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Review #1, by Indigo Seas One

5th July 2012:
It's random review time, with Rin!

I absolutely love, love, love the plot/idea. It was really unique, which I think is the main reason I love it so much. I've read plenty of "Oh, Pansy, I still love you" and "let's have an affair behind Astoria's back" kind of things, but this... this was different. It almost had a 20s-era, Jazz-Age vibe to it, which could be (and probably is - I'm listening to super old French music) just the way I'm perceiving it.

Your last line and your first line are just... gah. I always try and start with an impact and leave with an impact, and you've done exactly that. I think it's a hard thing to pull off, and yet you've written them brilliantly. Are you the kind of author who really things carefully about your opening/closing lines, or do they just come out marvelously on their own? I couldn't tell. Either way, they're great.

Anyway, I'm off to leave another random review for some poor, unsuspecting author. I hope you enjoyed this one! It was a really lovely story - you're a very, very talented author.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Yay! We love random review time!

I don't read much Draco/Pansy, or Draco/Astoria, but they came to my head when I wrote this piece. Granted, I was stunned when JKR said he was married to a Greengrass. I think Draco and Pansy's relationship is complicated - to say the least. There are so many dynamics to it that we as readers could not have seen. Everyone assumed they were together, but the fact of it is, they've known each other since they were small children. They were close. The possibility that something might have happened between them is very strong - something that I don't doubt. But I think it made sense for them /not/ to end up together in the end because after the war, no one could go back to how things were. They both know that, though parts of them are unwilling to let go.

I like the idea of it having a 20s feel to it, one of those society dances, something less extravagant than the Great Gatsby might pull off.

I'm really glad you liked the first and last lines. I do actually try to make my first line as engaging as possible. I learned a lot from a first line challenge I did a couple years ago. The last line, not so much. But I understand what you're saying about the last line - it's very subtle considering the gravity of what he's about to ask her. It makes you wonder how it might have gone. Well, I hope that's what you were implying anyway.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Rin! I was so surprised to see a review for this story!


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Review #2, by littlemissmb One

8th March 2012:
I truly love this. I fell like there is a lot of passion behind this story. Well done. =]

Author's Response: Thank you, my dear. There is, Draco and Pansy have been through too much to really let each other go.

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Review #3, by Fleur Delacour One

16th December 2011:
Ho ho ho and a happy Christmas! I'm here for the first of several TGS Secret Santa reviews I have planned for you! ♥

I thought this story was fantastic -- you fit your requirements very well for this challenge, but it didn't seem constructed to solely fit those requirements. if that makes any sense. Standing alone, it's a brilliant one-shot; people need to write more Draco/Astoria, especially you, for you do it so well. I especially love the anonymity that comes in writing second person, the air of mystery. I think that any other style wouldn't have done this story as much justice.

I think Pansy's role here was great, too -- very changed from how she's seen in the books (whiny, shrill, etc.), but in a good way. The break between the two of them might not have been clean, if I am picking up on all the implications, but it's healthy enough to be realistic. And as someone who loves to see a good dose of realism in fic, that impresses me very much. This line I liked especially --

She would be standing there as proud as ever, giving the illusion that she was silently cheering you on while waiting till you turned the corner before all her petals fell off.

Not only is that a bit of genius, comparing a girl named for a flower with a literal flower itself, but you've actually made me feel sympathetic with her, and I /hated/ Pansy in the books. She has a lot of strength in the way you write her, and I love that about her here.

Draco, perhaps unsurprisingly, was my favorite, because his emotions and reactions are quite in tandem to how I feel they might have been, given his situation in canon. And among that messy sort of sentence there is a compliment, buried a bit deep, but I simply think you wrote him very believably, and again, I am impressed. Especially his perspective on his parents and their relationship through his eyes -- PERFECT, in my opinion. I could not have even attempted to write it better myself.

To sum it all up -- I enjoyed this immensely, and I really liked the story and style a lot. I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. I'm excited to explore your author's page and see what else you have in store for me this holiday season!

Author's Response: Hi again :)

I'm curious. How did you know what my requirements were? Did you go look? If so, you're sneaky :P But I do understand what you mean. When I finished it, I wondered if it went back to what AditiDraco asked for. I'm surprised you consider this to be Draco/Astoria, they only featured at the end, it was a more Draco/Pansy fic - unless you meant to say Pansy instead of Astoria. *eyes shift* Ah. I'm inclined to agree with you there. That's what I like about second person, it doesn't quite fit if it's written in any other voice.

