories, but I liked this way for this one-shot because it fit the song that inspired it. It made compete sense to be afraid and Al walking away was just so sad. It's definitely like that line.

That was my favorite part; I could just imagine Albus watching the rain. :)

Every loving family member must meddle at some point. In this it's Rose (in my Scorpius/Hugo it's Teddy). And I love James; he is awesome.

Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so glad you asked for me to write this, because I love Al/Scor and I just loved writing this fic. Don't apologise; I understand real life gets busy. I'm just glad that you like it. :)


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Review #6, by Jenna822 I Know Him So Well

14th November 2011:
So, I've been meaning to read some of your stories for like...ages, but I haven't had much time for reading lately. I finally got some time today. :D

Yay!! Angsty slash with happy endings ♥
I like the way you portray them. I've never heard the song. I may have to go listen now. :D --Jenna

Author's Response: Yay for reading time! :D

They should always have a happy ending :P
You do. Go listen!
Thank you for reviewing.


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