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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 lion's pride

12th July 2014:
Argggh, this is so poetic and wonderful, and I just love the way you delved into Percy's mind. I've never seen him quite like this before, but I like it a lot. :) Looking back over the story, I can see Cartesian influences--I read Descartes' Discourse on Method in school this year, but most of it was somewhat over my head. :P

But I like the approach that you took, with Percy observing and analyzing all the little details of the world around him and then worrying about what to say to his family. He's the prodigal son, and Mr. Weasley welcomed him back with open arms. What a stellar ending. :)

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle lion's pride

12th July 2014:
Hey Lily!

Wow, this was such a well written one-shot that gave me such a deep insight into Percy's perspective of the war/Fred's death. Your writing is as beautiful as ever, and I'm eternally jealous of your ability to choose such powerful and vivid words to convey your story. I loved your use of repetition as well, it really drove the point home of how Percy thought it was his fault - bringing survivor's guilt into the story really realistically and believably - and remembering his attitude to his brother in the past, even though he has difficulty confronting his true feelings. So yeah, I'm just in awe of your writing style and really wished I had some of the flair that you do. Such a lovely fic.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
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Review #3, by patronus_charm lion's pride

12th July 2014:

Ok, it isnít often where stories leave me clawing at words so I can somehow describe them in anyway at all but you did it here, and I just canít think of what to say as this was truly one of the best pieces of writing (fiction and fanfiction here) I have ever read and one of the best, most complex and most in-depth character studies I have read too.

Percy just had so many depths, so many complexes and just so much and you showed it so well here and Iím just so in awe. This line, this line ĎLove. Love. Love. Say it, Percy! Say it, you blundering fool, you idiot son, you unworthy brother!í woah, woah, woah my mind kinda imploded at that point as I just couldnít handle the amazingness of it.

I loved how you used a narrator to talk at Percy because it was almost as if it was his innermost mind urging him to pay attention, fix himself, be well again, but at times it felt as if it could be some higher being too, and that dualism idea was really fantastic and I really loved it. Gah, Iím sorry I canít formulate my words but you have honestly left me lost for them and I just donít know what to do, so amazing, I am in love! ♥

House Cup 2014 Review!

(ok, I just saw the Descartes note, it all makes sense now :P)

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Review #4, by HarrietHopkirk lion's pride

16th July 2013:
LOLY LOLY LOLY! Hello! Yes, I'm reviewing, it's odd, but here I am, once again completely in awe of whatever you write. This is spectacular, and the fact that it's about Percy just makes it even better - the fact that it's about /post-war Percy/ makes it wonderful. I would hate to be him - that his return distracted Fred, perhaps, and maybe caused everything and therefore he would guilty, not only for that, but for the whole believing the Ministry thing as well. This line particularly stuck out for me - And it was not easy, being back. No feast to welcome him home--love interrupted by a horrifying blow, caught somewhere, suspended, midair. Before him.

Gahhh - you so good. From before book five, Percy was always a bit one-sided - the overachieving know-it-all - but this gave him more depth and more nice and good and lovely and all that. LOLY! STAHHHP! I love Percy.

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Review #5, by prettywishes lion's pride

2nd December 2012:
I'm a huge fan of anything that centers around Percy, and I thought that this was really interesting in particular. The writing was really fluid and it flowed incredibly well, almost like a poem or something of that sort. Amazing job!

Author's Response: Hello! I sort of wrote myself into a Percy fan, and I'm glad you liked this! I liked the idea of a contrast between Percy's no-nonsense ambition and an almost spiritual tone at the moment he realizes what's really been happening in his heart, which might sometimes read as poetry, to my delight.

Thanks for your review! I appreciate it (:

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Review #6, by Cirque Du Freak lion's pride

14th January 2012:
This was SO beautiful. I literally have no words to describe how much I adored this. It was such a brilliant thing to write about out - the pov of Percy right after the war and how nothing will be the same and how he would feel after all that had happened.

At the beginning its just a tangle of mismatched thoughts and its confusing and you have to pick through it and I LOVED that - mostly because I love being all confusing to my own readers when it comes to the prologue of a story or the better half of it.

Once you really find out its about Percy you really wish you could go back, because even though he eventually finds love and he becomes a happier person you know that its something he's going to have to live with for the rest of his life and I find that so sad.

I absolutely adore Percy - even in the books when he was all pompous and I never really gave up on him. You've done a fantastic job on this!

Cirque xxx

Author's Response: AW thank you! I have told everyone, haha, but I literally sat down and just /wrote/ this. It sort of flowed out of me because I realized, while I was writing it, how I really felt about Percy.