If you had told me I would be writing Pansy Parkinson like this a few years ago, there's no way I would've believed it. My perception of her has changed drastically. I say this in every review, perhaps to remind myself of how I saw her as a character before. These days, I have much more respect for her, especially in this setting. I honestly thought that the war changed everyone, including those who thought they were untouchable. She's much more mature compared to how we saw her written in the books, and I think there was much more to her relationship with Draco than most people thought.

For this, the break between them wasn't clean at all. The heaviness between them still hangs in the air, and I think that if I'd locked the two of these alone in a room (in this story) the tension would be much too great to ignore. She still loves him, and the thought of him /marrying/ someone else kills her, but she won't let him see that - even if he knows it. For Draco, I'd say his feelings are similar. They know how they feel, but they can't do anything about it because it might destroy them both. They need fresh starts, and they need to let their wounds heal. Staying together would mean they would be stuck in a past full of turmoil.

I liked that line too, but I wasn't sure it worked well. She does have strength. I think a lot of these Slytherin purebloods are underestimated. Look at Narcissa Malfoy. Who would've thought she'd do all of that? I honestly was proud when she lied, she took over the reigns when her husband couldn't.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this so much! Thank you for reviewing, Jane :)


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Review #4, by academica One

16th November 2011:
Hey! Here from the TGS Review Exchange :)

I think this is my favorite characterization of Pansy that I've ever read, and I don't say that lightly, having read many, many varied conceptualizations of her. I've never seen her written as a mature woman before, a friend to Draco even in her pain. I often find her painted as a vindictive ex-fiancee or posh trophy wife, but I like this, and unlike in the majority of those portrayals, I like her as a character. She is so real and yet so simple, a shade or two different from the cliche porcelain facade that we usually find on the pureblood girls. I like how you used the war to facilitate that maturity. It makes sense that the war would change both Draco and Pansy and, tragically, make them ultimately incompatible for each other.

I also like what you've done with Astoria. Having her be a breath of fresh air for Draco is a little cliche, but it works here, having her stand as the opposite force from Pansy, who reminds Draco of all the things he wants most to forget. She is younger, more naive, and she represents a chance for Draco to put the past behind him and move on with his life by becoming able to see the brightness in things once again. It's sweet that Draco eventually was able to see her value, and I think the way you built up to that in those brief paragraphs before the ending was well done.

Your imagery was good, especially in the beginning; I loved that you hearkened back to Lucius and Narcissa's relationship. I did notice one typo -- the variation of "loathe" you want (using context clues here) is actually spelled without the "e". Everything else looked fine, though. This was so enjoyable!

Great job! Hope my review brightens your day :)


Author's Response: Hi there!

Oh wow. The thing is, she was never one of my favourite characters. In my early days as a writer I painted a very harsh picture of her, but as I continued to read other authors' depictions of her, I changed my mind. Pansy, like the other minor characters, has a lot of potential that needs to be explored. Trying to overcome my past biases, I imagined that these two characters might have been very close - intimate even. Maybe she cared more about him than people gave her credit for. Perhaps she learnt to care for him more when things got difficult, and now it kills her to see him move on to someone else. Even if it was a good thing for both of them. There's always that one person who changes you for the better - for me that's what Draco did for Pansy in this story. I like to think the same thing for Lucius and Narcissa, and even Severus and Lily.

I'm still trying to figure out where Astoria came from, but I guess JKR wanted the youngest Malfoy to have a clean slate. That was exactly my intention - to make her the opposite of Pansy, and I tried to make certain parallels evident - though I'm not too sure how well they worked. And yes, it is cliché, I agree :) I felt he needed to turn over a new leaf, even though it's clear he still feels something for Pansy. Ultimately he knows its for the best. I do wish I'd written more for Astoria though.

I have a tendency of pimping out my favourite ships in my stories. Lucius and Narcissa for me is a classic one, and Draco would've seen his parents interact several times. I refuse to see them as cold and loveless.

Oooh, haha okay, I'll change that. Thanks for picking that out.

This review was lovely. I like when readers analyse my characters and discuss them with me :) Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #5, by Remus One

3rd November 2011:
Hey! Its Perelandra here with your review! Sorry it has taken a's been busy ya know. Anyway, on to the story!

I have to say...not many people manage to pull 2nd POV as well as you did. You're definitely much braver than I am! Haha! The story did not have much dialogue but the way the narrative flows its okay to not have much dialogue. The part with Pansy makes you wonder what kind of human being she was. She was horrible to Hermione and the muggleborns but she was still a teen capable of love and heart break. I'm glad you painted that side of her.

My favorite line has got to be "She would be standing there as proud as ever, giving the illusion that she was silently cheering you on while waiting till you turned the corner before all her petals fell off." Right there you captured a very powerful moment for Pansy.

