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Review #1, by Awesome1234 introductions

7th January 2012:
Wow, this awesome, I readied all the chapters its kinda confusing but its a really good story, cupcakesness likes this story to so a I asked her to make a banner for you, if you want it you can tell me your email and all send it to you :)

Author's Response: that would be great! thanks for reading. i really a speechless

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Review #2, by cupcakesness Midday

2nd December 2011:
I like the fill in its explans alot more oh and theres some words you need to spell wright just saying like you spelled Scorpius name wronge at some point, but i did that to in my first story (Thats why I use the spell check on the wesited and re read the chapter 2 time before i save it) I kinda don't understand what is going on like are'nt you at the part where the kiss? Or is this before? I dont know but I still really really like this chapter and im glab your going to update more. Now this is a pretty good job for a first time story cause mine was crap, keep updating :)

Author's Response: thank you ill check al of that and i love the support you give.

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Review #3, by cupcakesness catching a cold

24th October 2011:
awww he kissed her, this is kinda fast you dont really get to know anything about there friendship or how they came to like each other

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Review #4, by cupcakesness Hogsmeade

7th October 2011:
sweet how Hugo really dose'nt care that shes a Malfoy.

Author's Response: ya i've always loved the next gen when they except people like the Malfoys

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Review #5, by cupcakesness introductions

3rd October 2011:
I really like the 2 person pov thing, I like the chapter alot, your a good writer, I loved to know more about Astoria she sounds like shes ganna be a intresting charater, update soon :), (oh if you get a chance and you want to read another story about Hugo please look at my story Love spells)

Author's Response: thank you for the review and astoria will come later in the story. i will look at the love spells story. thank you again. ts my first one:)

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