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Review #1, by coolpixie Roots That Clutch

15th July 2017:
So first I read your Eva/fred story, then ended up reading the dominique story, and then read this. And god, I ended up loving absolutely all of them! They all had such compelling MCs, I especially love dominique and piper. Despite her anger, piper is extremely likable because her anger feels genuine, and it comes from real distress and desperation to take care of her family. Your writing flows so well. Usually after a few chapters, the authors' work deviates and their writing loses the focus, but I love the almost lyrical style of your writing, that says so much without the overflow of the words. I read your stories from my phone and especially got on my laptop and signed in to write three reviews for your stories to say how MUCH I truly enjoyed your work and how I would love for you to continue any or all of your stories because they are all amazing. I will keep checking in frequently to see if you update, but here's to hoping you do! :)

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Review #2, by Molly Rae Roots That Clutch

22nd May 2017:
I really enjoy this story-- I appreciate a main character that is completely real and willing to be imperfect. I am also loving the Rose portrayal-- making her so raw and uninhibited is fascinating. I hope you come back to this soon and keep it going!

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Review #3, by Alicelost Roots That Clutch

26th August 2015:
Put up more chapters soon I like how the story is developing and I want to see how the relationships between the characters develop

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! i'm so glad you like it

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Review #4, by RavenclawFTW Roots That Clutch

18th July 2015:
Hiya! I just found this story recently and read it all the way through-- you've got a really wonderful story on your hands! There are two things that really stand out to me about this story.

The first is the character of Piper. She's so well developed as a character and her character is so cohesive. Her backstory seems so ingrained in her as a person, rather than just something that happens to be associated with her. And her anger problems are really well-written as well-- she just makes sense as a person who has gone through a lot and is struggling.

The other part of this story that really impresses me is how the prose and the character of Piper seem so well suited for each other. You've captured her voice so accurately and combined it with a really unique style-- it's a joy to read.

I also like Piper's complete indifference towards the Wotters. It's nice break from everybody being obsessed with them all the time! Not only that but her feelings towards magic are obviously super unusual-- I think sometimes authors like to put themselves into their OCs and, since we authors on HPFF tend to like magic, we assume everybody would. You've got a really interesting take with Piper and her reaction to Hogwarts!

Anyway, hope the next chapter will be posted soon! --J

Author's Response: i can't thank you enough! ahhh i'm blushing. you're far too kind. i'm glad you like piper; i'm always afraid of making her too whiny or annoying. thank you!

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Review #5, by greenbirds Let Us Go

6th December 2014:
omg! i'm sooo happy i found this- simply awing. reminds me of a more grown-up and sophisticated version of the jacqueline wilson books i used to read when i was younger. i love how you've portrayed estate london, it's honestly so realised- grimy and gritty, but a better sense of community than any of that chelsea reality tv show b/s. obv anybody growing up in the greatest city evaa will have SOME basic experience of council life, and in my opinion, you've hit the nail on the head. (west side represennt.) but only one thing- aylesbury isn't in london? obv it's just a small thing, was just wondering if you were going to make up a place or if you meant acton or something. no biggie! i'm enjoying this so much, if piper is coronation street rose is honestly the 21st century downton abbey you know? i love stories with themes of the british class system and this is so it (in my opinion)- piper is great, rose is great, her mum isn't as much but what can you do. i also really like roxanne, you've perfectly captured the teen queen without making her this 2 dimensional evil & borderline sociopathic monster that is so easy to create, you know? she's real, everyone is. love this sooo much (did i mention?)

Author's Response: i think i love you. coronation street to downton is the PERFECT comparison, wow i love it! aylesbury's actually an estate in walworth, it's pretty small but i used to pass it all the time so i just plucked out that one. thought i'd go for a lesser known one so less chance of people picking holes in my probably terrible descriptions. it's going through a massive regeneration at the moment though which is exciting. at least it was the last thing i heard! i could be very wrong thoughhh. roxanne! roxanne! i love her. THANK YOU SO MUCH AH! absolutely love youuu

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Review #6, by G Your Shadow

6th November 2014:
I love this story, I love the theme,I love pipers attitude and I love the kids. It's well written and is heading towards being an epically good story. Please update sooxx

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #7, by Knm Let Us Go

3rd July 2013:
Keep writing please, this is so good!!!

Author's Response: I will, don't worry! Thank you so much.

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Review #8, by potterheadinthetardis Restless Nights

6th June 2013:
AH thanks for the mention ! It made me smile :)

This chapter is really good, faithful to the beginning of the story (I hate it when a story change its tone and pace in the middle of it). It's going quite slowly, it kind of creates an cliff-hanging atmostphere... Like, what will happen ? Where will the plot take us ? Does Piper will ever realize Albus' real name isn't Albert ? Gah, I'm curious !

