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Review #1, by Draco Amor Set Fire To The Rain

20th May 2013:
Wow..That was..Pretty good:)

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Review #2, by Dancing Mushroom Set Fire To The Rain

9th December 2011:
Sorry, but I didn't like this story at all. Both Hermione and Draco are horribly OOC and why on earth would Draco write such a bimbo-letter to Hermione?

Author's Response: I am very sorry that you didn't like it and that is perfectly fine with me: everyone has different opinions and styles and obviously this wasn't yours. I didn't put my best shot into this fic but it is my story and I can do what I like with it; canon or OC. I apologise that it is not to your fancy but I can't keep everyone happy when I am writing a fic, but maybe you would like my story 'Remember'. I'm not telling you to read it but you might like that better.

I didn't put my biggest effort into this and I hope you understand. I'm not afraid of criticism but next time could you please say it in a different way and suggest what I could have done to make it better rather than just telling me you didn't like it.

Thank you for reading the fic in the first place and I am sorry that you didn't like it.

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Review #3, by OrangeStream Set Fire To The Rain

20th October 2011:
Sadness... :'( I wanted to know how Draco's life was like afterwards. I hope he's mad at himself. I still loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it and I really appreciate your review.


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Review #4, by BlackButtafly Set Fire To The Rain

12th October 2011:
Im not really sure about that ending... : /

Author's Response: I'm getting a lot of responses like that and I have already explained it. I did not think that Hermione would have the guts to kill and I wrote it so that she didn't and was murdered by Lindsay instead. Right?

Thanks for reviewing, by the way.

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Review #5, by lilamoon Set Fire To The Rain

11th October 2011:
Your interpertation of Draco is very out of character, so is your Hermione. They wouldnot talk or write like that.

Author's Response: Okay, I was wondering about that; thanks for telling me! With Hermione, I knew that she wasn't a killer and didn't have it her to kill and didn't end up doing it in the end, but I thought I portrayed Draco correctly, like when he was ignoring Hermione and went all soft when she told him she loved him. But that's just my opinion.

Thanks for reviewing; it was much appreciated.

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Review #6, by hedwigs_theme Set Fire To The Rain

9th October 2011:
I really like your song-fic! The detail is incredible. It is so awesome!


Author's Response: Thank you! WHEN IS YOUR NEXT CHAPTER UP? Sorry but I WANT TO READ IT!

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Review #7, by KiraHarriet Set Fire To The Rain

9th October 2011:
I Really enjoyed reading this, but i was a little dissapointed at the ending.

The story is well written, and really fits in well with 'Set fire to the rain'. Even though it is only a short story, your characterisation is good and is a good portrayal of the characters written by J.K.Rowling. The ending, is too unexpected and I dont think it is very realistic. Personally, I dont think Hermione would ever go through with killing someone. The twist and the shock is good, but the concept is all wrong. But you really did provoke some emotion at the very end, which is good! :)

Author's Response: KiraHarriet,

I'm glad you liked it! Yes, at the end I was tossing up about it being too unexpected and dramatic but throwing Lindsay in there to do it to Hermione was my sort of resolution to the problem. Let me clear this up: you said that Hermione would never go through killing someone and I agree - she is too pure - so I made out that she only had it in her mind that she was going to kill Draco and didn't actually do it. I hope you could follow that!

Thank you for your review and I love constructive criticism which you gave me.


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