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Review #1, by enterprise29 Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

21st May 2014:
Please continue, this story is good

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Review #2, by EarthsTrueGreen Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

12th November 2011:
I really enjoyed the start of the story although i kept thinking, until i read the authors note, that the present might have been that they had run off got married young and things didnt work out and that this would be them sort of regetting back together... But that was because of the title. Well anyways im excited for the next chapter will it be up soon? Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Things are a little unclear right now, I know :) Hopefully it'll be more understandable next chapter. Glad you liked it and thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #3, by lightningninja Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

9th November 2011:
i really love the idea of this story and i can't wait to read more. their relationship was portrayed very very well. keep writing! good luck!

Author's Response: thank you!! the styles new for me, so i'm super glad you likedd.

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Review #4, by ms4aisa Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

9th November 2011:
aww funny and cute story! :) can't wait for the next chapter ;)

Author's Response: thanks, glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by killjoy Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

9th November 2011:
More more more please! Love this so far.

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #6, by Steph Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

8th November 2011:

This was great. I can't wait for the back story. You've started in the middle of the story really. And I want to know how they got there and where they are going. I just really hope your back story is not cliche or boring. Though I've yet to read any of your other works, so I really can't judge from those if you'll be inventive. I can't wait for more. Also, I hope the future chapters are longer.

Author's Response: I can assure you that this is honestly the beginning of the story. I'm not really focusing this on Rose + Scorpius' romance (although there'll be huge elements of it, it's unavoidable), but more on their families. Their reactions to thier romance and all that jazz. I do hope you read more. The first couple of chapters will be a bit boring, but it'll get better as the wheels start turning. And the next chapters will definately be longer. I tend to start things off simple and short, but I won't continue with this trend throughout the story. Anyways, thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #7, by The_seeker12 Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

8th November 2011:
I liked this a lot. I love Rose and Scorpius. :)
It's great writing. Good job.

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #8, by TheGoldenKneazle Flashes: A Prologue of Sorts

29th October 2011:
Aah this was so good! The way you showed how Rose came to her decision, and all the subtle hints as to why they SHOULD run away, built up really well to be very convincing. You didn't need to state that she felt pressures and so on from her family, but just through her noticing the details of how her family of mistreated Scorpius, you got the message across perfectly. Also, the way that you show her doubts already, but how easily they work together and should be together is just perfect :)

Author's Response: I think writing in third person helped me out a bit with that :) I don't usually write in that POV so I thought it would be a little challenging, but I think I made it work. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it.

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