This story definitely left me wanting to read more. Why did Draco and Pansy drift apart?

Very nice story!

Thanks for the enjoyable read! :D


Author's Response: Hey! I'm so sorry I took so long to reply :(

Ah, I've taken a very strong liking to second person these days. It reflects a lot on me as well and how my perception has changed, in RL as well as online. With my characters, Pansy has had a transition. I remember I didn't like her so much at all but I've read things to make me change my mind. I think Pansy has had a lot to go through during her Hogwarts days based on how she was brought up. Certainly she would be prejudiced against the muggleborns but it didn't mean she didn't know how to feel anything for her own kind (to put it bluntly). Everyone is capable of love, it takes the right person to show them how to do that. I used to think she didn't love Draco but there's so much that went on at Hogwarts that we have no idea of knowing about - hence the fanfiction.

Pansy is proud. She may be longing for him desperately, but I doubt she would try to impinge on his happiness even if it means moving away from her. That line is quite heart-breaking, actually. And it paints her in a very sensitive light - she won't let him see her fall apart.

That's a good question and something to expand upon. The plot bunnies are creeping around...damn.

Thank you so much for your review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story.


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Review #6, by adluvshp One

1st November 2011:
Hey there!

Wow this was surely an amazing piece of writing. I am glad you were able to pull off the second person nicely because there are so many authors who attempt it but end up confusing the readers. However, I didn't get confused at all here. I really liked how you used the situation given to you :) The entire Pansy/Draco/Astoria thing was quite good. I liked your narrative as well as characterizations. The descriptions were well done too. And of course the Angst was written beautifully as well. Over all, this was a piece I really liked reading. You've done a good job :)

Results going to be announced soon!


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm really glad you liked it :) I used to stick to third person before with the occasional meander into first, but not so much with second. Now, I rather like it. I love the feel it gives whenever I read it or write it.

Haha. I bounced around some ideas and was half way through writing out one when I wasn't quite sure it was what you asked for in your situation so I wrote this one instead. This is the second time I'm using these three in a story together, but this is the first time I've had written from Draco's eyes. Seeing Astoria pop up out of nowhere made me wonder, so I wrote.

Thank you for letting me take part in your challenge. I know I mentioned it before but I wanted to say it again. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for reviewing :)


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Review #7, by Cassius Alcinder One

31st October 2011:
Cassius Alcinder here with your review!

First of all I have to commend your writing style. Not too many people can pull off an effective second person narration, but you certainly did. I also really liked your descriptions and analogies, they did a very effective job at capturing the emotions.

I also have to say that your characterizations are excellent, paritcularly of Draco. He's a very layered and complex character and I think you showed that very well. Your portrayal of his relationship with Pansy was superb.

I would like to see a little more of Draco and Astoria's relationship, but the amount you wrote was probably just right for the length of the story.

Thanks for requesting!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much! Writing second person comes much easier than any other point of view for me. Perhaps it's because of the tone I tend to use and maybe the genre as well. I'm glad you liked the analogies, I honestly thought they didn't work so well, but it seems I was just being silly so thank you :)

Yes. Yes he is. I knew there was always more to him but the perspective the books are in doesn't quite show all that. The war was certainly hard on Draco, so much so that he wanted to get away from everything that reminded him of it, even her.

I thought about extending their relationship description a bit more after writing the ending, but I wasn't so sure where or how to put it. In a while, when I re-read it, then I might try to include something. In the end, I figured the snippet at the end was to show him starting over with someone else.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by justonemorefic One

23rd October 2011:
Hee, I had to come look. I love this! The moment you chose with Pansy speaks so much. Their actions are so expressive and touched with sadness. I think it really fits with his impending proposal. Something so final, and he looks back at what could have been. And it's clear that the past isn't quite dead yet, and it lends a lot to the imperfections that might mark his life forever.

I'd love to hear more about him and Astoria, since we never get to see them together, and she shows up quite briefly. I can see how he'd be drawn to her, so I'm quite curious1 :D

Author's Response: I just want you to know that I am appropriately stunned :)

I'll admit, Pansy hasn't been my favourite character in the entire world but lately I've looked at her differently. I honestly couldn't see Draco going to anyone else but her before he took this step, especially after all that had happened - all the things we couldn't see. I imagine that they were almost inseparable. So for him to do this is rather heartbreaking for both of them.

For them to be apart now is necessary. While he was the one to pretend not to recognise Harry and others in the last book, she was willing to give them up. Both were desperate, but for completely different reasons. Both their pasts are stained so for them to move on, they need clean slates.

