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Review #1, by EverDiggory Crumbling the Cookie.

19th December 2012:
You've foiled my evil plan. I was going to log out and leave the reviews so you'd be stuck having to guess at who your secret snata was but you weren't interested in playing my reindeer games, which I discovered when the review box said I had to be logged in.

I'm a little surprised by your author's note...I liked your choice of name, I find it clever! If there's one thing I'm going to ask you to do, honey, is never ever apologize for anything when it comes to your writing! Apologizing for 'offending' someone because your Fred II is supposedly OOC is downright ridiculous! You should be offended that you feel like you have to apologize! This is fanfiction, we don't have to be canon. Want pure, no doubt canon? Read the books. I can't force you to do anything but seeing that you apologized for that really erks me to no end. Don't apologize for that either.

This was beautiful. Especially the third paragraph! Comparing hearts to harps (what an awkward sentence) Absolutely gorgeous. I was astounded by how different the two objects are upon first glance, but as you deeper describe them how they're so alike.

One thing that really impressed me was that you covered such a large span of who Nagini is as a person, so many of her emotions, whats happening, and absolutely stunning descriptions in a semi-short chapter. That is mind-blowing, because this didn't feel rushed, forced or overloaded at all! I was very, very thoroughly impressed by your ability to do this seemingly effortlessly and with such a tremendous outcome!


Ever/Slytherin Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Secret Santa... OMG I forgot all about mine!! *FacePalm* RL deff's caught up with me!! Bugger, Bugger.

However, on another note.. Thank you so much for the review hun! I feel as if I have to apologize to people for the name though :/ A lot of people think I am mad for calling a student that, like I'm trying to add a piece into chapter two now were it explains a little background detail about how Nagini got her name, but it's hard. So I just apologize for now.. But thank you anyone. I know it's fanfiction and it is what we create, but sometime's people can scrutinize a little too harshly :P but that's just what we have to put up with :)

She has a lot of emotion at the start of story yeash :) but toward the end it just seems to leave her, and the last chapter is pretty sad :( Already written - I know, I'm mad! I have a first chapter and a last, but no middle... oh well.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback hun. It mean's a lot. :)

~Karni, x

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Review #2, by academica Crumbling the Cookie.

8th January 2012:
Hey! Slytherin Review Tag brought me here :)

So I think this is a good start to the story. I like how you began with the aftermath of the breakup instead of writing a huge, blown-out breakup scene between Fred and Nagini. I could really see her pain and easily sympathize with her situation. I especially liked the paragraph about how she didn't want to break up or have to listen to him tell her that he hadn't even developed feelings for her in the first place. I think a lot of people can identify with facing a situation like that, and it's good when people can understand your OC's emotions. I guess I just really like how raw her feelings felt, like she wasn't holding anything back from the reader.

Just from author to author, I would maybe consider removing the author's note at the end and just responding to those comments as they come in reviews. Like you said, it's your story, and it just seems to me like putting in a note like that says that you also think the story has some notable weaknesses and you feel the need to defend them. The writing is good and there's no need to apologize for creative choices. Those who want to read it will, and for those who leave nasty, non-constructive remarks, well, you know what to do with those reviews :) Just something to consider.

I noticed a couple spelling mistakes, but nothing major. It looks like you've got an interesting start here. Nice job! :)


Author's Response: Hello Miss Manda :) I do apologise if you don't like being called Manda, it's just I always shorten Amanada to Manda - so if you don't like it feel free to yell at me ;)

For some strange reason, all of my Next Gen stories (minus Tear me in Two, but that's not technically next gen) start out as an Aftermath - I really need to stop it, but that seems to be the way my next gen stories start :/ weird isn't it?

Poor Nagini - she did not have a very good year, not at all. Poor girl. I know, I for one, have been in the situation where the guy sits down or yells at you says I never really liked you, or I don't think we're working out - but I thought it was, So I know - just like you said - that a lot ofpeople would deffientley be able to relate to something like that, but thank you, muchly, for your compliment ^_^

Just from Karni to Manda - I think you're right. It does show that I think there is a weakness there - even though I know that there is ;) but shhh ... Me Grammar? WHo?

:) Thank you for such a lovely review, and I am sorry it took me so long to reply :) *hugs*

~Karni, xx

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Review #3, by LIVing_Dream Crumbling the Cookie.

