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Review #1, by AlexFan Devotion.

14th August 2013:
I found this incredibly cute! The thing that I loved about this is that I'm watching what's going on between Ron and Hermione from a third person point of view. I get to see the little gestures and expressions that I wouldn't get to see if this was being told from Ron or Hermone.

I like how you made it really obvious that Ron and Hermione like each other, everyone else can see it, can see that they like each other except for those two.

I want to squee so badly but I'd be hitting random keys if I did so I won't. But basically I absolutely love this and I think it's brilliant and a good try for the Every Word Counts Challenge.

The one thing I'm wondering is whose point of view this is being told from. Should I know whose point of view this is because if I am then I'm feeling stupid for not realising who it is.

Author's Response: Aaw thank you! I did really enjoy writing this little piece of fluff - and writing it from a third point of view, from the view of an outsider. It's different because we're so used to seeing Rom and Hermione from Harry's perspective, I think.

And the narrator is Wilkie Twycross - the apparition instructor from HBP - hence the three ds and that. It says so in the summary as well! Hahaha.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by ValWitch21 Devotion.

16th July 2013:
What I love about spreading Claw love is that I rediscover lots of one-shots I read before then couldn't find again. This is one of those.

Two things I adored about this story: seeing things through the eyes of a (very) minor characted that I've never read about elsewhere on the site, and the canonness of this all.

Ron and Hermione don't talk. We see them in the point of view of someone who barely knows them. And yet, they're like JK described them. The first few paragraphs were brilliant in terms of characterisations. Twycross' (I never manage to spell his name) nostalgia of his past somehow managed to make me ship Ron and Hermione even more.

I'm babbling, so I'm going to stop, but thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Gahhh! That 'read then lost' feeling is the worst - I had it once with a Harry/Hermione one-shot that was really well written... it was because of coincidence that I found it again, and it was better the second time round.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments - this is by far my favourite story that I've written, even though it's the shortest. I love the EWC because I've never been a /long/ writer.

Thanks again for reviewing - CLAWS FOR THE CUP!

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Review #3, by slytherinchica08 Devotion.

20th January 2013:
A very interesting spin on the three d's, one that I would have never thought to use. I love how they each come into play with Ron wanting Hermione and honestly now that I have read this piece it makes me wonder why exactly I haven't thought about them in this way before. It was a really cute oneshot, though I do wonder who exactly it is that's watching him admire Hermione. The characterization was done wonderfully as well. I think both Ron and Hermione were in character, her always getting everything right and Ron kind of admiring her but yet not really ready to admit it. I very much enjoyed this oneshot, it really made me think about the three d's! Great Job!


Author's Response: Aaah, thank you! Yeah, I was re-reading that bit in HBP where they learn to apparate and thought how the words could be used in a different context - and including the scene with Ron and Hermione at the pub in Hogsmeade after their test. The person watching them is Wilkie Twycross, the apparition instructor and examiner.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Maybe Devotion.

18th July 2012:
This was absolutely adorable! What a cute little snapshot into a Romione moment. I love reading about the moments when Harry is not around because we get to see emotions come through. I thought Ron's staring was adorable (not at all creepy, haha) and I think the characterisation was great. And Wilkie Twycross' commentary, relating it to Apparition was brilliant - and I loved the idea of him wanting to pinch his cheek and say go get her. Exactly how I feel. Hooray, Wilke Twycross is a Romione shipper! :P


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I write one-shots very rarely, mainly because they are always so short and have very little substance... but I really love Ron and Hermione (king of OTPs) and I really wanted to write a little thing about them! Thank you for all your wonderful comments, you sure do make me blush.

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Review #5, by niffler2400 Devotion.

24th March 2012:
This is So sweet! You always use such different POVs in your chapters but it works so well xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by Indigo Seas Devotion.

16th February 2012:
This is strange - I never, ever stop to review something when I'm going through promotions, but I really needed to just pause for a moment and let you know that this little one-shot is... breathtaking.

The originality, the flow, the lack of dialogue. I loved it. So kudos to you.

xx Rin

Author's Response: EEE!!! ♥ I'm blushing and feeling happy and honoured and privileged and all of that! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #7, by charlottetrips Devotion.

14th February 2012:
How beautiful. I wasn't expecting this when I clicked on it. I actually had to go look up Wylkie Twycross and I still wasn't totally sure what it was about. But now I do!

I love that you used him to observe Ron and Hermione from a distance. It's a perspective that I don't really get to see other than in passing in other stories, but here is Wylkie, looking at them and observing and reminiscing.

And then here he is talking to someone he's obviously missed and loved and feeling it all over again to a small degree. In about 500 words you had me smile, laugh a little ("clearly the boy isnít as intelligent as her, otherwise something would have been done by now") and then sniff because it was just a little bittersweet.

Wonderfully done!

Author's Response: Yes! Wilkie! I have never written such a minor character before and I found it a little daunting, hence the very small word limit. I originally wanted to pair him with Prof Sprout but I just love me some Romione!

I really hate having characters describe themselves. In my other story, I describe a character through the eyes of a first year, etc, etc. I just love the idea of an outside observer.