I know Draco's interaction with Astoria is (very) brief and I was worried about that. Since it's put like this, then it shows that he's making baby steps...he's about to turn that page and start a new one.

Thanks for your review, Gina :) I hope my response makes some sense to you.


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Review #9, by AC_rules One

21st October 2011:
Your use of the second person was just great here. I love well written second person fics, and this was definately one of them. From the very first line you had me as putty in your hands, you should know, it just seemed like the perfect way to start.

Then, oh, the illusions to Pansy as a flower were so well done. The idea that the war meant that they couldn't stay together, well, that was beautifully well done and believable and altogether georgous.

She would be standing there as proud as ever, giving the illusion that she was silently cheering you on while waiting till you turned the corner before all her petals fell off.
^ that line is just so stunning. I want to eat it.

I loved Draco's characterisation, too, how he wasn't ever perfect and when he met up with Astoria and the greeted each other with 'hi's I could practically here the scene playing out in my head - which was fantastically well done.

The flow was great too - I think there were a few moments when I stumbled but I'm sure that has more to do with the fact that its now three in the morning than anything to do with your writing.

I thought it was believable and wonderfully well written. Good job :D


Author's Response: Hey :)

I love second person fics myself but like you said, once they're well written. Haha :) I had that first line in my head for a while but I wondered how I was going to get the rest of the story to pick up after that. I'm really glad it drew you in.

I worked really hard on that allusion - I didn't want to make them painfully obvious, you know? I'm glad you got them!

Like I was telling another reader, even though they survived it, their loyalties changed due to desperation. While he was willing to switch sides or like the rest of his family, remain neutral, she was willing to sell out Harry and others but I think she just wanted it all to end. She was afraid, like everyone else. He couldn't go back to that, after all his family had been through he needed a fresh start. He may still love her but there's no way that he can move on with her still with him. All signs of the past must be removed so *cue Astoria Greengrass*.

Hahaha, by all but please share :P.

I think that's what confused him about Astoria's attraction to him in the first place. He's definitely no saint and is dripping with so many imperfections and such a tainted past so the fact that she actually feels for him leaves him a bit stunned. Granted, Pansy does too. I like things to be simple, hence their greetings, which is another thing he appreciates about Astoria.

Thank you so much for your review. You really made me smile :D


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Review #10, by MyMyMiss One

18th October 2011:
She would be standing there as proud as ever, giving the illusion that she was silently cheering you on while waiting till you turned the corner before all her petals fell off.
:'( My heart like leapt out of my chest here, it was just gut renching.

I can see you always saw Pansy the same way I did. Not cruel or evil, but different and unique, as she was proud and carried a lot of pride with her and people couldn't handle that! That's how I see her ^_^ So I really enjoyed this.

I think we have a winner ^_^ This was incrediable, and makes my entry look like a sheltered mess O.o lol. This is an amazing piece of writing, and I am really glad I took the time to read it.

General I don't like reading second person as I get really confused, as most of the time second person is hard to follow.
But this was a very good read, that flowed easily from on paragraph to the next and your choice of words were great as well!!

I commend you for a well written story, and good luck in the challenge!!

~Karni, x

Author's Response: Would you believe that I was halfway through a decent response to this when I lost it all? Ugh. Anyway, here's take 2.

I wanted to link that description to her name (as her name is Pansy) but I wasn't so sure it worked out as well as I would like. Seeing your reaction to it changed my mind, though :)

I'll be really honest here and say that I didn't always see her like this. I was one of those who thought she was a bit selfish and cruel - despite my undying love for the people of Slytherin House. My feelings for her were reflected in my writing in the past as well. However, I read a fic by ciararose last year called 'Motivation' which changed my entire opinion about Pansy. Then this year, I read another one by TallestTower called 'Cold Summer' which I also loved. Pansy did carry a lot of pride, perhaps it was too much.

Both of them - Pansy and Draco - have been through a lot (most characters have) but I believe the atmosphere would've been much different in the Slytherin Common Room after 5th year. JKR alluded to a relationship between them but sometimes I think it wasn't as profound as it should've been. During the second war, both of them were desperate and lost as well, perhaps they would've needed a change. *Enter Astoria Greengrass*. I have no doubt that he still cared for her but I don't think he needed a reminder of the past. That's the entire premise of my one-shot - I hope it showed most of what I just blabbed on about.

I don't believe that. I'm glad you liked this so much and I doubt yours is a sheltered mess. I've been on your author's page and your stories look very creative.

Ah, most people generally don't like to read it either. It was the only way I think I could've written this story (and also, I think I've become a bit obsessed with it too).

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Karni! I really appreciate it. And good luck in the challenge too :D


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