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Review #1, by Ginger Lust Beyond Repair

23rd June 2012:
Well, there's not much to say. You satisfy! Please! Thrill! What's the word I'm looking for here? I have just read about ten of your stories and I have barely scratched the surface. I have read some even before and you never fail to quench my need for R/H.
I once wrote you before (BECAUSE I LOVE YOU is still my fav.) and you told me about other excellent writers and I thank you for that also.
Anyway, you are the best! Loved ABOUT THAT.

Author's Response: My goal while writing fanfiction is to quench the thirst that comes from reading the Harry Potter series and desperately having to have more contact with the same characters that JKR made us fall in love with. If I am able to do that, I have done my job. I'm glad you've read Because I Love You! That's a really fun story and it's good that I drew you in on that one :) ~writergirl8

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Review #2, by Jessica xx Beyond Repair

23rd June 2012:
You're a really good writer! The emotions you got through stopped it being too cheesy!! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Cheese is good, but only in moderation. Or, actually, depending on one's mood. ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by unicornhair Beyond Repair

16th November 2011:
I like the second person POV very much. It always adds some extra to the effect. Well of course if it is appropriate. In this case it fits the story. However, there's one thing I don't quite understand - Ron yelling at Hermione and asking her to leave the house. It's something Ron would have never done. Not in my book anyway. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks, I'm glad you commented on that because I wasn't sure.

Well, if you've ever been in a fight, you would know that you say things you don't mean. He obviously lost control of his emotions and that's what came from it. He never actually wanted her to leave. ~writergirl8

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Review #4, by GinnyPotter321 Beyond Repair

20th October 2011:
This was great!!! The POV was awesome and ur style is amazing!!! It literally brought me to tears which is hard to do!!! I will definetly be reading ur other works!

Author's Response: I loved writing this PoV. I've never written in it before and it was SO DAMN FUN! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff. ~writergirl8

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Review #5, by LillyMay77 Beyond Repair

20th October 2011:
This is such a touching story!! I really loved all the emotion you were able to put into it! I love your writing style. Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I try :) ~writergirl8

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Review #6, by Melissa Beyond Repair

20th October 2011:
This is really excellent. I knew this would happen - I cried and I smiled and it makes me feel whole - them being together. And that line? Surreptitiously, you hope, you reach up to make sure there's no dirt on your nose. - that line made me cry and I was muttering "oh gosh oh gosh" - it really got me.

Author's Response: Awww, that is so unbelievably sweet. THANK YOU! I love that line, too. It's one of those heartbreakers, isn't it? ~writergirl8

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Review #7, by Hilary Radcliffe Beyond Repair

19th October 2011:
You're a great writer and I always enjoy your stories. I couldn't help but notice you borrowed a line from The Office, which is my all-time favorite show ever, so that made me happy :)

Author's Response: OH MY GOD I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE CAUGHT THAT! Actually I was half hoping no one would... BUT ON THE OTHER HAND I WAS LIKE "JimJimJimJimJim!"

Yeah, I ship Jam pretty hard :) ~writergirl8

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Review #8, by Ellen Beyond Repair

19th October 2011:
Ive read all of your stories and I am guessing that you like "friends" since it seems like you get alot of your insperation from there. And I just want to say (write) that I LOVE your fictions! There absolutly wonderfull and you should update every day so people like me can enjoy them for eternety! But dont feel any pressure, just please update atleast one time per month.

Author's Response: Yeah... I love Friends a lot. I think I sometimes use their jokes, but I promise it's not on purpose. I'm really happy that you've read (and liked) so much for my stuff. I can't update every day... time and validation do not allow. I can, however, put prewritten chapters through validation quite fast. I'm known to be a pretty fast updater, for the record :) Thanks for the review! ~writergirl8

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Review #9, by Ron_The_King Beyond Repair

19th October 2011:
blimey, it happens a lot.. when I just look at the summary and genres and start reading a story and at the end of it when I'm about to sigh with a smile, the author's note of writergirl catches my eye and I'm like AGAIN..?? i should really start noticing author's names before reading a story..
now coming to this one,, one would have remain in shock after finding about Ron's beliefs if they were not cleared at the end. For an insecure and vulnerable git like Ron, its quite natural to run away from commitment. And that imaginary wedding and conclusion was brilliant.. I mean you know you will get her in the end, then why wait for the end? why not now? Thats my Ron! I love this story as always
keep writing and keep rocking :)

Author's Response: Lol... "Oh no, not writergirl8 AGAIN!"

I can totally picture that.

I think he was actually quite IC in this one. I doubt it's realistic for him to be so willing to leap into a marriage like that unless something (like loosing Hermione) catapulted it into him.

The wedding daydream is actually the idea that caused this story to form in my mind. So small but so significant. ~writergirl8

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Review #10, by momotwins Beyond Repair

18th October 2011:
So, today I read a very unsatisfactory romance novel. It left me feeling quite dissatisfied. Getting on HPFF to see you had posted a new story was the perfect antitode. And as per my expectations, you managed in 5000 words to achieve (with aplomb!) what the book failed in 300 pages. Fantastic emotional description. Did you pick the spider-guilt analogy specifically because of Ron's arachnophobia? It worked great. I loved Ron's fantasy of interrupting Hermione's imaginary wedding, and then realizing it's better to skip to that part right away. Maturity hits at last! Haha. This was a very fun one-shot; a nice bit of angst peppered with sweeping romance. I love a good Declaration Of Love. Very sweet! And it left me with the delicious good-romance-novel feeling that I always get from your Romiones. Delicious.

Two grammatical nitpicks:
Past-you has laminated your eternal agony = lamented
there's no way it hell you're = in hell

Favorite line: "There's a part of you that's on fire, ignited and reborn from her kiss." *sigh*

Author's Response: I'm sorry you didn't like your book, it really sucks when you're excited to read something and that happens. Uhg. I am glad, however, that you liked this so much, and that I was able to give you the sigh feeling that I always strive to.

I did purposefully do the spider analogy, and I'm really glad you noticed that! I think out of all the things that could be a metaphor for guilt, spiders are the best ones to use for Ron. Especially in such a significant situation.

The wedding situation is actually the idea that this entire story stemmed from, so I'm glad you noticed/liked it. I doubt Ron will ever be fully mature( ;] ), but I don't really think he'd want to be, either, so that takes care of that issue!

Thanks for R&Ring! Sorry about the typos... grrr. I can't win with those guys. ~writergirl8

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