Occasionally my tendency to write complicated and not-making-sense sentences pays off :P for this one though a lot of it was on purpose, as much as anything can be when you write something in the throws of a muse-given inspiration.

i cannot imagine, even after writing this, being percy after the war. i'm not particularly--er, i don't know, /prone/ to guilt for things. in fact, i'm a master of denial in real life. but i just get this overwhelming feeling of guilt and hopelessness when i imagine percy in this scene, and even whenever he thinks about it for the rest of his life. we all forgive him in a way because we know he's just human and he was young and everybody makes mistakes. but i guess i see him as dumbledore in a way, dumbledore who could never forgive himself for his ambition and the way that it sacrificed his younger sister. i think percy and dumbledore are really alike. dumbles was probably an unconscious inspiration for this piece, actually, now that i think about it.

i'm so sorry it took me so long to reply because this is a lovely review and i appreciate it so, so much!

- lily

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Review #7, by Woodrow Rynne lion's pride

13th October 2011:
Have you ever written poetry? You'd be a natural if you did.

This was absolutely beautiful. I love Percy, despite everything he did; there's something just so /human/ about him- not everyone is able to choose the right side; in real life too, ambitions do shroud common sense.

Nevertheless, I loved it when he came back- and you wrote this homecoming just so naturally! I've never before felt so connected to a character as I did now- the bittersweet feeling (well, much more bitter, actually) and the guilt he felt- my heart feels so heavy right now, I could cry. The whole piece flowed just so gently and tragically...that I'm completely awed- which might make this review might seem pretty incoherent. :P

But seriously, truly, this was.../beautiful/. I LOVED, loved this. A favourite(st) for sure. :)

Author's Response: HELLOOO there!

I actually went into college last year thinking I was going to concentrate my major in poetry. I'm floored and enamoured of it; for the last two years of high school it was all I wrote outside of essays :) I'm glad, in a big way, that you've noticed this through this story!

I find that after writing this I have much more of an appreciation for Percy than I did before hand. I can't say his flaws are mine but I think characters that are really different than you as a writer are almost easier to get into while you're writing. For me, there's no pressure to change or make any of the flaws better when they're not my own, so there's sort of a free-flowing; I'm not self-conscious, I'm not frustrated, I'm just thinking and explaining and living in a way that doesn't require anything out of me other than exploration. I think that's why this worked out how it did; though honestly, I didn't plan it more than I knew how I thought it would feel :)

I didn't actually ever consider this kind of feeling before writing it, either. It's kind of an isolated incident, I think, which made it all the more compelling to me to write!

Thanks so much for your review, I really appreciate it :)

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Review #8, by charlottetrips lion's pride

11th October 2011:
Wow. This was so poetically rendered and just came out so beautiful on the tongue of my mind. I literally savored each line. This was my particular favorite: "small comforts were the jewels of the earth. " There's something so simple yet true about that statement.

Percy is a character I love seeing others write. Mainly because he is so not a Weasley throughout the books until the very last.

The viewpoint of his return being shadowed was one that I hadn't really looked at previously but it's true. Here he is, coming back to the bosom of his family in the middle of a the last battle and then being witness to his brother's death. The joy of his homecoming overshadowed by the grief of the loss. That's very bittersweet.

Absolutely lovely.


Author's Response: HIII

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the language here! I've always been really interested in poetry and while I can't say that YEAH I"M A REAL POETIC PERSON WOO ME, poetry influences a lot of my thinking and the way that I choose to construct a story. I have a hard time with simple sometimes, but for whatever reason it was enough for this piece :)

I never really thought to sympathize with Percy until I was seriously considering writing this. He's very easy to grow to hate and despise because in a way I always thought that in his position I would never have done to my family what he did to his--when I took the time to rescind that opinion and actually get into his shoes, things changed for me.

The return as a broken thing was something I never thought about before, either, and didn't actually think about until I wrote about it! It's weird how writing does that sometimes.

So glad the story was worth reading for you!! Thanks for leaving me a review, I appreciate it :)

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Review #9, by Goldemort lion's pride

3rd October 2011:
This was amazing. Really, really amazing.
You captured Percy's personality really well, and it was really unique: Percy is often portrayed as very pompous, but this was very believable, and really reflected on how he was likely to be feeling. All his emotions were very clear, and you conveyed them wonderfully in your writing.
It was absolutely flawless, everything flowed perfectly and there wasn't a single mistake. Incredibly well written. 10/10. =)

Author's Response: Hi!! Thank you so much for this review :) I like to think that people are always a little more complicated than the general population would have one believe ;) I tried to get into Percy's shoes--I felt like my heart was going to collapse while I was writing because I felt his guilt and I can't even actually imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes at this moment. So I tried my best to imagine it anyways!

