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Review #1, by Super Secret Santa! Superman

30th December 2011:
Hello again and happy holiday!

I didn't know this song before. I like Taylor Swift enough just not enough to actually know all of her songs so when I saw this piece, I searched the Internet and put the song on while I was reading.

My first thought? Thank you for making me discover this song! It's so beautiful and you really captured the essence of the song in this piece. It was so fitting for Ginny and Harry's relationship.

I like how you created Ginny as less of a fiery woman and more of a passionate one. Mostly though, I have to give you major kudos on your characterization of Luna. She was simply perfect. You managed to have her mature and grow up into an adult all the while keeping her dreamy ways alive. I really loved that characterization and she was definitly a nice addition to this love story.

This piece flowed nicely and you did a great job incorporationg the song through the story, each complementing the other. Great work and thanks again!!!

Author's Response: Well I'm glad I introduced you to the song. I can't hear this song without thinking of Harry and Ginny, so I finally just decided to write this. Thank you so much!


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Review #2, by PUFFLEtwins Superman

17th October 2011:
Great song choice Hun, Taylor Swift is my idol. ;)
I love how you made Ginny a bit of a hopeless romantic, now that I think about it I guess that it suits her.
I think you captured this well, Luna especially. You made her still like Luna from the books but she seems more mature. I guess it was the war, right?
Now that I think about it this song is a great Harry and Ginny one. :)
Great job! 10/10

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Aww, thank you :)

Yeah, whenever I hear this song, they instantly come to mind :)



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