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Review #1, by louise_loves_hp 03. No Such Thing as a Good Day

27th February 2012:
Mandrake toenail ewww. Just saying.
I like how there can be two conversations going at once, like they may not be with the same person throughout but the way that you place them they aren't forgotten. They are spaced out so they feel life like and also not to much so you can still keep up. I also like that you don't repeat it.
Oh Colin Beasley!

Author's Response: re: the mandrake toenail - well, it had to be something XD Thank you very much! I was wondering if there's too much conversation because I'm bollocks at writing descriptive paragraphs haha. But this answers it! Thank you very much for taking the time to review!

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Review #2, by Elise 04. Help

27th February 2012:
Great so far, keep up the good work. :P


Author's Response: Thank you very much ;D

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Review #3, by louise_loves_hp 01. A Study in Molly

19th February 2012:
Hey there
I like that you have Molly taking about movies at the start and then you gave this a very movie feel to it. I would have thought that movies made by wizards would have been better but as you say I guess the ones that use more imagination are better for the brain. I think that having her like movies makes her different and its very unWeasley to what I have seen. Oh and as for Albus doing the plumbing I can seeing doing as Mr Weasley would. Its funny.

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha yeah, Albus doing the plumbing seems very uncharacteristic of him, and him actually managing to fix it was a bit much lol. Thank you very much :D

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Review #4, by losers_lurgy 01. A Study in Molly

28th September 2011:
Hahaha loved Molly. I sometimes dislike fanfics where Molly's always portrayed as a bossy mini-Percy because I think she wouldn't have been. Its was a great start and cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D It's true that sometimes kids end up very different from their parents, so that's what I tried to to with Molly and tbh I never liked Percy XD

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Review #5, by anotherfacelessname 01. A Study in Molly

27th September 2011:
interesting, i have a feeling i know where this is going (of course :L) but please updade soon!

Author's Response: Do you now? ;) Haha thanks, I'll try and update ASAP :)

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Review #6, by 19 whitehorse 01. A Study in Molly

26th September 2011:
Very imaginative and creative. Funny as well, never imagined Percy's daughter to be like this but you made it very believable and I really LOVED reading it! :D
Always nice to read something really different and I am looking forward to reading more ;D
Update soon :D

Author's Response: First review! Thank you so much. To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I found out Molly was Percy's daughter but I like to think that Percy kind of reformed and made up for all those years of distressing his mother by naming his daughter after her?
Thank you so much, really. Every time I start writing fanfiction again I feel so ridiculously rusty and like I'm doing it all wrong XD This definitely keeps me going! Thanks again!

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