(And I'm already shipping James and Piper, just so you know :p)

The way Piper opened up to Rose was really cool too. It wasn't too much. Well done !

Ps : sorry for the poor the occasional mistakes, frenchy here.

Author's Response: YOU'RE BACK AHH!

Tehe I know, she's such an idiot re Albert/Albus ;) I'm so glad you like it, you're so so kind.

James and Piper? Oooo interesting one that one... Maybe. Maybe not ;) I don't know if I can ship Piper with anyone, she's just like AH I HATE THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT apart from my family I love you lots and lots.

I was worried it was too much! Like noo Piper's a bundle of prickliness and not one to go spilling her soul. So yay!

Your grammar is faultless, especially if it's not your mothertongue. I'm so impressed!

Thank you so so much, once again! You're just absolutely amazing eee

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Review #9, by Neeka Restless Nights

1st June 2013:
I actually love your writing!! The wit tied into the descriptive language is amazing!! I cannot wait until the next chapter. 0.0 I literally did not go out tonight because I was too busy reading this haha #storyofmylife.. #fakecoughs

Author's Response: ashdjsxlksdpikja - Thank you! You've reviewed so many times I can't even. You are just awesome and amazing and make me blush. Stop itt! Well, I guess I'm just naturally funny and brilliant ;) Thank you so much, you're far too nice and have made my head swell so much I doubt my neck can support it.

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Review #10, by Neeka Do I Dare

1st June 2013:
hahaa love it but michelle bridges would disaprove of chocolate :( I actually can't predict anything... Its great!!

Author's Response: Eee I love you. More now because you make me smile so much I think my cheeks are going to drop off from overuse. Michelle Bridges can leave. Chocolate should never be thought of disapprovingly!

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Review #11, by Neeka Promised a New Start

1st June 2013:
I'm really liking this! love this quote "It requires a shoulder and a forceful shove; are the mentally fragile really up to such a task?"
and I like this Rose already -- my favorite out of the fanfics i've read
Hilarious, then sad within a few paragraphs, love it!
keep writing :)

Author's Response: AH MY FIRST FAVOURITE QUOTE! -aggressively loves-

I adore Rose but then I feel I'm a little biased. She's just so adorable and then bam mwahaha I can look after my self suckaas. There's lots more Rose as it goes on ;)

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Review #12, by Neeka Heap of Broken Images

1st June 2013:
I'm liking this so far!! kudos to you for beating the stereotypical YA type story. I like the main character so far, she seems really cool! Keep writing :)

Author's Response: 'Cool' tehe Piper's feeling rather suave and popular right now ;) see I see it as another in a long line of steroetypes so I'm so glad you don't! Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by heartofmagic Restless Nights

31st May 2013:
i love this! it's really original, well-written and not cliche-wridden like a lot of fan fiction :) please keep writing!

Author's Response: Ah you're too nice! I'm glad you think it isn't; all I can see is a load of rewritten cliches! The next update will be soon! Thank you so much.

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Review #14, by aquabluez17 Promised a New Start

30th May 2013:
Wow this is rele good! I actually love the fact tht Piper hates Hogwarts! It makes everything so interesting! She just detests it! I rele love the way you defined the common room. Tht just rele stuck out to me and it rele drive home how Piper hates hogwarts

Great work!!! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, she doesn't like the magical people. Who I love. Life sucks eh ;) Thank you so much! x

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Review #15, by Essie Do I Dare

27th May 2013:
I love your writing! Piper is a very interesting character, I shouldn't like her and yet I do. I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know, Piper's so annoyingly like-able even though you know you shouldn't because she's so mean. Thank you! x

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Review #16, by potterheadinthetardis Do I Dare

26th May 2013:
Okay, I love this. It was the kind of story and writing I was looking for by coming back on HPFF and I'm so glad I found it. Props to your title and your lack of description. Intriguing.

I've read tons of stories but I rarely review, because I never know what to say to make a good critic. But Stagger is definitely something I want to keep reading, and I'm scared it'll land on my shrine of "new-stories-i-love-so-much-but-are-abandoned". SO KEEP UPDATING PRETTY PLEASE.

It's well-written. I love your description. You go straight to the point. I often find myself skipping sentences when authors are rambling, but you kept me interested.

I like Piper and her backstory. Her family seems really real, not one-dimensional. Piper's angst and troublemaking was a bit unexpected, but still, it makes sense. (the smoking seems a bit random, though)

Last, but not least : I love Rose. So glad you portrayed her this way. Broken, fragile, daring.

Good job !

Author's Response: -melts- ah oh my goodness. This has got to be one of my favourite reviews ever! Eee you're just so nice. -aggressively loves- so many compliments I can't handle it all. Haha, the lack of description was just because I can't think of one!