15th December 2011:
Hey :)
I really love the first chapter of this story!!!

Author's Response: Hii!!
I am glad that you like I am hoping to have the next chapter up soon ^_^
~Karni, xx

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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Crumbling the Cookie.

6th December 2011:
Wow. I can't wait to read more of this story. I've only ever read one story centered around Fred (also yours). I'm so excited.

I like the actor you've chosen for Fred. Your MC's name makes me think of Voldy's snake, though. It's not a bad thing. It just does. :)

Added this to my favorites. :)


Author's Response: awww thank you so much for the nice review sam!!
It means a lot too me :)
I promise
I will explain why Zabini went mental and called his child Nagini, I promise I will explain it in chapter 2, but I'm having so much trouble wording it and I have soo many different version of chapter 2 that I have no idea where to start.
But I promise, the name will eventually make sense :)

Thanks for the favourite add :)
I think you favourited my other Fred story too lol ;) x

~Karni x

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Review #5, by reader Crumbling the Cookie.

28th November 2011:
oh the name. Interesting premise, but I really cannot get past the ridiculousness of the name "Nagini" especially as it was Voldemort's snake and it screams "cliched backstory".
Sorry if this comes off as mean, because I genuinely liked it besides that. She seems like an interesting, strong character, and it's a great first chapter to keep me reading, I'd just change the name. You can have an interesting character without an "interesting" name.

Author's Response: Hi there!
Don't worry, i'm a tough cookie when it comes to annoymous reviewrs these days ^.^
I am sorry you feel that way about my main characters name, but also, it is my story and unfortunatley I will be keeping the name.
I'm sorry if you can't read this story becuase of the name and I am also sorry if you can't get past that part, I really am, but at the end of the day it is my story and I will be keeping the name, weather its cliched or not ^.^
Sorry, but thank you for the review anyway
~Karni, x

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Review #6, by Free_Rhapsody Crumbling the Cookie.

27th November 2011:
I did like this chapter; it was quite sad and made me very indignant at the girl being treated so.
The description of her sadness was really palpable, and it was easily to relate to, as I'm sure many readers have been in such a sad position, even if not due to similar circumstances. I really adored your description of her breaking heart;
"My heart is just like that, a harp."
That was really effective, and for me at least, it introduced an aural aspect to your description, reinforcing the visual ones and thus enhancing her grief and desire for revenge.
I loved how she made a comeback at the end, and decided to stick up for herself, that was an excellent ending and I'm intrigued as to what will happen next. Very great start :)

Author's Response: Hi!!!
I promise I will read and review the story that you asked me to review hun,
You didn't at all need to review this just becuase you thought you was being "inconsiderate", becuase you wasn't being anything that enthusastic, I know what its like to recieve reviews ^_^ So I will review your story I promise!!
I used to be really good with paragraphs and wording when I was younger, and then a few things happened and all of a sudden I lost interest in riting and have only just picked it back up - truly - recently, So I am glad you thought I had a good description.
What's happens next is funny - well I hope so, sort of anyway lol
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hun :)
~Karni, xx

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Review #7, by Akussa Crumbling the Cookie.

23rd November 2011:
Hi! You're tagged!

This is an interesting opening chapter. I like the idea and the point of view you chose. The way you wrote this scene, and the emotion that passed through was very well done.
Personaly, I'm not really that into the name you chose for your main character. Nagini is too representative of Voldemort, naming your child like that would be like shouting loud and clear that you supported Voldemort and still believe in his ideals. It's up to youbecause you are the writter but I felt you should know how this makes me feel, as a reader.

Other than that, I laughed when I saw your foot note; are there really people that commented on the people you chose for the banner? come on, if you can't move past that, why did you even read the story?? Don't change it please, it's your story, you're allowed to do what you wnat with the characters and what they look like!

Great beginning, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi, Your it :P Sorry I just coudn't help myself.

Nawww, than you so much for your comment ^_^ I feel really flattered when someone - anyone for that matter, tells me that I wrote a story/chapter well. It gives me a sense of security to keep writing and not give up.

I have had a lot of complaints about the name, and I will apologise as I understand a lot of people feel the same way you do - as a reader anyway. I know it may seem strange atm, but I promise it will all come together soon - but I still apologise as I understand it will be difficult for a lot of people to read.

