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Review #1, by smilinsteph Two

2nd October 2011:
This is realy good i realy enjoyeed this cant wiat for the next chapter

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

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Review #2, by Mj Two

30th September 2011:
My problem with stories that pair Harry with and OC post his marriage to Ginny is that they make random arguments in marriage seem like the reason for cheating and are rather okay with Harry cheating. Considering Harry's character it is quite improbable and him cheating with Ginny pregnant even more so. Your writing is good, but whatever little I have read of Harry and Ginny has made me wary that this going to be another one of those stories.
I am die hard H/G fan and when an author calls two characters soulmates I believe it. Am okay with conflicts in a story...but this one seems to be going in a different direction. So good luck. I won't be returning.

Author's Response: I completely respect your view and I will not in any way say you're wrong because you're not, it's just as a plot device - that I'd rather not go into - I need to use Harry/OC within the description though that does not state that he IS cheating, but nor am I saying he's not. But once again it's completely your decision to read or not and I am thankful that you did read this far and thank you for telling me my writing is good because I was a little afraid :)

I hope you read this review, but overall I hope you find a story that appeals to you more then mine as a good fanfic can make a world of difference to a person :)

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