Thanks for your lovely comments and for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #8, by Jasnie Devotion.

25th October 2011:
Wow I like how you use somebody esle that don't even know them to describe this it's original.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Woodrow Rynne Devotion.

9th October 2011:
This was so beautiful! Honestly, never would I have imagined a Ron/Hermione written in such an unconventional way- your choice of narrator was fantastic as it was unique. That's not all, you awed me completely with the way you wrote this- their subtle relationship- even if not so subtle to an outside eye :P

Characterisation- again, simply fantastic. Twycross was so well written- your constant use of the three D's made me laugh a little actually, but it did make the character pretty canon-y (ahem) from the little that is known of him.

The last line was so beautiful. Endings really matter to me, and this one was perfect.

I'm so glad I read this fic- it was so enjoyable to read. And perhaps this good writing would inspire me to write as well (and my writer's block would go away :P)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was actually a bit timid about posting this so your kind comments are very welcome! When I first arrived at the site, all I did was read Ron/Hermione - I even tried to write one of my own that turned out to be pretty horrendous - and so there's always been a part of me that wanted to get it right.

I was also quite scared to do /anything/ with minor characters - I know that sounds stupid, seeing as major ones can be so easy to get wrong - but there's so little known about them it sorta intimidated me. I loved the idea of writing a story about Wilkie Twycross (originally he was paired with Pomona Sprout in my head) et voila!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and for reading and reviewing and being lovely!

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Review #10, by Janvi Devotion.

6th October 2011:
Kewl!! I was wondering whether the narrator was Cormac, but then I understood the reality later in the story.but this was great!! I like your title, and the way you have manipulated and made use of it in this one-shot!
P.S. Write more! And update Sunshine!

Author's Response: What's kewl? Haha, Cormac? Really? I would have made it much more big-headed and arrogant if Cormac had been the narrator - and the summary sort of explained it... Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm writing a Sunshine chapter as I type. :D

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Review #11, by TenthWeasley Devotion.

3rd October 2011:
Hattie, this was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous, and it is one of the best Ron/Hermione stories I've ever read. (And let me tell you, in my early fan fiction days, that was all I read.) Somehow having the story told from an objective point of view made it all the more cute, because we were treated to views of how each sees the other. Ron's gangly awkwardness, Hermione's blushing tenderness, and the partial oblivion on both counts.

♥ They are the cutest couple ever.

I am really impressed, though, by your choice of narrator - NEVER would I have thought to use Wilkie Twycross, and yet you did it so well. The theme throughout - destination, determination, deliberation - I've never even though to apply that to anything but Apparition, and it fits so well.

Favorite line --

I feel like pinching his cheek and ruffling his hair as an old and wise grandfather would do. Go get her, son.

GAH. I was grinning so much at it. :) I have similar grandfatherly feelings (well, that's a bit awkward) in that Ron just needs a big old shove in the right direction. And that direction is preferably Hermione's lips.

Your writing was wonderful, and I really do mean that. I keep meaning to drop by your author's page and I am so sorry I haven't yet -- I've been missing out on a lot, I can tell. Sarah gives Dominique nothing but praise and I'm going to read it just as soon as time allows. But really -- this was great. I enjoyed it immensely.


Author's Response: JONOCHOL! Eee, hello! I haven't seen you around b4. Be prepared for plenty of troll speak and inexplicable amounts of ♥. 'One of the best Ron/Hermione stories you've ever read'? *Blushes* Your kind and lovely and vondahphul comments are well appreciated. ♥

But yes! Ron and Hermione! I once wrote a terrible, terrible short story (it was six chapters and involved Hermione going to work in Bulgaria and Ron being jealous that she might run into Krum and so he slept with Lavender but then she pretended he was the father of her child but really it was Seamus and so Ron and Hermione got back together and all this happened in six 1000-word chapters). It was all I used to read t3w, hence the poor attempt to write it.

I love objective points of view. I have a very hard time trying to describe characters when in third person, so having another character do it for them is basically an easy way out. I really wanted to write an en-Hogwarts R/Hr, where they are still biffles and banterous but obviously, definitely pretending not to be in love. And in sixth year, too, when there's so much dRAMa.

I was going to make this into a Wilkie-centric short story, with him being shipped with Pomona Sprout, but I love R/Hr too much to let the opportunity pass me by. I sort of characterised him as a bit of an oddball - his dialogue in the books in really awesome - and he likes to think himself as the grandparent of all of his students. He wears cardigan and smoking jackets and smokes a pipe. (Rolf?)

EEE JONOCHOL! HOW I ♥ THEE. No really, your kind words r makin meh well happeh. Thank you so much for everything, love you too.

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Review #12, by Livi_777 Devotion.

3rd October 2011:
That's some beautiful writing. A really great concept, very well thought out and well written. The Ron/Hermione relationsip is caught really well, and like the hints of something secret that the reader doesn't know and also the fatherly moments. It's a wonderful little piece.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've been meaning to write about some minor characters and do a different era - I just love NextGen too much! Thank you for all your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them!

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