Yes my dear - there was really people who commented on my banner becuase of the actors/actresses I chose to have on my banner - becuase fred wasn't tanned/dark.

I thank you, oh so much, for a) your honesty and b) Your support with the banner, story and writing etc.etc :) You made my day/week/month - considering it took me like 3 months to reply :/ Sorry :hug:

Thank you again for a lovely review :)

~Karni. x

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Review #8, by Cassius Alcinder Crumbling the Cookie.

23rd November 2011:
Review tag!

You have a very interesting idea here, and its definetely a new twist on the whole idea of a Weasley being paired with a Slytherin.

You had some excellent descritptions that really captured the emotions that Nagini was going through and made us sympathize with her.

You set the stage really well for the coming chapters. I wonder what Fred's games were, and if his personailty is similar to his namesake. There is great potential for mayhem and i'm definetely curious to see where you go with it.

Author's Response: Tag - I'm it :)

The Weasley/Slytherin Twist annoys me - because most of the time it's just Ron/Pansy, Draco/Ginny - all cliche :P so I wanted to do something different.
Fred isn't as bad as what the games made him look, I can promise you that, but yu will have to stay tuned to find out more ^_^
Thank you soo much for your review !!!
~Karni, xx

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Review #9, by HIiii Crumbling the Cookie.

22nd November 2011:
Love the story! Your writings great, but Nagini seems like a strange name, especially for a Zabini. I mean, wont they try to disassociate themselves with all things related to Voldemort?
Other than that its really good! i cant believe her brothers would let that happen! unless they were step, or half brothers or something :p
oh, love your banner! whats the name of the girl and boy you use? and what movie is the scene playing on it from?
UPDATE soon!

Author's Response: HI!!!
Nawww, thank you ^_^ I am glad you think that, but may I lend your mind for a little so I can get out of writers block :P please? I'll be carefull with it and I promise I will return it save and sound ^_^

I did actualy think about that issue with voldermort and associtions to it, so I promise - even though it may be a little farfetched - that issue will be explained in either the next chapter or the 3rd ;)

Nope, full brothers, but you find out why they did what they did.

The girl is Christina Millian and the boys name is Cody Longo, and the scene's are from Bring it on: fight to the finsih.

I'll try and update asap, after I don't have a gazillion different versions of chapter 2 ;)
Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #10, by EnigmaticEyes16 Crumbling the Cookie.

20th November 2011:
Hmm, well this was certainly interesting. I think I picked this up in the news thread in the SCR on the forums. I saw the name Nagini, and clicked on it. Only to find that it had nothing to do with the snake...

I think it's interesting that you would name your character after the snake though. Even though I find it strange, because her last name is Zabini and I just never considered Blaise Zabini to be very interested in Voldemort, let alone his pet snake.

But this seems like a very good beginning to a revenge plot. I can't wait to see what plans she has to get back at him and his group. Although that is kind of cruel that even her own brothers wouldn't attempt to protect her from him when they knew all along he was playing her. That was certainly not very brotherly of them. I'm also curious as to how or why Fred would pretend to be in love with someone for nine whole months. I'd be interested to know more about that and how the whole game began.

Anyway, I can wait for you to post the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hey there!!!
I think a lot of people clicked this story thinking that it was about Nagini (snake) but unfortunatley it's not. Sorry :/
I never pictured Blaise into Voldermort either, but I have a reason as too why she was named after scaley - and It makes a lot of sense, but I promise Blaise isn't into him ^^
Her plans are evil O.o evil child that she is - her Brothers are not the nicest either - but they are twins. Hint hint.
The next chapter is causing me a bit of greif, but I'm hoping to have it up soon :)

Thank you for your lovely review
~Karni, xx

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Review #11, by xxJazminexx Crumbling the Cookie.

17th November 2011:
Hey don't apologise it doesnt bother me. I have a story about Dominique and I chose a Brown haired girl and some people were like... :O Why? xD

Anyway onto the review. I loved this story and I will be back to read the rest as this is fantastic! LOVED the end of the chapter, how you added in the title... so clever of you :P And I really want to know what Nagini is going to do and what exactly Fred's game was. CANT WAIT!!!