I will update, I will, I promise! I have exams at the moment but I promise I will update this! I have so many plot bunnies scampering around I need to harness them into something coherent. I'm constantly thinking 'ooo that could work... here maybe, and here and oo -implodes-'

I'm so so glad people seem to like Piper! At times I just want to scream get a grip but she's my little baby, little bundle of sadness that makes me want to cuddle her and hide her away from all her self made problems. And Rose! Oh darling Rose. She's always so together and wholesome in all the fics, it gives me some sadistic weird kick to make her so... contrary(?) to the models of Hermione's daughter that exist. To sort of go tehe what if she was just TOO clever that it backfires and everything's haywire.

Thank you SO much! You're far too lovely and have honestly made my day! :D x

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Review #17, by miluv Do I Dare

24th May 2013:
love it. Honestly, this is different, and refreshing, and more over- real. So yeah, love it, love you, and yup:) bye!
xox miluv

Author's Response: -loves- Thank you so much you are awesomesauce and just wonderful. This makes me so happy! Thank you! x

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Review #18, by dimming Do I Dare

24th May 2013:
Honestly, I adore this so much. Your writing style is incredible and you really portray Piper interestingly; finding the perfect balance between angsty teenager and responsible adult. Piper is a fantastic character; you've developed her perfectly, so that she's both relatable and different.

I read the first chapters really quickly, and I'm looking forward to the next (:

Author's Response: Ah my goodness, you're far far too kind! Thank you so much. I'm trying not to make Piper too mardy because she's not just an arrogant so and so, she has her little loves! You've made me smile so much, thank for for the lovely review! :) x

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Review #19, by Wistful Do I Dare

16th April 2013:
It was the title that drew me in. Stagger. There are some words that just give a feeling. Stagger is one of them. This was a hooking read. No doubt. I read all four chapters and I enjoyed it all. I love how much you include Piper's life at home. Some stories graze over it to a point where I wouldn't know if the main character is an orphan a muggleborn or what, and that's alright s'well, but I do love how you worked it in. If it hadn't been for the family, I don't think I would have liked Piper. Sullen, angsty, angry at the world - just like any other angsty teenager. Nothing interesting. But how connected she is to her family, how affectionate she can be with her siblings; that I love.

I love the way you write. It's very direct and deliberate. You describe things just enough to let me know thet yes, Hogwarts is a bunch of mismatched stones, but it also leaves enough lacking to let our own imaginations fill it in. Fortunately, in the fandom, we already have a good idea with the help of the books and movies. Your wording is lovely. I just love how you say things. Rose - I like Rose but don't in the same time. What she's doing to herself - well, no, clearly don't like.

This was brilliant to read. I hope you keep on writing! c:

Author's Response: Ee this review has made my day! Thank you so much! You're absolutely lovely. Piper's a little ball of hatred isn't she?! Ooo I don't know what to say I'm all giddy, thank you so much for the lovely review, you're amazing!

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Review #20, by ines0803 Muttering Retreats

1st February 2013:
I think this can become a great story! I like it because it shows Hogwarts in a completely different way! Good job, and please keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was trying to go for the alternative sort of angle from someone with a warper perspective, so glad you like it! :)

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Review #21, by DracoFerret11 Heap of Broken Images

18th November 2011:
So, you requested a review from me AGES ago, and I'm just now getting to it...sorry...

Okay, so: this is going in my favorites in a couple of minutes. I adore it. I think you're doing brilliantly. Really, it's one of the best I've read in a while.

I love the characterization and interaction between all the characters. The only thing I'm having a bit of trouble with is a couple of aspects of Piper's character: namely, if she's got to be so responsible at home, why does she get in trouble at school? And why would she smoke? Knowing she doesn't have much money and she should stay healthy for the kids.

You know what I mean?

Okay though, moving on: I love all the names you've chosen. They sound like they would all be in a family together.

It's a bit of a predictable plotline, at least, I've seen something similar to it before, but I think you're taking a new spin on it. I find it really interesting that Piper doesn't like being a witch, yet she agrees to go to school. Weird...

And why aren't the other siblings at Hogwarts yet? Are they not magical? Hmmm...

I think this is making out to be a really good story. Your writing is really quite good. I like it a lot. Well done! Feel free to come back to request again if you write more!

--Emily (DarkRose on the forums)

Author's Response: Well Piper's family life is tentative, hopefully more can be seen later on. No, her siblings aren't magical, but with good reason! I think her trouble in school is due to her family, mainly; a reflecting that they need her and she resents this, but she resents going to school more, hates the restriction and the magical world entirely. Thank you so much for the lovely review! :)

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Review #22, by malfoygirl101 Heap of Broken Images

6th October 2011:
absolutely love it!!! Keep up the super writing!!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #23, by random Heap of Broken Images

5th October 2011:
this is really impressive, especially for an OC story, keep it up. :)

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #24, by Mia Heap of Broken Images

5th October 2011:
It's good :) Interested to read more.

Author's Response: thank you!

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