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Review #1, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Thanksgiving

25th November 2011:
And then they would probably get married and they would have a pumpkin-pie as their wedding cake and they would have a baby named Pumpkin Pie Chuck Jr and they would eat pumpkin pie all the damn time and it would just be bad.

I like that quote because it's insane and makes almost no sense whatsoever. I like those kind of quotes! I also like pumpkin pie though, and have no idea why Freddy doesn't. It's a wonderful pie! I'm rambling aren't I? I'm just going to stop now.

Author's Response: We Are Padfoot and Prongs,

Bahahahaha. I wonder about myself when people bring into focus the particularly insane quotes that I've written.

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Review #2, by nitenel Thanksgiving

3rd October 2011:
Good luck in the challenge!

And I just love the title of the story. It makes me laugh a lot!

Author's Response: nitenel,

Ahaha, thank you! Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the luck! :)

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Review #3, by ginnypotter242 Thanksgiving

2nd October 2011:
Hello there :)

A nutjob conversation it was.haha

Thi story was a little confusing at first. What happened with the Bridget and Fred? And...why are they having Thanksgiving, as it's a American Holiday. Not to say that they coulnd't, it was just confsuing to me how they would even...know about the holiday, being British pureblood wizards.

Even so, this was very good for being written in what did you say... 1 day? Wow..I can't even write half a chapter in a day, without having to go back and pretty much rewrite it 50 times...

I love Fred. Let me just say that, Fred is awesome (both of them!) So, I ebjoyed reading this. It would just be better if there was a bot more detail.

It was a very amusing story to read though...of course, with this challenge it is difficult to write a seroius one xD.

~Sara (puppyluv242)

Author's Response: Sara,

Bridget and Fred broke up. I left it all iffy just in case I felt like writing something else there later. They were celebrating Thanksgiving in Britain because . . .because. . .Nana Molly likes cooking and the Weasleys will take any excuse to get together and eat large amounts of food.

Pah, yeah, I just made that up. Sounds good though . . .I might put that in there. XD

Ohh goodness, my brain like fried after writing this. FRIED. I've never written anything harder--it's terrible writing in a boy's POV! So it makes me splendidly pleased that you liked Freddie so much. :) Yes, detail, I know.

Thanks for such a great challenge--I'm proud to have been a part of it's conception! :D

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