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Review #1, by dobbys_socks Remembering Yesterday

22nd January 2012:
Oh wow; that was just brilliant.

I was very curious to see how you would depict Snape/Narcissa and very surprised at the outcome. I had no idea how... successful your story would be and if I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to you.

I loved the flashbacks built from the photos and literally watched Snape cheekily taking pictures of the young Narcissa in the Manor library in my mind. I loved how Narcissa wanted Lucius for his wealth and possessions but Severus for his affection for her. It showed that 'good things come in small packages' relating to the size of each man's house and amount of riches.

I especially loved the description at the beginning; my favourite part was that the envelope was heavy because it held a secret that she didn't want to know, rather than the weight of the photographs.

The only fault that I picked up on was that twice you mentioned Death Eaters and both times neither word was capitalised.

You are a brilliant author and I hope to read more of your fics in the future. I'll get back to you with the results of the challenge.


Author's Response: Thanks for the fair criticism :) I shall update that as soon as I can. I can't wait to see the results!

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Review #2, by Jakumo1 Remembering Yesterday

2nd December 2011:
Aw! The ending is so nice! :-3

Author's Response: thank you, i thought so too. Jakumo1 your reviews are so nice. short, but nice

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Review #3, by The Wizard of Potterland Remembering Yesterday

13th November 2011:
Aww! This was so nice :) I really like the idea that Narcissa disapproved of Lucius's "work." Also, I like that Snape got over Lily and is almost romantic. It was a great story :D

Author's Response: thank you very much wizard of potterland. i may write another. i never usually like this couple but the feedback makes me consider writing more :)

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Review #4, by 19 whitehorse Remembering Yesterday

13th November 2011:
W-o-w I loved it! I thought this was a great one-shot and really wow. Never read a Narcissa/Snape pairing but in your story they were perfect for each other but in a forbidden way and there were cute moments with the pictures which was really nicely done:D Loved your story :)

Author's Response: thank you very much. i've never written a narcissa/snape pairing. it was a great challenge. glad you liked it :D

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