I'm glad you enjoyed this and again thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you thought!!

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Review #10, by tangledconstellations lion's pride

3rd October 2011:

I am so, so, SO sorry this has taken me forever to get round to properly reviewing etc. BUT OMG. I LOVE YOU. :D this is so beautiful ! I loved your sneaky mention of 'tangled constellations' - it made me smile! But this is perfect. So amazing! I can't think coherently, I just love you/this/it/xforever!

Thank you 100 trillion times for this, you wrote Percy wonderfully. His story is one I adore, and thank you so much for writing this because I feel as though its the story he needed and has never had told, genuinely. I just love this so, so much. I can't even explain it. This needs to exist as something more than ff. This IS what he must have felt. He's brave and he's strong and he's sorry but so, so importantly and indescribably full of flaws too. I love how tiny I felt when reading this, how tiny yet huge Percy was too, just one upon millions, like you said, in the fiery cosmos. The atmosphere was beautiful. I've said beautiful 100 times! And the sorriness, and the thinking, and the way everything is hanging in the balance and he's doused in comforts but he feels like he shouldn't be but he should because he's AMAZING and loved and you're amazing and loved and OH!

Sorry. Coherence. Hem, hem.

You're the best.

In the universe. Amongst those tangled constellations (he he!) YOU are the brightest star of all because you put the time and effort into this and I appreciate it so much. SO MUCH. OK? :'D I am so flattered. Beyond flattered. This is just so ME. & you are just so superbly and brilliantly talented and it makes me want to squish you because you are lovely. And everything, EVERYTHING about this was so amazing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. EEK. :'} thank you!! I adore this. And you! Just for writing it for me. You're so lovely!

- (a very emotional & excited) Laura xx

Author's Response: AHEM-- -flourishes-

WELL HELLO THERE!! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to these--I just started school three weeks ago and, well, I think we all know how that is.

First can I just tell you how SCARY percy is from a writer's perspective? I read your stuff to see if I could try to make him how you would like and I just got sooo scared because he's a walking contradiction! A cowardly, ambitious weasley...Y U NO SLYTHERIN, PERCE.

But at the same time, I could really sympathise with him somehow. Not empathise obviously but somehow I could see how much it would hurt him to come back to his family only to lose one of them so quickly--it would be like a nightmare! That thought was quickly the inspiration for the style of this piece--I went after sort of a lulling tone and.yeah. In short, nothing like the brilliance you achieve, but still my take on percy nonetheless :)

And I'm so glad that you appreciated this portrayal! It all sort of came to me I think subconsciously because looking at your review I can't exactly figure out how to respond except to thank you for your excitement and praise :D

AND YOU'RE SO WELCOME!!! Hehehe the last couple paragraphs make me giggle when I read this--it takes a lot to get me outside of my dry action or bad fluff so I really should be thanking /you./


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Review #11, by TenthWeasley lion's pride

27th September 2011:
This was /beautiful/. Never before have I seen Percy captured so brilliantly. Never. He is not a caricature of pomp, or pride, or selfishness, or magically cured of all three. This is one of the most absolutely pure and human stories I've ever read, because you GET Percy and his painful aftermath. You really do.

Each word here is placed so... delicately, and deliberately, and it is so clear that this is what you are meant to do. To be able to write like this is just - I wish I could imitate your style to any degree of wellness. It flows but moves independent and yet along with the story, and now I'm rambling and it doesn't even matter.

This is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant writing, Lily. Honestly. You should be proud of this talent. It's truly amazing.

Author's Response: baw jane (h)

To me it was very scary to approach Percy--despite all of the hatred it's pretty easy to build up towards him in the books, he's a person! A real, breathing living person and when there are people involved there's always hope for their humanity, and it's usually always there, even if you can't see it very well.

It would be one of the most horrible things I can imagine to come back to your family only to lose one of them--and I also think that that loss would feel inextricable from all of the guilt of your past. Other than that, I didn't really have a plan--I sat down and I wrote in the library, and made the font very tiny because I get paranoid that people are going to read over my shoulder O-o

It took me about fifteen minutes to write in concrete writing time, with my fingers on the keys and all. I've gone through and made edits although I don't think they've made it through the queue yet...there were several mistakes in spelling >>

I'm so grateful for your love for this story because honestly angst is the oldest enemy for me. It's not easy for me to write heavy things without feeling like I teeter into the melodramatic, so to see that at least in one, well-qualified author's eyes this is a good entry to the genre, means a lot to me.

muchos amores (h) (h)

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