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Review #1, by NaidatheRavenclaw The Old Crone's Fowl Play

4th March 2012:
Hi there! Here with a very VERY late QTR review :)

If you were trying to make this sound like something out of Tales of Beedle the Bard, you very much suceeded. It read like a fairy tale. I was super impressed with how elegantly you wrote it. And the style fit so perfectly with the dark, twisted sense of humor you had through the whole thing. Because while on the outside, it really was just a tale with a moral, but if you thought about it for a while, the irony and humor of it was amazing. I mean, being pecked to death be chickens. That's just brilliant

"The old crone, who was soon overcome by the flapping birds and their incessant pecking, stopped grabbing at the chickens in her attempt to rid herself of them and fell to the ground: dead." That was one of the best lines I have ever read in fanfiction. Along with a few others, the way you wrote them coupled with the fact that these are /chickens/ made it absolutely brilliant.

Excellent job on this one shot!


Author's Response: Hahaha! I did wonder when you guys would stop slacking ;) Nah, it's fine. Haha ^_^

Thank you so much for the review. This was a piece of coursework for my creating texts portion of my English Language course. I'm pretty darn glad it sounds like it's from Tales of Beedle the Bard... I studied all of the stories in that book inside out for months to try to nail this xD. I'm pretty chuffed that you enjoyed it so much too!

It is? Wow, thank you! I guess it's brilliantly ridiculous, ahaha. The whole thing is really. Like you said... /chickens/. It's fantastic that you liked reading it so much, and even though I suppose you were obliged to give this review than you so much for reviewing it anyway (To be honest, I was never expecting to get the review I won anyway, so this is just as good as getting a random review!)

See you around the common room, and congratulations on being bumped to prefect. See you around the Snuggle Room ;D


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Review #2, by orderofthephoenix The Old Crone's Fowl Play

14th October 2011:
LORREN! I'm so glad you're posting stories again! ^_^

The way you told the story was brilliant and your writing style shone through. It was humorous and interesting and just like a fairytale, especially the ending for the wicked witch. It's a shame the witch had to waste her talents making a potion to get rid of the villagers, really.

I also like some of the words/phrases you chose to use, like "as she ferociously grabbed the chickens". They add to the effect of the story. Being pecked to death sounds funny and ridiculous but you made it a little ominous too. Haha, I love the title, clever play on words! :P

You better not wait another year and a half to post your next story. Keep writing and keep posting! I'll be waiting. :D


Author's Response: YAY ^_^

I'm glad it reads like a fairytale... it is kind of meant to be one :D

I analysed stories from Tales of Beedle the Bard IN DETAIL before writing this. Fo' srs. Sily coursework, but hey! Fanfiction for coursework isn't bad, right? Ehehehe, so glad you like the title! ^_^

I'll try to keep a shorter time frame between posting stories next time :) I have one I'm writing now... I may be done with it in a few months hahahaha! I do love you. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ^_^

Lorren x.

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Review #3, by marinahill The Old Crone's Fowl Play

14th October 2011:
Lorren, I am SO HAPPY that you are writing/posting again! I know you wrote this two years ago, but it doesn't matter because you're posting it now with CONFIDENCE, girlfriend -clicks-

You really have a unique style and it reads so easily. It suits the type of story you're telling, which is sort of like a dark fable (pecked. to. death. by. chickens.). There's something really simple and sophisticated about your writing and it really lends itself well to a Beedle-type story. You don't overload everybody with extraneous detail, but there was just enough description to be just right. The old crone pretty much became a chicken herself and jumped off the page and flew at me... except you know, chickens can't fly properly. but whatever, she was pretty real to me. My fridge is mooing right now. o.O

Anyway. It's good to have you back! This is fabulous and I know for sure your next update is even better. Now you're back into writing again, don't stop! Just keep it up, because I want to read loads more from you.

BTW, your title is so lol. Fowl play indeed :') So punny.


Marina ♥

Author's Response: haha! I'm so happy too :) I'm a bit of a CHICKEN... but hopefully I won't be so bad when it comes to posting stuff any more ;D

It's unique?! WAHEY! That's... that's actually a huge compliment. I think I have a style catered more towards children if I'm honest but... unique? Wow ^_^ THANK YOU SO MUCH. I only had just over a thousand words to work with, so I couldn't go too overboard with description and stuff, which I suppose must've worked in my favour, eh?

It's great to be back :) I hope I don't stop, even if I never post anything again. I really enjoy writing.

Lorren so punny :')


Lorren xx

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Review #4, by AquariaJasmyne The Old Crone's Fowl Play

14th October 2011:
Awww Lorren, this was so amazing! :D Seriously, this was an absolutely brilliant one-shot, everything was just so PERFECT!

I love how this was written. It flowed perfectly, and really was like the fairy-tales both from Beedle the Bard and our own muggle ones. It was so entrancing! The descriptions and dialogue were written so beautifully, it really felt like I was there in the room, surrounded by chickens.

This idea was so original! I love stories about evil witches, and love them even more when a tad of humour and karma is added. Chickens were an awesome choice, too - they can be quite scary at times, haha :P

Anyway, I really, really loved this, and the moral of the story was fantastic and tied everything together perfectly :3 Simply amazing work here, lovely!!

-Lizzie xx

Author's Response: Lizzieee! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this. I was always a bit worried about putting it up on HPFF because it's just void of typically HP things like... canon characters ^_^ I see now that I was a silly to wait 2 years to whack it in the queue.

I did actually closely analyse the whole of Tales of Beedle the Bard to write this. That sounds a little bit lame, but this was originally written for coursework at school and I had to have "style models"... I just chose to write fanfiction instead, and I got away with it! With an A! I'm really pleased that you like it. I love writing in this style and though I do find it difficult to write (it has been a VERY long time) at the moment, it does just feel so natural to me to do it like this. Wow. I didn't expect to throw you into the story so much ^_^ Ee, thank you!

It was so difficult to think of an original idea when I'd just looked through Beedle, but I love evil witches too so I thought I'd base a story around one!

I am so ridiculously happy that you enjoyed this. It is a fairy tale so I'm glad that the moral stands out and is clear. Thank you so much for not only taking the time to read it, but also for spending time reviewing too. I really appreciate it ^_^


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