I dont want to be one of them annoying people but I will. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE xD I want to read chapter 2 now :D

Loved it and cant wait to read more x

Author's Response: Hi Jazmine, (yes I am far t lazy to add the xx's :P)
I still thought it would be a nice touch though to others who might find it offensive, as I really didn't mean for it to be. :/
I am glad you enjoyed the first chapter, I am currently in a rut with chapter 2, I have a few different versions of it and have no where to take it but hopefully I will get it done soon ^_^

I'llupdate as soon as I can! Promise ;)

Thank you so much for your review hun !!

~Karni, xx

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Review #12, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Crumbling the Cookie.

15th November 2011:
I figured I'd check out some of your other stories after I read the one centered around Seamus. I really liked this introduction and I'm wondering where this is going because you seem to put twists and turns in your stories so I'll never figure it out on my own. You're really great at making everything sound poetic. Seriously, from the beginning to about half-way into the chapter I was blown away.

It does need to be edited though but I'm not the best with grammar so don't even listen to me. On another note I read the other reviews for this (I tend to do that when I'm reviewing so I don't repeat too much what people are saying) and one of the reviews struck me. The male you used on your banner wouldn't put Fred out of canon. On the contrary I have met many/have many friends that are biracial and some of them are white, some of them are dark and sometimes their hair texture is straight or curly or whatever. I just thought it was a little rude for someone to make assumptions like that.

Author's Response: dc, you are officially my new favourite reviewer!! ^_^
You made me smile so much when I read this!! :) I am glad you like this one as well as my Seamus one :D I'm glad I have a few readers ^_^
Poetic? O.o Me? Please, lol. Don't make me laugh ;)
I suck at poetry :/ but It is nice that people tihnk I can manage it a little ^_^

It does need an edit and will go through one shortly as my Beta has just finished with this chapter ^_^

I can't go into detail about the other part of your review hun, as it is each to their own, but I too know someone like that and I chose the Actor and I hope poep can look at my writting not the people I chose.

Thank you so much for your lovely review hun :) It made me so happy after I read it!!

~Karni, xx

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Review #13, by AceFelton72 Crumbling the Cookie.

14th November 2011:
Hii :) I really liked this chapter. It was a great introduction, and I feel so sorry for her. Poor girl, and it is terrible by her brothers that they didn't tell her. Loved the name Nagini Zabini.. ^^
I'm looking forward to your next chapter, so I hope it doesn't take too long!
-Adios for now!

Author's Response: Hii!! ^_^
Oh thank you :) The next chapter should be out soonish ... Give or take, when I get back from Fiji I reakon :)
Thank yo for your lovely review ^^ x

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Review #14, by crumbs on da floor Crumbling the Cookie.

13th November 2011:
The story sounds fun but the banner is misleading. Can I ask why Fred is white? His mother, Angelina, is black. I have never in my life met someone with a black biological parent who had the hair texture and pale skin tone like that Caucasian person on the banner. You obviously don't have any issues with black casting because your OC is black, so why go out of your way to defy canon and make Fred white? It's confusing and a bit unnecessary. If you wanted to write about a male character who is white, you could've chosen James/Albus/Scorpius/Lorcan/Lysander/etc.

Just curious.


Author's Response: Hi there :)
First of all thank you for saying my story sounds interesting :) I am greatfull you thought so.
I wouldlike to apologize that you feel my story is out of Canon, and I didn't mean to offend anyone at all.
I would also like to thank you for input and opinions, but as a writer I feel that I should be able to take the story in any direction I see fit :) Which in this case is why I choose the actor on my banner.
The actor I choose was purely becuase He is generally a very tanned young man, he is not black, but naturally tanned. When you add animation to a banner (the moving piece inside of the frame.) It lessons the quailty of color the image has, which in this case has taken the color out of the actor and some out of the female character as well.
I am sorry you feel this way about my story, and I honestly did not mean to offend anyone by not having Fred defy canon.
I am sorry once again, but Thank you for your comments and honesty none the less. :)

~Karni. x

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Review #15, by 19 whitehorse Crumbling the Cookie.

7th November 2011:
First of all I have never read a Fred II story but excited to read yours :D And NAGINI ZABINI totally original and awesome idea and totally cool name and super great... okay I'll shut up now but I am really looking forward to your story (can you tell?) :D
So update soon :D

Author's Response: I'm half way through chapter 2 so it shouldn't take me too long. x

thank you for reading && reviewing.xx

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