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Review #1, by Britney Lidsey Blaise Zabini.

5th January 2012:
I love this story. It's very fantastic! :) I like the photo of Blaise. Who is the boy on the picture you use?
Added this to my favourites. :)

Author's Response: Hi!!!
The boy is dan van acker? I think :P I know his last name is van acker if that helps ^_^
I'm glad you liked it ^_^ and thank you so much for the fav and review :)

~Karni, xx

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Review #2, by academica Blaise Zabini.

2nd November 2011:
Here from review tag :)

I love this! Such a humorous glimpse into the mind of a little-known character. The details you gave about him preferring the Weasleys over the Malfoys and having a heart full of love and courage is so far from what we find in canon, and yet it's interesting to imagine a Slytherin forced so far from his own desires for the purpose of pleasing his family.

I love the ending, too, how Blaise finally got a chance to redeem himself. It really warmed my heart to see the high regard in which the hat held Harry and those in his year. I also thought it was really sweet that the misplaced Slytherin students were finally put where they had belonged all along.

Great job! :)


-Trick or Treat from Slytherin House-

Author's Response: Academica..

I wanted to get Blaise across in a way that hadn't been seen before. Most people invision, or portray him as roudy, rude, arrgonant, snotty nosed, high priced and of course a naturla Slytherin with Slytherin traits, so I wanted to jazz things up there and have him appear different.
Why can't he be different?
Why can't he be nice and but not nice at the same time?
Why can't he have a flase image?

I wanted to get all that across and I'm glad you thought I did ^_^ Well we never knew what happened to those who returned, or for that instance who returned, So I tried my hardest to re-sort them lolm but im glad you liked it ^_^

Thank you so much for an amazing review, and treat please ^_^

~Karni, x

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Review #3, by Beeezie Blaise Zabini.

25th October 2011:
Sorry for the delay. :)

This was an interesting take on Blaise - I've always been intrigued by his character, because we don't know a lot about him, and I love the mention of Nott at the end (who I also really like). I did wish that you'd explained a little more of what we see in his personality in the sixth book, if that makes sense - reconciled the two a bit better, but on the whole, I really liked it! (Especially the ending - "problem child" is right!)

Author's Response: That's alright hun, I understand.

Thank you a lot for the reviews as it was for your challenge :D

I'm still glad you liked it!

~Karni, x

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Review #4, by Illuminate Seamus Finnigan.

21st October 2011:
Hi! I think this is a great story! I like your Seamus' character, he has a nice sense of humour and you have a good sense of how an eleven year old would think and speak. I like how you've linked this with your other stories too :) Good job!

Author's Response: Hello ^_^ How are you? :D

Thanks for dropping by hun, even though it was review tag ;)
it means a lot too me!! x

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Review #5, by Beeezie Dean Thomas.

16th October 2011:
I really, really hate to say this, because I enjoyed the Seamus chapter a lot... but this one was even better!

Like I said, I love Dean. I thought that your depiction of him was perfect. Calm, cool, collected - it totally fits. That's exactly how I always thought of him.

My only issue was that IIRC, Dean was raised by his mother and stepfather, both of whom were muggles, so I'm not sure how his father described the boats?

Other than that tiny thing, though, lovely job. :) I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: I forgot about that, I actually DID know that..., and I left it out, I had a reason to it, but I can't remember why O.o

Anyway thank you so much for your lovely review ^_^ The next chapter wont be as good seeing as it hasn't been beta'd.

Anyway I am glad you loved it ^_^ and Thank you for judging so honestly ^_^ x

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Review #6, by Beeezie Seamus Finnigan.

16th October 2011:
Oh, Seamus.

I just realized that today we will have reviewed each other's Seamuses. That really amuses me.

So, my only real qualm here was that I kind of wished that most of the chapter wasn't italicized. I know that it was a flashback, but I always find reading a large block of text in italics to be trying on the eyes.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this! I have always absolutely adored Seamus and Dean (especially Dean, so, yay, cannot wait!), and I thought that you captured Seamus - especially Seamus in PS - really well! Talking back, being distractible - totally Seamus. Love it.

Author's Response: Oh I am sorry :/ If I had of known that I wouldn't of done it!! Sorry Judge!! x

Yes, we did review each others Seamus' lol, get that ^_^

Seamus and me are getting married, so you may not have him. Just too let you know ^_^ x

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Review #7, by Aasiya333 Seamus Finnigan.

13th October 2011:
I really liked that...well done
Cannot wait to read more

Author's Response: oh thank you!!!

That means a lot too me and than you for your Review!! x

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