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Review #1, by Singularity The Running Involved

1st December 2011:
Hi, it's Singularity. I'm finally here with your review. Sorry it took me so long!

I don't read too many crossovers, and I've never read a HP/DW one, but I thought this was really fun so far. (I went back and read the first chapter to get a feel for what was going on).

I like that you chose Hugo to be the next gen kid to get swept up with the doctor. It seems like he's one of those next gen-ers who kind of gets shunted to the side and left out a lot or characterized as a worthless lump, so it's nice to see him take center stage.

I also like that you chose 10 and Donna. They have such great sibling-like banter. I love when she calls the muggle Mr. Wusspuss. Hilarious and very, very Donna-esque. The doctor's defense of his beloved screwdriver is also very fun and in character. I approve ;)

I also like that, even though it's a crossover, Hugo is the one who said the quote. I thought that was unexpected and a nice twist. It was also great the way Hugo was being a bit dramatic (Is this my death?) and the doctor kind of pulls him out of it. I thought it was a nice little piece.

I think you have the start of a really great story here. I would love to see where it's going from here. What happened to Hogsmeade in the past 10 years? How are Hugo, Donna, and the Doctor going to fix things? Is there another time lord with a fob watch? Who showed up at the end of the chapter? So many questions!!!

Thanks for entering my challenge! This was a fun read. I do hope you will continue with it at some point :)


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Review #2, by Ravenclaw333 The Running Involved

28th October 2011:
I am such a fan of this story. You combine the worlds so well, it's awesome - and genuinely intriguing! Definitely keen to find out how the Doctor knows about magic, and again, really believable characterisation! I've just been watching Series 5 so I have Matt Smith's voice in my head, and then I read this and it's like bam, Tennant again. Well done, please update soon! :)

Author's Response: ASDFGHJKL *rolls around the floor back and forth* You really are awesome, you. And I need to know your name because calling you 'you' all the time just won't do due to the level of ***EXPLOSIVE AWESOMENESS*** that radiates off of you thus making you not just another 'you' that I know from the Internet but rather a special you. Oh look a chocolate no a psychic paper YOU'RE NOW INVINCIBLE. I'm ranting like Doctor Donna okay wow that's interesting HOW CAN MY WRITING BE THAT DOCTOR INNER VOICE CHANGING ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE EVEN READING MY WRITING.

Please excuse Em for she is having a what-is-my-life reflection moment. :)

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Review #3, by Ravenclaw333 Strangers in a Box

22nd October 2011:
Yay! A well written Doctor Who crossover! I love your characterisation of Ten, it's perfect. Very keen to see where this story goes, awesome start!

Author's Response: :O :O :O You had me at "well-written", because I definitely do not consider myself as a good writer lol Chapter 2 is in the queue, wait for it! ;) Thanks for the fave too asdfghjkl

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Review #4, by pottersinsomniac Strangers in a Box

16th October 2011:
So, I am incredibly excited to read more of this, and I
must say, brownie points for using Donna- she's one of my favorites. ;) Anyways, I like how you showed Hermione's perspective a little bit, and I think you portrayed Ten really well. Wonderful story so far- can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response: Hi! :D
Thank you, glad you're liking the fic so far, and yeah I love love Donna I hate that she ended up the way she did in the end :( Thanks for the encouragement as well, writing the action stuff will be a challenge, as I normally stink at fast-paced scenes, hope I won't disappoint! ^_^

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