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Review #1, by KatsumaSuz Someone Like You

15th April 2012:
I liked it, and it was the first songfic I read, and I'm glad I chose this one!

Author's Response: Aw well thank you. I'm honored. I'm so happy you liked it. Thank you for the review and for reading!! I hope you'll read and enjoy my other ones as much!

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Review #2, by LEC Someone Like You

30th March 2012:
That was sad...I had the song playing in my head as background filler so it worked nicely. Hating Harry's guts.

Author's Response: Yes it was supposed to be a bit sad. My songfics and short stories tend to be that way even though I'm a relatively happy person! Anyways, yes Harry does get thrown under the bus a bit in this one. But I'm actually quite fond of it. Thank you!!

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Review #3, by Hogwartsishome Someone Like You

2nd November 2011:
Really good! I really enjoyed reading it, I love Harry/Hermione and thought this was a great read! Thanks and well done :D

Author's Response: Ah well thank you! I really appreciate the review and I'm happy you liked it so much. Thanks!

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Review #4, by abhi_nke4u Someone Like You

24th September 2011:
I came back to HPFF after a long time and I just randomly selected this story. But you got me hooked!!! I'd like to see the end of this story. Update Soon. :D

Author's Response: Aw that makes me feel special! I'm happy you liked it. I was contemplating a sequel but I guess I shall write one now :) And thank you very much for the review, they really are helpful. Especially ones like this. I guess I'll be writting a sequel now :) Thanks again!!

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Review #5, by EmBum1702 Someone Like You

24th September 2011:
Really enjoyed this i think I felt it all the more because of the song you chose. Beautifully written, well done x

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. That's the best review I've had in quite a while. I'm really happy you liked it but even more happy that the song really helped you feel the emotion of the characters. Thanks for the review and compliments!!!

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Review #6, by Harmoni Someone Like You

23rd September 2011:
I was going to write something like this! Instead I did Make you feel my love. I like it. I found it really interesting but sweet and I just love this song. Check out mine if you have the time, just click on Harmoni.

Author's Response: Well thanks!! I tried looking for your story but couldn't find it, but I have read What I Was by you before and I really liked it. Anyways, I'll keep an eye open for your story. And thanks for the review!!

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